BROKEN (in the best possible way)


Big announcement.

I’ve been working for I-don’t-even-know-how-many-years on my next book because I wanted it to be perfect and finally it’s done. It has a title. It has a pub date. And? It has a cover.

Wanna see?

It’s about not just dealing with, but celebrating the strange and broken parts of our selves.

It won’t come out until next year but you can preorder it right here.

I hope you love it.

More to come…

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  1. So happy for you and so excited to read it when it comes out!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  2. Why does the cute monster with flowers look familiar to me? I love the cover and so excited for this book!

    (The artist is Omar Rayyan and he’s done a whole series of these. He’s so amazing. ~ Jenny)

  3. OMG, is that the monster who was humping your cantelopes? haha but it is a beautiful cover.

  4. OH MY GOSH I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I’ve been relistening to your books lately to brighten my days. Yay!

  5. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! And I simply adore the cover. I can’t wait! Thank you, Jenny!!

  6. No Paperback :(……I *really* *really* want to pre-order but hardbacks are just not fun for me to read; can’t bend them… I just being weird?

    (Usually the paperback comes out a year later. 🙂 ~ Jenny)


  8. So excited! And an audio book option. Yes! I love the added mix of seriousness and humor on my car rides.

  9. I just pre-ordered! So exciteddddddd!!!! Thank you for so selflessly sharing your wonderfully weird self with us. It helps us more than you know. 🙂 <3

  10. AAAAAHHHH!! I LOVE that cover! Congratulations, Jenny! I am so happy and I want to be one of the first to own your new book.
    I am so happy for you.

  11. Jenny, can we preorder through your bookstore for a personalized copy?

    (I’ll be doing signed books through Nowhere but probably they won’t be personalized initially because it’s a little overwhelming during the first few months of release. But I will be drawing little kitties on them because I cannot break that habit. ~ Jenny)

  12. That is the perfect cover for you, for all of us. Embrace that gorgeous, silly beast inside. Thank you for this.

  13. Pre-ordered! So stinking excited for you (and for me because, NEW JENNY BOOK!)

  14. CHUPACABRA!!! (Maybe…what do I know? I live in Kansas.) Wonderful news! Love the title and the cover! Getting out my cc to preorder…

  15. Yay you! Here’s hoping I can get a signed copy. Also, if you started releasing a stuffed animal that looked like the monster on the cover, I would totally buy it.

  16. This just made my whole freaking month! I love you so much Jenny. You have no idea how much you help meby just being you. You helpme through dark times and brighter days. Sincerely, thank YOU!

  17. Did Omar Rayyan do the cover? It looks a lot like a version of one of his pieces.

    (Yes! He’s one of my favorite artists and his beastie series always captured how it feels to deal with mental illness so it felt like a perfect match. ~ Jenny)

  18. Oh, and if you’re a member of the Fantastic Strangelings Bookclub you don’t have to preorder because you’ll be getting a special signed copy that month. Check your email for details! (And, no, it’s not too late to join the book club. The book doesn’t come out until next year.) 🙂

  19. This is the best news I’ve seen in weeks! So Excited!!! And so happy for you!
    Jenny, I hope you do a book or a post, or something on your process some day. I love to write. Went to school for it and everything, but I struggle with motivation so much, and spend so much time staring at a blank screen. I struggle with depression and ADHD, and you know know, stuff, and books on writing, even the ones I love, (Bird by Bird, by Ann Lamott is a fave) don’t really cover those of us who can be dark and twisty (and fidgety, and distracted by online shopping, and who like to sleep a LOT, or have conversations with the dog instead of working, etc.) sometimes, so maybe YOUR process would be a bit more helpful? I do have the not-afraid-to-say-fuck part down, but that wasn’t exactly difficult, especially now that my daughter is fifteen and every thing she listens to is either from musicals or as filthy as possible (her dad thought letting her listen to NWA when she was 4 and 5 was funny, now she’s a teeny white girl who knows all the words to “fuck the police”.) Sigh.
    Anyway, congratulations on your book, again!!! You’re truly an inspiration.

