Wear a mask. Be a hero.

If you’re a regular reader you know that I only do sponsored posts once in a blue moon and only for the few companies I really love myself. I’ve written about eShakti before because I LOVE their clothes and the fact that almost all of their dresses have pockets, but when they contacted me recently about a sponsored post I was like, “Yeah, but the only thing I’ve been wearing lately is masks” and they were like, “Dufus. That’s exactly what we have.” I’m paraphrasing. What they actually said was that for a few months their factory ran with limited capacity and only made masks provided to civil workers on the frontline and other non-governmental organizations. They got no revenues but they were able to make a difference. Now they’re able to offer clothes again but they had such a huge response from customers asking for their masks, so…they pivoted. So now you can buy their clothes or their masks, or both. And they continue to give a free mask to charity for every mask they sell because they’re awesome.

They sent me a whole bunch of masks which I shared with family and friends who needed them and I kept a few for myself because I love them. And they’re giving out gift cards to four of you so you can buy masks or clothes yourself. Just leave a comment and you’ll get an email with a gift card code if you’re randomly selected. (I never sell or share your email address.)

So what kind of masks do they have? Honestly, you just need to look because there are so many fabrics and styles and features it’s sort of insane, but in a good way. There are different features to choose from, like neckbands so you can take the masks off easily, or adjustable earpieces, pockets for filters, nose wires to make them fit better, and they use a UV tunnel to sterilize the masks before they’re shipped out.

These were the ones Hailey picked for herself. Embroidered celestial symbols, cat faces, musical notes and eyeballs.
They have simple ones. They have fancy ones.
The starry scarf mask they sent me perfectly matched the caped dress I bought from them last year and I feel like a fucking super hero when I wear it. Which is fitting because when you wear a mask you are saving other people. It’s literally the easiest way to be a superhero.

Plus, when I wear the bandana masks I feel like an old fashioned train robber.

So. Stay home if you can. Wear a mask if you can’t. Social distance. Wash your hands. Take care of yourself and others. It’s what makes the world go around.

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  1. OMG, Jenny. That starry mask is amazing. I had no idea eshakti was making masks. Thank you for this valuable information! I don’t, strictly speaking, need any new dresses right now, and yet…

  2. Thanks for sharing how awesome they are – my friend ordered a dress from there in the early days of the pandemic and they tossed in some masks for free. So doubly awesome that you can get masks to match existing purchases or just in almost any style!

  3. I love it when companies who make great stuff also make great life-saving stuff!

  4. I’ve been seeing their ads EvERYWHERE. And now your blog post… have you joined forces with the evil Marketing Machine that knows what’s in my brain before i do?

  5. They even make masks with pockets!
    These are beautiful! Sign me up, too, please.

  6. I’m a recent follower of yours. I’ve never heard of this company, but I will definitely check them out!

  7. LOVE the long ones – perfect under my face shield – and space suit…

  8. I have a hoodie that is an EXACT MATCH for that blue and purple galaxy bandana mask! I need the matching bandana!!!

  9. I love the dresses with pockets 🥰 Plus Hailey is a great model!

  10. Searching through the hundreds of options. Not excited about returning to teach public school, but at least my mask will be cute.

  11. Love Eshakti, and please love your neighbor by wearing a mask…

  12. These are so cool 😍 And, I love that they are giving back when they fill orders. Wear a mask people, it can save lives!

  13. I love masks. I never wear makeup anymore!! These are adorable.

  14. Oooh. I love the starry one. I will def check them out. I’ve been seeing their ads and thought this was the company you had mentioned, but wasn’t sure.

  15. Very cool! Those masks are so much more fun than the boring ones I’ve been using!

  16. “the only thing I’ve been wearing lately is masks” – thanks for keeping those pix to yourself. But otherwise you are awesome and so is eShakti – thanks to you all!

  17. LOL – look at the pics…Hailey is so you…(younger..!)! Love the cat mask – love, love kitties. Thanks for telling us about this; what an awesome company that is doing ‘good’ things!

  18. Aaaaah! I love eShakti. I have several dresses from them and I always get compliments. Being plus size, they are a LIFE saver. I didn’t even know they were doing masks. Go them!!!

  19. I have been looking at these! I have not ordered dresses yet either, I need to change this… what a better time, mask and matching dress. SQWEEEEE!

  20. I’ve been meaning to get some more masks now that it’s looking like we’ll be in them long-term. Maybe I’ll try the olden times train robber style out.

  21. A friend told me about this company’s masks and I was browsing their site all morning looking at their pretty embroidered prints and the ones that match dresses! And the way you can wear them around your neck…genius!

  22. Jenny – I CANNOT get over what a total and utter KNOCK-OUT Hailey is;) That’s beauty from the inside out:) …apples don’t fall far from THE tree;) XOXOXStacy

  23. I rarely leave my house anymore but when I do, I always wear a mask. These are some seriously cool ones! I’ve got to hit their website and shop!

  24. I was able to make and donate 105 masks to our hospital not counting the ones I made for friends family and coworkers. Great company to keep employees working in a great way!

    (You are amazing! ~ Jenny)

  25. I love that the scarf masks also have ear loops because my head is so small they never stay on!

  26. It’s funny you mention feeling like a train robber. I couldn’t avoid a recent trip to the interior of my local bank. I said that it must make them uncomfortable to have people in masks walking up to a window to pass a note. I got a raised-eyebrows-slow-nod.

