Step into my office. It’s Friday.

It’s Friday so that means we can sneak into my office and pretend we’re doing work while I’m actually just showing you the instagram videos I saved for you.

Unless Instagram goes down again, in which case that is a sign that you are done for the day.

Happy weekend, y’all.

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  1. Those bats! and there were more! They kept coming! PS Once removed 2nd floor shutters for my parents and bat families flew out at my face. Now have this thing about bats.

  2. omg this was awesome thank you for the mental health break from work!! Loved it!!!

  3. I might’ve laughed a little too hard at “in a bag, underwater…” It’s been that kind of week!
    Thank you, Jenny!

  4. Having a pretty crappy day (…. literally…..) and I needed this so much! I’m super curious what those raccoons were doing, I thought maybe there was some laser-pointer out of frame like for cats but then there was one doing the same thing on a different wall??

  5. The woman who found her cat after the storm just makes my heart swell with joy.
    And dancing raccoons….

  6. Thank you I really needed this work was hell today. Sending spoons to everyone who needs some

  7. I can’t get that boxer’s face out of my head! Lol
    Thank you for those. I haven’t laughed in awhile. Felt good.

  8. Am I the only one who thought the bats were AWESOME? And the kid was, too.


  9. they were brilliant. i am not. my life fell apart this thursday. i will be ok though. i am sure of that. my friends tell me to too.

    (I’m sending you love. ~ Jenny)

  10. I liked all of these, but the first one with the lady finding her cat, made me so happy I cried.🥲

  11. But seriously : does anyone have any idea of what the raccoons are doing? I’m so curious!

  12. The last house I lived in had bats that lived between the house and the chimney (outside). We guessed there was at least 4000 or more. They were so fun to watch come out and fly but kinda creepy when we found them all hugging the wall during the day one time.

  13. Thank you for doing these. Every time you publish a new one, my whole counseling department “steps into my office” to watch and laugh together!

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