If I’m in a coma, don’t wake me up yet, okay?

I got too distracted to post anything yesterday so today I’m sharing two oracle cards from the Broken oracle deck (designed by Katie Gamb) that will be given out for free on Independent Bookstore Day by participating bookstores.

These were inspired by the chapters “Six Times I’ve Lost My Shoes While Wearing Them: A List that Shouldn’t Exist” and “And Then I Bought Condoms for My Dog.” And yes, I am also shocked people still let me write my own chapter titles.

So today is the second stop on my virtual book tour and that means I get to hang out with Neil Gaiman(!) and read from my book and answer questions from wonderful people who are watching from all over the world. Tonight is sold out but there are several upcoming stops that have released more tickets if you want to come! Click here for a list. Each ticket comes with a signed copy of Broken (in the best possible way). 🙂

I can’t thank you enough for your support and I know I’m not alone in this as so many bookstores are incredibly thankful for your support too. I saw this from Literari (where I’ll be virtually tonight) and it’s insane. And so wonderful.

“Thank you” seems too small. But it’s all I have. So thank you.

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  1. Cannot wait to “see” you next week with Judy Blume – 2 incredible women talking about books!!

  2. Really excited for tonight’s event! And dang, I really want those Oracle cards but not sure if any place around me has them.

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing you and Judy Blume next week! Also, I received your book the other day and was SO happy to see a single poppy beneath your bio. Poppies are my favorite and I took it as a good sign. (I am impatiently waiting to start ‘Broken’; I have to finish ‘The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek’. Not that I can’t read two books at once, but each deserves my full attention!)

  4. So excited to read your new book and to join your discussion with Christopher Moore.

  5. Also excited to see/hear/experience you and the always incredible Neil Gaiman in a few hours. Been furiously reading Broken in an attempt to finish it before the tonight but have a third still (which I kind of want to savor, you know?).

  6. Once again I have to read your book in small doses because I laugh myself into an asthma attack.

    I was cracking up by page 9 and in tears on page 12, so I have a while yet….

    (Signed the lady who tweeted out that you were a Chicago Public Library staff pic. They have 82 copies on order, so they should know)

  7. One of the books in one of those envelopes in one of those tubs is mine!


    But on the bright side, I just got my caps lock unstuck.

  9. I got my Fantastic Strangelings book yesterday. I’m reading it on the back porch now. Really looking forward to seeing you tonight! One of those books is mine too. Probably end giving it as a gift. Your books mak such great gifts. Love you, Jenny!

  10. My niece actually did wake up from a coma this week, she’s in terrible shape but I’d like to buy this one-shoe print and give it to her when she starts struggling with physiotherapy. Is it only available in these cards?

  11. I’ll be there today! Virtually, of course. …. If I don’t fall asleep and miss it because I’m so freaking tired right now.
    I’ve been listening to Broken (5 1/2 hours in right now!) and I cannot put into words how many times I’ve teared up because you said something I *really* needed to hear. Thank you. Again.

    Is it weird I’m a bit jealous of that mailman for getting to transport so many of your books at once? Like, *that* would be an awesome work day!!

  12. I wanted to let you know that I received my preorder book from my little Indie bookstore in Glastonbury, Connecticut called River Bend and it was a signed copy! I am so thrilled and can’t wait to read it! Thank you for persevering and writing great books. All my best Kristi Vitelli

  13. Can’t wait for your event with Judy Blume on the 13th. That is going to be awesome! Love the pic of the mailman surrounded by crates and crates of Broken ready to ship to all of us ravenous fans! Our back room at Books & Books looks like that often. I k ow it will for sure when we start wrapping and shipping Broken! 🥰

  14. Jenny! Jenny! Did I miss anything you may have printed in the last couple days?? When I turned on The View yesterday, Sunny was holding three books which she felt (and Amazon felt) were wonderful. The third, and last, book was a big yellow book which is BROKEN!! I was so fucking happy! I live with just my cat, Bucket, and kitty-girl just looked at me askance. I love how you write — and I love you!-

  15. I’m just waiting for it to start. I’m so excited and happy you were able to have these events. It seems like everyone wins.

  16. Jenny, I got my autographed book today – I am SO excited to read it. Thank you very much for the time it took to sign them all. Your non-asshole friend, Diana in TN

  17. Michigan beat Texas!! I got the book from LIterati but am still looking forward to getting the strangelings book from Texas. I am giving my Michigan book to my best friend because she loves good books.

  18. OMG I was at your webinar and I am bawling and it’s like the best therapy session I’ve ever had. Thank you!

  19. The Zoom with Neil Gaiman was awesome! It was so enjoyable to listen to both of you.

  20. So, Jenny, if I am nowhere near an indie bookstore on April 24th, is there no way to get the Oracle cards? They look so awesome! I can’t wait to see you and Christopher Moore!

