You need a break, friend.

I am feeling almost back to my normal depresso-expresso self (low energy but with bursts of normalness) rather than the super dark unable-to-fuction-as-a-human stuff I was swimming in, so YAY FOR SLIGHT IMPROVEMENTS! Also, spellcheck is telling me that “normalness” is not a real word and I am going to agree because I think we should normalize the fact that normalness is not really attainable because we are all unique. Excellent accidental therapy, spellcheck.

And speaking of therapy, I’m supposed to be focusing on positive things that make me smile because that’s supposed to help the ketamine therapy and that’s why I’ve spent the last 20 minutes on instagram looking at ferret videos. FOR MY HEALTH.

And I think you probably need a health break as well so please step into my office so I can show you the tiny videos I saved just for you. You deserve it.

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  1. Yay for better! Thanks for ask the videos. That is definitely good therapy!

  2. The last one got me, not gonna lie. ::snerk:: Those were awesome. Thanks for that, Jenny. 🙂

  3. Many thanks for all that! And, “normal” is an ugly word. Maybe “average” is better? And don’t forget “closure”. It does not exist.

  4. I have been watching Olympic gymnastics. I wish they showed more of the men’s gymnastics. I enjoy watching the rings routines. The upper body strength they must have!

  5. Thank you for these! Happy thing? My cat and dog give each other kisses.

  6. Thank you for EVERYTHING you do. My “baby” is going to “Fish Camp” at A&M this weekend- you know only a mere 13 hours from home…so since I’m riding along, what’s 3 more hours to come see Nowhere! So if you see a somewhat disheveled mom crying on Friday or Saturday…it’s fine…it’s totally fine.

  7. Hurray for cute videos!
    I’m glad you’re feeling better than before.
    I agree with you, normalness is a weird term, because we are unique individuals and what’s “normal” for me is not “normal” for someone rise.
    If you want to see really cute funny animals that snuggle and make adorable sounds, check out guinea pigs. They make the best pets.

  8. I like “normalness.” I’d vote it into the dictionary. My son says “yesternight” and I’m trying to make that a thing.

  9. I’m glad you’re feeling better. These videos are hitting me a little different today. I had to say good bye to my very best girl, my doggy, Sissy. She was my whole heart and I am shattered.

  10. Love that the ketamine might be helping. Wishing for it to be so. And thanks for sharing! I love the little yorkie “bark”. Wish mine sounded that cute. My Lorax is the usual annoying Yorkie supersonic, burst your eardrums bark. My favorite though, is the adorable introduction of kittie to pittie. I needed that bit off sweetness today. You must have known. <3

  11. Thanks for the needed laughs today. Was having a rough one. ❤️

  12. HUZZAH for slight improvements!! Speaking of positive things, no idea if you’ve tried this or if it would be a good idea for you at all, but my therapist has recently had me start a ‘gratitude jar’ where I write small positive things on slips of paper and put them in a jar. The goal is basically to take more notice of the little things that we may not even think about (I took the trash out today! I laughed while talking to a friend! etc). I completely covered my jar in animal stickers, it’s very pretty and it actually does make me feel good just to look at it and see the growing pile of paper slips in there.

    I have to admit all the animals are very cute and awesome, but it wasn’t until the last one when I actually laughed out loud. Cat took ‘less mess’ as a challenge!

  13. Thanks for the videos. I just started reading your first book for the second time. Glad you are feeling better and I look forward to reading your posts everyday. I’ve read all 3 of your books and they have made my world so much better. THANK YOU.


  14. Thanks for the videos. When I need a bit of “Jennyness” I go and color in “You Are Here” and it never fails in helping me feel better.

  15. Thank you for that, you were indeed correct. Your wisdom is infinite (almost to spellcheck level!). Happy to hear you are getting to a better place, been struggling this week

  16. Thank you for this – it made the day so much better!!! And I am excited that I just ordered a book online from Nowhere for my husbands birthday!!!Loved that I could support you from Florida!

  17. Valerie (above) said she just starting reading your first book for the second time. And I just read your second book for the second time. It’s a great way to feel normalness, because it reminds me that I’m not alone in sadness and anxiety. Thank you for sharing yourself.

  18. Saw the post title as I’m settling in after foot bone fusion surgery to fix a broken foot. Really didn’t need that break 😎

  19. Jenny your posts make me stop doing whatever I am doing. Always. And that is a really fantastic gift! Thank you so much for being you.

  20. BAHAHAHAHA!!! “Less-mess litter” calls for a different litterbox, but it was funny as he11!! Thank you for sharing these, Jenny!!

  21. Thanks Jenny. I am glad you are having good moments. Trying to claw my way back- so much anxiety and worry. The future is haunting me.

  22. Laughed out loud at the last one. Thanks Jenny. I really needed this!
    Love you!

  23. I’m so happy to hear that you’re feeling better – I recently finished your most recent book and that’s how I found your blog. These videos definitely made me LOL and I’m going to have to definitely share them with friends. Thank you for brightening my day!

  24. I often come back to these videos below when I need something to lift my spirits.

    The first is Kemosabe (prehensile tail porcupine at Animal Wonders Montana) trying new fruits on his own for the first time. He makes some of the most adorable sounds I have ever heard from a living creature!

    The second and third are simply a baby laughing hysterically at ripping paper.

    Hope these bring a smile to at least someone. Cheers!

  25. Thank you dear heart for sharing the groundhog video. So adorbs. Keeping my fingers crossed for your treatments to be permanently successful.

  26. I soooo needed these in my life after TikTok ruined my day with that bullshit pez video 😡

  27. I would like “the cat who drops its toy” to be my text message tone… glad you are better. You are valued by my heart.

  28. If you need some belly laughs, I highly recommend full episodes of Taskmaster on YouTube. Five charming, British comedians completing ridiculous tasks in creative, ridiculous, hilarious ways. Super fun.

  29. Yeah, this “new normal” is already old. Like how is this any different than the prior unattainable normal? I think we should all just be fabulous. Screw normal.

  30. Ketamine therapy… hmmm, I always suspected my drug of choice had practical application for psychotherapy. A shame I’m now clean and sober for over 30 years. Lousy timing?

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