This week, y’all.

Things that happened this week:

Sent an email to Elizabeth and Vicky at Nowhere saying, “I’m reading an arc of Beasts of a Little Land and it is so good but making me realize how little I knew about Korean history. Nothing like books to make you realize how stupid you are”. Elizabeth emails back, “You cc’ed this to a random journalist”. Because of course I did.

My phone internet has been out all morning. Sent several texts to my sister telling her one of our old friends died. None of the texts went through. Sent another text blaming the ghost of our friend. It also didn’t go through. After spending 30 minutes trying to fix everything I realize I’d accidentally put my phone on airplane mode and tried to blame ghosts for it.

Was very proud of setting a reminder for a podcast I needed to record today. Realized that New York is an hour ahead instead of an hour behind about 30 minutes after the hosts (who luckily know me enough to realize I’m an idiot) have been waiting in their closets for me to call in.

Saw a spider on my computer at the same time Ferris Mewler saw a spider on my computer. Learned that my computer can survive being knocked to the ground by a cat. Spider jumped off the monitor and onto my lap. Walked outside to brush it off. It got scared and ran inside of my dress and now it lives inside me, probably.

Took Hunter S. Thomcat to get his teeth cleaned and the doctor said she’s going to have to remove several of them, which is apparently fine because I guess cats don’t need all their teeth but it’s thousands of dollars so I asked the vet if I could keep the teeth since technically they’ll be more expensive than any of my jewelry and she was like, “Sure. Do you want more teeth?” and I was like, “…I don’t want you to pull out extras just so I can make tooth jewelry” and started to worry if I’d chosen the right doctor but then she was like, “No, I just have a bunch of old dog teeth if you want teeth” and then I realized that I’d totally picked the right doctor.

And how has your week been?

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  1. Well, in the TMI department, I signed up to be in my first ever horse show next month and am so anxious already that I’m having nervous diarrhea and headaches… Fun times. 😛

  2. Check out Pot Roasts Mom on TikTok, she definitely kept all of pot roasts teeth. Had them put on a canvas.

    My week has been a WEEK, and it is only Tuesday.
    This made a rough week much better.

  4. My week…well, I literally did the same phone-in-airplane-mode-thing as you (replace blaming a ghost with blaming Apple, because I don’t currently know any ghosts). I’ve also spent much of the week arguing with my bank about something incredibly trivial but also super-important, and fantasizing about strangling my neighbor who manages to slam her cabinets so loud that they sound like gunshots.

    And I did all of it with a stiff neck because I injured myself by screaming like a little girl when a grasshopper jumped on me. So, yeah. It’s been a week. All 2 days of it.

  5. Had to laugh because just today my vet pulled two of my dog’s teeth out in the office (they were kind of bad, so it only took about 5 minutes, no anesthetic) and showed them to me. When I asked her if I could keep them she looked at me kinda funny, but I have the teeth.

  6. Our big orange tabby had stomatitis and needed ALL his toofs removed last summer. Then we got a kitten last December. Stomatitis again. ALL toofs removed. Feels funny when they bite us, and neither are in pain anymore. Our bank account, however…*yikes*

  7. What kind of jewelry? I’m picturing the wire wrapped shark’s teeth popular in the 80s

  8. My cats, Will and Grace, tag team needing dental work done. Grace’s last was close to $1000 and her brother Will just had one for over $700.00. He didn’t need an extraction, but I guess they dremeled the bad tooth down and sutured over it. My daughter’s cat Ziggy has the right idea. Her teeth just fall out all by themselves. She’s 15 and doesn’t seem to miss them and my daughter saves money. Win-win!

  9. I may or may not been have been an unwitting accessory to grand theft auto that belongs to a cop.
    My brother in law (the cop) offered to loan his personal car to my mom- she apparently stopped listening when he gave her details like WHEN- so some alarms went off.

    I think this is hilarious

  10. As a trained dental assistant, when my boss removed my two upper wisdom teeth, I drilled holes in the roots and put them on a ring I attached to my keychain. Many, many weird glances my way when people would spot them. Such fun!

  11. I can blame ghosts when my phone is on airplane mode? You always tell me such great stuff!

  12. My week is a typical week in sales during 4th quarter, starting with a customer service rep telling me ” this lead needs to be expedited” and my response is, “did you want me to stand behind a sales person and scream ‘dial faster’?”

