It’s okay to not be okay

I have written and rewritten this post a dozen times but here is the gist. It’s okay if the holidays don’t look like you think they should look this year. It’s okay if you don’t have a tree up and don’t have a bunch of gifts under the tree that doesn’t exist or if you just decide to postpone xmas to next year and instead eat reheated tamales in your pajamas and watch tv and play Among Us all day. In fact, that is what we will be doing. Please feel free to join us in spirit. Or in real life if we happen to end up in the same online game lobby. (I apologize in advance for murdering you.)

I’ve been fighting off a really tough depression lately and I know I’m not alone. The holidays can be hard and sad and complicated even at the best of times and you add in the expectations of yourself and others and then multiply it with a lack of sunshine and a pandemic and it’s not wonder this year feels disorienting. So I am giving myself the gift of changing my expectations. Last night Hailey and Victor and I watched Prom (the musical) and Hailey and I loved it and Victor pretended not be into it but even he can’t deny the magic of Meryl Streep. And it was really lovely and made me realize there are probably a ton of great movies we should watch over Christmas but I don’t know what they are because I tend to focus on horror so today I am asking you for your recommendations on what we should watch during our Christmas marathon. Uplifting. Funny. Not saccharine sweet.

I’ll start. Some of our favorites lately were Ted Lasso, Enola Holmes, Happiest Season, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.

Your turn.

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  1. Chef. It’s sweet, it’s happy. It’s about a guy learning how to relate to his son. And sandwiches. It about really kickass sandwiches

  2. Not a movie, but “A Suitable Boy” is a great miniseries on Acorn. Lovely to look at and well-done.

  3. My tastes have been all over the place lately. I just watched Dash and Lily (I miss Christmas in NYC) and then switched over to Supernatural because I can only take so much sweetness.

  4. I finally got around to watching Knives Out. Both my husband and I loved it, even though he was really thrown off by Daniel Craig sounding like Fog Horn Leghorn.

  5. I will always recommend Hulu’s Too Funny to Fail (the documentary about the short lived Dana Carvy show) and Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop (the documentary about his tour after being fired from NBC). Both shows have helped me through tough times.

    If you want crazy suspense, Hulu has McMillions a series about the McDonalds Monopoly Game being rigged. It’s facinating!

  6. Eurovision, and I think it counts as a Christmas movie because much of it is set in Iceland. Great idea to take the pressure off and just watch good movies!

  7. Scrooged is WONDERFUL and holds up every year. I second “Chef” which is freakin’ great, MOONSTRUCK is a classic that gets better every time.

  8. I enjoyed Jingle Jangle and The Happiest Season. I also really love “The Night Before”, and the weird musical “Scrooge” with Albert Finney, and it you’re looking for a trippy take on The Nutcracker, may I recommend The Nutcracker and The Four Realms”. And of course, the old cartoon “Twas the Night Before Christmas” which embraces a family of inventors living alongside a family of mice inventors in their house, bc, of course.

  9. Bridesmaids, binge watch Veep, Little Women is phenomenal, Pride and Prejudice, Mean Girls is always a classic. Love you! ❤️

  10. Any version of A Christmas Carol (the Muppet adaptation is especially good), Christmas in Connecticut, Holiday, A Holiday Affair, It Happened on 5th Avenue, for a start. 🙂

  11. Not a movie, but a series on Netflix. “The Repair Shop”. It’s a group of British artisans that use their amazing skills to refresh, refurbish, and fix antiques and cherished family heirlooms. It has incredible and skilled artisanship and touching emotional moments.

  12. The Man Who Invented Christmas. It’s about Charles Dickens writing A Christmas Carol. Much better than I expected!

  13. Bad Moms Christmas was funny and terrible. I am working my way slowly through the Australian series Offspring which is a dramedy and so incredibly laugh out loud wonderful

  14. Harold and Maude. It seems like a grim topic, as the main character like to pretend to commit suicide, but it’s really funny and uplifting. Makes you look at the world differently

  15. The Bishop’s Wife (the old one with Cary Grant, David Niven, and Loretta Young. Best Christmas movie ever!

  16. This is my heart right now. Um… Better Off Dead (I love the 80s and it has some holiday bits), Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Gremlins, Labyrinth.

  17. “Lost Christmas,” if you can find it. It stars Eddie Izzard and is about a man who has lost his memory and how he finds out who he is.

  18. If you haven’t seen Zootopia, I highly recommend it! Much deeper than it would seem at first glance. Plus a catchy Shakira song!

  19. It’s nearly impossible to find, but American Playhouse on PBS did a movie called “Ask Me Again” about 30 years ago and it was delightful.

    Also, my handle in Among Us is Shrewvy.

  20. Still Breathing. A lovely overlooked quirky romance set partly in San Antonio. Stars a beautiful Brendan Frasier (released in 1997)

  21. I sort of think of Grumpy Old Men as a Xmas movie- because my mom and I went to see it over the holiday break when it first came out. My folks lived in the panhandle of Florida at the time, but they are mid-westerners and the scene where Ann-Margaret comes out of her sauna left us laughing so hard we almost peed our pants! The rest of the Florida audience laughed but you could tell that they didn’t really get it. One other person, who must have been a snowbird, was laughing as hard as we were. I love that memory.
    Movie watching was always a holiday thing for my family, so I perfectly understand your decision this year! Don’t forget the old classics – The Thin Man and Christmas in Connecticut are so much fun.

  22. The Ref, starring Denis Leary, Kevin Spacey (I know, sigh), Judy Davis. It’s dark humor but funnnnny?

  23. THANK YOU. Walk hard is so underrated 😂
    The new Emma adaptation was very good. And the His Dark Materials adaptation is AMAZING.

  24. The GOONIES fun mindless adventure to just (…suspend your disbelief…”(Steven Spielberg)

  25. Not Christmas but definitely start Schitts Creek. I’m also rewatching Arrested Development both for laugh out loud situations and one liners.

  26. I think we’re going to do Ted Lasso for the third time. I love that someone mentioned Chef! Will definitely make you want a cuban sandwich. Hundred Foot Journey is another fun and uplifting (but not saccharine) food movie. Oh, and Butter is a weird and great movie I saw on a plane. I don’t know if it’s streaming anywhere, but Jennifer Garner is not who you’re used to her being in that movie! Mindy Kaling’s Four Weddings and a Funeral miniseries was fun. I also liked Dumpin’ on Netflix. Watched it right after Enola Holmes so you made me think of it.

  27. Mr right
    A dancing assassin falls in love. It’s delightful!
    Wings of desire
    An angel falls in love with a trapeze artist falls to earth and is befriended by peter falk. Way better then I make it sound

  28. Fido. A sweet zombie comedy about the families we’re born into and the families we make.
    Moonrise Kingdom
    Emma. (2020)

  29. I love horror! Christmas horror is hard to find, so I include Gremlins. Krampus is my go-to every birthday-which is today!! Christmas is hard. Christmas birthdays are harder. Sometimes my brain tells really shitty lies. But I read and reread your blog and know that the light will show itself again. 💛

  30. Taskmaster always helps lift me up. The other day the dam on my depression just evaporated and it was the only thing that helped. Theyre all on YouTube for free too so thats nice. Our neighbors all think my husband and I are insane because we watch it out on the balcony at night while we eat dinner and howl with laughter!