  20. YAYYY! CAN’T WAIT! Will pre-order when I have the $$ THANK YOU FOR BEING SO AWESOME!!💜💜

  21. This might have to be the first thing I put in my new address for…

    We are building a house that is due to be finished in December. It wouldn’t be the first thing to come to my new address…but I think it’d be pretty cool for it to be the first thing I order with my new address..

  22. EEEE!!

    This made my day!! Already pre-ordered!!

    Also, got my financial aid today and FINALLY able to join you Fantastic Strangelings!!

    THANK YOU for ALL you do, Jenny!! You have impacted my life more than you can ever know and have sometimes been the only light in my darkness!!

    (YAY! But it’s going to be a book club pick next month so you don’t even have to preorder it. You’ll be getting a signed copy from us. Saving money! ~ Jenny)

  23. I’ll be waiting impatiently. Hopefully we still have a post office next year. It’s going to make the whole bookclub thing kinda hard. For those who didn’t see, we are going to get this as one of our strangelings bookclub books. Signed! Yay!

  24. YAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! You can’t see it but I’m doing the Kermit Flail over here. Only slightly less wildly because of a pinched nerve. BUT, with all the enthusiasm! I will preorder it from Nowhere once I get paid. Congrats on being ON your own book cover. So proud of you!!

  25. Is it wrong that I want to know if that dress has pockets in it? Or that I made the image larger to see if I could figure it out?

    (It totally has pockets. ~ Jenny)

  26. Huge congratulations! Preordered on Kindle, hope I remember that I did next spring when it actually hits. Will most likely order hardcover too at that time!

  27. If I had a time machine, I would totally go forward in time to get the book. I can’t wait! After I finished reading it, I would then go back in time and try and fix this covid crap so I could come to Texas and visit Nowhere Bookshop in person.

  28. And just like that……I pre-ordered the book! Thank you for giving me something to look forward to! And thank you so much for being you and sharing yourself with the world bc I think you are pretty awesome and you have truly helped me to love myself a little more and share me a with the world a little more.

  29. Yay! Can’t wait to add this to my collection of your books!!! (Also am I the only one who still reads ‘broken’ as ‘borken’ from Jenny’s post forever ago lol )

  30. I had been thinking to myself that this year would be so much better if I just had something to look forward to and *BAM* you deliver this! Thank you!

    I am so effing excited!!

  31. Of course I’ll love it! I’d love it a lot more if it were in my hands right now, though. That’s OK … you wanted to give it to me for my birthday, which is just 4 days earlier than the 6th! 😄

  32. I’m incredibly excited about this! I wanted to thank you because I always have your two books sitting on my windowsill next to my bed for the past 2 years. It’s been a rough few years going in and out of hospitals for surgeries and ER for pains and countless testing….so I always have both those books by me or with me in my purse to just randomly pick up and read when I’m in pain. They’ve helped more than you know so I’m very much looking forward to adding this one!

  33. Yes Yes Yes 😗😗😗 Jenny Thank You for Being So Wonderful! I’m soooo Excited I’m the Nut in Missouri- 🌹

  34. Yes! I’ve been waiting to hear more news about your next book! Cannot wait.

  35. This makes me so happy! i’ve been waiting for this book for a long time (no pressure, I promise).

  36. The message on the cover is great (embrace your demons). I know you have helped me do that and I know of many others. You are a blessing.

  37. Jenny: (The artist is Omar Rayyan and he’s done a whole series of these. He’s so amazing. ~ Jenny)

    I’ve seen that series, and he is indeed.

  38. I’ve had a bad two weeks and this just makes it all better. As soon as I have money I’ll be ordering a copy from nowhere. I’ve been so looking forward to buying something from your store but I want my first purchase to be special and this is the perfect start. I can’t wait to visit one day. Congrats beautiful lady. Luv Bella

  39. My birthday is April 4th so I’m gonna have a private/ leave me be reading party with my new Jenny book (and 🍷) on the 6th!! So excited 💃🥳

  40. SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy and furious and borkened!! Also, Omar Rayyan’s work is PERFECT, PERFECT I SAY!!! (Now I’m off to my Exclamation Marks Anonymous meeting. CapsLockAnon group Zoom call is on Friday)

