A literal shot in the arm

So. Yesterday my dad had his second covid vaccine. Day before my mom had her first. Today I get mine. WHOOP! I’m a bit nervous about being out of the house and so near another person but I’m incredibly relieved to be on the shot schedule in spite of the fact that one person told me that the covid vaccine contains the “mark of the beast” and another said it will change your DNA and turn you into a lizard person. True story. Meanwhile my doctor said that the biggest thing I should be concerned with is a day or two of feeling rough after the second shot (she said she was fine after a day) and that the reports of lizard people are highly exaggerated at least as far as she’s seen.

Worth the risk as far as I’m concerned.

And now…the weekly wrap up:


This week’s wrap-up sponsored by my friend Alison, the creator of @get_the_f_outside, an instagram full of very funny, lovely and strange posts she shares while being an extreme solo backpacker. Personally, I very much enjoy watching her adventures because she shows me all the most amazing and gorgeous places to get the fuck outside in spite of the fact that I won’t because it means exercising and leaving my house. But I don’t have to leave my house because she solo treks all over the place and shows me what it looks like when she gets there and it’s exactly the same thing. I assume. Regardless, if you’re looking for a way to feel like you’re traveling even when you can’t, I highly recommend checking her out.

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  1. I was fine after my first shot. The second shot had me feeling punky for a couple a days.

  2. I got my second shot on Wednesday and felt like I had the flu for two days, minus the being sick part. Rest, hydrate and it’ll pass in no time! Plus my new tail is growing in very nicely!! 😂😂

  3. At least you won’t have to worry about getting lost since Bill Gates will be tracking you via nanobots.

  4. I’ll check this space next week to see if you’re a Lizard Person (TM?) lol! You’re lucky you were able to schedule so early – what’s your secret? I’m in group 1C for Michigan and we are being slooooooow.

  5. I’m always happy to hear that more people are getting the vaccine. And I also experience vaccine envy since I’m on the bottom of the eligibility list. It’s a roller coaster of emotion

  6. My extremely immunocompromised mother who cannot receive many “traditional” vaccinations has had both covid shots. Besides feeling pretty sick for about 30 hours starting the morning after her second shot, she had NO problems with it. I stand by science is the real magic in the world and I am so glad to hear you and your family are taken care of too!

  7. I’ve had both my shots and did feel a little rough the day after. Low grade temp of 99.7, just enough to make you feel not good. Was also really tired. After that, no problems at all.

  8. Congrats on your jab! Although I am sadly disappointed to hear that it won’t turn me into a lizard person, or at least it’s unlikely. Bummer. Maybe next pandemic vaccine.

  9. We already have a tracker on us….. It’s called a cell phone. But I kinda wish that lizard thingy was true though. That might be kinda cool, ya know? Glad you’re safer now and glad your parents are too.

  10. If you’re a lizard person you can lick your own eyes. Given how often I get lashes in my eyes (WHY???) I could only see that as a bonus. Also I live in So Cal, so being able to handle the heat would be good for me. AND if a limb gets cut off you have a one-in-five chance of it growing back.

    Sign me up!

  11. My wife and I are on several waiting lists as 1B, but we haven’t heard a single word about no shots. Fortunately, we are well insulated from the public. But it’s a little disheartening not to hear a word. Meanwhile, governor EntBait wants to dismantle the only pandemic measure that has worked. I’m trying to stay survivably calm about all of this.

  12. I, for one, am excited about joining the Lizards next Friday, after I get my second shot. First shot – sore arm for about half a day. Easy peasey. PLUS, we are here for you! Go get it, girl!!!

  13. First shot my husband and I just had an achy arm for about two days. Second shot his hurt worse, mine less. I felt slightly chilled, but not sick.

    That was three weeks ago and so far, no lizard scales. (Okay, my skin is a little dry, but I promise it’s from all that hand washing.)

  14. How does one go about getting that special lizard person shot? I feel like humanity has been enough of a shit show lately to warrant an upgrade.

  15. If you do turn into a lizard person, no doubt you’ll be welcomed with open arms into their kingdom after the kindness you showed to Queen Elizardbeth. Like in a fairy tale, where the unsuspecting human does a good turn for what seems to be a simple lizard who then turns out to be the Queen…

    Congratulations on getting the vaccine! If I had to pick 10 people to protect from this f’ing virus, you’d be right up there on the list.

