I’m having a long-distance love affair with someone in your house.

This morning I woke up with a tiny depression hangover so I tweeted that I was feeling a little out-of-sorts and to please send pictures of your pets and within minutes I was staring at thousands of sweet furry and feathered and scaly faces and then twitter was like, “You’re receiving a lot of notifications. Would you like to add a filter to limit responses?” and I was like, “STOP INTERFERING, TWITTER. I NEED THESE FACES” and then I looked at every single one and imagined scritching their foreheads and rubbing their bellies and whispering, “Who is a good one? It’s you. It’s so you” and then I thought that it’s sort of amazing that even when I’m feeling lonely or sad I’m still not alone and how wonderful it is that you’re okay with me having a long-distance love affair with your pets.

That was a very long run-on sentence but I can’t help it and if you need a pick-me-up I suggest going to see all the amazing responses to my tweet because it will make you smile in spite of yourself.

Also, I drew you something.

(Click to embiggen)

Technically this is just a small part of a much bigger piece that’s in You Are Here but it’s always nice to break the complicated ones up and experiment with different colors so feel free to print and color or use it as a fire-starter as needed. (My drawings always have words in them but this section doesn’t have text. The whole thing was a large collection of things I dreamed of over a week so the text is “This is the part where I write something clever, but my head is broken…so instead I drew you my dreams.”)

Thank you for being there for me. You keep me sane. Or at least close enough.

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  1. You’re beautiful. This post is beautiful. Thanks for adding to the beauty in the world.

  2. Such lovely responses! I can’t wait until I am finally a pet mom again!!! Hope you’re feeling better, Jenny!

  3. I left my feesh (Bradley and Prawn) and my Kaiju cat (Buddy, He-With-Thumbs) in an attempt to help lift your day. Your posts always give me feels (happy, sad, confused, etc), so I wanted to return the favor as best I could without including UberEats to the bookstore.

    You are loved, Jenny. Thanks for being here. 🙂

  4. I wish I had a pep to send you. Actually, Hunter S Thomcat cheers me up immensely

  5. My depression has been SUPER high these past few weeks. This past weekend I decided to get out all my cards from other Bloggess fans we sent to each other last year. Since I’m still working at home, now I don’t feel quite as lonely and not quite as depressed.

  6. Pets make the world go ‘round.
    I wish I wasn’t allergic to them.
    But I’m feeding the most birds I have EVER seen this year at my feeder, and squirrels and chipmunks, and therefore also hawks, an American kestrel, woodchucks, the occasional skunk, and some stray cats. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing nature out in my backyard happily munching away. Even if they occasionally munch on each other, circle of life.
    Hope you’re feeling better while seeing all your fans/friends pets.

  7. I left a pick of each of our four kids. Also, there’s something in the mail for you that should either make you laugh or have flashbacks to high school, not sure which. Hang in there, we’ve got you.

  8. What a great idea to break up a element of your artwork and se it in an entirely new way. Sort of how I’m trying to look at life this year … because facing it all at once is too much anyway.

  9. I wish I knew how to use Twitter. I also don’t have any pets, but we do have a bunny who frequents our backyard and my youngest daughter named him Hagrid. She thought, correctly so, that it was completely hilarious to give a tiny bunny the name of an animal loving giant.

  10. Max has always been our emotional support Hyengo (a dog that looks like a cross between a hyena and a dingo) and he has plenty of support to go around. Our eldest just went off to college and one of his floor mates has an emotional support cat that he shares with everyone who needs a little extra love too. Think of the difference in the world if we just all shared our support floofs with one another?

  11. I can’t leave a photo of my black cats because they are currently hiding under the bed. We are in a hotel due to storm damage to our house and they have decided hiding under the bed is how to cope with this strange and unfamiliar place. I figure you can empathize with this sentient. They are with you in spirit.

  12. Sorry I don’t follow tweets. I don’t even know how, or how to respond, but if I did I would have sent you my happy little three legged yorkie. He is a tripod terror and hops like a bunny on crack. Not that I have ever seen a bunny on crack….So glad the furry tribe lifted your spirits. Love to you always.

  13. Thank you for sharing and letting us share, and Twitter needs to mind its own business!

  14. I’m currently ill with The Plague (I wish I could make that have like. A spooky font, but I don’t know how!) and so I am having a long-distance love affair with my own pets because my partner and I moved and we sent the cats to my mother-in-law’s and then Partner went to stay with their mom because she’s just had knee surgery and when I got sick I told Partner to stay there. I haven’t seen my cats in more than a month and partner in like three weeks. I am LIVING for pet pictures.

  15. It’s been a weird day….I had a nightmare about work this morning and it was both more and less crazy than I expected.

    And then I was informed that sometime this afternoon we would be informed whether or not school would ACTUALLY be opening tomorrow as planned. :-/ So there’s that too.

  16. ((HUGS)) your work has helped me see I’m so not alone and I am happy to be strange thank you Jenny can’t load an image here but my first babies are a load of fun and make me smile. Send you some on instagram soon ☺️

  17. I was going to send a pic of my beloved Bear but I thought you had enough fuzzies to look through 🙂

  18. I’m new here and didn’t know you were also an artist. This piece is quite beautiful. I have been using my dreams as ideas for short stories. That turned out to be a really good idea.

  19. I love reading your blog and getting the emails when you post something. They always make me laugh and cheer me up.

  20. I am late to the party–as per usual–but I just tweeted you a picture of my boys.
    I don’t know how I would have survived without them, ESPECIALLY these last 5 months.
    (Even though the younger one is, in fact, quite the Little Turd.)
    Feel free to have a love affair with anyone in this household, any time. ❤

  21. My two cats are 14 and 5 years old; they are such typical siblings…I love you I love you I love you GET AWAY FROM ME!
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  22. Hope today is a better day given all those cuties in twitter. Thanks for the coloring page!!!!!

  23. I don’t Tweet. But Buffy the Dandilion Slayer, Elvis and Dottie (kitties) and Elizabeth Taylor and Whitney Houston (chickens) send their love. Me too.

  24. I’m not a twiterererer, not an Instagramer either. So I missed your request. Know that I would have/always will be/been happy to share to share pics of my 9 cats and two dogs! At the moment, there seems to be more pictures of Figaro (a.k.a. Figgy) the 12 week old kitten who adopted us. His family is ferral, so we were quite surprised to see him sitting on our front porch one night, apparently waiting to move in. (We knew because of his little suitcase). He has been ours for a month now. I’m glad you got tons of pics! You are awesome!

  25. I am on twitter, but there are so few people I care to be tweeted by on a regular basis.
    But I missed an opportunity to share my furballs with someone…that means I am a bad pet mom, bad.
    They still love me though.

  26. Thank you for sharing the lovely pets. We buried a friend today and I am very blue. Hugs for you!!

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