  13. Our dog had to have his ACL repaired late last week. He’s a 2 year old German Shepherd mix who now thinks he fine to do whatever he wants. We’ve got him confined to our basement so he doesn’t run or jump on anything since he’s supposed to have limited movement for 8 weeks. He also has a cone of shame for 2 weeks so he doesn’t lick his incision. It’s like having a baby all over again! He was not a needy dog before and now he’s barking at 5:30am wanting attention. We spend a lot of time with him too, but man it’s exhausting! He’s a good boy though so I suppose I shouldn’t complain… that’s how my week is going.

  14. I seriously have a wisdom tooth necklace, from having my own wisdom teeth out. But I’ve always felt it would be too creepy to wear it in public. You are definitely my kind of people!

  15. I have still been job searching. Prior employer did set us up with a company to assist us with all sorts of assistance. Like helping us figure out LinkedIn and how not to make a fool of ourselves there. (which I already did) We had a Zoom meeting today about resumes and LinkedIn. The host is on East time. I kept thinking what time that would be for Texas. I finally looked that up last night. Why? I don’t trust my brain to do math.

    Also I am looking into maybe trying to learn some new skills because my old skills have now been mixed in with bunches of other jobs and now employers expect you to do all of them together for any where between $10 hr to $16 hr. (unless you have degrees and of certifications then you get paid better) At this point, I don’t even have a laptop. I do everything from my phone.

    With all of this, not even getting any interviews (because I’m over 38) and my resume/LinkedIn needs to be reworked…I’ve been feeling not so good about myself lately. Feeling like I don’t have anything to offer because I can’t do anything well. I screw things up too much. With ADHD, I’m a slow learner and I doubt what I think I know. That kicks off my anxiety about not getting another job ever.

    Aauugghhh!!! This is depressing! I’m gonna go watch more Squid Games!


  16. You know, I have paid good money for jewelry made out of teeth. My favourite is a beaver tooth necklace: it’s partly orange which I guess is normal, it’s 3ish inches long, was a FOUND tooth, not a harvested one.
    I have four dogs right now, one of which had a tooth pulled a year ago. I’ve always had dogs, several of which have had teeth pulled, and not once did I ask to keep them. I feel like an idiot now, because their teeth actually look pretty cool, and I SHOULD have thought to ask to have them. Maybe I could make something cool of my own instead of buying someone else’s find next time. Thanks for the idea, Jenny, and for not making me feel weird about my tooth jewelry (that beaver tooth gets me a lot of compliments, it’s really striking).

  17. There’s some kind of solar flare and multiple planets in retrograde so you aren’t responsible for anything weird that happens and you def aren’t stupid 😉 My old man kitty had stomatitis and had to have all of his teef taken out. I was super nervous but he did great and now his mouth doesn’t hurt anymore! And honestly…when he yawns he looks like a little old man and it makes me smile

  18. Needed this after a nightmare week of mortgage company insurance hell. But does it really cost thousands for cat teeth removal. I had to do this more than 10 years ago and it was only in the hundreds. Please tell me I dont have to look forward to 1000s x2.

  19. Indoor kitties are fine without their teeth. Both of mine had ALL of then out early this summer due to congenital gum issues and after a couple of weeks were back to eating their preferred dry food and crunchy treats.

  20. My teen daughter found a baggie of her old baby teeth in my jewelry drawer. “Mom! Omg! Wtf!”
    I don’t know what I’m saving them for. I offered to give them back to her though. She said no. Probably not my kid – must’ve been a mix up in the hospital nursery all those years ago.

  21. Well, I received my first wig ever today. I have trichotillimania so I just keep my head shaved and it’s been this way 9 or 10 years. I’m excited but also depressed about it. I also just turned in paperwork for weight loss surgery which is very exciting and I’m also a little nervous, but all in all on my way to a better and healthier me!

  22. I feel your pain with the price of animals not having teeth. My Pomeranian only has 2 teefs left. And I have no dollars left…

    If a spider climbed under my dress you’d be able to hear me screaming all the way in Texas (I’m in S. Florida) so you are officially WAAAY cooler than me!

  23. Similar week. Have been trying to get me and my two kiddos home since Saturday. Now on the 5th hour in the Denver Airport lol but we are making progress towards home! Lol

  24. “Do you want more teeth” me reading this omg is the doctor hoarding teeth? How many does she have? And omg I hope Jenny makes jewelry lol. I realized I picked the right writer to be my favorite writer :0)

  25. We went to Meow Wolf in Denver, and one of the many weird things is a washing machine front full of teeth. You’d love it. Well, you’d love Meow Wolf in general, I suspect.