  31. This year I’ve been finding joy in Andrew Cotter’s YouTube videos about his dogs, Olive and Mabel, and the 24/7 live feed of rescued otters at the Vancouver Aquarium. Amazon Prime has a hilarious British series called the Goes Wrong Show, in which actors perform half-hour plays bedeviled with disasters. The Christmas one is especially funny. As for movies, a longtime favorite (that takes place from Christmas to New Year’s) is Bachelor Mother, with Ginger Rogers. It’s a delightful romantic comedy that contains one of my favorite lines ever: “Before you know it, it’s nine o’clock and you’re winding ducks.”

  32. Paul.
    That’s the name of one of the funniest movies ever made.
    Watch the theatrical version, not the un-rated version, if you are not fond of profanity.
    The description of the film sounds completely stupid, but it is utterly hilarious.

  33. I know at least one person has already said it but Schitt’s Creek, it’s so damn good and so surprisingly heartwarming.

  34. I’ve been watching Central Park on Apple TV+ and it’s really fun and silly and great!

  35. Eurovision was an unexpected delight. My son recently came out as transgender, and the LGBT love in the movie was so good to see. Also, Nadja from What We Do in the Shadows has a small role in it, which reminds me that that’s a fun show to rewatch. One more thing: This morning I got a big, wonderful box of books from Nowhere! You and Elizabeth are doing a fantastic job, and here’s hoping that the USPS will recover soon from the forking they’ve received from this evil bunch of weasels. Love you!

  36. Have you watched Jingle Jangle? I’m not into Christmas movies at all but it was really lovely. A visual feast, great singing and dancing, and so great to see a historic Christmas movie full of people in many shades of brown!

  37. I enjoyed “Never Have I Ever,” on Netflix. Not a movie, a short series about a teen girl who is determined to lose her virginity. It’s funny, a tiny bit sad, and very inclusive. No sex scenes.

  38. I think re-watching “Good Omens” is a great start. “Bell, Book and Candle” if you’re looking for an old classic. “The Princess Bride.” “Young Frankenstein.” “Stardust,” which is worth is for a swish air pirate…

  39. I loved The Queen’s Gambit so much that I wish I could have amnesia so I can watch it as new all over again.

  40. If you have Prime, check out the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or Hunters. Oh and Fleabag! Awesomely, awfully, awkwardly funny!

  41. The Final Girls – comedy horror

    Hunt for the Wilderpeople – heart warming and crass coming of age

  42. I agree with “Chef,” “Dumplin'”, the new “Little Women” and “Peanut Butter Falcon.” All within the sweet but not saccharine realm and definitely uplifting. I binged “Dash + Lily” while home sick with strep throat. It was a little sugary but very heartwarming with a good bit of Christmas Cheer. Nothing brings me a serotonin boost quite like “The Great British Baking Show” though. The earnest bakers are so charming & give me faith in humanity. Pen15 on Hulu is also endearing, awkward, and funny.

  43. Such wonderful recommendations!

    I shamelessly plug the original version (1947) of Miracle on 34th Street. Yes, it’s culturally dated. But it’s really wonderful. The young Natalie Wood turns in a stellar performance and if you can resist Maureen O’Hara, well …

  44. Our go to Christmas movie: We’re No Angels (Bogart, Ustinov, Rathbone). Funny, subtle, satisfying.

  45. Every other year or so I watch The Family Man with Nicholas Cage and Tea Leoni. I love it.

  46. I am binge-rewatching Supernatural over my Christmas vacation. Also recommend “Always Be My Maybe” on Netflix. And “Pick of the Litter!” I love dogs, I love documentaries, and this one is just the best of both worlds!

  47. Noelle (Disney+) made me simultaneously laugh hysterically and cry. Definitely a feel good movie.

  48. Oh, and for shows, Bob’s Burgers Christmas episodes are great. You don’t need to watch the rest of the seasons to watch them. There’s one for each season. Just look for one around this time each season on Hulu.

  49. For me, the holidays aren’t the holidays until I’ve seen Auntie Mame (the non-musical version.)

  50. I know I’m going to sound like a freak for this but screw it. I’m letting my freak flag fly. “The Long Kiss Goodnight” with Samuel L Jackson and Geena Davis. It’s an action comedy with a lot witty banter. It takes place during Christmas with a lot of festive backdrop to it. It’s an action movie full hysterical one liners. And it gives me the Christmas warm & fuzzies. Weird, I know.

  51. The Climb…not Christmas-y, but set on snowy Mt. Everest. So uplifting and sweet, and based on a true story. And, I know it’s already been said, but Schitt’s Creek.

  52. I plan to watch the 1993 version of The Secret Garden shortly. I made the mistake of watching the latest iteration and it infuriated me. I am STILL angry about it and it’s been about 6 weeks since I saw it. The Secret Garden one of my most favorite books and the 1993 version (with Maggie Smith) has excellent reviews.

    Then I may watch Enchanted because it’s one of my go-tos when I’m sad, and lately I have been very, very, very sad.

  53. I’ll be watching Cold Comfort Farm, which is on my all-time favorite movie list. Maybe I’ll watch it tonight…

  54. netflix, The Fundamentals of Caring, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and the Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. and an all time favorite, The Road Within, about mental illness, and accepting each other as we are. Funny, poignant, profound moments along with hysterical. An oldy but goodie, is Harold and Maude.

  55. Not a movie but I recommend binge watching Schitt’s Creek. It is glorious. Also, The Baroness Von Sketch show, if you can get it. (It’s Canadian and we’re pretty funny sometimes. 🙂 )

  56. ARTHUR CHRISTMAS. It is perfectly hilarious, has 9,000 Easter eggs, beautiful animation, a stellar voice cast, and some true tear-inducing beautiful moments.

  57. The Hulu series, “What we do in the Shadows” It makes me cry laugh each episode, while I drink my human alcohol beer in my nun free zone. No Nuns None (hiss)

  58. Every year I try to watch Scrooge (1951), It’s a Wonderful life, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (The original and the one with Jim Carrey), Now me and my husband have included both Christmas Chronicles with Kurt Russell on Netflix, we love those movies so much. We also love Klaus, and Jingle Jangle, and Polar Express. Plus all the classic Cartoons like Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer, Frosty The snowman, Santa Claus is Coming to Town. For Horror movies we love Krampus and Black Christmas.

  59. Hook still delights me every Christmas- Robin Williams in general delights me. Elf is wonderful. Die Hard- which I will assert is a Christmas movie til my dying breath. The Man Who Invented Christmas was a nice surprise addition last year to my list.
    And this isn’t Christmas related but, The Repair Shop on Netflix has been holding my fragile mind together this month. A lovely British reality show about repairing family treasures that just soothes my soul. Wishing you and the rest of this amazing community all the coziness, laughter, and animal snuggles you can handle this season.

  60. Also, I am also struggling with a difficult depression and am on my second med transition in as many months. I’ve never felt so empty and numb at Christmas–including two years ago when I lost my dad.

  61. My partner and I watched “Victor Victoria” last night, featuring Julie Andrews in drag. It was sweet and funny and honestly pretty adorable.

