Let’s give the boy a hand. (I’m so sorry.)

me: Dude. LOOK AT THIS.

Victor: What the fuck.

me: I was opening my mail and two totally different people sent me random stuff that made them think of me.

Victor: You’ve got weird readers.

me: I’VE GOT AMAZING READERS. But how weird is it that two random people sent two random gifts and they just so happen to fit together perfectly?

Victor: That’s not really the weirdest thing about this, but okay.

me: I’m gonna try it out on the cats.

Victor: Ew.

me: Not the handbook. The gloves.

Victor: Still confused.

me: They can wear them. Like tiny mad scientists with opposable thumbs!

Victor: Got it. Have fun bleeding to death.


hunter s tomcat wearing gloves like a badass
Once again, Victor is on the wrong side of history. Get this cat a lab coat, y’all. He’s got science to do.

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  1. There aren’t enough hearts for this. You are a genius and a gloved cat whisperer. I bow to your mad cat science skill!

  2. Cats aren’t scrutable enough – can’t tell if that expression is “WTF?” or “Mwahahaha!”

  3. I thought the same thing Victor did!!!! Oh soooo funny. Saved it to my cat pics file. Love it!

  4. Hahahaha THE WEIRDO STARS ALIGN! YAY! Two random gifts which magically coordinate received at once?

    Such a good sign. 😺 And how happy is your tabby to know their paws are now protected from plants and mild chemicals and the such? Cat: “(ital) FINALLY.”

    And come on, Victor! Find a sense of humor and hold on to it for use on rainy days. 😂

    And thank you. That photo will sustain me through this day. 🖤

  5. This is the best thing I have seen all day, THANK YOU! <—yes, I might have just yelled that. 🙂

  6. Excellent chuckle delivery! And I hope it’s okay, but it also made me heart Victor. I think if he stays on the wrong side of history – we get more funnies! Hah!

  7. That cat is totally rocking those gloves! He definitely needs a lab coat and maybe some goggles. 🙂

  8. These are lineman’s gloves in miniature. The companies that make gear for power company workers make tiny versions for you to play with. Ive seen other things my co-workers got. So cute!

  9. This cat just cured me depression. It’s the sweetest, cutest, funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time!

  10. OK. Made my day. Nothing is going to happen to compare so I may as well go back to bed. I am wondering about a thing or two (or more): What does the red tag on the gloves say? And what were they originally used for?

  11. Were you aware when you posted this that Sept. 1st is National Ginger Cat Day?

    (WHAT. Now I need to bake a cake. ~ Jenny)

  12. Your friends are hilarious, and the cosmic timing couldn’t be more perfect (well, maybe safety glasses and a lab coat…)

  13. OMG–snorting! I ALWAYS think artificial insemination when I hear anyone say AI. Farm girl, what can I say?

  14. Jesus Haploid Christ! Don’t give cats opposable thumbs. They will figure out can openers, doorknobs, the kitchen faucet, and matches.

  15. Thank you so much!! That is exactly what I needed today.😀 Now I need to find a couple pairs of those gloves for my cats, they are completely jealous.

  16. ….. I love you. I love your tribe. I love how awesome and random and totally weird this all is.

  17. You are a genius. You make me laugh. I love your work and please don’t make that kitty use those gloves. Can’t wait to read your next book. ❤️😂

  18. I can’t stop thinking about the story around why someone decided it was necessary to put “DO NOT USE” in all caps on the labels of those gloves. Who tried to “use” them? And how exactly?

  19. I’m confused. It looks like those gloves on Cat are on the wrong paws because the thumbs have disappeared. The thumbs on the gloves, not on Cat. Maybe that’s why he looks like he just took a doobie hit?

  20. Hunter looks slightly troubled by the direction his thumbs are pointing, but otherwise, get him a lab coat. I’ll hold his collar while he does the science.

  21. This series of photos makes me think you expect the cat to artificially inseminate a dairy cow, and that mental image is sustaining me through the rest of my Zoom meetings today

  22. He just looks so pleased with himself.

    You do know, don’t you, that all your other pets are going to be jealous now. (I see a frantic online search in your future.)

