One of the first websites I ever loved was PostSecret. It started about 15 years ago and it still is functioning. People mail in anonymous postcards with their secret confessions and each week a bunch are shared on the website. This week a postcard from Nowhere Bookshop appeared and I’m very glad it wasn’t a murder confession because that seems bad for everyone involved but I thought I’d share it because I’ve seen a lot of people say similar things:

Personally I qualify to get the vaccine early but I’m not getting it because I’m lucky enough to not have to leave the house or be exposed so I’m giving it time so that others that aren’t as lucky can get theirs. That said, if you qualify to get the vaccine now and you get it now, DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. If you don’t qualify but have the chance to get the shot because it would be wasted otherwise GET THE SHOT AND DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. If you got the shot because you volunteered to help with immunizations and a side-effect is that they vaccinate you too, TAKE THAT MOTHERFUCKER AND DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. Different cities have different amounts. Different places have different rules. No one seems to know what the fuck is going on when it comes to distribution and that’s not a surprise because this is a giant project that has a million moving pieces but I will happily get mine whenever I can and I thank everyone else who is getting one because this is how we stop this terrible asshole so that we can go back to the old days when being a recluse was a personal choice and not a normal state of living for everyone.

PS. My normal state of living was not *that* much difference from quarantine but I’m still struggling so it is totally okay if you are too. This is hard and long and I’m not going to make a dick joke right now even though I want to because this is a serious subject and it’s important to recognize that this can take a toll and it’s perfectly okay if your house is a mess and you are living in pajamas and your kid is struggling in school and you aren’t sure if anyone will even recognize you when this is all over. You are not alone. We are all just scraping by. Do things that make you happy as much as you can. Refill your joy. Binge watch Bling Empire and text your friends 90-day finance memes. It’s going to be okay. We’ll get through this.

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  1. All of this!! And I love the PostSecret site too. I should have known you would love it too.

  2. Yes! If you are offered a chance to get the vaccine, just get it! If I can’t get it yet, I’d rather that as many of the people around me have gotten it as possible.

  3. This … all of this. A friend sent me a phone # to call for our local hospital, which my parents are already in their system. I called last Wed., they got the shot FRIDAY. I was shocked. I’m in the next group (immunocompromised) and hope it’ll be my turn soon. I work at home (usually I’m in an office) and see basically only my parents, 1x a week, and my boyfriend, 3x a week, who is an essential worker … so then I worry about him infecting me, and me infecting them. I need a break.

  4. I am volunteering in clinics, otherwise eligible early, and very much in a high risk group, but work from home, so I felt terrible about getting it early. I learned that I couldn’t put it off and grab it later, so I got it early. It seems that giving up my dose wouldn’t give it to someone else anyway.

  5. You’re the best. Thanks for reminding us it’s okay to be human and not superheroes. Going to try and be less hard on myself.

  6. Thank you for posting this. I’m a healthcare worker who hasn’t yet been able to receive their vaccine. I am not at all angry, upset, feeling cheated, etc. because other people have received their vaccines before me. I’d rather all the high-risk folx are protected first. Be safe, y’all!

  7. A Member of the British Parliament (from a party I completely oppose in every single way) is currently getting hell on Twitter and in our newspapers because he got the vaccine before his priority time. He got it because he’s been volunteering at his local vaccination centre and they had a leftover dose at the end of the day that would’ve been thrown away. People are dragging him for it. Personally, I’m happy for him!

  8. I understand the guilt but if you qualify get the shot and don’t feel guilty! You qualify for a reason, regardless of what it is. The more people we can get vaccinated faster, the better for all.
    You’re amazing though. Thanks for posting. We’re not alone and we will get through this together.

  9. Not gonna lie, I’m increasing my platelet donation schedule at Mass General in hopes that they take pity and give me an early dose.

    No pressure, but if they offer, I’ll take it! And if they don’t, I’m just being a good citizen.