  16. I had a chace to get both shots. First felt like I was slug-bugged by a bear the next day. Second shot I felt like all my auto-immune conditions hit me at once, but was much better the next day, and fine a few days letter. Sending you good vibes over our new shot installed 5G internal modems, password is the mark of the devil. I’m still hoping to become a lizard. Or grow wings.

  17. I am working vaccine clinics and have had my first dose. The biggest thing is my arm was really sore after, but otherwise I felt fine. Most folks, if they do feel bad, only feel bad for about 24 hours.

    It’s so gratifying to see folks so excited to get their vaccines. I love working the clinics because everyone I so happy to be there.

  18. Very glad I got both vaccine shots. I2 was pretty sick for about 36 hours. Chills, fever, muscle aches and extremely fatigued. I’m still super glad I got it. Good luck. Hope you don’t get sick some people do not.

  19. I had my second Friday (I work with homeless population and CO promotes relevancy). I have A LOT of allergies and have had no issues. I’m tired, but I’ve been continuously tired since this time last year so….

  20. I’ve had both of my Fauci Ouchies. The only side effect is setting off the microwave oven every time I walk past. KIDDING! No side effects except for relief and joy at being vaccinated!

  21. Jenny- I hope your second shot is without incident. I was also told about the vaccine changing my DNA. The person who told me had no idea I am a molecular biologist and it took everything in me not to correct her, but she was a nice person, though somewhat misguided. As always, you make me laugh and really wonder if you are some long lost sister of mine. ♥️

  22. My daughter and I got our second shot on Thursday. So far so good. Not lizard people yet. I’ve been kinda all over achy, her arm is red at the injection site. If they installed a microchip, we didn’t feel it, lol.

  23. I had zero issues with my first shot and with the second, I was really tired (I’m never tired) and my arm was really sore for about a day. Totally worth it!!

    Though I’m a little pissed now that I didn’t turn into a lizard person.

  24. Okay, but-(science nerd here) the mark of the beast thing is WILD. Apparently people were afraid the shot would leave a mark, thus becoming the mark of the beast, even though that’s not what that means (there are a lot of specifics to the actual Mark of the Beast, and you have to like…want it). They also heard that the shot contained luciferase, and assumed that meant it contained the mark of the beast. What is luciferase, you ask? IT’S WHAT MAKES FIREFLIES GLOW. Scientists use it to see what’s happening in petri dishes- including in Covid-19 research, but it’s not in the vaccine. Luciferase is named after the latin word for light- just like Lucifer, which means ‘Light Bringer’. So a bunch of religious leaders had to come out and say that the shot is not, in fact, going to inject the devil into you. Anywhoozle, I just found it all really fascinating!

  25. So glad you got your shot! I was very lucky to get mine before heading back to my school. I did feel “fluy” after the 2nd shot mostly at night (so I could conveniently still work during the day- lucky me). Worth it to know we are on our way to being able to be with people again.

  26. Hurrah! My dad got his in September (having volunteered for one of the large scale trials) and is still not a Lizard, so there’s that!

    Glad you are getting yours, I am jealous 🙂

  27. I got my 1st Moderna shot 3 weeks ago. My arm was a little sore. I had a headache and was kinda tired, but he also have young kids so that may not have been related. My hubs came with me (even though he has normally functioning lungs and wasn’t eligible yet) for moral support because I was nervous being out of the house. I know they do it a little differently everywhere but everyone I know has had a really smooth experience. It was so easy that I (fortunately) didn’t have to think about anything. I was so relieved afterwards, both that I was over and that I was halfway to being fully vaccinated, that I cried a bit. It was definitely an emotional day in a lot of ways, but a good one overall. Hope your experience goes as well as mine did!

  28. If it’s reassuring at all, it’s likely the person vaccinating you and working wherever you are receiving is fully vaccinated. My hospital gave us stickers and almost everyone is wearing them proudly on their work badges. I’m feeling a bit cheated I didn’t get any lizard traits.

  29. I got my 2nd shot this week. 1st shot made me feel crappy, but my sinuses were clear for the first time in forever so…draw? My second shot was a little worse on the side effects and made my Raynaud’s flare pretty badly. I got it Wednesday and am perfectly fine today (Sunday).

