Step into my office.

It’s Friday! Thank fucking God. So let’s take a quick break so we can visit and I can show you all the instagram posts that I saved for you this week because I thought you needed to see them.

Yes…for you.

Happy weekend, sweet friends.

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  1. I cried at the rock concert – so sweet – and laughed at the kitten in the milk! That’s the way the week has been. Thanks, Jenny!

  2. “…His cat has been dead for a week.” 🤣😂 First I spit out my dinner, and now I have tears running down my face from laughing.”

  3. Oh Jenny! These were great! I had seen baby kitty fighting that milk.. but the rest were new. P.S- My kiddo (23 yrs old now) just started rTMS yesterday. Thank you for introducing it to us a while back. *fingers crossed*

  4. OMG these are hilarious! And just what I needed. Makes me wish I still had my insta account. Thanks for sharing. ^_^

  5. Omg omg the cat with the slipper. The dog in the tent. The cat with the banana. Omg. So. Freaking. Good. And I really felt that raccoons struggles. The was for real me today. Thank you!

  6. I am just not following the right people on social media. I want this kind of content ONLY

  7. I thought my Lokie was the only cat with feet and shoe fetish. Dang, I don’t know how to put a photo here. 😕😕

  8. That poor guy with the panties instead of pantries and the girl not warning him was just awesome. Plus that pug was like omg my human reached a new level of stupid 😂😂😂

  9. Omg, you make my day! I love when you share these hilarious and touching posts. I go back and follow the people too. I can’t wait until I get your new book, I’m so excited or should I say, Furiously Happy that I pre-ordered it. Keep being the funniest and most important person in my life. I love everything you do. You have drawn me out of the brinks of Hell and I couldn’t thank you more. Omg, how did I turn this into a cry fest so fast? It’s what you do best. Bringing emotions to the surface that I need to get the fuck out! Thank you again Mrs, Jenny!

  10. Well, it’s not Friday anymore (I’m slow), but I loved them all the same, especially the first one. I want one of those things–only slightly bigger. Okay, maybe what I really want is a monkey, and I know I don’t want a monkey. Hope your weekend is great.

  11. I was fine until the dog riding the horse.
    Apparently I needed an ugly crying session.
    (Insert gif of Data hugging Spot, post crash, in “Star Trek Generations”.)

  12. Jenny – thank you so much for doing these. They are generally such a welcome bright spot. However, I have to say that any videos that feature wild animals as pets make me so sad. The wild pet trade has contributed to so many animals becoming endangered, such as ring-tailed lemurs. And even for species that haven’t yet lost that many animals, people who keep wild animals for social media aren’t equipped to care for them properly. I truly hate to be a downer, but I would ask that these videos only feature funny domesticated animals in the future.

  13. I second Jessica’s comment. Luckily, there are also videos of animals in rescues and reputable zoological parks that are not only equipped to keep them properly, but contribute to preserving the species – like you do, with us. 💖

  14. Appreciate you sharing these gems of the internet so I don’t have to sift through the muck to find them!

  15. Thank you – I laughed my butt off on Monday am. I stay off the internet on the weekends.

  16. I ADORE you for posting things like this. I always save these posts for tuesday mornings because I like to start the day literally laughing out loud and smiling like a doofus at my computer. You are a TRUE GEM, Jenny Lawson!

  17. What do you do when as your mental illness gets worse, loved ones abandon you, which in turn makes your mental illness get even worse because your trapped in your head with no one to talk to more and more often?

  18. thank you. i saw this post when you originally sent it – but held onto it until i needed it. thank you. this morning it was the perfect way to walk up.

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