Friends really are everywhere though.

So tonight I’m doing a virtual book tour stop with Felicia Day and I’m feeling incredibly grateful to all the wonderful people who’ve come along with me on this strange journey. Tonight’s stop is sold out but here are three more stops coming up on the book tour (with Judy Blume, Samantha Irby and Christopher Moore) and they all have spaces available at the moment if you want to join us for ridiculousness. Also, I’m loving these virtual tour stops so much it’s sort of insane and I will definitely be doing them again in the future even after the plague years pass.

And speaking of lovely friends, want to see another card from the Broken Oracle Deck (designed by the talented Katie Gamb)? This one was inspired by the chapter titled That Time I Got Haunted by Lizards with Bike Horns and it explores the complicated relationship between Owly McBeal and Squirrely Temple, which totally makes sense once you read the book. Maybe.

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  1. Really enjoyed last night talk with Neil Gaiman. Enjoying the book too.

  2. Last night’s Zoom with Neil Gaiman was so great. I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to get and read your book! Thank you for doing these.

  3. Can’t afford to join you on the tour, but I did pre-order and receive a copy of your book. Love you (and Christopher Moore) so much! I’m sure everyone will have a blast!

  4. You and Neil are global treasures, your mutual fan club should be a podcast, and your reading was SO GOOD! I’m glad you fight through all the jello to be with us, Jenny. You’re a star in the darkness.

  5. The more I see those oracle cards the more I want a deck. I’m also loving the book and will probably end up finishing it tonight. 🙂

  6. My copy just hit the front porch!! Can’t wait to get started!!

  7. OMG, the ants! They’re everywhere right now. I’m pretty sure they’re only friends of crumbs that nobody can see.

  8. Yes, the last time I was in TX, I accidentally stood in a nest of fire ants and I have the scars to prove it. Looking forward to Tuesday’s meeting! 🙂

  9. I really enjoyed last nights tour stop with you and Neil. I found my copy of the book had arrived yesterday too. Can’t wait for the tour stop with Christopher Moore, yes, I had to do that one too. It should be a blast.

  10. After living in west Texas with big ants that don’t sting, I moved to Houston and saw these tiny little red ants and laughed at how small they were and casually brushed them off my gardening hands. Then all the sudden I wasn’t laughing because DAMN why was my hand on fire and swelling as these tiny beasts from hell went about their business. Lesson learned. Love your friends and stay very far away from these evil wicked ants. Oh and can’t wait to hear you and Judy Blume #childhoodhero

  11. Last time that I looked, the Samantha Irby stop was sold out! Thank goodness that I looked again, because now I have a ticket! Yay! Jenny, I can’t tell you how much your books, your IG posts, and your blogs have helped me over the last couple of years. Especially during my darkest time. Thank you, and I can’t wait to see you and to read this book!

  12. I was just listening to Felicia’s podcast and she was talking about your book! Such a small world!

  13. The art is such a delightful mix of charm, whimsy, a little bit of vintage feel and the unexpected. The glimpses appear to be an inspiring deck with a warm sense of self care and much to ponder, time after time.

  14. Just finished the podcast. Love you both so much! I giggled, I cried, it was heaven!

  15. Judy Blume?? She’s my favorite childhood author. You’re my favorite person all-around — author, human, etc.

    I must get a spot in that virtual tour stop!

    PS: Your book just came, Jenny. I opened the box, and started reading almost immediately. You’re brilliant, even when you believe you suck. 💙

  16. I was so lucky to be there last night with you and Neil Gaiman!! So so delightful!! And I received my copy of the book today. Virtual book tours are so much more than I would have expected—among other things, everyone gets the best seat in the house!

  17. So excited for the 14th when I “attend” the book tour with Samantha Irby. Can’t wait. ❤️❤️❤️

  18. I love the cards and am bummed that no bookstores in Las Vegas are involved. Jenny, would you ever consider selling them after IBD? (I mean independent bookstore day, not irritable bowel disease. I feel like this is a place I can admit that both thoughts went through my head and explain rather than just erase it)

  19. The Zoom with Neil Gaiman was AWESOME, I’m so so glad I picked that one to attend because you play off each other so well and I got to hear awesome stories from you both and it was great!

  20. Hi Jenny, bottom line up front so you don’t have to read the rest of post if you don’t want to. carry a travel packet of tissue in your dress pocket do you can use one tissue to flush a public toilet instead risking #7 shoe list while wearing them. You don’t know me. So I guess I am a friend you don’t know yet! I just started reading broken. I’m broken as well. The jury is still out whether or not I am broken in the best possible way Loving it so much!!!

  21. I’m in the middle of reading your latest book. So relate to the show thing, only I walk out of them while running up stairs or trying to be dignified in a court room.

    But I’m really here to comment on the little porcelain doll you find in a sewing box. Did you know that was probably a “frozen Charlotte?” They have an interesting, kind of creepy history. Check it out if you didn’t already know about them!

  22. oh – it must be a Jenny Lawson book cause I am alternating between crying and laughing – a great distraction from the aches I have after my 2nd covid shot (except the laughing part which doesn’t help the aches). Thank you Jenny.

  23. Sunday’s New York Times Book Review: “New and Noteworthy” included BROKEN…! Ya-hoooo! Anybody can write a book but only fabulous people writing terrific books get their books mentioned in the Book Review.

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