  27. I love their masks! I’ve seen ads on my FB page for them … probably thanks to you!

  28. Yes! I love eShakti and the masks are adorable. If you’re going to be a responsible human who’s considerate of others, may as well look fashionable while you’re doing it.

  29. Definitely going to need more masks when I go back to work in the fall. That is, if the school buildings open.

  30. I keep purchasing masks from locals who are making them. But you can never have too many masks!

  31. I ordered some several weeks ago and got them last week. They are fantastic, I love them. My first order from eshakti and won’t be my last. My favorite? The one that states “bargain facelift;” that’s now my grocery shopping mask. 😉

  32. this is great! They make very lovely dresses, so I’m sure the masks are good quality

  33. Omg – love these. As a teacher, I will be living in masks for the foreseeable future. Would be honored to be gifted them.

  34. They are fantastic!! I loved them before and I love them even more now.
    (And yeah, with all the stuff going on, a gift card would be amazing.)

  35. I am loving these masks! And dresses with pockets?! I see a wee bit of shopping in my future. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  36. I got an email when they first started making masks but checked their website again now after this post and WOW they have so many more than before! I found several that I want now.

  37. I ordered from them the last time you did a sponsored post and while it took a long time to get my item they also sent two masks along for free. I love them because they are basic knit fabric in navy and maroon so my husband and son don’t mind wearing them. I save the flowery ones for me and my daughter. I’d love a gift card if I am picked.

  38. Bank workers are understandably nervous. Legitimate customers are coming in (me, for one) wearing face masks and passing them notes.

    (I tried and failed, I think, to post my comment a moment ago. If it shows up now and makes me look silly…I suppose I am.)

  39. This is awesome. I love to see where masks are heading as part of our culture.

  40. Oh my goodness! I love the masks, your beautiful child, and her gorgeous dress! Jenny, thank you for letting us know about this new mask/dress combo. I’m starting to need more masks. Now I know where I’m going. ❤️

  41. Cute Masks! I will have to buy some…Who knew masks would be the fashion statement of 2020.

  42. Sweet masks, especially the ones that match their dresses! I’ve just been wearing utilitarian masks, but I may need to branch out for fashion.

  43. Where did you get that blue/purple bandana mask??

    (Looks like they might be sold out of that one for the moment but search for
    “ombre mask” and you’ll see similar ones. They tend to cycle different colors and styles quickly. ~ Jenny)

  44. You know you’re reading The Bloggess when you mistakenly read “cat faces” as “cat FECES” and don’t bat an eye!

  45. Oh man, I’ve wanted to try their dresses for ages and the fact that the company seems to be made up of stand up people just makes me want to even more!!!

  46. I keep wanting to try them out, I would LOVE a super floaty dress With pockets AND a mask! What a great company and promo!

  47. I really love all their new masks – especially the embroidered ones. I’ve been drooling over themfor weeks now!

  48. I love pretty masks, and these are gorgeous. I mean, it’s not as if I love wearing one, but it’s the thing to do and I’m all about doing it, so I’m gonna make it cool. Also? Pick me! Pick me!

  49. Any luck finding a mask that doesn’t fog up your glasses? I have to go to the hospital every week for treatment and have yet to find one that allows me to see. I love eShakti and have a dress that matches your last picture (purple stars).

    (Several of these have a wire in the nose part that seals the mask better and helps but honestly I haven’t found one that doesn’t fog a least a little. ~ Jenny)

  50. I absolutely LOVE eShakti. Discovered them several years ago while looking for saris and Indian clothing – my daughter is adopted from India and since I live in rural Iowa, there weren’t a whole lot of options other than online. They’re the best!

  51. Jenny, this is awesome. You are a light in the darkness. Sign me up for fancy masks and dresses with pockets! Be safe💜

  52. I lost a fabulous friend and tribe member on July 4 to fucking Covid 19. As people are saying,
    wearing a mask is the very, very, very, LEAST you can do. Quit worrying about your civil rights
    or even whether the mask really helps, if there is the slightest chance of saving a life, JUST DO IT.

  53. You ladies are so gorgeous!! I love the drapey train robber styles!!

  54. They are so beautiful, as is the model above. The company is pretty awesome, making so many different versions of masks and also donating them. Well worth the sponsored post.

    If I get picked for the card, please choose someone else, I rarely leave the house, so it’s better going to someone who needs it.

  55. I had a couple masks that a friend made me, but in late May, I went to visit my grandmother on hospice care, and she gave me some shirts she’d been saving for me. She passed away a couple weeks after my visit, and I found myself with, in fairness, several tops that I do like, but a couple that are definitely not my style. So my first sewing project in a while was making a pattern, cutting pieces from the shirts she gave me, and making a few masks for my partner and I. I feel like using her gifts to keep myself and others safe is a solid way to recycle those.

  56. These are great. Thank you for being pro-mask. It’s the easiest way for us to protect one another right now.

  57. Jenny, I love e-Shakti’s clothes madly, and am saving up to buy one or more of their incredible dresses!
    Sign me up for the possible gift card drawing….crossing my fingers.

    thanks as always for being there and being you.