  30. Teacher here–got my 2nd shot 2 weeks ago, so I’m all set!
    1) From what I’ve heard, Moderna seems to give more side effects than Pfizer on the 2nd shot.
    2) I had Moderna and had no issue with the first shot. (Not true–about 2.5 weeks after I got the vaccine rash but it was under my arm and I didn’t make the connection. It was not bad at all–minor nuisance, but I still have a weird wavy yellowy-bruiseish type outline—looks somewhat like water damage–so Mark of the Beast, I guess. shrugs) Oops–I also had a very minor headache the afternoon of and another the next morning.
    3) According to my many vaccinated colleagues across our district: IF you feel icky (aches, headaches, chills–to the bone) it could happen anywhere between 7 and 22 hours after the 2nd shot. One weirdo friend didn’t have the reaction until 48 hours after. BUT they only felt icky for 8-12 hours.
    4) I thought I had no reaction to the 2nd shot–but the 2nd morning after, as I drove to work feeling GREAT, realized that I had been a little head foggy the previous day–but I had gone for a run, done work tasks, and completed a few errands.
    5) My arm hurt super-bad with both shots (for longer period with the first–but my wimpy arms always feel sore after the regular flu shot).
    6) The 2nd night of the 2nd shot I had the uber-sore lymph node next to my boob, near arm pit. I had NOT been prepared for that and was a little freaked out–but did recognize that it was near the arm that had the vaccine. When I got to work, I whined and was told “lymph node!” and did a little google research–a-ha! (loads of people fearing breast cancer!) That hurt for about 3 days.

    To sum up: in my experience–some minor discomfort–but, of course, way better than COVID!

  31. Mr. Spouse (who has a frighteningly robust immune system) had his second shot last week! First shot, sore arm and a slightly rumbly tummy. Second shot, his body said “THIS asshole again? REMEMBER THE ALAMO!” and 18 hours later, tried to kick it out with a fever of nearly 102! But after another 8 hours, he was well enough for work, though fatigued. Next day he was back to his usual self, craving crickets and mealworms!

  32. Got my second shot five weeks ago. Craving bugs. Skin has turned green and scaly. Tail sprouting from ass. I can lick my eyeballs.

  33. My shot is next Monday. If I turn into a lizard will you adopt me so I can live in your house?

  34. It is going to be months before we eligible. Unless they start shipping a lot more doses to our area. I think they’re still on the over 65 crowd.

  35. Got my first shot a week ago. Felt a little under the weather, and had a stiff shoulder for a day or so. The tail looks good. I didn’t realize I’d like it as much as I do.

  36. Got my first one last week, member of the under 65 (barely) but medically “lucky” folks, Pfizer division! Slight headache that most likely had nothing to do with lizard transformation, and looking forward to #2 on St. Patrick’s Day, at which point if I’m turned into a lizard, I at last hope it’s of the green variety in honor of my Irish roots. Hoo Rahrahrah, Jenny! (I was excited/relieved/anxious for #1, feel much less anxious about #2 since the first one didn’t transform or kill me!)

  37. IF you can, take the day off after your second dose, just in case. Everyone has a different experience. I got my second yesterday…aside from a sore arm I was fine the rest of the day and thought I might be lucky but then overnight the flu-like symptoms came on and I’ve spent the morning in bed, but it isn’t terrible and I know it’ll pass and that it’s no cause for concern. I am so grateful to have been vaccinated and grateful that so many people around here want to be.

  38. I’m due to get my second shot tomorrow. It was supposed to be last week but delays in shipping cancelled that clinic. After my first I felt rough but still went to work, and felt great the next day. Almost everyone who got their second last week at my workplace called in sick the next day, so I’m prepping to nest on Tuesday. But yay for vaccination!

  39. I finally managed to get my mom an appointment for her first vaccine shot. She’s been super emotional about it and angry at herself about being so emotional, so it’s good to hear others have been running into this as well. I’ll let her know it’s not just her.

  40. Ive had my first shot and my arm was just a tad sore. I was overcome with gratitude ( as in VERY EMOTIONAL) when I was standing in line waiting for it. I go back Thursday for my 2nd, and honestly? i don’t care how bad I feel after, I’m just so thankful to get it!!!