  62. My first non Xanax addled Christmas since my hubby died last year. We are gonna keep some of our regular traditions (church, Chinese food for dinner, etc) but no decorations, no tree. Keepin it chill and no expectations… best Christmas movie ever? Gremlins

  63. Recent loves: Carrie Pilby on Netflix, Love Life tv series starring Anna Kendrick, and Eurovision for some real “camp” happy musics.

  64. “Godmothered” is kind of silly fun, as is “Noelle”, both on Netflix. I cannot recommend “The Mandalorian”, even if you aren’t a Star Wars fan. Pedro Pascal is amazing for a guy who is masked. Just amazing. “Umbrella Academy” and “DC’s Titans” are both very binge-worthy.

  65. Not a Christmas movie by any stretch of the imagination, but We are the Millers never ceases to make us laugh. We watch every time it comes on TV! ❤️

  66. My Dad and I aren’t really doing anything on Christmas either. I’m getting us some ribs takeaway for dinner. I got us some muffins for breakfast. And we might do a Skype call to my Sisters.
    As for movies… I recently watched:
    Love and Monsters. I liked it a lot.
    I think Wonder Woman 1984 comes out Christmas Day on HBOMax. You can get their 1 week free it, then cancel service before you get charged.
    Season 2 of The Mandalorian is fully online. So, Victor can’t object to watching it now.

    That’s all I can think of right now.

    – Elizabeth

  67. Ugh, The Prom was so good! I saw it on Broadway and was magic! A couple even got married on stage after the show! Perfection!

  68. Toys (the one starring Robin Williams, Joan Cusack, Robin Wright, and LL Cool J) is my favourite Christmas movie. It’s currently streaming only on HBO, though.

    Desk Set (Hepburn & Tracy), Last Holiday (Queen Latifah!), While You Were Sleeping (Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman), The Long Kiss Goodnight (Geena Davis & Samuel L. Jackson), and Moonstruck (Cher & Nick Cage) – these have been mentioned by others already and I agree with them.

    Thanks for the reminders and suggestions, everyone!

  69. Trains, Planes & Automobiles. Not a Christmas movie but rather a Thanksgiving one so it counts as a holiday movie. Right?
    We have been in the mood to watch older movies lately and some really don’t age well but this one is just as funny as the first time we saw it back in the 80’s. John Candy and Steve Martin – two people I would definitely like to invite to a dinner if that was at all possible.

  70. Loved Happiest Season with Kristen Stewart and Holidate with Emma Roberts. Also Jingle Jangle was super good with Forest Whitaker and Kegan Michael Key. We liked The Prom, too!!
    But hands down the best holiday movie is The Muppets Christmas Carol. ♥️♥️♥️

    Be well and it’s totally okay to not be okay. Thank you for reminding me of that. Now I’m reminding you. 😉☺️🤗🥰

  71. I go for a mix of movie with extra laughs, for example – It’s a wonderful life but the Rifftrax version. Puts a smile in my heart…

  72. Did you ever watch Warehouse 13? It’s an awesome, hilarious sci-fi series. And it featured two special Christmas episodes that I watch religiously every year. Also, just for the feel-goodness, if you don’t watch Great British Baking Show, I can highly recommend. Everyone is so NICE to each other, and all the food sounds delicious. It was my first binge of the pandemic.

  73. THE THIN MAN!!! Omigod, I LOVED the movie THE THIN MAN when I saw it. (The main characters do drink an awful lot, however.)

    And looking over the rest of the movies I’ve seen recently….

    * OUR HOSPITALITY or SHERLOCK JR. from Buster Keaton
    * LE MILLION – an early French film involving a mislaid lottery ticket and the mayhem that ensues
    * A NIGHT AT THE OPERA by the Marx Brothers
    * THE PHILADELPHIA STORY, with Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, and Jimmy Stewart

  74. Jingle Jangle on Netflix. Wonderful, fun, amazing songs and dancing. And, a cast that is mostly POC. Loved it!

  75. Meryl is a goddess in every sense of the word. She also just released Let Them All Talk, it was really good. It’s also also all impromptu, there wasn’t a script.

  76. +1 for Noelle, Happiest Season and Christmas in Connecticut. Hunt for the Wildepeople, Paul, Sullivan’s Travels, Palm Springs, Skeleton Twins (black black comedy/drama but really good), A Simple Favor, Logan Lucky. A Black Lady Sketch Show is a short series but has a little bit of a through line so I would count it.

  77. Who are these people? Whence their sweet suggestions? THe best holiday tradition ever is the rewatching of all three Lord of the Rings movies. Probably best not to do one right after the other, but nine hours of glorious film. In addition, I’ve been watching zombie movies, determined to watch every single zombie movie ever made, so recommend Train to Busan and the new Sweet Home. Finally, especially for the performances of Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman, Love Actually. It works to make this lonely person a little bit less lonely.

  78. Non-Christmas – Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Jojo Rabbit are Taika Waititi movies and he has the most deft hand integrating hilariousness and emotion. Sort of Christmas – White Christmas – I can watch it over and over.

  79. Scrooged with Bill Murray. And Broken Flowers with Bill Murray. Both FANTASTIC movies!!

  80. Mixed Nuts! Steve Martin. Madeline Kahn and Adam Sandler! It’s our favorite Christmas movie.

  81. Bandits (Bruce Willis, Cat Blanchett, Billy Bob Thornton); Cold Comfort Farm; Dead Again; Death At a Funeral (the British one); Florence Foster Jenkins; The Imposters (Stanley Tucci, Oliver Platt); Keeping Mum; Kinky Boots (the original); Ladykillers (Tom Hanks)…I could tell you more…………

  82. Chef was the first movie that came to my mind – glad to see it listed here. My current, feel-good series is Escape to the Chateau, about a jolly couple that renovate a castle in France. Hang in there.

  83. If you just need a good laugh, track down Gogglebox. It’s a UK show, and I’ve only been able to find random episodes on YouTube, but oh so worth it!!

  84. I suggest getting out of your head for a a while and watching Emily in Paris. Its like bugglegum for the brain.

  85. It’s ok to not be ok. Best words I have heard all month. I am still recovering from COVID and my Christmas is just NOT even close to Christmas as I see it in my head. Add to that seasonal defective disorder while living in Alaska (dark…very dark) with NO travel. We usually head south in December like migrating geese! Thank you for your words. It is so good for me to realize that I am not alone. Other people have depression, not just me.

    My favorites so far Godmothered on Disney+, Christmas Chronicles with Kurt Russel on Netflix, Klaus on Netflix. All are Christmas movies.

  86. For some crazy reason (football season?) the rec that immediately popped into my head was ‘Rudy.’ Sean Astin being determined to play for Notre Dame! It’s adorable.

  87. I’m excited to watch Dick (Kirsten Dunst and Michelle….Williams?) this Xmas. And a Netflix special about the huge discovery of animal mummies in Sakhara. That kinda sounds right up your alley.

  88. If anyone is looking for a Christmas film that really captures the spirit of this year while being hilarious, I highly recommend Anna and the Apocalypse. It’s a musical about zombies.