    No one could possibly look cuter in that dress and mask than your Hailey, who is certainly one of the most beautiful young women on the planet today (and takes a lot after you).
    Love to you♥

  58. I would love one! I wear surgical masks for my 12 hour hospital shifts, and I would love something more comfy for home use

  59. This would be amazing! Also as a public health nurse that does case management of this nasty virus thank you for promoting mask use.

  60. Hailey’s celestial embroidered mask is amazeballs. She has great taste!

  61. I love this idea. Wish more companies were doing this because it looks like we’re stuck wearing masks for quite some time.

  62. Those masks are beautiful. I’ve made a few myself and that makes me realize it’s worth it to buy them from professionals.

  63. Wow. those are so cool. I’d love to have a gift certificate, but I’ll buy some anyway. Can never have too many masks.

  64. Love you and love that they have pivoted to help. If only every company were so responsible. Great partnership. 🙂

  65. Wow – those are so pretty! I’ll definitely order some new masks from them for my ever-expanding mask collection 🙂

  66. That is soooo awesome and they are so beautiful! They are doing the right thing because that’s what the world (and definitely the U.S.) needs right now: PEOPLE WEARING MASKS! YAY!! Oh! And donating masks to charity – beyond awesome!!!

  67. I bought a mask a month ago whose ear loops just snapped so this has come at the perfect time.

  68. These are beautiful masks. I’ll definitely check them out as I’m an essential worker and have a two month old daughter who really needs me to wear a mask. ☺️

  69. I’m a newbie here! Such a nice thing your doing to encourage purchasing masks from somewhere that actually also helps supply our healthcare workers with required equipment..aka masks. Shine on!

  70. If we can’t see smiles, we may as well see pretty masks. They have become the fashion accessory of 2020.

  71. Thank you for accepting their offer and getting the word out, I’ve been staring at my basic black mask and wanting something a bit fancier!

  72. I’ve been making masks for other people the last few months, I have to be getting close to 300 these days and besides my Rory mask I haven’t bought any but it would be nice to have some I didn’t have to sew!

  73. I sew like madand everyone told me I should make masks and sell them because easy money but just starting to think about making them gives me anxiety. Why, Jenny, WHY?! 😭😭 I don’t know, but I really should get a real mask (or 3) and stop wrapping random fabric scraps around my head.

  74. Thanks for tip! I hadn’t heard about them before now. Lots of great stuff on their site!

  75. I loooove eshakti!! I didn’t realize they had masks now too. Yay!

  76. As if I needed another reason to love their company! If we’re going to be wearing masks for the foreseeable future, we might as well make it fashion. 😎

  77. The shriek/laugh I let out at seeing the zip front men’s mask might have been audible on other floors of my workplace. But I just ordered 6 (non zip front) because who can resist a buy 5 get 1 free deal?

  78. I just got a couple masks from them not too long ago and adore them! Could always use more, though, especially since I didn’t get any scarf masks the first time around!

  79. These masks are adorable! The combo outfits are so amazing! Carry on!

  80. I’ve been loving the look of the scarf ones. Those will be perfect if I ever get to go back to the office.

  81. I dont think the dresses would come in my size… but I bet the masks do!! Haha! 🙂

  82. Man, I was just looking at theirs masks the other day. They have some really cool prints!

  83. I’m in! I start a new (socially distanced!) job tomorrow after being out of work since March. SO EXCITED!

  84. These are great! A company doing right because it’s right and not for money is also awesome. Now all I need is a bandana mask with a pocket (for stuff not a filter pocket but that would also be nice).

    Ps. The trick to non foggy glasses is to make it so your exhalations don’t exit near your lenses. I like to make my masks have a little gap on the side and more fitted on the nose to accomplish this.

  85. So pretty! I love that you can still show your personality with different masks for your mood or outfit!

  86. Sooooo disappointed that I ordered multiple Rory Racoon masks over TWO (2) months ago from Zazzle and have yet to received them. Did you know that the notification they sent me was stating since some items are being manufactured in China, it may take longer! Just thought you would want to know as it carries your signature design.

  87. I love these masks and have bought some already. I love what you said: “Stay home if you can. Wear a mask if you can’t. Social distance. Wash your hands. Take care of yourself and others. It’s what makes the world go around.” It can’t be said enough. Such easy things to do. If everyone would just do their part, we would all be better off.

  88. Well, this just made my Monday much more tolerable! With so many fun and colorful choices I can picture myself being the envy of the supermarket. Perhaps it will encourage even the never-maskers to wear one (fingers crossed!). (Any ideas on how to get folks to cover their nose? Every time I see an exposed nose it’s like seeing a guy with his…you know…hanging outside of his underwear.) Cheers!

  89. Thanks so much for doing a mask-friendly post! I live in a “you can’t make me wear a mask” state, and because most other people here don’t mask up I’m stuck in my house (severely immune-compromised). Maybe these beautiful designs will help to change some minds, fashion might save the day (and some lives).

  90. I love my eShakti dresses and would love to add their masks to my collection.

  91. Still in search of a comfortable mask. These look SO cute!

  92. I have been eyeing their masks for a few weeks, I’ll definitely take the plunge next paycheck

  93. Man I need new ones! I just ordered a Bigfoot mask, national parks masks, and a twin peaks mask…but were still on the low end of having enough when we eventually go back to the office! Hailey made some quality choices!