  26. Kind of horrified by the vet prices here, I have a litter of kitties with stomatitis and our vet charges $250-$300 for a removal/cleaning session. Unless I’m getting bulk pricing… 😅 but we have one who is fully toothless, and much happier and healthier this way.

  27. I once had a dog who would bark and point whenever she saw a spider. She was terrified of them. Your poor spider probably was freaked out by the cat and was quaking in her little spider boots and thought your dress looked like a safe place to hide. Thank goodness it didn’t bite you. Sounds like you had quite a day!

  28. And now I want to ask my vet if they have any dog or cat teeth they can spare for my shadow box.

  29. Umm so I love your vet! I’ve kept my dogs teeth when they had to be removed and I swear my vet is like – wtf is up with her?!
    Then my dog got bladder stones and had to have a super expensive surgery at the really fancy vet hospital in the city. So I asked if you know I could have some of the stones… cuz a) I was curious what they looked like, and b) if my dog made like jewelry stones I wanted to be the one who could wear then. That vet was so much nicer and was like of course and even sent me photos of them! They look like little opals too which is cool but also sort of ick.

  30. Human teeth are expensive too 😝 I mean, having them removed. I haven’t tried to buy any. But I had 3 of my own removed today. And honestly, it’s not even the removal part that’s so pricey, but replacing one of them… oy.

  31. I’m currently covered in cats, which is both good and exhausting. One of the cats hates all the other cats. All the others have banded together against him, except the one who’s aptly named Princess. 😂

  32. What a year this week has been so far. I was late to work Monday due to my third flat tire in as many weeks and they can’t find a replacement to match because the cargo ship carrying said tire is off the coast of Nova Scotia and I’m in Iowa. I was told by the tire dealer that I should really consider upgrading to ten ply tires to avoid having so many flats. I though layers or “plies” only mattered in toilet paper before this week. Additionally, I’ve performed three bumble foot surgeries on my chickens and it is only Tuesday. I also have an opossum infestation. My cats have a vet appointment on Thursday so hopefully they get to keep their teeth. I can’t afford to go to the dentist for my own teeth.

    BTW sorry for your loss.

  33. My grown daughters find it quite bizarre that I’ve kept all of their baby teeth. I wrestled the tooth fairy for them so I’m keeping them. Honestly, I didn’t know what to do with them. Thy are part of my children-can’t just toss them in the trash! Anybody else have little jewelry boxes filled with tiny teef? Tell me I’m strange but it’s OK because I’m in the right place….

  34. I have to have an MRI on my post-op foot that is giving me random swelling and pain issues. Said foot has a bone graft staple in it. Woke up with major panic attack last night – if I have remove all piercings and stuff beforehand, what is to keep the staple from shooting out of my foot and ping-ponging around the MRI machine like a pointy, u-shaped bullet? And then I read that tattoos can react to the MRI so that sent me down another path that ended my assumption that me and my and my 9 tattoos might just explode into a million tiny, messy bits. Or we might not.
    Good times.

  35. It’s true!! Our cat had to have ALL of her teeth removed (apparently teeth/gum issues aren’t unusual in orange cats, according to our three-cities-ago vet), and while the immediate aftermath was hella traumatic for everyone (more so for my spouse & I than her, I think!), she healed & adapted quickly, and that was over 5 years ago and she is doing fine – eating all of the wet AND dry food , and treats that we’ll give her!!

    I hope you have a much calmer week ahead, and that everyone fares ok with their veterinary adventures!

  36. I used to do the dentals at a vet clinic and saved the teeth for months, cleaned and polished the best, drilled them and made a jewelry set for our annual white elephant Christmas exchange. It went around for years! Make something!

  37. My weeks ok so far. We get this thing called a PFD this week up in Alaska and I cannot wait to buy more books for my horde. Works a bit frustrating but hopefully things will iron out and less friction between areas. I delievered mini boo baskets to some ladies in a local group it was fun and uplifting.

  38. I have stuff happening. So much stuff. I want to quit. Not quit living, folks. Quit trying. Except my cats have some teeth left and a quality of life to uphold so I guess quitting isn’t an option.

  39. When I had my 12 year molars pulled at age 12, I totally got to keep them when I asked if I could…after all, they were MY teeth. And a few years back I had to have a toenail removed and I kept that, too, until it dried out so much it didn’t look like a diseased toenail anymore.