  10. There will be more opportunes when The Variants come to visit. Wha-chu got now may not bullet proof you from The Variants

  11. Honestly, get it as soon as you are offered. Not only are we better off the more people who are vaccinated, the more doses get used the more it shows on a chart somewhere that your area is USING the vaccine and will therefore be allocated the right proportions of vaccine going forward. If it looks like an area has lower usage, it will get de-prioritized for upcoming shipments in favor of areas that are using it more.

  12. I’m so glad people are getting their vaccines- thanks to all of them for doing something to end this pandemic and for making the line shorter for the rest of us!

  13. I love PostSecret, too! Love seeing these two worlds collide! And yes, don’t feel guilty – your health helps everyone else’s health!!

  14. Jenny Lawson you are awesome. The first not-for-school book my daughter has read in YEARS is yours – you make her and so many others feel seen and understood. Also, you are so right about the vaccine.
    Xoxoxo -A totally healthy 47 year old doctor who got her two shots and still wears a mask every day because both of things will save lives and end this horrible, miserable pandemic.

  15. It makes me cry every time someone qualifies for their vaccine. Get it if you qualify and don’t apologize (this coming from a Canadian with diagnosed ‘sorry-syndrome’). We will all get it, eventually. Someone has to go now.

  16. Get the vaccine as soon as you are offered it, there is no need to feel guilty because you are saving lives. Every person vaccinated is one less to get the virus and pass it on, so you are then potentially saving every person you come into contact with face to face or via packages etc. Hope that makes sense. I thank you for protecting me by getting yourself protected.

  17. Post Secret makes me anxious, but I understand the appeal. I am finding myself having to defend my county’s decision to make education workers a priority. They want kids back into classrooms. I’m scheduled for my shot Feb 19, long before many oldsters, those more compromised than me, and even healthcare workers. I’m taking my mom for hers this evening. What bothers me is it is all word of mouth here. Like I learned about them opening it up to elderly and education via friends’ postings on Facebook. I don’t usually use Facebook for real news. THAT should bother people way more than who gets it.

  18. I was fortunate enough to see the Post Secret Play when it was still being worked on locally to the original address. As I walked in, the creator of Post Secret was standing there and I greeted him with “Hi, you’re Frank Warren” and then was mortified & moved away quickly.

  19. Bling Empire is just a GIFT from Netflix.

    I’m not eligible for the vaccine for quite some time, but when it’s available, I’m getting it.

  20. Be glad you can get a vaccine. I am in Alberta Canada (Northern at that.) we ran out. No vaccine for us for quite some time. Silver lining… I now have a new site I can check out and keep me busy… PostSecret and I have never watched Bling Empire! Thank you Jenny! All of websites you mention, shows to watch and even the book club keep me going during this time. I cannot wait for your new book.

  21. One young person, who works in my husband’s optometry practice, and gets her health information online, declined the vaccine on 22JAN2021. My husband offered it to me, since he’d signed up for 3 vaccine spots. I was bothered by the thought of “jumping the line,” but quickly got over it. Being nearly 62, overweight with 22 years of high blood pressure, and 12+ years of hypothyroid, I knew it would be a very long time before I was eligible on my own. The nurse smiled at me behind her mask & told me, a former RN, how many late nights they have had lately, calling people to come get doses before they expired. So relieved to be 1/2 vaxxed. So grateful, too. The young worker is going to sign up, again, to get her vaccine because she realized she made a mistake. We are going to win this pandemic! Hoping everyone gets their vaccine soon to protect all the unvaccinated people out there. Mask up!

  22. I used to have zip code guilt because my small, rural town in Crawford County, PA, only had 29 cases of Covid from March 13th to the end of summer. Now we are experiencing the communal spread. My sixteen-year old daughter tested positive for it, but the rest of the household negative. As a teacher, I had to quarantine for 20 days. I was an hour away from getting the vaccine offered to educators when I found out about her Covid. She was asymptomatic, thankfully, but it’s scary to think of anything that can haunt her body from this in the future. I don’t have my new vaccine date yet. It’s okay because there are a lot of others that can go before me. Stay healthy and happy!

