This isn’t a real post.

Hi. This isn’t a real post. It’s just me dropping in because a few people bought memberships to the Fantastic Strangelings book club for presents and were like, “Could you maybe make a video welcoming them so I can show it to them on Xmas?” and that seems like a really wonderful thing so I made one and if you also happen to be giving the gift of a membership you can use this link to surprise your loved one. Please be aware that it is ridiculously unprofessional because that’s how I roll.

Actual screenshot from the video.

Also, if you sign up for yourself or for others tomorrow just know that we probably won’t process it until after Xmas but you’ll get your first book (The Thirty Names of Night) and your pin in the same package very soon.

And thank you for your support! You are magic.

PS. Some of you missed out last time we did a Nowhere Bookshop hoodie/tshirt campaign so if you missed it they’re available to order for one more day.

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  1. I just adore you, Jenny!
    You’ve helped make a year that has been total crap less crappy.
    I hope you, Victor and Hailey enjoy lots of good movies and get to kill lots of people in online video games this Christmas!
    Nothing says “Peace on Earth” like online multiplayer games where there are mass casualties.
    Love, Susan

  2. Jenny, Victor, Hailey, Strangelings, visitors, etc. Wishing you all the best things ever! Peace, Love, Joy, Health, Happiness, and all of that stuff! Merry/Happy whatever you celebrate! Love from my little corner of BC Canada!

  3. Dearest, dear Jenny – (and of course Hailey, and lovely long-suffering and exquisitely articulate Victor; and I would never choose to exclude Hunter S TomCat, Ferris Meuller, and beautiful in action, not just good looks, beyond compare, Dorothy Barker …)

    I have never, ever felt as though I might, maybe sort of fit in, really, to any book club, before The Fantastic Strangelings.

    Thank You 🥰.

    My natural reading tendencies are far too diverse for anyone else walking this planet. Yet, Oila! The Fantastic Strangelings are laid in my lap, because I re-read, and re-laugh Outloud your first 2 books … with Joy. EVERY TIME. Audio book in your voice, I love, the most!

    I have lived my own “ I can’t believe it!”, “I AM LUCY – in “ I Love Lucy” moments … a lot of them. Not magic squirrels in cracker boxes, though … I should have been on video — Hilarious videos!

    I Try to be dignified … I’ve been a lady pharmaceutical rep, for decades … and I’ve also been (REALLY!) a licensed Fiduciary Financial Advisor … who was supposed to do 3 weeks training … in Wor

    But nobody knows the “I love Lucy” reality life, that IS my real life, in spite of the professionalism I can wear from 8 to 8, Monday thru Friday.

    I’m a soccer mom. A Cub Scout and Girl Scout asst leader. A K-12 substitute teacher.

    And a member of Mensa, which means most people can’t keep up with my mind. I have to accommodate most people’s not quite up to speed- minds … or reading.

    I truly Enjoy TFS Book Club. I’m with My Peeps 💖 !
    Merry Christmas Jenny and All, near and Dear.
    Truly Enjoy the coming NEW (thank goodness!) year – it will be full of Adventures and Great Health for you All – – –
    with love,
    Leslie Z

  4. Just to clarify: I can’t seem to edit the above: (entry 3) I was supposed to train as a Morgan Stanley LICENSED Financial Advisor IN World Trade Tower 2 (North Tower), Floor 63, 10 Hours a day, for 3 weeks … in 2001. Starting Nov. 26, 2001.

    My office mate, another trainee, had just come back on Aug. 31.

    Our next office mate trainee was due to go to North Tower, floor 63, on Oct. 1, 2001.

    I was next, on 11/26/01. North Tower, Flr 63. 2001.

    My paycheck, my licensing actual PAPERWORK was floating down in the debris in Manhattan, that Tuesday. Yes. 9/11/2001 is a very personal Scary Date For Me.

  5. Happy Ho Ho’s Jenny, Victor, Hailey and all your adorable furry family members!! Thank you so much for all the joy, laughter, and beautiful words you’ve shared this year ❤ It’s been such a privilege to share in your family and be welcomed into a little piece of your home and your heart. Thank you for everything you do and for being so open, vulnerable, and just so damned baddass!! I adore you, I’m inspired by you, and I hope you have the happiest holiday ever!!💕 PS Big kisses to Hailey who is a beautiful, talented ROCKSTAR!!!

  6. I believe the book you are thinking of that you read in your college library might well be Condominium by John D McDonald.

  7. I counted my hoodies and t-shirts and do not need another one. That being said, I’m buying a shirt. And I might even use my Christmas bonus money to buy a membership.

    Merry Christmas, Jenny! And for everyone waiting to read your new book, they will not be disappointed. I scream/laugh/cried so loudly I scared my kid. It’s your best work yet, and I can’t wait to review it!

  8. Happy Merry Ho Ho Ho to everyone in your family and to all your fans!
    Every post from you, Jenny, is a real post, because you’re like us, perfectly imperfect. Thank you for making us feel okay to not be okay.
    Love to all, joy to the world, peace on earth, bless us every one!

  9. Jenny. These tenterhooks are really starting to hurt. 1) what happened with the dog? 2) did you figure out the mystery book? :] Lisa

  10. off-topic from the non-real post: I keep thinking of your tree which managed to stay up in that doorway until long after Christmas and you said you and the family might just leave it up. I haven’t heard you claim to see into the future but c’mon, you had a tickle of premonition, didn’t you?
    Happy Festivus, people!

  11. Happy New Year Jenny! Always stay safe and healthy with your family. Whether you’re taking prescription drugs or an herbal supplement, consider using CBD oil. It could be your answer to a more healthy life! I look forward to your posts.

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