  41. My husband got the Pfizer shots – no problem (other than sore arm). I got the Moderna – sore arm with 1st and 2nd, got a sore arm, swelling at the site, fever, chills, headache for a few hours but better the next day 🙂

  42. Well darn. I finally got my first one last Monday, and was so looking forward to becoming a lizard person.

  43. Wasn’t there a TV called V about Lizard people?? Yeah, 1984…ominous, right? Starred Marc Singer as the good guy mammal and Jane Badler as the Lizard Overlord. Wonder how the Lizard People survive in below zero temps? As far as the Mark of the Beast, does the vaccine shot site turn into a 666 like tattoo? My husband got his first shot this week…I am going to watch him closely.

  44. My doc said she was fine after she got her shots, too. A little peaked, not bad, was her verdict. I’m impatient to get mine (waiting for them to reach me on the priority list at either the VA or the state health department – they’re still working on folks a decade older, but getting closer.)

    If you turn into a lizard person, do you get eyes that can focus in two directions at once? That would really come in handy driving. If a lot of people end up that way, maybe they’ll create some new video games with special VR headsets.

    As for the mark of the beast, well, as long as it isn’t a picture of that godawful golden statue at CPAC…

  45. Your doctor is right – I needed a day off and most of the next too. But I didn’t turn into a lizard people, I am disappointed! Maybe the second shot will do the trick.

  46. I got my second shot Thursday. A little achy Friday morning but went to work. A little more achy Friday afternoon, so I left early, went to sleep at crack of 9:00 pm and slept 11 hours. Saturday still very tired and achy. Now it is Sunday and I’m just pretending to still be tired and achy so I have an excuse not to clean and to order take out

  47. Lizards are very good at catching fast moving food. I think you should embrace being a lizard person. The lizard you saved a while ago might have already sensed your impending lizardom.

  48. You go girl! I got my 2nd dose at our convention center the other day. I showed my happiness after receiving it very vocally and arms up as I walked through the halls of (very well spaced) lines of people. You would have been proud. No one else was celebrating like me, but they were mostly in good moods.

    Felt quite bad for a couple days (chills, aches), – great time to watch BBC Masterpiece theater shows (slow but interesting) – but 4 days out I’m doing just fine.

    While our state (Oregon) is behind in getting vaccines out (first responders, caregivers, etc but only open down to age 70 for ‘regular’ people), I send my thanks out to all the various people that are helping with the logistics of the vaccine centers!! All very helpful and so needed!!!!

  49. If it’s any comfort, I’m 1 month out from my 2nd dose and I have yet to become a lizard person. 🦎

    In all seriousness, I got the Pfizer vaccine and had minimal side effects. Mostly soreness at the injection site (1st dose) and some fatigue (2nd dose). I’ve also heard of flu-like side effects for a day or so after (chills, headaches, etc.), but nothing major. Thanks for doing your part and sharing your experience with others!

  50. I’m super excited and also very nervous about being finally eligible for the vaccine. I have multiple chemical sensitivities and medication intolerance and allergies, along with multiple autoimmune conditions, so I might have an overreaction to the vaccine. But the pluses of not dying or becoming a post covid long hauler is a tremendous incentive for me. The thought of becoming a lizard doesn’t bother me much, I’m cold blooded anyway due to Raynaud’s Syndrome, so I’m just as likely to be immobile from the cold weather. And just remember, if they install a microchip to track your whereabouts, the serial killer/abductor won’t be able to kidnap you and hold you in their basement for very long because the government will know exactly where to find you. Bonus points!!!

  51. I had the first one, Moderna, and no lizards here…besides, the dogs would eat me ARGHHHHHH No reaction either. Good for you getting vaccinated!!!

  52. I hope all goes well! First shot was thankfully no big deal. I had my second on a Monday and felt achy and fatigued for a couple of days. Most of that was gone by Thursday, but son-of-a-bitch my arm and underarm were both sore. The soreness abated by Saturday.

  53. I was kind of seeing the Lizard Person thing as a feature, but even though we’re high-risk we can’t get an appointment anywhere in the Dallas area. The lines are ridiculous. I’m cheering for everyone else getting theirs, though. (Let us know if you get scales, or an urge to eat mice, or if Ted Cruz becomes inexplicably good-looking to you. Or if you have a sudden need to run the world from the shadows.)