  41. NOOOOO we have wait until APRIL 6. 2021? We could all be under the rule of mutant cantaloupes from China by then!

  42. Congratulations! You made it happen! During the craziest of crazy times you are a fantastic hardcore survivor of your own demons publishing success story! I’m am SO preordering through the Nowhere book shop my copy of your new book. I love the cover, and I want a stuffed animal that looks just like your personal demon, with beautiful fairy flowers in its hair, snaggly teeth and a saggy sand-weighted bottom trying to drag you down. I think you need to replicate it and sell it in your shop for all of us to buy! You could donate a percentage of the profits to a mental health support organization or something like that.

  43. Yay, yay, yay! Luvvie’s book in March and yours in April! And preordering is basically buying myself surprise presents because I’ll completely forget by then that I’ve already bought them.

  44. One day I’ll be able to enter the US AGAIN. In the meanwhile, I will look forward to downloading it on my Kindle.

  45. Ahhhh…. I am so excited!!! Woo-hoo!! I could just pass out from the excitement!!!

  46. EEK!! I am so excited. I went in and preordered because knowing me I will forget.

  47. Congratulations!! And I love the cover. I am so excited. I saw where to order from Nowhere, but I remember reading something about shipping to Canada. I think you might have said it costs more? To get a signed copy it is worth it! Love you and your family so much. Good luck with your book launch.

  48. The cover is PERFECT! I cannot wait to hold this in my hands. And read it. And discuss it. I love you, Jenny!

  49. Love the cover! I can’t wait. I’ve already pre-ordered mine from Nowhere Bookshop!!

  50. Excellent news! I will be preordering the audiobook, which I dearly hope you will be reading. I can’t imagine your stories without your voice narrating them.

  51. P.S. Can we please have a poster of this artwork? I NEEDZ IT. I know he’s got similar prints for sale on Etsy, but I need THIS one 🙂

  52. The pink bow in the monster”s hair is like the cherry on top. Perfection!

  53. Congrats! And your Bio gets an A++! I love “Furiously Happy” and coloring in ‘You Are Here” very good for sleepless pandemic night terrors!

  54. Another reason why 2021 cannot come fast enough! Will you be doing an audio version as well? I loved listening to your previous books.

  55. Can’t wait! Love your books, love you! I feel like you “get” people like me, a person whom a lawyer trying help settle a fam. member’s estate said to today, “You know, I’m thinking about writing a country-western song about your family.” Sigh.

  56. I want to preorder it, but if I do, I will probably forget I did and reorder it when it comes out! Then I’d have 2, but wait…I could give one to one of my friends! I’m so preordering! (You can tell I’ve done this before…)

  57. So excited! For you and for us. Group Virtual HUG! or is it virtual group hug? Whatever it is I’m giving you one and I can’t wait a whole year! Can you speed up those publishers? Please?

  58. Oh! I almost thought you named it “Borken”! Still, can’t wait to enjoy it!

  59. Are you going to do an audiobook version? I loved the audio versions of your other books.

  60. YAY! Pre-ordered…so exciting to have something to look forward to next spring!

  61. Wait, wait…How do I order one, “make shit up” from NOWHERE bookstore?

  62. and don’t worry, I am a member of the bookclub and will want that copy too, I can use one for my “keep your damn hands off it” and one for my “here, you need to read this, but bring it back so I can share it with others!” YES!!!!

  63. Yaaaaay!! One question, though- can we order it from Nowhere?? I’d rather give you business than amazon!

  64. Yay!!! It looks like we can pre-order from Nowhere, but are we able to request signed copies through that order form? There is no box for personalization so I wasn’t sure if that was possible yet or if it’s waaaaaaaay too early to be thinking about that?

  65. Preordered! The cover art is epic and we know the book will be as well. CONGRATULATIONS!

  66. Can we pre Oder from your bookstore? I didn’t see that option when I clicked the link.

  67. 1. You’re unicorn/wizardly level impressive. You finished writing a book during a pandemic and opened a bookstore virtually.. you’re just slam dunking the crap out of this hair-raising year!