  23. I love post secret! They used to go college campuses and talk about the power of healing by sharing a secret.

  24. I was able to get the vaccine, but I’m not telling anyone but my family because I don’t want to make my friends feel bad or jealous. I wish I could tuck them under my coat and get them in for a vaccine, too.

  25. I really needed to hear this and the response from others. I was able to get my first vaccine a few weeks ago as a non-hospital healthcare worker (I am a therapist). While I am currently doing all telehealth from home for my practice, I also work for a program in our state that puts on free seminars for first responders who have experienced trauma several times a year. Part of the seminar includes free trauma therapy which I help provide. I felt so bad that I work from home most of the time but I really wanted to get back in there and work with the people who probably really need it after this year shit show of a year. I debated for a hot minute whether I should have gotten it or not and ultimately did. I am probably rambling at this point, but my point is I am really glad to hear that others are encouraging people to get the vaccine they are able instead of feeling angry about it. It makes me feel a lot better!

  26. A large portion of my family has autoimmune issues and I still have family members that refuse to get the shot or even wear masks bc apparently they still think it’s not a big deal. I’m sitting in Belgium and the in Minnesota and we are living completely different pandemics and they have no idea how hard it truly is on me and how mad their actions make me since they are part of the reason that this is all ongoing. I’m having a hard time and my anxiety has been sky rocketing and not a dang thing to do about it

  27. I live in Los Angeles, I am part of the immunocompromised community, but I am under 65 and do not work in healthcare, education, or “essential” services. It is being said that my vaccine window may not be until JUNE. If I was offered the vaccine today I would take it.

  28. So, 90-day finance sounds like either a get-rich-quick scam or a fairly interesting course in school. I’m sure that’s a typo, but it made me smile.

    Personally I’m in the ‘why is everyone around me getting the vaccine and my mom hasn’t been able to yet??’ boat, but that certainly doesn’t mean everyone around me shouldn’t be getting it!! Every time someone I know gets the vaccine that tiny ball of hope inside me grows a little bit, like maybe we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

  29. Have you ever had a secret published on the site? I have, and it was the second best online thing to happen to me.
    First was when you followed me back on Twitter!!!

  30. Here are two more reasons not to feel bad about it:
    1) That means you are one fewer person who can get sick and potentially need a lot of medical resources to get better. Even if you’re not likely to get very sick, there have been cases of otherwise-healthy people having really bad cases of COVID. Now you won’t be one of them. Yay!

    2) Preliminary (very preliminary!) studies have been showing that once the full immunity kicks in after the second shot, it is highly unlikely that you will transmit COVID, should you come into contact with it. Super yay!

  31. As a frontline nurse who is scheduled to have her second dose next week, please know DICK JOKES ARE ALWAYS WELCOME 😘

  32. My husband got the vaccine last week, and I am really glad he qualified because he moved very suddenly to high-risk. But he feels guilty, and he asked me not to share photos of him with his covid sticker because there has been such ineptitude with the roll-out that he feels like someone else should have gone first.

  33. I am 72 and anxiously awaiting my turn. I have registered for the vaccine and am waiting to be notified. You better bet I won’t feel quilty! Not one bit.

  34. Trying to wait patiently for my turn. Heart and lung issues say I should qualify early but email from health depart says all appts filled thru the end of February. Maybe march ? Thankfully i did get my momma an appt for her first one. Til then I try to hide at home and hope for the best. Try not to be worried and scared, but sometimes it is so hard.

  35. Thanks for providing a ‘guilt free’ shot in the arm, so to speak. Husband and I got the first dose; trying not to agonize too much about if they will run out before we get the second dose.

  36. Thank you for saying this is hard even if it’s not that much different than what life was like before the virus. After my sister died, I sorta died inside too. Only in the summer do I get out and do things, winters are long and cold where I am from, so I pretty much hibernate. I do miss just going to the store for no reason, that would be the only time I would go out in public on the weekends before the virus unless I was on vacation. Week days were go to work and come right back home. Now I work from home and I only go to the store every few weeks when I have a list of things I need. This last month has seemed to harder than the rest and I feel really sad but then think to myself “stupid it’s not like you were going out before.” I will get my shot when it’s my turn, my husband already got his first dose as a first responder.