  94. I love to see Companies demonstrating such agility in these times. It shows that they are great stewards for all of their team (customers, employees and owners). Definitely worth supporting them.
    Cheers and thanks for the heads-up.

  95. Thank you so much for using your platform to encourage people to wear masks while also promoting a small company! What a great thing to see.

  96. Beautiful! I bought an eShakti dress many years ago when I needed something great for a fancy wedding, and it was wonderful. Very comfortable and stylish. I will check them out for masks. Thanks!

  97. Thanks Jenny! I’m an academic librarian and looking for fun masks to wear once we’re allowed back on campus (aka next month) so these will be great 🙂

  98. These are amazing! And they had me at cat print… and the old-timey bank robber handkerchief.

  99. Thanks for letting me know about this company! I love the matching masks!! I might need an entire outfit. 🙂

  100. The only dress I own right now i got from eshakti because I went to Paris last year and they had a Paris fabric dress. I wore it to a burlesque show and felt very fancy. The dress was great.

  101. These masks are amazing! And you and Hailey are gorgeous, as always.

  102. I need some dressier ones. Not that I plan to go anywhere but the grocery store any time soon, but sometimes you just want to feel ~fancy~.

  103. I’m already in love with eshakti and now I love them even more! I love when people use their powers for good!

  104. Super cute! And I love that they donate a mask to charity for each mask that they sell – thanks for the info!

  105. I was planning on looking at eShakti for a dress for my daughter’s wedding. Then Covid hit, along with stay-at-home orders, and they decided to reschedule for next year. Maybe I can find a dress with a coordinating mask.

  106. Well, my state (California) just got shut down again, and my county is under the super-duper restrictions, so masks will definitely continue as a way of life here. ❤️ all the different types of masks! 😷 Who knew this emoji would get so much use. 😞

  107. Ooh that’s so cool that they offer so many different styles and options! I’m trying to stock up on masks right now in case schools do open up in September and in back to work full time, so having a few more on hand would definitely be helpful!

  108. I bought some masks from them already and I need more. We loved them! My husband and I are both considered essential and Eshakti masks are nicer, easier to take care of and cheaper than constantly using disposables. Less waste this way too. He stole some of mine! Next ones I get will be all be pink and flowers! Lol!

  109. Thank you for advocating for mask use! I need more to wear for work, so I’ll check out eshakti.

  110. They have such cute masks, and I love how they have different fabrics! I work as a teaching assistant and will need to get more masks before schools start back. Thanks for the contest!

  111. Love eShakti. My daughter buys me clothes from there for my birthday. They are a super company!!! I would love a mask, maybe then I could see the grandkids from a distance!!!!! Thank you!!!

  112. Those masks are awesome! I’ve been meaning to order clothes from them but I don’t wear 95 percent of the clothes I already have since I never go anywhere, so that’ll have to wait, but I would love to have one (or more) of their masks. And I love that they are giving a mask for every one purchased – sounds like an amazing company!

  113. Love it! Instagram has actually been pushing their ads to me a lot and I was wondering if they were a legit operation or closer to a “Wish” kinda place bc I liked so many. Yay! Good to know!

  114. Oh those are so pretty! Maybe they would be the key to getting my child to tolerate masks.

  115. I have been seeing those ads and wishing I could justify buying a dress and matching mask because I would look SO COOL even though I’m still working remotely and living in the same sweatpants/shorts and volunteer event t-shirts that I’ve been wearing since March.

    We’re getting married in October and we’re looking at custom-printed masks as wedding favors – partly because we’re both wierdos but also it seems disingenuous to just pretend that all of this is not happening.

  116. Thanks for sharing. I’ll check them out Their clothes look great on you and Hailey!

  117. I need new masks. I’m working with one given to me back in April and it’s looking worn. Since I’ll inevitably be back to teaching next month, I’ll definitely need new ones. I’d love love love a dress with pockets but with the budget COVID-tight, new masks will have to do.

  118. You picked a fantastic model with Hailey-all the masks are great and she manages to sho such joy with only her eyes showing!

  119. I totally just bought a dress and matching mask from them two days ago! I didn’t know that they’d shut down for that… Glad I spent some money to support them!

  120. You both look amazing in your masks. I love the patterns of the fabric and have already gone off to start looking for masks on their site!

  121. These are gorgeous! I will definitely check them out for my next mask purchase. (I also can’t get over how grown up Hailey is – in my head she’s still 8!)

  122. I skimmed through- so I can be a train robber, you say?

  123. I don’t go out much, but when I do I’m masked. I started thinking of them as “masques” so I can pretend I’m going somewhere exotic. 😜

  124. I love how many companies are creatively pivoting to masks. These are great!

  125. These are amazing! The patterns would be perfect for going back to work at school in the fall! I have been trying to find decent masks for work, especially ones that are fun and upbeat! The kids will be stressed out enough that I don’t want them to freak out if their teacher is wearing a mask!

  126. I’ve been thinking of ordering a couple masked from them, they have such a great variety of patterns! Even if I don’t win, I’ll probably buy some from them. Thanks for doing this!

  127. I’ve been eyeballing these & was hesitant to purchase. After reading this & seeing them on a real person, I’m sold. Off to place my order now. I’m in masks all day every day. Cant wait to have some cute ones in the rotation.

  128. I love their dresses! I’m too dang short to wear most of them though (sad trombone) but now at least I can cover my face in their style.

