Happy Valentines Day?

Today at Nowhere (if we weren’t still living in the plague years) we would be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a giant display of books wrapped up in paper with a teaser on the cover so you could pick one out and have a blind-date-with-a-book. But since it’s still bookselling-in-the-time-of-contagion I decided that instead I’d wrap up a bunch of lightly damaged books we can’t sell and put them outside for free for anyone who wanted to a surprise book or two and so this week I’ve been wrapping books in brown paper packages tied up with string while humming the Sound of Music but the world is continuing to plot against me because Texas has been hit with a winter storm and I literally skated across my porch taking the dog out because there’s so much ice.


So today I am rescheduling Valentine’s Day for next Sunday and I am totally allowed to do that because time is meaningless at this point. So, next Sunday it is. Stay safe. And remember that even if you know how to drive in ice the rest of are pretty shit at it so stay off the road if you can.

Next week, my pretties.

But today is Sunday and I’m out of my depression enough that I started taking sponsorships again (whoop!) so that means, WEEKLY WRAP-UP!


The this-is-what-I-would-look-like-if-I-was-in-the-Wall-Street-Journal Edition.

Shit you may have missed:

This week’s wrap-up is brought to you by the lovely book, Chasing Chickens: What to Do When Life After Higher Eduction Doesn’t Go the Way You Planned, by Rachel Neff. (“Rachel Neff’s story of the best-laid plans of doctoral students reminds us all that life offers many paths to success. Her resilience teaches valuable lessons as she struggles with horrendous interviews, dauntingly intense academic documents, and an employer’s seemingly random expectation that she chase literal chickens on New Year’s Eve. Neff’s experience is atypical only in its specific details; many science trainees face obstacles, and Chasing Chickens provides an important reassurance that—though they may feel otherwise on a daily basis—they are competent, they are deserving, and they are not alone.”—Adam Ruben, author of Surviving Your Stupid, Stupid Decision to Go to Grad School.) And University Press of Kansas is offering 30 percent off direct sales of Chasing Chickens through March 31, 2021using code “CHASE” at checkout so you should definitely check that out now.

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  1. Speaking of giving away books, will there be a Booksgiving this year? I always love giving/getting a book and also seeing the awesome book recommendations from everyone.

  2. Fellow Texan here. Not enjoying this storm. I too decided that Valentine’s Day would be next Sunday, so I think with two of us doing it, that makes it official.

  3. My Valentine’s wish(that’s a thing right?) Is that you and Victor get your vaccines soon. The world deserves more of you and I think Victor ensures your survival. I picture him standing guard with a fire extinguisher and a check book, but I could be mis-imagining it all. Xo

  4. What a fun idea! Here’s to next Valentine’s Day. (At first I thought you matched your mystery book with someone with the same mystery book. Much more complicated, but would make for awesome how we met stories.)

  5. I’ll leave the books for others, but take the love at any time of the year – and glad to give it to others! Free (non-creepy) love in unlimited qualities available in all the good people.

  6. Love it All.
    I Am Not A Cat – i’m dying here!
    Chasing Chivjebs is going on tge TBR List!

  7. I’m not a cat was the absolute best thing that happened to me all week. I considered buying a shirt that says that but I think there’s actually a chance I might be a cat so I’m torn. Welcome to Midwest living with ice storms. I’m forced to drive in it every year and I’m still not good at it so my advice is stay home and stay safe. I’m hoping we do Booksgiving again this year. Last year was my first and it was so fun! Anyway have a great Valentines Day. Stay safe & warm.

  8. Love it All!
    I am not a cat – I’m dying here!
    Chasing Chickens is definitely going on the TBR list.
    Hope to see you in my inbox again soon 💛

  9. Bought the book – have a lovely daughter who is fighting to get into grad school and keeps getting turned back, and is getting disheartened.

    Would love to see the person open the New Orders file at University Press of Kansas on Tuesday morning, to find that (because of this endorsement) there are a lot more orders than they routinely get.

  10. Ice storms expected in the Northeast on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and so on and so forth. I’m cursing the groundhogs for their prediction of 6 more weeks of winter. (Although, probably the poor beastie’s just get a bad rap in addition to being snatched out of their hibernation to be shoved into the air by elected officials in front of a loud crowd of people only to be dumped back in their dens for a few more weeks napping before spring begins.)
    Happy Valentine’s Day and remember the greatest love of all is the love you give yourself, so be good to yourself today. Tomorrow all the valentines candy will be on sale so you can buy for next week’s Valentine’s Day celebration In The Time Of Covid.
    Thank you to the Universe for “I am not a cat” we needed that.