  37. The more people vaccinated, the less toe-hold these variants can get. There is concern that if there is too much mutation before vaccination; the vaccines won’t be effective against the mutated virus so if anyone can legitimately get the dose – take it. Stepping aside for someone perceived more ‘worthy’ is not necessarily effective.

    That said; OMG Bling Empire – can we discuss? Because it was absolutely better than and as bad as I expected. I have so much to say about Catherine and Anna.

  38. Just had to laugh at your last line, Jenny (laughing with you, not at you). Didn’t know there was such a thing as a “finance” meme. Just googled it and apparently there is!

  39. It’s gonna be a while before I get mine, but I’m thrilled for every single person who gets vaccinated. Even people I deeply, deeply dislike. Even people I’d prefer to see get launched off the planet with a catapult.

  40. thanks for this jenny, i needed to hear it today… i saw this on post secret, im glad you read them too..

  41. I have multiple diagnoses that should qualify me for the vaccine, but I’m not on the list yet because there are other people who need it more. The thought of getting the vaccine gives me high anxiety. I go out infrequently, and do grocery pick up so I don’t have to go inside the stores, but I also have doctor appointments, so I’m worried someone will expose me there. When they finally add me to the list and give me an appointment to get the vaccine, I’ll be so worried about the possible side effects that I’ll probably get sick, anyway. Ugh!

  42. Jenny,

    I also think you should get the vaccine as soon as you can. In addition to all the reasons others have given above, remember protecting yourself means protecting your family, too.

    Besides (and I think everyone here will agree), you are essential.


  43. I didn’t realize how much I needed PostSecret in my life. So many things in my head that seem unreasonable and my mind tells me it is only me. Every now and then I truly believe it isn’t just me. Reading some of these secrets has led to one of those moments. Thank you.

  44. I wish I could get an appointment. I am 65, with kidney disease, It’s like WTHeck. It’s important
    Wish everyone the best. Wear your mask

  45. I just love you so much. I guess it’s like the broken seek their own kind of thing. You tell it like it is and you just make me feel like I’m not a freak.

  46. Agree wholeheartedly! Also, Frank moved about a mile away from me a few yrs ago, and i got ro intern there one afternoon pulling cards for an art installation.

  47. I love PostSecret. I’ve always wanted to send one but I’ve chickened out every single time.

  48. YES!! All of this. If a vaccine is available to you take it! Let’s not waste them. And don’t feel guilty, you are being part of the solution if you take it.

  49. Could not be better timing here! My husband and I got ours this afternoon and I’ve been feeling guilty ever since. He qualifies as a volunteer first responder but I’m not on the list yet. Our little town got 2 ridiculously large shipments so they’re just giving it to anyone who wants it. We have a large dairy farm so staying home hasn’t ever been an option. I’m so excited to be vaccinated but aggravated that we can’t figure out how to do this in an orderly manner.

  50. Thank you Jenny!
    Dear Anonymous Post Secret poster and anyone else who feels guilty for getting vaccinated early, please don’t!
    I have multiple autoimmune and other co-morbidity issues, but I’m like Jenny, I don’t go out much due to my health issues even before covid. My husband is an essential worker with close contact with the public, but his job isn’t being classified by the government as the same as grocery store workers, even though he has about the same amount of close contact with customers. He’s the one in our household most likely to get the virus and pass it along to me. (Which would likely kill me.) If he has the chance to get the vaccine earlier (like when he takes his elderly mother to get hers at the end of the day when they need to use up the vaccine doses or risk it going bad, he will take it.)
    Everyone who can get vaccinated protects someone else who can’t get it yet, so you help us all by taking your chance to get vaccinated when it is offered to you.
    Even if you’re fully vaccinated with both doses, wear your mask properly over your nose and mouth, socially distance 6 feet from others, and only socialize outdoors with people not from your household until we have vaccinated everyone up to 80% of the population to create herd immunity and stop the spread and stop the mutation of the virus that happens as it spreads from person to person.
    We are all in this together throughout the entire world, and all of us need to do our very best to help stop the spread.
    Peace, love and kindness to everyone!