  129. I’ve been trying to buy from black or indigenous artists for masks but tbh we can never have too many masks right now

  130. I’ve been looking at dresses lately for a wedding that may or may not happen and that I may or may not end up invited to if it does happen, and I love the masks, especially when they match the dresses!

  131. wow – they have some really great masks; the fabrics are terrific, and the bank robber bandanas are so cool. please sign me up for the drawing!

  132. I have a few masks in my cart already! I’m so glad they reached out to you! 😸

  133. I’m blown away. I had no idea this shop existed. Do you know how many times I would have loved to buy a dress…. but only if it was a little longer….. but only if the neckline were different….. but only if the sleeves were longer, or shorter, or whatever. I’m commenting in the hopes I win a gift card so that I can try this amazing shop out. But honestly, just knowing it exists now makes me feel like I’ve already won!

  134. I have been looking for a good mask with a nose wire. I will have to check them out!

  135. I love your hot air balloon dress. I’ve been making some of my own masks, but I think I’m going to check these out because my partner has a really difficult time with the normal face masks so they might like the scarve-types better.

  136. Hey Jenny thanks for the info and chance to maybe get a quality mask(s) for free. Also thank you for reenforcing the good reasons for using them. It’s not about politics it’s about kindness, politeness, and concern for others.

  137. I haven’t had a need to shop for dresses so I’ve been eyeing up their mask selection to fulfill my eshakti obsession. I’d love a gift card to go towards that. I’m wondering how the sizing is? I’ve ordered a few on etsy that wound up being too big (but also not big enough for my husband’s giant head).

  138. I’ve been thinking about trying their scarf masks for a few weeks. Good to know they’re comfy!

  139. Maybe this is what I’m looking for. I’ve made my own, but they are quite boring. Hard to get pretty fabric and elastic shipped without a long wait, and I can’t examine the material fist so am not sure it will provide enough protection. Have ordered masks and have to wait weeks, or longer, for them to arrive.

  140. Definitely going to take a look! I like how that bandana-style one looks like it stays in place, as a fashionable neck scarf or whatever, when it’s not in mask mode. Always at the ready! Possible alternative to shoving a mask in my pocket every time I get back in my car (eg when making multiple stops).

  141. Thanks for the giveaway! And the link. If we go back to school this year, I’d love a professional one to wear in front of my students!

  142. Omg i love that they have different styles! What works for me doesn’t work for everyone and vice versa. This is awesome!

  143. I love pockets in dresses, too!

    I would love to win a gift card for masks. I’m a special education teacher teacher who is terrified about going back to work. I still don’t know if I have to provide masks for students (because let’s face it. Not all families will have them. Schools will do their best, but let’s be honest. We don’t have funding for pencils and Kleenex, let alone Clorox wipes and masks!). My students are going to struggle with this change of wearing a mask, if that’s what we end up having to do (which we SHOULD!)

    I would definitely use a gift card to stock up. I could have our transitions class practice using the washing machines to clean them too! (I work in a charter school where they majority of my students fall on the autism spectrum or have an IEP).

    Thanks for reading my long post!


  144. I love eshakti, my girls both got their high school graduation dresses from them, and they were perfect!❤️

  145. That is so awesome of them. The masks are cool and you gotta love pockets.

  146. Love Eshakti (and could use some new clothes thanks to Covid weight gain…).

  147. OMG I love their clothes and now THIS. When I get back to work *fingers crossed* A proper work dress will be bought from them. I’d love to have a mask to go with it.

  148. Love the bandana mask. Time to invest in a matching sparkly cowboy hats. And boots. And maybe cover a horse in glitter.

  149. I love eshakti! Their dresses and masks are adorbs! Enter me to win please <3

  150. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been looking for good places to buy masks that are cute, but that also help others!

  151. As a teacher heading back to my school in a few short weeks this would be hugely helpful. I’m scared and trying to make/find/barter enough masks for myself and my own 4 children to return to the classroom is daunting!

  152. I’ve been sewing masks to donate as a way to keep myself sane while at home and have made around 300 so far. I’ve kept about 10 for myself because I must be matchy with my clothes of course! 🙂 Now I want to order some someone else has made and they have some gorgeous ones!

  153. I had no idea eShakti was making masks (and donating them!). I love them even more for this! I definitely need to stock up before school starts. If it does.

  154. These are all so pretty! If I ever get to go back to work, then I’ll be needing to invest in more masks.

  155. Ooh I like these so much! I live in a high rise and I have to mask up for simple things like taking out the trash or getting the mail. Can’t have enough cloth masks!

  156. I just ordered some masks from them – hoping the adjustable ear holders will fit my teenager with the inbetween sized face🤞 plus they look amazing!

  157. Just wearin a mask. I don’t wanna be a hero again… It’s such a burden as you know. Some of us just wanna be alive…

  158. I would love some of their masks (not to mention I’ve drooled over their clothes for forever!)

  159. LOVE eShakti even more since you became a sponsor. I have 4 of their masks and many, many pockets they made.

  160. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo! Pretty Masks! And they even have POCKETS! I’m sold, even if I don’t win, but I hope I do. Thank you for sponsoring them, Jenny!

  161. Pivot! That is the word of 2020. I love that they are doing this. I’ve been on the search for the perfect mask for a long time. I will check them out!