  54. Yay for you! You are so lucky. Our vaccination plans here in Canada got temporarily derailed due to our government deciding to rely on other countries to supply us, (that’s changing though), so I’m not sure when I will get mine, but I’m a fairly healthy adult (53 years young) so I would rather the health care workers, old folks (especially those in care homes), front-line workers, etc get theirs first. Btw, no lizard people, zombies, mutants, or any other conspiracy theory wack jobs notions, running around here either.

  55. Commenter #36 @a I also have Raynaud’s, so it will be interesting to see what kind of side effects flare up from whichever vaccine I get.

  56. My nieces got the first shot yesterday. I was so happy that I teared up. Both are in risk groups. I get my first shot Thursday at Gillette, where the patriots play football. We lost mom last May to COVID so lizards scales sound great. Glad your family has made it.

  57. Got my first shot a week ago. Achy arm, shivery chills and general lousy feeling for a couple days. Second shot coming up and no sign of a tail yet. My face is kind of developing a scaly patch, though. Could I be transforming? Or maybe it’s the cold weather. Only time will tell. Might be nice to spend the days basking in the sun…the sweet lizard-life…

  58. I felt a bit achey and lethargic after my second Moderna dose, a bit of a fever too, but after a day I was super fine like nothing every happened. Absolutely worth it. My husband was hoping it would turn me into a cat-girl, but sadly, still very human.

  59. I’ve known several people to get the shot and not one of them has turned into a lizard person. I didn’t even know that was an option and now I’m a little sad none of them turned into lizard people

  60. I haven’t read all the comments, so it may already have been mentioned, but Moderna and Pfizer contain mRNA, the instructable for our cells to make a protein, in this case, the spike protein of the virus which is what out immmune system sees. It (themRNA) never enters the NUCLEUS) of the cell, where out DNA is and would have no way of inserting itself into our genome anyway. So it gets into the cellular common area but not m’lady’s DNA chambers, Our ribosomes read the mRNA, understand what its saying about which protein to make, gets to work and the mRNA gets broken down pretty quickly. m by the way, stands for messenger. It sends a message to the ribosomes to make proteins our bodies need. So, its naturally occurring, as a concept.

    I know I’m a curmudgeon but science isn’t hard, if you catch COVID it will make you ill to some degree vs the injection, made of stuff our body already has, may cause side effects, most of which are miserable but good news because SARS-COV 2 doesn’t cause symptoms, our immune system fighting it does. The first shot doesn’t usually do more than make your deltoid so fucking sore it hurts to comb your hair with that arm. For a day. Because the immune system’s curiosity is simply piqued. There’s generally not a full on inflammatory response unless you’ve actually had COVID before (but get the damn vaccine anyway, because:science). The second vaccine hurts your deltoid muscle the same, and for me, it took 12 hours, but I got feverish with muscle and joint pain that lasted less than 48 hours and went away with tylenol.

    Fox news will give you rabies, the Sars Cov 2 vaccine will give you potentially life saving immunity and also prevent you from killing your kid, spouse, neighbor, co-worker, crosing guard, custodian etc WITH YOUR COVID SWAMPY BREATH.

    So, actually the vaccine prevents lizarddom.


  61. Lizard people? Mark of the beast? I think you’ve been talking to my husband’s cousins. Actually someone said she didn’t want to turn into a bat. Could be kinda cool, actually.

  62. 1st shot — cried a few tears of joy (no pain, no reaction). 2nd shot — small reaction (slight fever starting the next evening, fine the day after that). Strangely enough, I had some reaction envy. Was hoping to have a more fulsome reaction so I could know deep in my bones that my immune system was doing its thing. So grateful to be vaccinated and so sorry it is taking way too long for others. Someone said she knew there is aluminum in the shot and wondered what else is. I gently responded that you can see all the ingredients at the Pfizer, Moderna, and FDA websites — definitely NO aluminum. But just think if there were — we could become aluminum foil lizards!!

  63. Yay!!! So happy for you! I promise the vaccine does not alter your DNA. Super powers, here you come!!

  64. We have 2 different vaccines, I got the lizard one. The other is more like a flu vaccine. I’ve felt rough since I got it (first one), but getting better now, acclimatising to the lizard DNA probably. I’m also looking forward to Google or Microsoft or whoever spending hours a day tracking me as I walk around my house.

  65. I’m a physician and I am much more frightened of the disease than the vaccine…and I had both shots and it was no big deal. Haven’t seen any severe reactions in my patients either. Had 2 patients die from COVID and one who will be on oxygen the rest of his life.