  51. I have been volunteering at the clinic, and a side effect is that if they have extra doses at the end of the day you might get one. I didn’t know that when I signed up, and I ended up getting one. I’m still going at least twice a week. I felt strongly about being a part of this and it’s been so fun to chat with the seniors coming in to get their shots. It’s almost like socializing. I’ve had a few people comment about me taking away the shot from someone who needs it more, but I think the best possible solution is to get everyone vaccinated as soon as humanly possible. If I hadn’t gotten that shot, it may have gone into the trash. You can’t always get someone there in time and you don’t always know if there will be an extra dose. I don’t feel guilty, but I also don’t like getting shit about it.

  52. Brought my 80 y/o Dad for his first shot this morning! I’ll be waiting until March or so to qualify. Got a comorbidity myself, but am easily working from home. The more people we get vaccinated, the sooner we can get this thing under control!

  53. Same. Love you! You’re the best! And please feel free to put in a dick joke anytime even if the subject is serious because – it made me chuckle – and you only get so many chances for those! Go for it. lmao

  54. A friend of mine who felt a little bad that she was getting it kind of on a technicality put it this way: she is happy that she is able to become a part of containing the spread to other people. I work in the NICU as a nurse and am in a much better situation than other nurses and felt a little guilty taking my turn, and I AM A NURSE! Working IN A HOSPITAL! Anyone who struggles with putting themselves first can come up with a reason to feel guilty. If someone offers you the vaccine, TAKE THE VACCINE!!!!! And if you get a vaccine, you are being a strong role model for those who may be waffling. And you are speaking up on behalf of science!

  55. I am not happy with the a-holes who flew to Alaska to jump the line, but anyone who’s got the chance should take the vaccine. I’m going on Wednesday, because my work is offering. They got enough doses for the employees, and I won’t be passing on it even though I don’t feel like I should be high on the list.

  56. I just realized I also feel guilty that I get one tomorrow. I didn’t realize it but I needed to hear this…

  57. Thank you again for existing and helping in so many ways. I’m 72 and generally pretty healthy except for COPD, so that if I get Covid I will probably die. At this point I’m torn between “Fuck it, I’m going shopping” and “My will is in the purple folder.” However, I would like to live long enough to see if Prince Charles ever becomes King of England, and I’d like to read every book and see every movie on my lists, so I’m waiting patiently for my turn at the vaccine. It’s been clear from the start that the program was totally messed up, so I’m not disgruntled at the way it’s going — it was to be expected, but I’d really like to know why it’s impossible for me to empty the litter boxes and clean the bathrooms. All my socks are getting holes from never being worn with shoes, and I’m pretty lonely, but in the end I’m grateful for the unexpected humor and joy you bring to my life, so THANK YOU.

  58. Thank you for being a snarky light on my dark Monday. Sometimes it is a bit of humor or a cat video or Darling Dorothy Barker peeking over a book that keeps me keeping on. Days like today are hard. I am eligible for the “jab” but was told there are no appointments clear out thru June! So if they have it where you are get it as soon as you can! Honestly, who even knows if and when you’ll get another chance?Stay safe out there! 💕

  59. Thank you! I’ve been feeling like I ought to be doing more cleaning & yard work, but I have absolutely zero motivation. All I want to do is eat and binge watch Netflix.

  60. Jenny, you are a treasure for seeing the funny among absurdity. … getting our shots when available in our county, just to the west of yours. short supply and unknown timelines keep us in the house, which I don’t really mind since I’ve been an introvert since birth.

  61. I had no idea months ago just how grateful I would be that my son’s first job is working in a nursing home. He has been tested weekly and recently received his vaccine. His job has certainly motivated me to be mindful of the precautions I take each day.

    Jenny, you are amazing as always. Can’t wait to check out Post Secret.

  62. I work a register in a small town where tourists come through every day. Since July we’ve been non stop busy, it’s still going even though it usually slows down in February. I’m probably at the end of the list and won’t get the shot for months. Just saying.