  89. My husband and I are staying in our pjs all day in our social distancing bubble on Xmas Eve and Xmas day and we are going to watch the new Wonder Woman movie. And maybe watch The Mandalorian all over again, because the ending of season 2 is awesome!
    If you love a romance movie that works for all ages, The Clock with Judy Garland is the sweetest most innocent glimpse of a NYC romance during WWII. And I love the Forsyte Saga miniseries from 2002, for those who like a period drama/romance. Any of the Despicable Me or Minions movies are sweet and funny. I loved Schitt’s Creek series for sweet, funny and romantic moments. Tootsie with Dustin Hoffman made me laugh so much the first time I saw it I fell out of my seat at the movie theater.
    It’s okay to be not okay, this year has been simply awful for everyone. If you are feeling down, just remember this too shall pass, and look for the little things that lift your spirits. Make yourself your favorite childhood treat you liked to eat, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, have a good cry, and watch a good movie or tv show and have a hot beverage. We are all in this together.
    Sending out love and kindness and best wishes for all of us, and don’t forget to love yourself and your monsters.

  90. “Anna and the Apocalypse” OK, it’s not actually the greatest movie, but it’s a Christmas movie with zombies . . . and it’s a MUSICAL! How could you NOT watch it???

  91. Maybe I’ll just watch A Bottle of Rum… Slowly become empty whilst I drink it infromt of the fire watching the flames leap around…Then pass out…

  92. Fleabag is not to be missed! Plus it has Moriarty (Andrew Scott, sigh) as a sexy, conflicted priest. Also second Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure. And Conan Without Borders is so funny but also very warm without being sappy. Conan is a national treasure. And just in case, prob stupid question but you’ve watched BBC Sherlock right? No one is allowed to not have seen that, and it must never be remade again.

  93. It’s cheesy as hell, but I cried anyway. Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square.

  94. The Holiday, Elf, all the Kung Fu Panda movies, all the How to Train your Dragon movies, The Court Jester, My Fair Lady, Despicable Me, Shrek, the new Jumanji movies (they are corny and mindlessly fun). Hope you have a wonderful movie marathon! <3

  95. Robbie the Reindeer – Hooves of Fire is my favorite Xmas movie (claymation). It’s followed by The Long Kiss Goodnight with Geena Davis and Samuel Jackson.

  96. Seconding Auntie Mame, Fido, Ed Wood, and Ask Me Again–I didn’t know anyone else in the world remembered that one!

  97. Jenny, my 13 year old and I watched Prom based on your recommendation and she is sitting here with a constant smile on her face. Thank you for mentioning it. It was just what she needed.

    <3 Jennifer

  98. Also struggling with holidays….recent fave movies:
    School of Rock
    Crazy Rich Asians
    We Bought a Zoo
    Pitch Perfect – excellent brain candy
    Knocked Up
    40 Year Old Virgin
    Working Girl (I LOVE this movie)

  99. I tend to stick to classics, when I get in “That Mood”.
    Here are my go-to movies.
    Yeah, some of them are sappy, but sometimes sappy works.

    The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942)
    Remember the Night (1940)
    Christmas in Connecticut (1945)
    Holiday Inn (1942)
    White Christmas (1954)

    And, A Christmas Carol (1938). Specifically the 1938 version.

  100. Oh and Bad Santa with Billy Bob Thornton is hilarious black humor for the holidays but also a tiny bit warm and fuzzy.

  101. You might like this cute French romcom called Romantics Anonymous. It’s about two socially anxious trainwrecks and it’s set in a chocolate factory–what else could you possibly want? It’s on Amazon Prime video and some other platforms, and seems to be free, according to Google.

  102. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay is actually a great Kdrama on Netflix, if you ever want to fall down that rabbit hole (I have yet to escape, btw). The children’s stories that dot the storyline are somewhat Burtonesque too, which kind of makes it fun 🙂

  103. The Trolls movies are fun. They aren’t sticky sweet and they helped a bit with my depression over the summer. Also The Secret Life of Pets. I’m also looking forward to Bridgerton on Netflix, which starts on Christmas Day. Apparently it’s more like a frothy, funny, romantic comedy with Regency costumes. Nicola Coughlan, from Derry Girls, is in it. For that matter, Derry Girls is outstandingly funny, too. The newer Emma with Anna Joy Taylor was excellent, I highly recommend that.

  104. First, Id like to mention that I rarely watch movies twice. I like to be surprised, so I don’t watch trailers or read the back of the dvd. However, in the past year I’ve seen 3 movies that I immediately said I’d watch again and 2 I already have done: Knives Out, Green Book (I wasn’t ready for that one to end!) and Hidden Figures. Loved them all!!

  105. Not a christmas movie, but St. Vincent. It’s really heartwarming. and Melissa McCarthy shows off her acting chops, next to a very taciturn and grumpy Bill Murray.

  106. Try the animated movie on Netflix- Klaus. Totally cute and even Victor will enjoy!🤣🤣🤣

  107. We were surprised we enjoyed The Christmas Chronicles as much as we did. My husband put up the tree, because we have a three year old, but I totally get the depression. We stayed home last year instead of visiting my family, because we just bought a house. This year, we are forced to stay home. Despite my husband and son, I still feel a little lonely and guilty, and I kind of wish we went last year.

  108. Derry Girls – LOTS of swearing but so wrongly funny, The Dragon Prince series, Kim’s Convenience, Blown Away (I’m a sucker for competition shows where they make stuff – this is glass blowing!), Dark is amazing (in german, subtitled) but DONT look up anything about it beforehand, it’s also well.. very dark. And complicated. Emily in Paris. I know the internet trashed this but I found it fun and light and silly.

  109. I *have* to watch “Mixed Nuts” with Steve Martin every Christmas. And I also have to watch “Christmas in the Clouds” with Graham Green, Timothy Vahle, Emmet Walsh, Rita Coolidge. In fact, I watch “Christmas in the Clouds” several times a year. A feel good movie, a romance movie, an old fashioned comedy plot movie. Makes me smile just to think about it. The other must see for me is “The Holiday” for some pretty on-the-money writing by Nancy Meyers. thanks for asking. Just thinking about these favorites is helping lift my spirits. Hugz!!

  110. These are $3.99 rentals on Amazon Prime but SO worth it. Robert Preston is wonderful. The Music Man and Victor Victoria.

  111. Dreamer-(Kurt Russell, Kris Kristofferson and one of the talented Fanning sisters)
    Gifted -Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer extremely cute little girl whose name I forget. (2017)
    2 of my all time favorite movies-Harvey-(Jimmy Stewart). Some Like it Hot-Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe). Funniest movie ever.

  112. I recommend “Millions”.

    It’s directed by Danny Boyle [“Trainspotting”] from a script by Frank Cottrell-Boyce [“24 Hour Party People”], about a boy who gets a duffel bag filled with money that literally falls from the sky. There’s more to it than that, of course, but it’s got a very earnest and sincere message about family and Christmas, which makes it a great addition to anyone’s seasonal movie list.

  113. Last night we watched a great movie I had never heard of. The Man Who Invented Christmas. About Charles Dickens. It was great!!

  114. If you have Disney +, we just watched Noelle for the first time and really enjoyed it. The ending was a bit saccharine, but not overly so.

  115. “The IT Crowd” on Netflix. I’ve watched the series twice and it’s the best nerd humor going. On the movie front, have you seen “Wish I Was Here” with Zach Braff? Something about it really lifts my spirits and gives me hope.

