It made sense at the time.

me: I feel like I’ve spent half of quarantine trying to decide if I’m hungry or just bored.

Victor: Same.

me: But then turns out I’m both hungry and bored. I’m…hored? Is that a word

Victor: Pretty sure it shouldn’t be.

me: But “bungry” sounds gross. Sounds like you’re hungry for bungholes.

Victor: It does not sound like that but now I’m definitely not hungry anymore.

me: And I’m not bored. PANDEMIC SOLVED! (But only the hored part and only for a few minutes because then I remembered that I’d hidden a bunch of gummy rings in the back of the pantry.)

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  1. Would you have to clarify that there is ABSOLUTELY NO W in the beginning of hored?? Silent letters are the scourge of the English language. I do love the solution, though and firmly believe hidden gummies are 85% more delicious than plain sight gummies.

  2. There’s got to be some version of ring-toss that can be played with those gummy rings to alleviated horedom. (Yay for creative etymology!)

    Thanks for the smile, Jenny!

  3. Hored seems to be a permanent state of evijg right now. And yes, bungholes was exactly what bungry made me think of as well so…! #greatminds

  4. Ever go on a beer brewery tour back when we could go to things like brewery tours? I’ve never been the bung queen and I hate it. I AM BUNGRY!

  5. My husband and I like to call the combination of hungry and bored “snackish” or “snacky.” The combo of hungry and bored has us looking for bad-for-you junk food, like rediscovered gummy rings or even resorting to opening fridge or cupboard doors and staring at all the food you know won’t satisfy your snacky self, it doesn’t want healthy rabbit foods like celery sticks and lettuce.

  6. 🎶There’s some hores in this house, there’s some hores in this house…
    Certified freak, seven days a week,
    Hide them gummie rings in the pantry
    We play hide and seek… 🎶

  7. 🎶There’s some hores in this house, there’s some hores in this house…
    Certified freak, seven days a week,
    Hide them gummie rings in the pantry
    We play hide and seek… 🎶

  8. Sorry, but that just makes me think of a erotic story I wrote on literotica called “For the Whored”. So now I’mma giggling hysterically.

  9. I’m so busy with my job (public high school teacher during the pandemic) that I’m getting hored. What a paradox to be bored and hungry while swamped. Don’t like felling bungy though LOL

  10. On the days that I am working from home I feel bungry/ hored too. When I am at the office, not so much. The only difference between the two is the availability and nearness of food. The workload seems the same.

  11. There is a Japanese word for that! Kuchisabishii – when you’re not hungry but your mouth is lonely

  12. A few thoughts: the circuit in the human brain, as far as we have mapped it out is a generic deprivation circuit. That’s why we can’t tell sometimes if we are bored, lonely or hungry. The same neurons are singing the blues whether we’re hungry honely hored bangry etc.

    I had more thoughts but the phone rang while I was typing this and I don’t know what the thoughts were now.


    No, that was the word I couldn’t remember Monday but yelled out loud in a meeting yesterday afternoon.


  13. My dog is very often bungry – he’ll be glad for the validation that it is a real thing and tell me I am required to stop shaming him for it.

  14. (w)hored is a bit…problematic. I tried a synonym and kinda like bormished (bored + famished).

  15. Okay, your words are better than my fangry – f*cking angry hungry. When I said it last week, my son thought I wanted to angrily sink my fangs into whatever we were having for dinner that night. And yes, f*cking angry hungry is an actual thing for me.

  16. First, I want to say I love you and you are a genius. (In a non-stalky, don’t have to take out a restraining order against me way).

    I sometimes feel like I’m snacky – I’ve just eaten, but I want a snack. Weight Watchers used to tell us to drink a glass of water in that case, btw.

    But if you are snacky because you are bored – borsnacky?

  17. I’m pretty sure we should trend both, what’s wrong with “Hores” (people who are “hored”), and people who like bungholes? Or buggary? Oh wait “bungry.” All good.

  18. Victor was wrong bungry totally sounds like you’re hungry for bungholes. That was honestly the first thing I thought when I read the word before I even read the rest of the sentence. Ps gummies sound so good

  19. Please note that bungholes are the hole in a cask used for aging wine, beer, or hard liquors. If you’re hungry for a bunghole it just means you want some scotch.

  20. My favorite scene from Archer

    Carol/Sheryl: how do i look

    Mallory: (sips antifreeze cuz there’s no booze) you look like a whore..

    Carol/sheryl: 🤨

    Mallory: (takes a sip) no wait, you look like an idiot…

    Carol/sheryl: 😡

    Mallory: (takes a sip) I’ve got it, you look like a whorediot.

    And scene🎬

    So I vote for huored. Sounds french.

  21. What about using synonyms? Hmmm… I lined up a lot of words to try out, but I don’t have the energy to follow up all of them here, so I’ll just lay out this one: peckish + weary = peckweary? Okay, that doesn’t improve upon the original at all, but I should get points for trying. 😀

  22. Let’s not forget bangry, bored + angry. Comes right after you ate too much because you were hangry.

  23. Both words sound like they came straight from an ad for an adult entertainment venue; “Feeling a little bit bungry or a tad hored? Come on down to Private Happy Pants!” (Currently closed due to Covid 19 – nasty bugger)

  24. For the first time, I scrolled down past the “Leave a Reply” section and was thrilled to see a picture of RBG with a crown on her head. Then I made the mistake of scrolling down one more time. WTF Jenny?

  25. There’s a reason I had to stop buying snacks while we’re still working from home – I ate both containers of Pringles I bought the first day I had them, and I knew I couldn’t afford to keep snacks in the house.

    But I have been bored/hungry almost 24/7 since March.

  26. Time is not a thing anymore. I love you for saying that and hope it doesn’t become, “it is what it is” because it’s two miles deeper, maybe a hunert miles.

  27. I have never been snacky for a glass of water… and WW wasn’t made for real life even before quarantine! Imma gonna go get a glass of wat… no, I’m not!

  28. I’m generally borngry which is born hungry, never hored or bungry, hangry pretty much every day around 3 pm, snackored at night, etc. It seems this phrase should be time-related. Although we could just bring back “having the munchies” from the 70s which was a relaxed yet bored need to eat!

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