  63. Refill your joy.
    I think that is the best advice ever given!

    (except don’t eat an egg salad sandwich from a vending machine)

  64. If you don’t show up for your appointment, at the end of the day they HAVE to give those shots out or they go bad. Take the shot.

  65. @thebloggess – “90-day finance memes” – I’ll get right on it 🙂 though not sure who will be my muse

  66. A). Yay no Nowhere Bookstore murders!
    B). Thank you, I really needed to be reminded that it’s okay to just get by right now ❤️

  67. Right now, where I live (Texas) nobody seems to know what the fuck is going on as far as who gets to get vaccinated, when more doses will be arriving, etc.

    I am waiting, personally, because even though I have a shitty underlying condition that probably qualifies me to get the vaccine right now (I have RA), I want to wait so that people who REALLY need it way more than I do right now can get it, like my 70 year old yoga teacher who makes fart jokes in class.

  68. According to the CDC website I should be in one of the groups getting the vaccine now (auto-immune disease.) According to my state, people with auto-immune diseases don’t qualify for the first round of vaccinations. I don’t get to work from home – I didn’t work from home through the quarantine. I’ve been working out of our office like nothing has changed since everything went ass over teakettle. More upsetting to me is my parents who are 78 & 83 have been trying to get appointments for vaccines and can’t. They try daily to schedule and the appointments are gone too fast. My 83 year old stepfather has lung issues, so he desperately needs the vaccine.

  69. I literally just got home from my doctor’s office (I ended up with stress shingles after the 2020 shitshow that will not end), and my husband was in yesterday. They told him he qualified and will be getting his vaccine tomorrow. I asked about mine, and the NP was like, “I was looking at your chart and thinking you weren’t old enough…until I looked at all of your ailments. You should DEFINITELY get the vaccine. How’s Thursday?” So, yeah, I will be getting mine on Thursday and I will not feel guilty. My sister is a NICU nurse, my parents are both over 70, and my husband still has to work in his office 3 days per week. We all need to protect each other.

  70. GET IT! My family got Covid despite not having contact with ANYONE except one of us bought groceries!!

  71. I’m half Italian, so guilt and I are old friends.
    Lately, that particular old friend is being kicked to the curb.
    We are not getting the vaccine until our doctor says to, as we live out in the boonies and do not socialize, but NOBODY should feel guilt for protecting themselves, and their loved ones.
    I do not have a large family, but two of my adult nephews have had CoVid-19, and a little boy, whom I consider a grandson, has had it.
    All three have recovered, and apparently, are feeling no after effects.
    (Fingers crossed on that one, forever.)
    Post Secret is awesome.
    Thank you!
    Kind of thrilled that I know where they are, as it is near where I grew up, in So Cal. 🙂
    One of my favorite websites is Forgotten Bookmarks.
    Hasn’t been updated since 9/2020, though. :/

  72. The day you posted this was the day I was able to make my appointment, because technically I should qualify early due to my job, but yes, I was having some guilt…but I know that the more of us vaccinated, the better. Thank you for reading my mind and posting this!

  73. Thank you for this. I have been volunteering a bit at vaccine distribution clinics, which made me eligible and I got my first dose a few weeks ago, and I feel super guilty to have received it before friends who are at higher risk due to their jobs (I’m working from home and *choose* to be near people when volunteering, whereas they don’t have a choice).

    My health department is doing its best but the logistics of this are very much a work in progress.

    Also, if anyone reading this is in a position where they feel comfortable doing so, volunteers are critical right now in most areas to making distribution happen – PPE is usually provided, and you should be able to request low-contact duties like directing traffic, etc., if that helps. There’s probably a Medical Reserve Corps branch in your area that you can join which is wrangling civilians and doing amazing work!