  116. Thanks for all the great recommendations. I just tried The Repair Shop on Netflix and loved it. My Netflix rec would be Dead to Me with Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, so funny if you like your humor a bit dark.

  117. Rise of the Guardians – a wonderful animated movie with the voices of Alec Baldwin as North (a russian version of Santa), Hugh Jackman as Easter Bunny (!) and Chris Pine as Jack Frost. And of course Peter Pan, the original Disney movie – ‘think of Xmas, think of snow, think of sleighbells, off you go, like reindeer in the sky’ 🙂

  118. My festive movie this year is “Anna and the Apocalypse,” on Prime.
    Singing, dancing, zombies and Christmas. What more could you want in a holiday movie?

    Now for something completely different…
    “Death at a Funeral,” the original British version from 2007.
    Naked, stoned out of his gourd, Alan Tudyk. Oh, and some other people. 😄

    If you are a sci-fi and/or Star Trek fan, a friend just got me hooked on the series, “The Orville.” (Showing on Hulu.)

    And, of course, the Buffy episode “Amends” is mandatory holiday watching.

    Yeah, Depression has definitely been a motherf*cker for me, too. So, I sit on my couch in solidarity with you, and wish you and your people (and fur people!) the Merriest Holiday you can manage! <3

    (ps: Please send tamales. I just re-located back to Virginia from Dallas, and am now bereft of tamales!)

  119. I’ve been binging tv shows. I love The Good Life. Also if you like British comedy- Mrs. Brown’s Boys. Hilarious- warning there’s a lot of foul language and it’s a bit raunchy too.

  120. The new live action Mulan is terrific and makes me wish I could see it on the big screen. I’m also a sucker for cinematic romance so I also recommend Sense and Sensibility
    And Pride and Prejudice.
    Happy Holidays!

  121. The Jinx & DeLa Holiday Special is a good one! It fits in with your theme in the above post, and it’s funny and raunchy and sarcastic and uplifting.

  122. Muppet Christmas Carol, because it is pretty true to Dickens, and Gonzo AS Dickens is brilliant.

  123. Finally, a Bloggess request I can fill! Upliftin’ I gots. Maybe some obscure and new-to-you ones, too.
    “Zorro, the Gay Blade” with George Hamilton as a stunningly sexy, bull-whip-wielding swordsman; “Very Annie Mary” my favorite Rachel Griffiths movie; “Moonstruck” Cher and her Nicky Cage she insisted be cast; “The Fisher King” Robin Williams, Jeff Bridges, and flawless Amanda Plummer and Mercedes Ruehl.
    “The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!” Rob Reiner’s dad, Carl, and a very young, extremely foxy Alan Arkin; and my college teacher’s favorite, “I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing” starring no-one you know and a funny, truly gorgeous story.
    You’ve probably forgotten how good “The Wonder Boys” is, so whip that back out. “Sideways”- you know you always meant to see that. You were/are so right. “Singles” for Brigette Fonda, the late-80’s Seattle music, and because the city really was exactly like this; also “The Fabulous Baker Boys” is tender and rowdy as a turned-loose Michelle Pfeiffer wipes the floor with both Jeff and Beau Bridges-another Seattle movie.
    “Bowfinger” is Steve Martin with Eddie Murphy, wonderfully supported- and, directed by *that* Frank Oz, so Bert and Sam the Eagle gave this excellent movie their approval.

  124. This is an additional recommendation for Anna and the Apocalypse. It rolls around in the best, most cheesy imitation of a Disney musical before going very very sideways. And it’s a Christmas movie!

  125. Thanks for sharing Jenny, I am even worse this season taking as deeps as I can breaths and exhaling😕

  126. Stranger Than Fiction is a weird, funny, and sometimes awkward, I love it. Great cast.

  127. The Birdcage, Cat Ballou, Houseboat, Brannagh’s Much Ado About Nothing, Zeffirelli’s Taming of the Shrew – all good romps.

  128. Not a movie, and you have to pay $25 to live stream it (or $45 to stream on demand): The Hip Hop Nutcracker. It’s a modern riff on the ballet, joining Tchaikovsky’s music with hip hop dancing. I enjoyed it, and it’s a way to support the performing arts when they desperately need it. Tip: if you start the live stream before it’s live, refresh your browser at the start time.

  129. Calendar Girls, Waking Ned Devine, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (and the sequel, which is even better). Peace!

  130. “JOYEUX NOEL” — about the WWI Christmas Eve truce ( then go on youtube for the John McCutcheon song… “Christmas in the Trenches”.) Not funny in the least but uplifting and very good. Some subtitles but mostly in English.

  131. Their Finest. George of the Jungle. The Princess Bride (of course). Sense and Sensibility. And all the very best for you and yours in your marathon viewing season.

  132. Uplifting is Queen Latifah’s main hang. Miss Dana Owens with Holly Hunter in Danny DeVito’s “Living Out Loud.” I also really liked “Last Holiday”- where Queen Latifah’s with LL Cool J in a gorgeous European hotel.

  133. And a change of pace … the most uplifting documentary I know – and one about a space program, a topic I am supremely not interested in – is one called The Farthest (2017). It’s about the Voyager space craft and the people that work/worked on that program, and despite being about pointy-headed scientists and SPACE JUNK, for pity’s sake, it’s filled with hope and I end up snivelling every single time.

  134. I strongly recommend The Imposters – start studded cast headed by Stanley Tucci and Oliver Platt. (If you can’t find it I’ll make a copy and drop it off at Nowhere!)

  135. Personally… I think it’s safe to assume everyone on the planet is depressed and has been since March… it’s just a matter of degree! We are collectively dealing with horrible pestilence related issues along with having to deal w/regular life problems and it’s getting to ALL of us.. and that’s ok!

    I’m an 8/10 on the depression scale today. For a while I’ve had ear/sinus/eye infections that have almost landed me in the hospital a few times and I keep having scary allergic reactions to rounds of different antibiotics. Hope feels far away in the moment. I want wellness for myself, everyone I love, and the world for Christmas. I don’t need anything else!

    As for holiday favs, I am not into warm and fuzzy movies right now. I feel deeply enough as it is. Consider the following if you would.. these have some heart/tenderness, but mostly lots of laughs.

    Please watch Scrooged. Two words… Bill. Murray. He’s a national treasure. It’s a comedy fit with a Danny Elfman score:

    For the musical route, I nominate Scrooge staring the strangest and best Scrooge ever (Albert Finney). It’s funny, darkly yet enchantingly odd, a musical, is uplifting, and it’s British. Scrooge even takes a disturbing trip to Hell! Need I say more?

    The guys from Riff Trax always deliver in the chuckles department. Christmas with our family always means Riff Trax Christmas specials. One of my favs is their Christmas extravaganza special in SD. If you watch it without laughing so hard you cry… well.. then.. you’re a robot. The Christmas Dream movie segment is out of this world funny. Weird Al also pops in for a segment. They have a bunch of their movies on Amazon and Amazon prime.

    In the slapstick department Just Friends is a holiday treat with Ryan Reynolds and Anna Farris. It’s raunchy in some parts/inappropriate humor, but it’s worth it to fast forward through those parts because the movie is so hilarious, relatable, and cute. Remember “Dirrty” Christina Aguilera? Anna Farris does a hysterically funny caricature of her. Romantic comedy. Anyone who graduated high school during the early 2000’s will have a lot of OMGGGGG flashback moments.