  162. Oh yes please!!! I’ve been looking at their masks for a while now!

  163. I’ve long thought that eShakti made lovely clothes and I’m glad to see they’re making masks to match. Wearing masks absolutely needs to be our new normal for a while and I can’t help but think the attractive coordination would help in this. I’d love to be able to try them.

    P.S. You and Hailey look wonderful!

  164. Those masks are amazing! 😍 thank you for caring about your fellow humans and wearing a mask! I wont go in a store with out one and we are still only doing essential shopping! We wont take the chance! It’s just the right thing to do!

  165. These look great! Heading to their site now to check them out. Thank you for sharing!

  166. Those are amazing. I made a ton to donate to our local community center, and I’ve made a few for myself, but I would love to try some others!

  167. Love the style variety. And are you KIDDING me with Hailey in that dress with coordinating mask? Goals!

  168. These are great! They have definitely been on my “masks to try” list.

  169. Thanks so much for introducing us to eShakti- they are so incredible and I wouldn’t have know about them any other way. Bought some dresses already and so happy they are now making masks. Love their fabrics, craftsmanship, quality and customer service!

  170. Thank you for being you and encouraging us to love one another. I’d love to be chosen @ random!

  171. Their masks are as amazing as the dresses with pockets! I don’t know which I would get if I got a gift certificate….probably the mask as I’m not certain I could wear a dress for awhile as I’m having ankle surgery the end of the month and will have lots of doctor visits. The dress won’t go well with a knee scooter….who am I kidding….I haven’t been able to wear dresses for awhile as I broke my ankle in January of this year! LOL

  172. Teacher here, I ordered several of their dresses after reading about how much you love them and POCKETS! Love them. Now masks! Would really love those as well.

  173. I didn’t know they made masks at all, much less for folks on the front lines – I’ll definitely be checking them out!

  174. I love the fabric coordination! And the variety of options they have…as a glasses wearer you know it’s tough to find the right fit.

  175. Oh, these are so fabulous!

    Randomly, I was wearing my Rory mask today (from your Zazzle shop) and a clerk said he thought it looked kinda creepy, like Pennywise. I tried to explain how funny Rory actually is but he wasn’t having it. So I whatevered and left! What else are you going to do with a clueless dude?!?

  176. I’ve been looking at their dresses for a while now. Really need to order one. Pockets in dresses are the best. Now I can get a matching mask.

  177. I totally bought two dresses and a blouse from them on your recommendation from a while back, and from researching how well they treat their employees- I got so many compliments at work and I felt great about my purchase! I’ve been looking at their masks on their app this whole time, I LOVE their initiative on making masks functional and fashionable 🙂

  178. I love it when two of my favorite things collaborate! I hope I win one!

  179. There are so many reasons to wear a mask, but I would think that the opportunity to play with fashion would nudge many people in this direction! I love seeing the different patterns that people walk into work with.

  180. I’ve been thinking about their dresses, but now I have another reason to place an order. I love the bandana masks, and the fabrics!

  181. I have admired their clothes that you wear for so long. I wish I had the financial stability to get some myself. These masks are just as incredible as the clothes and I love that they are still helping others by giving masks away. What a fantastic company!

  182. One of these days, I need to figure out my measurements so I can order something from this awesome company.

  183. I’ve apparently been under a red co b/c I haven’t heard of eShakti before. But they sound very cool and I love the masks! You really can’t have too many. Wear your masks and wash your hands people. We can turn things aound!

  184. I actually bought some items after reading about them on your blog…great company!

  185. I have been looking for quality masks that actually fit my apparently massive head (all that I’ve tried are far too small)! I’ll be checking these ones out!

  186. Beautiful! Wear masks friends – especially pretty ones 🙂

  187. I love these! My mother doesn’t believe in wearing them, meanwhile my kids are both high risk and she’s working in retail with the public. Thank you for encouraging responsible behavior. 🥰

  188. I love their clothes, and those masks are really great! I really like the bandana-style ones, too!

  189. Ahhhh! It’s an omen. I was looking at their masks last night,but didn’t buy any yet because they have lots of options anfkd and I’m indecisive.

  190. Those are beautiful and look comfortable. Haley looks gorgeous in that dress!

  191. Super excited about these masks! I am a nurse & in definite need for reusable masks to help keep the patients, my co-workers & myself safe!

  192. Love these! Maybe I need to try a scarf mask, my eyeglasses keep falling off with all of the ones that I’ve tried so far.

  193. I’ve been looking at a few of their masks, they have so many options!

  194. We wear surgical masks all day at work, would love something cuter!

  195. We wear surgical masks all day at work. Would love something cuter.

  196. You both look gorgeous—it’s much needed inspiration for getting people to do the right thing.

  197. I have a dress with that ombre starry pattern, too! Always down for an eShakti gift card!

  198. I’m an essential worker and would love some more masks. After six months, I’m tire of my existing ones and haven’t had time to make or purchase new ones.

  199. Love awesome masks! It’s obvious that we’re going to be needing to wear them for awhile and working front desk at a health clinic, I wear one every day! I have several but I would love to have some more (especially some cute ones!).

  200. OK, fine, I support this…wow, some of these are super cute. I may have to get me a dress to match the masks…does that work for men? Nevermind, I’ll make it work!