  74. I got the vaccine on the day after the first dose arrived in my county, and I did feel a little guilty because it was not “the rules”. But it happened that the first doses were given Saturday and Sunday, when I got mine, but the county officials didn’t work out the details of “the rules” until Monday, and by then I’d already gotten it. It did seem reasonable at the time because I work as part of a team that goes into nursing homes and long term care facilities that are having a COVID outbreak, and test the staff and residents. So even though I am not a nurse, am in my 50’s and healthy, I am around COVID people a lot and have to work in full PPE.

    I figure will pay back the good karma to the universe – I was able to participate in my county’s first mass vaccination event, and was able to help vaccinate 1500 seniors, and am scheduled for another event this week.

    In an odd side note, I wasn’t familiar with Post Secret but the address gave me an odd turn – I grew up within walking distance of that address. Right down the street from my house.

  75. I’m dealing with other emotions than guilt when it comes to the vaccine. I fall into phase 1b, and with the original priority, it looked like I’d get the vaccine in February. Then our governor moved everyone 65 and older into 1a, and now the estimate is April for my group. I’m struggling with trying to feel happy for all of those getting the vaccine and feeling so scared every day I go to work without it. (I’m fat enough for that to put me at higher risk apparently.) At the same time, I’ve been told how to jump the line, and I can’t bring myself to do that because then I really would feel guilty. I’ve cried in my office way too many times in 2021 already.

  76. I’m getting my vaccination this Thursday, the 28th. I’m 75 and don’t feel guilty. I do feel guilty that I made my appointment first bad now can’t get one for my husband and he is older and has health issues. We’re in California and the appointment opportunities re all,screwed up.

  77. The opportunity fell into my lap and you can bet I took it! My husband and mother have multiple health issues and are eligible. I am put into risky situations caring for them. We were all three vaccinated yesterday!

  78. If you get the shot, please remember that you still need to wear a mask, because you can still spread COVID. (It’s like if you wear vinyl gloves – your hands stay clean, but you can still spread dirt through contact)

  79. I just got my shot yesterday as I work at a senior healthcare center; my mom died of Covid last month at the same facility. Thank you for all you put out there, Jenny.

  80. Thank you Jenny, for your kindness in waiting to get the vaccine. Here I have seen so many people getting the vaccine that shouldn’t be that it is criminal. We have yet to vaccinate 80 year olds with major health issues in the community and so many lower risk younger people are bragging about their vaccines and how the know someone. So truly thank you for that sacrifice to help others who need the vaccine get it. I’m in the same waiting boat. I can wait a little while extra. Hopefully that dose will go towards someone that truly needs it and can feel safer and less scared!

  81. This inquiring mind sure is windering why you did not insert a package containing a dick joke here in the comments!?!

  82. No one should feel guilty for getting the vaccine! Unless, of course, you’ve cut in lime in front of others who are more deserving than you.

    Unfortunately, no one in my family can get the COVID vaccine due to our specific disease processes. Ugh.

    I truly wish the FDA would fast-track emergency use of AeroNabs (created by scientists at UCSF)! The AeroNabs are basically a condom for the COVID particles. They surround the virus in a protective barrier, rendering it inert. You nebulize the AeroNabs once a day, and you’re a wall against the virus.

    This would allow those of us who cannot or will not take the vaccine another way to gain immunity.

    The combination of the vaccine and AeroNabs could end this damned pandemic in just a few months.

    Also? My house is a fucking disaster area! I have all kinds of ideas and aspirations of doing X organizing/purging things, buy the necessary tools/materials, then I start, lose my spoons, and feel like a lazy piece of shit for not being able to complete the task.

    I hate this. I never even made bread like I planned to do! I searched everywhere for yeast, too.


    Anyway, tomorrow’s another day, right?

  83. Speaking of “We Will Get Past This”, there is a podcast by that same name which is hosted by Sandi Toksvig, who used to host The Great British Bake-Off. It is the most calming podcast I have ever heard, plus she’s funny in a low-key kind of way.

  84. I have a friend who’s in upper management of a hosp. My husband and I qualify in the 1b category for the vaccine. One night, when vaccines were supposed to be limited to people in the 1a category, my friend called and said we should get to the hosp RIGHT NOW and get shots. It turned out they were about to close for the night, wouldn’t be giving more shots for a few days (it was the holidays), and had extra doses thawed out. No people were showing up. Do I feel guilty? He’ll no. Those vaccines would have been discarded if we hadn’t gone.