    Serendipity. One of my ultimate favorite romantic comedies of all time. Not sure if it counts as a Christmas movie? A movie set during Christmas time in New York.. John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. It’s dreamy, hopeful, and romantic. Merry Christmas and happy holidays Jenny and tribe!!!! Hugs!

  136. The Family Stone, Silver Linings Playbook, Wonder Boys (takes place in winter and is about books and writing too!), Rushmore, and I highly suggest The World’s Fastest Indian — Anthony Hopkins, quirky, funny, just wonderful.

  137. The Shop Around the Corner (1940) with Jimmy Stewart. I fall in love anew with the characters each time I watch it. Everything else can go to pot, but as long as I get my yearly viewing, I’m OK.

    If you want something a little salty: Trading Places (1983) with Eddie Murphy is a hoot. It earned it’s R-rating and is a movie of its time, so be warned. My husband and I get way too much mileage out of quoting some of the lines throughout the year.

  138. Hogfather. It’s long, but well worth the watch if you like Terry Pratchett. And if you haven’t read Pratchett, go do so!

  139. “The Brand New Testament” is twisted and dark and funny and optimistic and surprising! God is a grumpy Belgian man living in an apartment in Brussels. His ten year old daughter gets angry at him, runs away, and starts recruiting a set of apostles. The tone and structure are like “Amelie”, but just dark enough to keep you on your toes! I really think y’all will like this one.

    Streaming on Amazon prime.

  140. My Favorite Wife, with Cary Grant and Irene Dunne
    Operation Petticoat (Cary Grant again)

    Neither is a Christmas movie but there is a bit of Christmas-ing in both. (You’ll understand what I mean if you watch.

    And really… It’s Cary Grant. Any Cary Grant movie will do.

    Likewise, David Niven. And you get them both in The Bishop’s Wife.

    Also, the made-for-TV specials:

    It’s Christmastime, Charlie Brown
    Flashbeagle (Snoopy meets disco — superfabulous!)
    A Claymation Christmas
    Frosty the Snowman (Rankin-Bass)

    And ’80s movies:

    One Crazy Summer
    Pretty In Pink
    Weird Science

    AND, randomly:

    Galaxyquest — it always, ALWAYS makes me laugh

  141. So we just found My Cousin Vinnie on tv a few weeks ago and watched it again and it was still absolutely hilarious. If you haven’t seen it, you must watch it. If you have seen it, it’s just as funny as it was the first time around. Save the Last Dance (also older) is my all time fav movie even if it always makes me cry. I have watched We’re The Millers a million times and still laugh every time. Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy are awesome. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix. Aaaand last but not least, the only Christmas movie I watch and love, Christmas Vacation. Whew.

  142. Two quirky kind of black humor indie films I really liked – Expiration Date, about a young Native American man who is convinced he’ll meet the same fate as both his father and grandfather and die on his 25th birthday. And Duck, “about a duck who saves the life of a man”. That one is free with Prime video.

    I have a weird sense of humor though and these may not be everybody’s cup of tea or even eggnog…

  143. Elf is my favorite Christmas movie and always makes me happy, and the first Home Alone is always good too. For non-Christmas movies, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is my #1, but Bridesmaids and Paul are way up there too.

  144. Nearly 20 years ago, I found myself totally alone (with my beloved dog though), at Christmas for the first time in my life (this, after breaking off a 7-year relationship earlier that year) and was feeling really down in the dumps about it. My younger sister having opted to backpack through Europe during the first part of her holiday break, my parents (who lived a 7-hours drive away) opted to push our family get together upon her return in the New Year. Being young and in a position where kennelling the dog in the city for such an extended period was not something I could remotely afford, I can say that that particular Christmas Eve, alone in my apartment, was really tough. The next day, I decided to go to the movies in the hopes of getting my mind off things, and ended up watching “Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulin” (known as “Amelie” in English). I have to admit, I have never had a movie uplift me, and make me feel quite so happy ever since. I now have my personal copy of it, which I keep for times which require a serious cheer up. I actually have yet to watch it this year, knowing I would keep it for the upcoming holiday season (and finally share it with my 12-year-old, who will now be able to appreciate it as much as I have)

  145. “A Man Called Ove” – it will make you laugh, cry, and restore your belief in the goodness of man- and woman-kind. “Field of Dreams” is also a most definite winner.

  146. Napoleon Dynamite. We usually go to the movies on Xmas day but can’t do that this year so these are good suggestions from everyone. We’ll still have pizza for dinner. I have to admit that I don’t feel like wrapping any presents this year either. Just bagging them.

  147. Lily and dash, not a movie but so sweet. Our family loves White Christmas, Vera Ellen’s dancing is so underrated, also a Christmas Story and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation are fun.

  148. Noelle (Dis), Holidate (Nfx), Peanut butter Falcon (Amz), Blizzard (Amz), Bad Moms Christmas (Nfx). These were all surprisingly good! If you can find Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger with David Tennant, it’s a gem. Series: Letterkenny on Hulu; Idk if y’all Texans will appreciate this the way Northerners do, but I think is hilarious!

  149. Derry Girls is honestly laugh out loud hilarious. (Def use closed captioning) Other random shows that have been funny balms on my heart this year – New Girl, season six of the Great British Baking Show, Brooklyn 99, The Good Place, Ted Lasso (you mentioned that one though). You’re not alone in your depression, and I’m so grateful for the way you use your voice to help others. It really helps me.❤️

  150. Oh, it’s got to be Yesterday. What would the world look like without The Beatles? Really and truly. How much of their music is woven throughout our lives? Even if you aren’t a fan, you cannot deny their presence. But what if that all went away and only 1 person remembers their songs?
    It’s directed by Danny Boyle, who also made my one and only absolute MUST Xmas movie, Millions.
    Both of these have a little suspense, and are uplifting, but not in a cheesy way.
    Happy Xmas, you.
    Keep going.

  151. There’s a documentary on Prime called Bathtubs Over Broadway. Funny and eye opening. I think Hailey would love it!

  152. Oh, it’s got to be YESTERDAY. What would the world look like without The Beatles? Really and truly. How much of their music is woven throughout our lives? Even if you aren’t a fan, you cannot deny their presence. But what if that all went away and only 1 person remembers their songs?
    It’s directed by Danny Boyle, who also made my one and only absolute MUST Xmas movie, MILLIONS.
    Both of these have a little suspense, and are uplifting, but not in a cheesy way.
    Happy Xmas, you.
    Keep going.

  153. Revisit classics like Some Like It Hot or Cannonball Run or Life Is Beautiful. All VERY different films all guaranteed to make you smile!

  154. We watched Jingle Jangle right after Thanksgiving and loved it. I also love the original Miracle On 34th Street, and as an adult, realized that the mom was divorced and an executive at Macy’s, which is pretty progressive for the 1940s. Our whole family loves the Jim Carrey version of The Grinch. Happy watching!

  155. Thank you Jenny. Thank you all for the movie recommendations. I am grateful for this community. ❤

  156. Crazy Stupid Love. I hate romantic comedies, but this movie is excellent. My go to Holiday movies are A Christmas Story, Die Hard and Gremlins.