  40. I’m the bad parent who somehow mixed up her two kids’ baby teeth, so I don’t know which ones belong to which kid…

  41. I’ve also been having a week. Yesterday I discovered a hole in the middle of my gums. Can see the tooth where I shouldn’t be able to see tooth. Definitely had an anxiety attack and ended up crying. Going to see my old dentist tomorrow (that’s a whole other story). This is after the last few weeks of finding out I most likely have another rare disorder and having a test that involved shoving a tube in my nose, down my throat, and just into my stomach – while completely conscious. Was told it’s super rare to ever need that test again, so hopefully my body doesn’t tack on another “rare” thing. Next week I find out my official diagnosis and what treatment we’ll do (most likely another procedure, or maybe a surgery). Would like a full week of just normal chronic illness stuff. Doesn’t even have to be all good days; just a normal week without anything new would be fab.

  42. My very healthy 14 yo cat has no teeth behind her canines (and only has 3 of those left). They’ve been out for years. Doesn’t bother her in the least. I was surprised too, but your vet is totally right. Well wishes to Hunter S. Thomcat.

  43. Another toothless cat here. Her shelter posting mentioned that she had several that needed to be extracted when she showed up there. When I called to set up an appointment to come in to see/ adopt her (this was in Feb, and the shelter was only letting people in by appointment, and after approving an adoption request for a particular animal) the person I was talking to asked if I had any questions. I asked if they knew what happened to her teeth– disease, fight, accident. “Well… since I wrote her profile the shelter vet decided that none of the remaining teeth were worth keeping and she would be better off without them. She doesn’t have any teeth now.” Me (inside my head): at least that means no vet bills for dentals. I gave a small donation on top of the adoption fee because I know how much she cost them before I got her. I kind of enjoy having a cat who can chonk on my hand as much as she wants, and I never stop being amused when the lack of teeth leads to her tongue poking out.

  44. I am a journalist, and I’d be delighted to accidentally be cc’d on that! In general, plus it would be better than butt dials or getting accidentally cc’d by people complaining about how you’re biased against … dogs. True story. (not because I was hateful — just because I talked about my cat in a column)

  45. When my husband had an enormous tumor removed last Christmas, I knew the surgeon would not let me keep it, so I didn’t ask. But I did ask him for pictures, which he happily sent me. I also have a desk drawer that houses my skull collection. Every once in a while, I’ll get a Komodo dragon tooth, or sometimes a venomous snake fang to add to my collection.

    I hope your week gets better or that you can just wave a wand and make it Friday.

  46. My shoulder has be killing me for months. It was just starting to feel a little better, then this past Saturday on the way to the dog park, my older corgi decided he wanted to lunge at a doberman. Something went pop in the shoulder, pain returned. Then later in the park I helped my friend catch her blind cattle dog (he gets obsessive over other dogs sometimes and has to be leashed, and its HARD to catch herding breeds!) I caught his harness, he lunged and pulled the same shoulder. Went for a massage on Sunday, she said she doesn’t think its muscles, thinks its tendons. Joy. So Monday I went to Quick Care trying to get a referral to an Ortho. The doc barely stopped talking long enough to listen to me, poked my shoulder one time, offered me a muscle relaxer that makes things worse for me then when I said no, I can’t take that one basically accused me of looking for narcotics. I told her I don’t want narcotics, I’m fine with a muscle relaxer, just not THAT muscle relaxer. She finally listened, but gave me something that does nothing but make me sleepy. So today I spent 40 minutes on hold with my insurance company trying to find out if I need a referral, finally hung up without speaking to a person. Called an Orthopaedic group and made an appointment. For 2 weeks from friday. Maybe someday my shoulder won’t hurt anymore.