  11. I’m so glad you’re feeling better, great reviews and that you mentioned the Chasing Chickens book. I know just who I am getting it for.

    Also, I would love (and participate in) another letter writing to strangers so as many people as possible get mail as a surprise. One of my dearest friends is a woman I met through The Great Altruistic and Encouragement to Live write-a-thon that happened last year. I’m actually still working on my list of people- I’m trying to write to everyone, but a lot of stuff in between waylaid me, but I’m going to do this!!!

  12. I’m so happy your next book will be available soon. “Chasing Chickens” sounds like a hoot.

    There has been a snowstorm in SW Washington State. In my area, 7.5″ of snow has all ready fallen. The 55+ complex where I live doesn’t bother to plow because it might damage the speed bumps. I might have to take yet another day off of work tomorrow, sigh!

  13. Jenny, You have been a beacon of hope and strength. Today’s my bday (V-day) and ,of course I’m working, and I’m having a rough time. I’ve recently gotten divorced and my ex is already engaged (3 months after the d was finalized) and he has our dog that I helped raise for 11 years and won’t let me see him. Also, my grandpa is in the hospital.

    Please, send some happy thoughts my way!

  14. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Jenny, and to all who are reading this! Whether you are alone or with loved ones, may love surround you, and give you a lovely day!

  15. I absolutely agree that time is meaningless! Such a fun idea with the books. 😊 I now feel guilty for complaining about the rain in Florida, I hope it warms up there soon! #imalsonotacat

  16. Heeeeeeey happy no longer Valentines Day, Jenny and everyone else! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤⚡️

    An excellent day to step out of depression and also drink. 🥰 (no correlation between the two or… wait… meh).

    Sending LOVE!!! 🎃🖤🔥

  17. Hello! Book sponsor/author here! I’m delighted to see so many people interested in “Chasing Chickens”! If anyone reads it and finds me on my social media, I’m available for up to an hour to talk new or soon-to-be grads through life after academia!

  18. I’d like to echo Sarah’s thought about the letter-writing and card-sending group that I participated in last year. I got a couple new pen pal friends from it and really enjoyed the random mail. Maybe a separate page on your blog to keep track of the people and their addresses? Anyhow… mail is a great way to connect, especially now. Thanks again!
    Jeanne K.

  19. Even people who live and drive in the high icy desert here (Utah) don’t know how to drive on ice. This is how it’s done: YOU DON’T. You stay home until the salt trucks and plows have been out. Warmer states don’t have those luxuries, so hunker down with a good book, friends, and be safe. <3

  20. I love the blind date idea! I’m nowhere near Nowhere so could you eventually post those prompts and the books they were for? It would be lovely to check if my local library has them. Thanks!

  21. Stay warm, everyone! Jenny: good call on moving Valentine’s Day. Why not make the whole last week of February a celebration to compensate for how frigid and disappointing today is?


  22. You’re absolutely AWESOME!! A kindred spirit!! You helped me discover that my BORKEN parts are my best parts. We all must keep swimming upstream and hope the bears are kinder to us this year. Last year was a complete bust and it seems to be oozing its poison into this year. I’ve been alone so long that I’m answering my own questions OUT LOUD!! Just keep swimming…just keep swimming……

  23. Oh goodness, stay safe in the storm! We are literally having ‘wait, where is our winter??’ weather here, just two states away (Arizona is in a whole different land of weirdness I swear).

  24. I think this is such a sweet thing to do. I also love the thought of someone unwrapping that brown paper to a surprise adventure 🙂 Stay warm, I was in Texas in the snow once, and it was crazy! Of course where I live, it snows all the darn time.

  25. I was a kid in San Antonio for a big snowstorm in 1985. A foot and a half! I’m sure it was a nightmare for the adults, but it was great for me getting to play in snow.

  26. Omg I just got through one Valentine’s Day and now I feel like I have another one coming up in a week. Ok, ok. I’ll take it if I meet the love of my life over the next week (which–hmm–maybe doubtful during pandemic lockdown). But if I don’t, can I just read a book and snuggle with the best furry rescue dog in the world and ignore it? 🙂

  27. Since Valentine’s is about love, I think it can be any day and preferably every day. Giving away books is awesome. They have so many less calories than chocolates.

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