  66. I am with the commenter who said science is the modern magic. I also understand that the post vaccine symptoms mimic an actual infection because those symptoms are part of our immune response to the perceived threat. So the raised temp is our body getting ready to fight for us. As a surgical nurse I know that post surgery many patients will have a slight rise in temperature as their body responds to having the surgery. The immune system can’t tell the difference between a planned surgery done under sterile conditions and being stabbed in a knife fight or being bitten by a tiger.

  67. I had my second moderna shot in early February and I am horribly disappointed that I have not developed gills or scales. The only things I got was a slightly sore arm and a lot of relief that I am more protected. I am really sad about the gills thing.

  68. If I really believed it would turn me into a lizard person, that would only make me want to get it even more. I’m sick of being a human. I’d settle for just growing a sexy lizard tail, damnit. Unfortunately, I’m pretty much at the bottom of the list so it might be months until I get to test my luck.

  69. Well, if I turn into a lizard person, at least I presumably will be a live lizard person. So there’s that.

  70. Very slightly sore arm from my first vaccine and even less reaction from the second. Same with my friends.

  71. Had my second shot Monday, felt a little cranky the next day. No temp, so glad to have had it done.

  72. I’m so happy you guys got your vaccines. I still have to wait a while longer. I can’t wait for my turn. Hopefully I turn into a lizard. That would be so neat! If I could I’d to be a komodo dragon. They’re badass.

  73. FOUR days after my first shot I got every one of the side effect listed on the sheet they gave me. For 6 hours I was really, really ill and then poof. It went away as fast as it came. I guess I always was slow to react…. I just had the second shot yesterday and except feeling like a mule kicked me in my arm so far so good….

  74. Wait, we can have tails now?

    This will go just like tattoos (and anything else really), they will be cool until more than 12 people get one

  75. I was scheduled for a mamo’cram’ but since I had gotten the Covid shot I was told my appointment had to be moved until 3 weeks after my second shot. Reason is that the Covid shot inflames your lymph nodes and will give a false positive on the mami.

  76. I got my first covid shot on feb 9th. I’m due for my second now and I can’t wait. I got embryonal driving up to the location.

  77. So excited to hear you’re getting the vaccine! My parents, gran, aunt and uncle are all dosed up!

    My gran in 94y and she did really well! I’ve read that the younger you are, the harder the second dose is as young immune systems perk up when they see the disease a second time.

    My mom has lymphoma and my dad diabetes, so this year has been tough on many levels. Despite a suppressed / compromised immune system, my mom only had a minor reaction to the first shot.

    I hope it goes swimmingly for you!

  78. I’ve had both shots (Moderna) and, despite all hopes, did not turn into a lizard person, which really pissed me off. I felt crappy for a couple of days after, but that’s what I do with *any* vaccine. It was no worse than a flu shot and certainly less achy than the TDAP. Glad you got the shot and hope you are doing well!

  79. As if you wouldn’t be happy to become a lizard person. I mean, I hthink you would?

  80. The first time I read this I swear I read someone told you that the DMV would turn you into a lizard person. And my only thought was huh, nice coordination of community resources

  81. I found a big-ass lizard in my house just the other day and wondered whether to blame the cat as I evicted said reptile. Now I am wondering if I treated a neighbor very rudely and if I should just apologize to every lizard I see. Doing so in public will probably increase social distancing so win-win.

  82. YAS Jenny! So happy you got your covid bite. Mine hurt like a bitch but now I have a third eye growing on the back of my head which is great except my hair is always getting in it. You are amazing.

  83. Agree that the second shot is what makes people feel crappy. About 2/3 of my nursing staff including myself called in sick after second shot but just for a day (thankfully it wasn’t all on the same day). Sadly no super powers have manifested.

  84. Just got my first shot Saturday! I was kinda scared/happy too. Had a sore arm for two days and had a few GI upsets, but it’s worth it! How did you fare?

  85. Those who think the vaccine turns people into lizard people already are lizard people. Arg!

  86. One of my nephews told me I’d turn into a zombie. I told him I’ve been a zombie for a year and a half. 😂

  87. I love your work here, honestly, you are the best. Your words can simplify the confusions that we had during figuring out the best fast food deals.

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