  157. my comfort watches are poirot with david suchet and cranford. period pieces that are very funny and take me out of this time and place!

  158. Agree with Valerie about the original BISHOP’S WIFE with Cary Grant, Loretta Young & David Niven. My movie I can’t get thru Christmas without.

  159. We watched The Holidate on netflix it was pretty funny…. rented Fatman with Mel gibson it was actually pretty good …love our traditional A Christmas Story. Elf, Christmas Vacation, Home Alone.

  160. My friend and I were just talking about how decades later, Strictly Ballroom is still our favorite comfort movie. I am guessing you’ve already seen this, but if not, it is a must-see. Very funny and very uplifting.

  161. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. RED. Die Hard, because it’s the best Christmas movie ever.

  162. I sincerely hope you have already watched “The Goes Wrong Show” and if not, it is what I am recommending to everyone! There are six episodes. Fair warning if you have had a really bad day your hysterical laughter can turn into hysterical crying… or maybe that’s just me.

  163. Ooooooohh!! You MUST watch ‘We’re no angels'(1955)– Humphrey Bogart, Peter Ustinov, Aldo Rey ——– I think you WILL LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!
    Personally, I think it’s hilarious, in a delightfully understated way, and ibeing as it occurs during Christmas (on Devil’s Island) ca. 1890-1905, it does so count a as Christmas movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. I just watched Last Christmas and I loved it. If you like George Michael music you might like it.

  165. i’m so glad other people other people are stumbling over this Holiday. I bought my daughter’s girlfriend’s dog a present and got home and realized I had no idea what I am getting my brother. My only brother. My only sibling. No. Idea. But the dog has a stuffed Gift bag. I suck at Xmas. Watch ‘The Half of It’ it’s fucking amazing.

  166. Something I watch every Christmas Eve, with my Mom, is Tran-Siberian Orchestra The Ghost of Christmas Eve. It’s a filmed Christmas concert put on by TSO, which is a prog rock band that has been around for twenty years. The way I describe it to people is, take a classical orchestra and a ’80’s metal band, smash them together and you’ll have an idea of what TSO sounds like.

  167. OK, most of mine have already been mentioned a lot. Some are Christmas-y, others not, but still great shows, imho.

    The Princess Bride (I have at least 5 or 6 different copies of it)
    Muppet Christmas Carol (really close to the original)
    Scrooged (Brilliantly dark)
    Groundhog Day (sort of like this year, lol)
    Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (series, so good!!!)
    Guardians of the Galazy
    A Million Little Things (series, might be triggery)
    The African Queen
    Adam’s Rib
    A Raisin in the Sun
    Holiday Inn (or White Christmas, but Holiday Inn is better)
    Singin’ in the Rain
    Clue, the movie
    Rocky Horror Picture Show

    There are plenty more, these were just off the top of my head. Enjoy!

    My hubby has to work (from home, at least), ans it’s just the two of us. So, we will be watching movies and shows, too.

  168. My Fair Lady: with Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison. Extravagant, rich storytelling and heartfelt. You’ll feel uplifted. And Happy!

  169. Loved and watched twice: Dash & Lily on Netflix. Fun story, limited series you could watch in one sitting, awesome soundtrack, NY is at its best during the holidays.

  170. Any of the French & Saunders Christmas Specials for the BBC. Those ladies are hysterically funny.
    They farce everything & everybody.

  171. Nightmare before Christmas is my family’s all time favourite Christmas movie. Also all the Dr Who Xmas specials.

  172. If you like British comedy, there’s a series called Miranda on Hulu. Totally goofy but fun to watch plus it has the guy from Lucifer on it and he’s pretty hot.

  173. Wow! You have so many recommendations here, I couldn’t go through all of them, but I’ve already seen some things I want to check out. Our favorite Christmas movies are (that I didn’t see mentioned): Love Actually, Die Hard, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, It’s a Wonderful Life, and any of the old claymation movies from my childhood (Rudolph, Frosty, Grinch). A show that I didn’t see mentioned that is so funny is The Goes Wrong Show. Happy Holidays to you and your family! xoxo

  174. RED, RED 2, True Lies. i love to laugh & especially when there is a good intrigue, acting & storyline. now, where the fuck is the remote????!!!

  175. Home for the Holidays is one I love. Nightmare before christmas always.

    Not Christmas, but movie favorites:
    -Arthur (Dudley Moore AND the Russell Brand versions both good and different)
    -Rock of Ages
    -Noises Off
    -Calamity Jane (Doris Day)
    -3 Idiots (Long, subtitles, and trigger warning for suicide, but one of the most inspiring movies to me)
    -The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

    Not a movie, but if you haven’t watched The Middleman (quirky show with Natalie Morales and Matt Keesler) you should watch it. It is adorable and light and like a more whesome men in black with a badass female lead and witty banter…

  176. I found out The Bob Newhart Show is on Hulu so that’s what I’m watching right now. “Hi Bob!”

  177. Our favorites include Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas (Jim Henson puppets, including a snake in water!) and The Polar Express, which I think may be just wild enough to appeal to your horror-loving side.

  178. Star Trek 8 First Contact, The Godfather, the one where they run them in time sequence, the original Star Wars movie, Easy Rider and Apocalypse now.

  179. Not necessarily Christmas movies but darn good dramas:
    It’s Complicated,
    Story of Us,
    When a Man Loves a Woman, and
    My Old Lady (Maggie Smith and Kevin Kline in Paris).
    And if you haven’t seen the Sherlock Holmes series with Benedict Cumberbatch you haven’t lived.

  180. We just watched Jingle Jangle for the first time – it’s a now contender for my Christmas favorite movie. Whimsical, heartwarming, it has magic, excellent dance numbers. The sets are great too. I’m also going to rewatch Dash & Lily which is every magic wish about New York at Christmas for wealthy teenagers. It features a bookstore as a repeat location and it’s lovely.
    You are doing so well. 2020 came for you and instead of giving up you started murdering* people and pinning it on your neighbors (*I have not actually played that game so I’m not sure if they are neighbors or coworkers).

  181. I’ve been watching Letterkenny on repeat. It takes the first few episodes to get adjusted to the way they talk (and no shame in looking up their slang), but it feels like hanging out with my friends drinking… Something I miss so much and need (not the drinking part, the hanging out with my friends doing nothing part).

  182. “Always Be My Maybe” is funny & just nice to watch 🙂 And Keanu Reeves is a treasure

  183. I was having a particularly low moment this summer when every facet of my life was in turmoil and I stumbled upon the movie, “ I don’t feel at home in this world anymore,” and I completely felt like there was hope for me yet. The humor and victory of the struggling misfits is well worth your time!

  184. White Christmas. It’s a musical, the skill that went into making it is amazing, and the clothes! Wow! Rosemary Clooney was a goddess and I am amazed every time I watch her performance in this movie.

  185. The Nightmare Before Christmas.

    Die Hard.


    Moulin Rouge. Not Christmas, but the whole thing is a beautiful Ornament, start to finish.

  186. The Thin Man is a fun Christmas movie (and the first sequel After The Thin Man takes place a week later on New Year’s Eve). Also, The Lion In Winter is a good Christmas movie.