    2. Can’t wait to read it. I had to throw away all my books during 2020 due to mold (even year books, photo albums, etc) along with a lot of other things. Allie Broshs’ new book and your book will help me begin to rebuild… little gems of joy. Thanks Jenny!

    3. This is in case anyone needs a smile just because. Sending sterile hugs and happy thoughts to all the tribe and Jenny! 🙂

  68. this is the best news i’ve gotten since quaratine started! can.not.wait.!

  69. Woohoo!!!!! Congratulations, on the new book, needed good news today and I have to admit, this serves (though I do feel a bit guilty as the process seems to be stressful but hopefully it’s worth it once it’s done?)

  70. Finally something GOOD in 2020….we get to pre-order for new book! Love EVERYTHING you do Jenny, I so often feel like you are saying what’s in my head! Thank you for sharing your light work the world! We need it so damn much!!! 💕

  71. My mom always said “Don’t wish your life away waiting for something .” But I totally can’t wait for next year! Your book and Covid gone (I hope against all hope). Love you and all your fantastic strangelings! You’ve brought together so many people with kind hearts and fantastic senses of humor!

  72. I just preordered the audiobook on Audible last night! I was so excited! I will probably buy the book too! I am so happy

  73. This is time sensitive, but well worth sharing.

    If you pre-order Jenny’s new book using an American Express card, Amex will award you a $5 statement credit for supporting “a small business by redeeming the Shop Small offer at Nowhere Bookshop.” The catch is that you have to enroll first, and the window to enroll ends in 3 3/4 days: If you’re already a card holder, the process is, literally, just clicking a button.

    Basic details: “Get a $5 statement credit after making a single purchase of $10 or more directly with any small business in the U.S. on the Shop Small® Map by September 20, 2020, up to 10 times.” I didn’t have to jump through any hoops either (as I’d enrolled a while ago). Amex just did the whole thing automatically–a welcome surprise.

    As I opted for $5 media shipping, this, in essence, was an easy and elegant work-around for free shipping (pretty sure I’m not the only one who could really use the break).

    Respectfully submitted with much <3

  74. My friend suggested your book “Furiously Happy” and I LOVED it. You coming out with another book… it’s been preordered. My kindle is anxiously awaiting its arrival. ………………… 🙂

  75. I am so thrilled to hear and look forward to reading this! However, I’ve just got to say it, Jenny, you missed your opportunity. You should have named this book “BORKEN” instead of “BROKEN”.

  76. I tested up when I saw this. Your last book has meant so much to me. It saved me. Literally saved me. I listen to chapter 41 and the epilogue on a loop. Your books are like a warm hug in a sea of dementors. I cannot wait for this book. I’m counting down the days.

  77. My new counselor says I’m not broken, I am neuro-divergent. I told her to read Furiously Happy if she wanted to understand the term ‘broken’. A new book!! I am so excited <3

  78. Jenny,
    Such great news! What a relief to be done I bet. Is it going to come out as an audiobook as well? All of us visually impaired and just audiobook readers who are your adorers (yes I made up a word, Webster’s should hire me 😉 want to listen to you read this to us!! Beautiful cover, love whoever the artist is who did this! Xoxo

  79. Love it! Please do an audio version. I love listening to you. Hmm, that’s sounds a bit creepy. Oh well

  80. So worried about you guys. Sending love and hoping that Laura and Marcus knock each other out before they get to your area. 🙏🏻

  81. I’ve been getting my books from Marcus Books (The oldest Black owned bookstore in country) but this one I’ll be ordering from Nowhere. God that sounds daft. But yay. Going to be a long wait by the mail box.

  82. Well, congratulations and very excited- but your artist’s rendering of Rory isn’t very flattering and I’m lodging my protest now.

  83. I can’t wait! Though I’ve cheated in the past – I bought your books for my mom and just read them before I gave them to her – but she’s moved to a different city for work, so I may have to buy my own copy(?!) This is an excellent sales scheme you’ve set up here!

  84. Preorder complete from Nowhere! On days when you can’t personalize, you ought to have a handy pre-inked stamp. Knock, knock Motherfucker!

  85. I cannot wait. I love your books. They make me laugh, and cry, and laugh until I cry. xoxo

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