  201. I love that they have so much variety, not just in fabric patterns, colors, and styles, but in fabric type too!

  202. One of my friends has been making a crapton of masks lately because she’s stuck at home. She was digging through her stash and found some fabric with multicolored puzzle pieces and made me a mask, because the puzzle pieces represent autism, which affects my life in every single way because of my teenage son who is on the spectrum.

  203. I love theses! I bought a few of the simple ones from them and am so pleased with the quality! I need to buy more to share with some family that need masks.

  204. Those are awesome! Tell Hailey she looks great in the matching dress and mask! I’ve been trying to find a mask design that I like, so now I’m off to go look at their selection. Thank you for sharing!

  205. I love the look of their dresses, and now the masks too. Sign me up to be a superhero!

  206. These are awesome! I need some variety. I just have a plain white one.

  207. These masks are great and I love that they are donating masks too. Be sure to check the rules in your (your being everyone in this group planning to order) area because some places have certain style requirements. For example, some daycares mandate 2 layers and I don’t think Disney World is allowing bandana masks.

  208. Ah! These are great! That star mask is calling my name. We need to make them feel like part of getting dressed to go outside, so we can all jump on board and do better with wearing masks. Thanks for sharing!

  209. I love this. I started getting the advertisements for this on Facebook a while ago now and have dream shopped a couple coordinated outfits 😂❤️

  210. Masked whenever I leave the house. Doing work in the office that can’t be done anywhere else, but I’m the only one in the office (nearly the only one on the entire floor). Alternating in-office and at-home with another worker, a week at a time. So it goes.

  211. wow, these are actually beautiful. might need a couple, especially teaching all day!

  212. I’m sort of new here, meaning, I didn’t see previous posts about this company. I clicked to look at masks because so far, your Rory mask is the only one of several I’ve bought that fit my husband. He has a large, thick beard. He is out in the heat a lot doing all the shopping since I’m immune compromised. It would be awesome to surprise him with a mask to rotate when washing. Still looking, so many good style choices that would fit him. Think I need one of the loop eared scarf styles for me as well.
    And I never dreamed there were dresses/clothing that was so gorgeous but still affordable with custom sizing. I’m a short, apple and I don’t fit well in most standard sizes.
    Thanks for posting this. Feels like a pick me up!

  213. Did you say dresses with pockets!? What wonderful madness is this?

  214. Thank you for posting this. Its exhausting having to tell people why they are important. Id love to shop for a few to give out and maybe one for me. Thank you again. Wear a mask people. Please.

  215. How awesome are they?!! Fantastic!! I’m very fortunate that my ultra-handy friend made a bunch of masks and gave me two. And we have a few N-95’s, but they tend to make my face itch after only a short while (so I let my kid and husband use them). I love that you’ve been able to get masks to match your dresses – so stylish as well as functional. Just imagine – back to school mask fashion!!

  216. I just got their email showing some of the beautiful masks! Definitely could use some for my college bound daughter!

  217. Zomg. I need so many masks for teaching this fall and these are beautiful.

  218. These are awesome! I’m going to check them out and buy a few. I wonder if they have smaller sizes?

  219. I’ve been looking at their outfits with matching masks and going nuts over how cute they are 😍

  220. Very awesome! I just received a couple I ordered. They’re good quality. Need to try the bands a kind.

  221. Another teacher here! I need more cute masks and cute clothes for the fall!

  222. I bought the last one from them and love it! Received a ton of compliments on it too 🙂

  223. Thanks for sharing! Choosing patterns that will delight my students – like the circus, and of course the rainbow heart love mask to support LGBTQ kids.

  224. I keep looking at the scarf masks because I think they’ll be good for times when I eventually have to go out for a work-related purpose.

  225. Oooh, I’ve been wanting to order from them for so long, but just when I was finally ready to buy a dress, I stopped having anywhere to go! I love their mask designs though – I’ve been seriously thinking of buying one!

  226. I’ve been seeing ads for the matching masks and dresses. It could make for a nice outfit!

  227. I’ve been looking and looking at their dresses, but haven’t had the nerve to “add to cart” – I’m not a dressy girl! Will I look weird? Is my butt/stomach/chest too big for it? Will I love it? So many choices, so many questions!

  228. Scarf masks look like I could wear them to some place way classier than where I work! And I work in a bookstore!! I need to check this out…

  229. Thumbs up all around for eShakti and you! And Hailey is a superb model.

  230. We are trying to get ahead of the 2nd wave (if the first wave ends…) as we have a lot of high risk people in our lives. Having a few extra masks to keep up with washing them would be helpful.

  231. I love that they have different types of masks that match their dresses. It’s just what I need! A cute back to school dress with pockets and a matching mask for the first day of school and back to school night! I’m going to check it out! Maybe they have a mask with books, too!

  232. It would be so nice to have pretty masks. The ones I have are just plain black or navy.
    I had actually ordered an assorted set from a place I’ve ordered things from before… and after 4 weeks, it was declared “lost” and of course they’re out of the assortment now, so would I like to choose from black or navy for my replacement?. *sigh*

  233. I love that they have scarves to match the dresses. I’m never that put together. Lol.

  234. Love a mask that is adaptable. I especially like the ones that you can slide down while you are in the car.

  235. Those are gorgeous! And so are the two girls modeling them.

  236. Thanks for helping fight the good fight 💖 We all need to inconvenience ourselves a little to protect as many people as possible.