  23. I adore this photo! Timing really is everything. It took me longer than I’d care to admit to get that handbook in the mail, but now I know why! Thank you, gloves person, for turning this into a perfectly Horrible opportunity for Hunter. 😁💜

  24. OMG! I so needed this today!! Totally changed my mind and now I’m laughing! Thanking you!

  25. Well, we all know what your cat is wearing for Halloween….
    “He blinded me with science, science!”

  26. I snorted so hard I may have hurt my eyesight. I also have “Let’s Hear it for the Boys” stuck in my head now and I’m on the fence of whether I’m mad about it or not.

  27. Oh, love you! After an exhausting day, I sat down to read email..
    read yours and when I scrolled through to the photo of your cat..
    An amazing laugh burst forth!! Thank you, Thank you,thank you.

  28. This is the funniest freaking thing I’ve seen all week! Once again you made me pee my pants and cry!!

  29. Oh – that is the best thing I’ve seen all week. I am laughing my *ss off over here. Thank you !

  30. I have to remember to show the cat picture to my 5 year old. She wants to be a scientist when she grows up and she absolutely loves cats. She told me the other day that all she wants for her birthday this year is science things. Maybe a cat scientist picture will be among those gifts.

  31. Ok, this totally made me think of the month I spent in Switzerland in 1994 and my host families sheep herd. We kept noticing more and more sheep with blue butts and after intense speculation as to why, we finally asked. Turns out they had ink jets attached to the rams that would go off during the act. So they would know which sheep they should watch for signs of pregnancy by whose butt had been dyed blue. 🤷‍♀️

  32. I didn’t realize that a picture of mad scientist Hunter S Tomcat was needed so badly in my life. Thank you!

  33. And this is what we all need for today. That plus the comments….thanks for brightening up my day!

  34. Your book on depression CHANGED my life…& made me feel so normal…..because I would for sure have a stuffed raccoon or put gloves on my cat. I freaking love you!!

  35. Lol I saw this as I was getting online to look for a tiny couch for the kitten I’m getting in two weeks. I’m so not judging the mini cat gloves and wondering where to get kitty a lab coat.
    Luv Bella

  36. I started a new job in corporate America a few weeks ago. I needed to know if I was going to fit in or not, so I recommended we read Let’s Pretend This Never Happened for the department’s book club. Yesterday, my manager brought up cow vaginas in our team meeting, so now I know that I belong. Thank you Jenny!

  37. This is so hilarious & awesome! & the comments r hysterical! I’m so happy to count myself among ur devoted followers/tribe 🙂 Hugs & Purrs! 🙂

  38. My guess: Victor is dialed in perfectly as straight man. The two of you make me laugh harder than Abbott and Costello, the funniest duo in my childhood matinee days. You’re right up there with Mike Nichols and Elaine May, who knew their way around Science. Each time you get up to mischief, Jenny, I give a sigh of relief, knowing you might be feeling a bit better. You’re so important to us all.

  39. I trust cats when they science because everyone knows how cynical they are as a rule. #HumanTesting

  40. On a visit to my in-laws on a Bavarian dairy farm, I met the vet, wearing big thick rubber gloves. A cheerful guy, he informed me that he was inseminating the cows.
    “Oh, the poor cow has no fun!” I said.
    “I am good enough!” he replied, with a leer.

  41. Some of us liked your original blog. And not all of us want to read non-stop about your bookstore. Would it be possible to have a separate blog for your commercial venture and let this blog revert back to the way it was? Otherwise, we will miss you, but we will go (sorry, that reads like a threat, but it is not meant that way; also, we understand if you won’t separate this blog from your bookstore and we hope you will understand that we don’t want to be sold books and bookstore events when we come to read you, here). Either way, we do wish you the very best.

  42. Hunter is the goodest boy. Also, I love hearing about your bookstore and seeing all the vignettes you’re creating. Hoping to visit in person some day soon!

  43. That book on cow insemination was a godsend at university when i had to write a 3,000 word essay on the topic. so gross, but at least I went to uni in a city and there were no cows for us to actually try it out on….

  44. OMG, I love this picture so much I just can’t think of a great word to describe how I’m feeling…

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