  187. I recommend:
    “Chef” with Jon Favreau (about a famous chef who ends up with a food truck selling Cuban sandwiches on a road trip from Miami back to California with his sous chef and his 10 year old son) and it was awesome and the kid was terrific.

    Just watched Sophia Loren’s new film (directed by her son) called “The Life Ahead” (if you don’t mind sub-titles) and it was really, really great (I think we had seen an interview with them on 60 Minutes or something)

  188. Surprised me how this one tugged at the heartstrings, but not in a saccharine way. It stars Nicholas Cage, so it’s funny and crazy and wonderful. It begins and ends at Christmas, so it’s a Christmas movie (no matter what anyone else says).

    The Family Man

  189. The Hogfather is a fabulously fun adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novel – a fantastic twist on the Christmas season. Who can resist a Christmas, or rather, Hogswatch, themed movie with Death, Death’s daughter (now a nanny), and an assassin as characters? You’ll never pronounce “teatime” the same way afterwards! You can find it on Acorn or YouTube.

  190. The HIp Hop Nutcracker comment made me think if you haven’t seen any Matthew Bourne ballets then definitely seek those out, they’re beautiful and sexy and gothic and also the Pitch Perfect films are a feelgood singalong excuse…xxx

  191. The Netflix She-Ra reboot, and Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. I promise any saccharine sweetness is a glazing on the beautifully roasted savory goodness below – like the best Christmas ham!

  192. Just saw “The Man Who Invented Christmas.” It was entertained and I learned something!

  193. Second Hand Lions is amazing. I really liked Saving Mr. Banks, too, but it is a bit sad in places.

  194. Definitely The Golden Compass, or the new version that’s based on Philip Pullman’s whole trilogy, His Dark Materials (on Prime). I assume you’ve seen these but if you haven’t you should set down what you are doing and watch them!

  195. Love Actually for sure. Laughter, tears, singing. We watch it every year, along with Christmas in Connecticut and Christmas Vacation.

  196. Remember your own advice; depression lies and you’ll be ok Miss.
    Since you like horror and you want Xmas please please go watch “Rare Exports”!!!
    Best freakin Christmas movie ever (it is subtitled, sorry..but even hearing the Finnish language is funny and awesome).
    Noted allot of “British Bake Off” fans here and must concur they do completely give you faith in humanity again
    Also in the Brit front we as a family are watching the series “Task Master” on YouTube and it is really funny and silly and we’re loving thinking of how we’d do the tasks ourselves!
    Have a happy holiday Miss and may the New Year bring us much peace and joy

  197. Love Actually is my favorite Christmas movie. The Bird Cage with Robin Williams is my favorite comedy.

  198. Last year I cycled through the Doctor Who Christmas specials and it really carried me through a tougher than usual Christmas season. All the delight of Doctor Who, without commiting to full seasons. This year Thanksgiving was the big bummer because last year we hosted everyone and the contrast just sucked. No travel this year! Somehow I have managed to refind a more zen attitude about Christmas, mostly by letting go of expectations oh and lots of fun baking! This year binging Great British Baking Show Christmas specials.
    I second the suggestion of The I.T. Crowd.

  199. Can I recommend a podcast? Check out Pipe Dream Theatre’s musical podcast “Three Ghosts”, based on Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” It has its sweet moments, but it’s also funny and has a dark edge to it. Great music and acting by a huge cast, self-recorded around the world during quarantine. I think you’ll like it. It’s in 4 episodes of about 30 minutes each.

  200. I think you and yours will enjoy Hilda (Netflix) it went from “lets try it” to a complete binge.

    Derry Girls (Netflix) makes me laugh so hard.

    I think everyone could use a re-watch of the original animated Grinch Who Stole Christmas to remember what the season is really about. It’s not all of the fuss and bother that may be missing this year. I truly think for so many the excuse to say no to obligations that may not actually enjoy could be a blessing that may hopefully carry forward into better years.

  201. Most everyone else has suggested sweet, heartwarming, or just plain hilarious movies, but if you’re looking for something truly warped that made a whole group of friends who saw it together in the theatre argue passionately outside afterwards as to whether it was or wasn’t a piece of shit: Showtime is running *The Lobster* right now. Made by the crazy guy who brought us *The Favourite*, Yorgos Lanthimos, it’s set in a society not so different from ours where people are required by law to be paired off; if you end up widowed, divorced, separated, etc., you’re sent to a special hotel where you have 45 days to pair up with someone; if you don’t, you get turned into the animal of your choice and turned loose in the nearby woods. Starring Colin Farrell as you’ve never seen him (literally; he gained 45 lbs. for the role), as David, the poor bastard who ends up at the hotel, along with his brother (who ended up becoming a dog before the movie even starts) after his wife walks out him; why the man didn’t at least get an Oscar nomination for this (while Casey Affleck won, for God’s sake) is truly beyond me. Rachel Weitz, Olivia Colman, John C. Reilly, Ben Whishaw, Lea Seydoux, and probably more names I’m forgetting are also involved. The humor (because technically it’s a comedy) is extremely dry and extremely warped, and yes, there’s some sex involved, although not nudity IIRC, and the sex isn’t what I’d call sexy in the least. It might be too much for Hailey, but then again, she’s your daughter, so maybe not (did I mention it was warped?), and no animals were actually harmed in the making of the film; you’ll know why I said that literally within the first two minutes. It’s probably the Anti-Christmas movie, but hey, you can always argue with Victor about it afterwards…and no, I can’t explain the ending, either; I don’t think anyone, including the people involved, could do that for you. Definitely worth it IMNSHO!

  202. A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of my few Christmas traditions.

    The Holiday is a cute, uplifting Christmas film.

    And don’t forget Gremlins. The gremlins singing Christmas carols is always hysterical.

  203. Not a Christmas movie, or a Thanksgiving movie but my family insists on watching it around Thanksgiving—Chicken Run!

  204. Thank you Jenny. I was in a VERY DARK place and I knew you would understand. This post was exactly what I needed to break free from my thoughts of self sabotage and smile. You have no idea (well maybe you do) how much of a savior you are to those of us who feel we are beyond reach. Thank you.

  205. Anna and the Apocalypse! I know I’m too late, but New Years is soon and it works for any time of year (despite being a christmas zombie musical).

  206. I know I am late to the party but if you are still checking recommendations– our family discovered Santa Jaws a few years ago. It is a terrible horror story involving comic books, a magic pen, Christmas, and a crazed shark in a Santa Hat. It’s so wonderfully awful. And do not watch Last Christmas. It is awful in angering ways, not entertaining ways. Sap and schmaltz and nonsense. My favorite go-to holiday movie, although it is Thanksgiving and not Christmas, is Home for the Holidays. I love everything about that movie. Best wishes to you and yours Jenny. You are the best. Aways.

  207. The Family Man (although I am totally annoyed by the fact that Nickolas Cage’s character loved his life before the angel guy felt the need to show him what life would have been like if he had been a “family man.”) The whole “married with kids and scraping by financially, but at least you have love” thing isn’t for everyone. Other than that, the movie is quite delightful 🙂

  208. I’m late to the party but I just wanted to add “The Bishop’s Wife” (an oldy), and one of my faves with the late, great Alan Rickman “Blowdry”. It’s not a Christmas movie but a great one nonetheless.

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