  85. I love you. Your existence brings me joy, and I know that I’m not the only one. Please get vaccinated as soon as you can. You are worthy.

  86. I read in The NY Times -and my friend in health care said – that anyone who is offered the vaccine really should get it because it might go to waste with all the crazy planning involved in this.

  87. I love this post for several reasons:

    1) I love PostSecret. I’ve hit up the website (almost) every Sunday since I first learned about it in 2010.

    2) I agree people should NOT feel guilty about getting the vaccine “early”. I live in a rural area in my state, and the hospital I work at received 300 doses of the vaccine. I am part of the COVID vaccine administration team, and I will say scheduling employees (especially for the second dose) has been a logistical nightmare, but even when we are able to pull up extra doses than anticipated from vials, we always fine SOMEONE to vaccinate, even if it isn’t their tier. State guidance allowed it, and it makes sense for the vaccine to be administered to somebody rather than be thrown away and wasted. It’s warmed my heart to see how grateful people are to be receiving the vaccine earlier than they anticipated.

    3) I binge-watched Bling Empire within 48 hours.

  88. This made me laugh and I sent it to my friend because she was saying that she felt the same way about getting offered the vaccine early.
    Also totally unrelated but I downloaded the Broken Chapter Sampler and you started the book with my favorite freaking Leonard Cohen quote and I am so excited to read it!!!!! ❤️

  89. How have I missed out on this PostSecret site for all these years?! I must investigate further.

    That said, I think it’s very noble of you not to get your shot yet even though you qualify. I am one of the ones that will be in the last group here, so probably June-July. I don’t mind waiting as long as those that need them more direly can get them. I just hope this current administration can get things moving in a much more organized, timely, and succinct manner than the last one did cause this cluster fuck has gone on long enough.

    Peace, health, and good vibes to all around!

  90. I hope the poster of the postcard feels better after reading all this. It’s an ‘all in this together’ thing and the more of us who can get it, the more people we can save. Not sure when I’ll get mine under my governments roll out so it’s wait and see here.

  91. I would totally watch a special episode of 90 day fiancee where they did budgets, financial planning and expectations.


  93. RE “I feel guilty getting my Covid vaccine so early”: What an utterly idiotic thing to “worry” about. Talk about “First-World Problems.” And then to build up a whole conversation around this: “Am I a bad person for getting my vaccine too early?” You’re a bad person for being so insipid.

  94. AJ you are obviously new to this page, and obviously oblivious to what decent loving people think, and how they care for their fellow humans. please think before you post, if you are capable of putting yourself in another persons mind set. if not, find another place where humans are unkind to one another, and enjoy yourself..

  95. I saw that secret and had the same thoughts as you. I’m a nurse and I’m vaccinated now which means there’s a 95% chance I won’t become symptomatic with Covid which is an enormous relief.At the same time I know the vaccine only protects me from becoming sick. I could still give it to others which is why I’m still wearing my mask and living like the near recluse I was but now have socially acceptable excuse. I’m stepping off the soap box now, sorry.
    It’s so important we talk about these vaccines because they’re really the only way out from this. Thanks, Jenny, for starting the convo

  96. My 81 year old mother lives in a building for elderly people. She received a notice that on a certain upcoming date they would be administering the vaccine in the community room for residents. She declined. When I asked her why she said “because I have too many things wrong with me”…which, of course, is exactly why she should be getting it. Meanwhile she has only left her apartment maybe three times since March because she’s terrified. I wish I could say I was successful in convincing her to change her mind and get the vaccine but I wasn’t, even though I tried really, really hard. Sadly, she’s not budging.
    It makes me happy to read all the comments about everyone being eager to get theirs. A positive “side effect” of getting the vaccine is the peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones.

  97. Definitely needed to see this! Thanks for pointing out that it wasn’t selfish of me to take the shot when I helped with a mass vaccination clinic.

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