Peppa Pig is kind of a bitch, y’all

Since we’re still stuck in the plague years we’ve started doing a lot of virtual escape rooms and murder mystery boxes and recently I bought Hailey, Victor and I all copies of this book that’s filled with trivia and brain teasers and when we’re bored we pull them out and see who can do each page faster. Last night Hailey and I were doing a few pages together and she was complaining that all the questions were made for old people but then we finally hit this one that I didn’t know the answer to (identifying famous quotes):

And Hailey was like, “OMG, finally one I knew that you didn’t. It’s Peppa Pig.” And then I never stopped laughing and she was like, “FOR REAL, DUDE. Hang on.” And then she pulled up the internet and showed me this:

Ten points for House Hailey.

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  1. So officially it is Lauren Bacall – To have and have not with Humphrey Bogart!

    (That’s what the book said too, but I’m pretty sure Peppa Pig is the next best answer.~ Jenny)

  2. Wait, Hailey can’t get points for that! Peppa pig doesn’t say that nor anything about Steve. Hailey could get points for answering To Have or Have Not or the TV show Coupling episode My Dinner in Hell.

  3. Peppa Pig is definitely a birch, but Hailey gets points for knowing Peppa Pig said that too. I mean besides Lauren Bacall.

  4. “Well, I know Mel Gibson, and Mel didn’t say that. That Polonius guy did.”

  5. I kinda like Peppa. She’s a firecracker who doesn’t take any shit. 😂

  6. I had to put the kabosh on watching Peppa Pig with my 2 1/2 year old as she became VERY sassy. I mean, it would have been okay if she had done it with a British accent, but I won’t stand for half measure American sassiness.

  7. LOL!
    And I would have been wrong in any case ’cause I was thinking Mae West! I guess her’s was “Come up and see me sometime” instead.

  8. Prefacing this story with my niece is basically all better now.
    So. My (3/4yo at the time) niece was in hospital in the depths of fighting leukaemia, my sisters (her aunt and mum) and i were all trying to cheer my sister and niece up.
    This clip did it that day. Literally tears of laughter, and my sister (the mum) falling off her bed for laughter (and none of helping her up cos laughing).
    This clip will always bring back the memories of my niece being in hospital, my sister falling off a bed from laughter and that Peppa pig is a bitch.

    Sidenote: another fall down laughter so we can’t help you was when the same niece many years before threw up IN my sisters (her aunt) mouth on Christmas day. Good times 🤣

  9. Except. . .whomever wrote that line for Bacall was WRONG. when you put your lips together and blow, it makes a sound like a baby elephant. If you want to whistle, you need to form your lips into an “o”, position your tongue properly, and blow. This is why dogs can’t whistle, they can’t make a proper “o” with their lips.

  10. This is why the Brits are the absolute in comedy. This would never have come out of America. You need to brush up on your old American B&W movies.

  11. I always thought it was Mae West.

    My father’s spirit is going to come and slap me tonight for getting it wrong. lol All those old movies we watched together and talked about incessantly, and I get this one wrong??

    For shame.

    Also, though, a visit from my dear daddy would be really nice right now. *sigh*

  12. I love most things about British culture and feel I was born on the wrong side of the pond, but Peppa Pig leaves me cold. I’m glad it came after my daughter was too old for such things. That said, reading this post immediately brought to mind Paul Rudd playing Chuck in *Forgetting Sarah Marshall*, when he stands over Russell Brand and shouts at him in a terrible British accent, “You sound like you’re from London!”

  13. What’s old is new. I love when remakes of songs come out, I am mouthing the words, and people under age 35 are like, “How do you know this song when it just came out yesterday?”

  14. Okay I’ve never watched Peppa Pig at all and just watching that little Instagram part made me cringe, her voice is irritating! I’m really interested in that book now but I’m really doubting I’d actually know any trivia answers.

  15. I kinda miss when my daughter was obsessed with Peppa Pig. The British accent she was picking up from it was so cute. Now she’s 4.5 and she still calls some things by the British words (candy floss, torch) but otherwise she lost her accent.

  16. I was going to vote for the teen girl in “Honey, I shrunk the kids.”

  17. My husband’s family had an old adverteasing game. A bunch of the cards had been misprints with the answer being ‘coors light’ no matter the questions. 20 years later we STILL use that as an answer to trivia when we have no clue.

  18. There’s an episode of M*A*S*H* where Margaret uses that line with a little Korean boy the camp sort of temporarily adopted.

  19. I love the Peppa Pig episode with Granny’s chickens. I did read a Peppa story for Storytime including the happy snorts and British accent.

  20. Ha, I knew the one before and after
    11. “You talkin’ to me?”
    13. “Who loves ya babe?”

  21. Okay old timers like me… Did Peppa hang up? Or did her friend whistle a sound that told the old phone system to disconnect?

  22. Check out the show ‘Bluey’ for a far less annoying anthropomorphic cartoon family with delightful Aussie accents.

  23. All Peppa needed was a cigarette and an interest in breaking up her co-start’s marriage

  24. Actually this is a quote off honey I shrunk the kids. When the blonde girl is making fun of the neighbor kid for not being able to whistle and then her and her little brother and the neighbors brother start whistling.

  25. We’ve done a few online escape rooms and trivia boxes this past year also. A few months back, we signed up for a monthly subscription box mystery puzzle deal called Sleuth Kings which we’re really enjoying. My 8 yr old begs to do the boxes rather than watch tv as soon as they come in!!

  26. Once, while babysitting my godson, I went down an ADHD/OCD rabbit hole of over-analysis of Peppa Pig. After mulling things over for an embarrassing amount of time that I will never get back, I decided that Peppa Pig has no redeeming qualities, and thus surpassed Dolores Umbridge for the number two spot on my list of most hated fictional characters (Caillou holds the top spot for being an insufferable little shit). Shortly after this, I discovered that I could assuage my rage by cooking bacon and grinning manically at the tv as I ate it whenever my godson insisted on watching f’ing Peppa Pig. I may have traumatized him a bit, though, because when he was 6, my godson chose to become a vegetarian.

  27. Our new fun ‘ignore that the world is falling apart’ game is the Apple Notes app. We take turns typing the first word or phrase, then tap the suggestions in the middle until the page is full. My husband dramatically reads the results out loud.

    It got stuck in a weird, redundant cycle when we used “penis” and it completely ignored ‘ferret peed my underpants”, which is a real thing I struggle with because the ferrets climb into my bra/underpants drawer and it’s apparently the new whizz palace. I got no advice or help.

  28. So you’re telling me that a pig shaped like a penis tells his friend “you put your lips together and just blow” and we’re not supposed to think anything?

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