  21. I enjoyed your conversation with Neil so, so, much! I agree that y’all need a podcast!

  22. I NEED the “nice guys finish last” card as a print for my roller derby room. Let me explain: I started playing roller derby at 44 years old because it literally took me 25 years to get the courage to try out (and because I have PTSD, anxiety, phobia and extreme clumsiness). I am BY FAR the slowest skater in the league. I passed all the minimum skills requirements to play (barely) after almost a year of practicing at least 4 to 6 hours a week and failing skills test after skills test. I finally got rostered and boom, covid hit. Roller derby shut down 2 weeks before my first scheduled game. So now I’m converting my guest room into a little shrine to my short lived roller derby career because that jersey was hard earned and needs to go somewhere and that somewhere may as well be in a shadowbox on my wall! And this card needs to be a print and it needs to hang next to it because I’m slow and I’m nice and I always finish last. Seriously always. Fortuately my teammates are really wonderful and encouraging and I’m totally there cheering for the guys (and gals and non-binary people) in front but statistically, had I been allowed to actually play against people not in my team, those front people would probably mostly be assholes. My point is, that really needs to be a print and it needs to be on my wall. This comment is a longer version of a comment I already made on Facebook but I decided I really need whoever can make this print thing happen to see this and make this print thing happen so I’m duplicated and I’m not sorry. Shut up and take my money! Sincerely, #44 Ruthless Skater Ginsburg

  23. Ahhh those Oracle cards are SO BEAUTIFUL. I’m so glad you are planning on offering an online option for those who can’t/still don’t feel comfortable going into stores. I love that it’s something that’s being offering as part of Independent Bookstore Day but would love to see a full deck come out of this endeavor.

  24. Listening to the book and loving it……like having you right next to me and being your best friend….don’t wake me up from this dream either!

  25. So will all participating independent bookstores have the cards? I had planned to go to my favorite Indy on 4/24, The Book Bar in Denver, and it would be extra awesome if they had them to hand out!!

  26. Congratulations on your new book – I’m so pleased for you and so proud of you! I made cookies and curled up on the sofa with the cat to join you and Neil, and your conversation was so easy and natural and fun, it was just like having friends over except of course I’m not having friends over these days and I might have had to eat your cookies for you, but I assure you they were delicious.

  27. I absolutely LOVED the talk that you and Neil had! Absolutely planning on watching it again this weekend.
    Funny story, I’d bought a ticket the day they went on sale, had a hard time deciding which one to attend, but my gut said Neil Gaiman. A couple of days ago, my husband surprised me with a ticket for the exact same event, lol. I’d sworn I had told him about buying it already, but either I didn’t or he just forgot. Anyway. It couldn’t be returned, and I have been absolutely spoonless recently. So I was scrambling yesterday trying to see if any friends wanted it. Failing that, when I got home from work, my husband posted on Facebook that we’d send the ticket to the first person that responded. And then Facebook abruptly crashed!
    I feel like it’s synonymous with my life right now, I can’t do good even if I want to it feels like. But I am going to send the extra copy of the signed book to a friend who’s excited about checking it out! All is not lost (this will be my mantra for today, it’s been a rough morning, and I gotta get to work).

  28. I’m laying in bed reading your book and it is so good! ❤️ Work will have to wait

  29. Please post a list of bookstores participating in the Broken Oracle Cards giveaway on Indie Bookstore Day. I’m sure stores would appreciate not having to answer thousands of phone calls checking.

  30. Literati (you posted Literari) is my local bookstore. I’m SO excited to see they hosted your event, because we didn’t know if they’d be able to make it through this pandemic. So much love to you!

  31. So excited for next week! Also, how do we get the oracle cards? Love them!

  32. Last night watching you and Neil was like a dream come true. Two of my favorite authors. It was wonderful and I would have loved it if it could have lasted longer, but I’m not complaining. Thank you so much for that treat.

  33. Ack! I wish there was a way we could get the Oracle cards in Canada!! Can’t wait to ‘see’ you next week on you virtual Canadian book tour! My book should be here today!!

  34. Finishing last is a Huge Win when it means hanging out with you and your wonderful fans, Jenny. At 15 I tried bicycle racing. Dropped off the crowded, battling peloton at the first scary curve and had a lovely relaxed ride alone for the remaining 25 miles. Felt such relief that I realized I was cut out for bicycle touring instead. Many years of enjoyable treks followed. Now, 60 years further down the road, after a lifetime of being non-competitive, it’s clear: you meet the most delightful and interesting people, and discover the most amazing things and places, when you’re not trying to beat everybody to the finish line.

  35. One of those books being mailed out is mine coming all the way to me in Canada! Can’t fucking wait!!!

  36. Virtual book tours are amazing. I virtually stalked Fredrik Backman for a couple of weeks last spring when he was doing his tour for Anxious People. I watched you and Neil Gaiman last night. When else in my life could I see both of you at once? There are some things about this whole pandemic situation that suck (as my PCP, who patiently spent a lot of time this morning going through options to handle the current anxiety overload, and teetering on the brink of the abyss that is my life, could verify), but there are also things that are wonderful. In addition to book tours I can be a good aunt and watch niece and nephew’s virtual performances. All music recitals should be virtual.

  37. Any chance you will be selling a pack of those Oracle cards? Pretty sure our Canadian stores won’t have them and I love that forgiveness one ❤️

  38. Sigh, I am still enjoying the pleasant buzz of the Literati’s Conversation with Jenny and Neil.
    our friendship and enjoyment of each other is lovely and I have felt more excited about the new book than much else in the lest few months.

  39. Felt like I died & went to heaven watching you & Neil Thursday night. My husband kept popping in & out of the room & said “You & Jenny would be best friends in real life”, which made me so happy because I often feel the same way after reading your books or posts. I would love to see a weekly vlog you do, or really anything with you. You have helped me through so many dark times! Thank you for showing us that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of & that there are sooooo many other people struggling every day!

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