  237. How. Did. I. Not. Know. They. Have. Dresses. WITH. Capes??!?!!???
    *runs to website*
    *spends all wine and vegetables money on dresses with capes*
    *has ZERO regrets*

  238. Omg if I wasn’t so chronically broke, I would be obsessed with these dresses. Pocketses, precious!

  239. They have an embroidered cat mask that looks amazing 😻😻😻 plus some scarf masks would be great to cover my new surgery scar on my neck 🤔

  240. That is amazing and their products are all gorgeous! You make fabulous choices

  241. I’ve been getting the emails from eShakti and I think the masks are nearly as cute as the clothes. Sadly, I haven’t needed to buy any clothes since I never go anywhere anymore. ☹️

  242. “Fun With Masks” is definitely a silver lining of the COVID nightmare. 🙂

  243. Well, those are all amazing. I love that they have the string to hold them up if you need to de-mask for a bit. So smart and great for kids.

  244. I was just looking at their mask options because I need some fun color or patterns and a wider selection to choose from that white cotton and disposable.

  245. Love this & love you & love your blog ❤️
    Thank you for being a superhero & doing awesome things (like helping make it easy & cool to wear a mask!) ❤️

  246. It would be lovely to win a gift card, especially because it’s my birthday week. I’m turning 50, what??!!, which I didn’t think would happen last year in treatment for blood cancer (and being told how little time I had left to live, which I outlasted!).

  247. It would be lovely to win a gift card, especially because it’s my birthday week. I’m turning 50, what??!!, which I didn’t think would happen last year in treatment for blood cancer (and being told how little time I had left to live, which I outlasted!).

  248. I can’t wear these masks at work but I should buy one for “going out.” (you know,I mean the pick up spot at the grocery store.)

  249. The options are insane! I need to find masks the kiddo will actually wear and not complain for when school starts in a month and a half (or so)

  250. Apparently, my resting bitch face was not just apparent in the grim line of my thin lips, but is also quite clearly perceived in my eyes above my mask. I’m okay with this.

  251. I have a dress made out of the that same fabric. I got it for a wedding that got cancelled (because plague). Now I have another wedding to go to (and be in) across the country and the original dress I bought doesn’t fit the theme. Because of course it doesn’t.

  252. I would love this. Their stuff is so adorable and we’ve had a hard time finding comfortable masks. I’ve actually learned how to sew trying to make my own work. Theirs look way better.

  253. These are beautiful! I love the variety and the messaging – wear a dang mask.

  254. I love wearing masks. I feel like a superhero that might also rob a bank and might also do open heart surgery!

  255. I LOVE the outfit matching ones and the long scarf masks. They will be wonderful in PA winters. ❤️

  256. Love that starry scarf mask (and dress!). Would love to win! Thank you.

  257. I really love the fabric of the top left mask in the first grouping, and your daughter in that dress! Gorgeous! They look awesome! Plus, I like that nobody can see my RBF behind them, or if my face makes a look without my permission.

  258. The masks are beautiful, I love the one with the kitty faces.

  259. I had no idea that they made masks. These are beautiful! And I also feel like an old timey bank robber in some of my masks.

  260. I’m a kindergarten teacher,hoping to be able to continue distance learning. But, if we have to go back, the scarf ones look amazing! They’d be perfect because I wouldn’t lose them at lunchtime.

  261. Those are amazing! Thank you for sharing the link, and their promotion.

    Also, Hailey really needs to stop growing up so fast! I feel oooooooold.

  262. So many fantastic looking options! I keep meaning to order a dress from them, but I don’t need a new dress in quarantine. But I do need more masks!

  263. I have been testing out different masks trying to find ones that work with my moderate-to-severe asthma. It’s tough wearing one for extended periods of time, but I am doing my part to slow the spread and safeguard others. I bought a Star Wars print one from a lady on Facebook, but I am definitely heading over to eShakti to take a look!!

  264. I love that you can get many that match several of the dresses. Practical, pretty, and classy!

  265. I have been tempted by the ads but these fantastic photos are pretty much convincing me. They look amazing and like they’d be effective!

  266. Wow, these are fantastic! I love that we are taking something that is serious and making it fun.

  267. I have purchased a dress from them and spent countless hours daydreaming/drooling over all the designs! So excited to see they have matching masks!

  268. If you won’t wear a mask for yourself, think about the babies and other people you are saving. Wearing a mask saves lives!

  269. Just when I thought these folks couldn’t get more amazing… masks in beautiful fabrics and cuts, giving style to safety. Amazing.

  270. I just got my first order in the mail today and sadly I have to return both skirts. That’s what I get for MEASURING MY ACTUAL BODY AND ORDERING THE RIGHT SIZE…but they’re making it easier to return for a smaller size. But both of the dresses look HAWT. I didn’t order matching masks because mom makes lots of masks, but those are super cute! So, YES PLEASE 🙂

  271. These are beautiful. Would love a pocket dress with a matching mask.

  272. Whether or not I get a gift card, I’ll have to check these out. Now that my concern has been proven right (aka now that we know masks will likely be needed a while), it feels less frivolous to find one that fits both health recommendations and my aesthetic…

  273. Thank you for introducing us to this company & thank you for the opportunity to win a gift card code, Jenny!! Such a wide array to pick from and they look so comfortable compared to ones I’ve seen (and worn!)