  47. “I just have a bunch of old dog teeth” – that reminds me of an old bit about sentences no one has ever said, like “Hand me that piano.”
    When we were kids, my brother Bill had to have eight teeth pulled (unlucky DNA paired big teeth with a short jaw, so they were coming in all zig-zag.) He asked for, and got, his teeth, and kept them in a little plastic box. He was really proud of them and would bring them out whenever we had company.
    My mom needed to have her gall bladder removed, and told the surgeon she wanted him to keep it for her. He laughed and said he would – turned out she was serious and he thought she was kidding. She was pissed when she didn’t get her gall bladder. I asked her what she wanted it for, and she said, “Lucite paperweight.”
    When he was grown up and a young Marine, Bill had to have a finger amputated. The first time they let him leave the ward post-op to eat in the regular cafeteria at the naval hospital, he was in his bathrobe and had just gotten his tray of food; looking around the tables, he spotted an attractive young woman. Always a flirt, he went and sat at her table, smiled, and started to say hi. She looked horrified, said, “Your finger’s missing!”, and jumped up to take her tray to another table.
    Bill was momentarily crushed. Back on the ward he told the hospital corpsman on duty, who he’d befriended, what had happened, then got an idea. Bill asked, “Where’s my finger now?” The corpsman said, “In a jar in the lab.” Bill started laughing and asked, “Can you borrow it for me?” Against his better judgment, the corpsman did. So at the next meal, Bill got his tray, looked around, and spotted the young lady, who was sitting with a friend. He went over and sat down. She looked at Bill, then said to her friend, “His finger’s missing!” Bill shook his head, produced the jar from his robe’s pocket, and said, “It’s not missing. It’s right here.” Uproar ensued. After that they didn’t let him in the cafeteria any more.
    So you’d fit right in with my family.

  48. Both of my cats have had all of their teeth removed – about $3,400 for each. It was the worst. But can confirm, domestic cats live perfectly normal, happy life with leas (or no) teeth!

  49. So today I was talking to a big group of people in my office (including one of the bosses)and couldn’t decide between saying nip or tipple and ended up saying “I just need a little nipple” so there’s that. Cat teeth are very expensive. My beloved Darwin ended up having all of his teeth removed over the course of our life together. I never knew asking to keep them was an option. Somehow I feel like my vet would have politely dropped me if I made that request. My current girl cat Lily ended up having several teeth removed last year and then my boy cat Smoo has something come up and I ended up spending roughly $2000 in two weeks between the two. They are pretty lucky I love them because I feel like I could probably get a whole lot of cats with teeth for $2000….

  50. Julz- I mixed up my kids teeth too, but I don’t think my son would want them anyway, so my daughter will get them all.

    I do have one of my mini horse’s baby molars. I keep it on a shelf with some fossilized horse teeth.

  51. I’m dreaing having to get my cats’ teeth cleaned. My week has bee shitty, fighting with my boyfriend over basic cleanliness because the house reaks of dirty dishes he’s been promising to clean for days. Devastated that this might be the end, but this might be my hill to die on and that’s terrifying, but also I can’t keep hoping he will change if I don’t hold him accountable.

  52. Several years ago, I had a molar removed (old root canal went bad and the tooth abscessed). The tooth broke during the procedure and I was not anesthetized. So needless to say, I was pretty traumatized and in a lot of pain the next day. I woke up to see my cat on the foot of my bed. My thoughts of “Aww, kitty wants to comfort me” quickly turned to horror when he looked at me and one of his fangs was dangling out of his mouth. I screamed for my sister and burst into tears. Cat went to the vet, spent the night and came home the next day with 6 fewer teeth. I got home from work that day to discover the cat was stoned out of his gourd and seeing rainbows, while I was chugging along on ibuprofen and Tylenol with codeine. First (and only) time I was jealous of a pet’s medication!

    And no, we were not offered the teeth …

  53. This made me laugh out loud (for real) at the end. I sprayed my hair with Glade while getting ready for work this week. Not just one spray. Three sprays. 😉

  54. Well lets see…diagnosed with shingles on Friday, went in today for a very, very painful, burning spot that seemed to be getting worse. Turns out THAT is an infected spider bite. yikes. oh and my husband died and everything sucks.

  55. Yeah the other day my wife wanted me to drive her to Verizon because the internet on her phone was “broken.” Probably needless to say now, but after half an hour of trying to fix it she gave it to me and I immediately noticed it was in airplane mode.

  56. Two weeks ago was my dumpster fire week; this one’s only a little trash can fire, but it’s only Tuesday. Simultaneously looking forward to and slapping myself for saying yes to picking up my new fosters (mama plus EIGHT puppies).

  57. And these are my people! It is Homecoming week at the university that I work at. I have to go to the game this weekend. I hate sports and large crowds and awkward conversation. I may have chosen the wrong department to work in. (Alumni, Foundation, and development) I do love helping the student with scholarships though so it is a trade off. Go Reddies!! No we cannot have a normal mascot. #nomerebeast.

  58. One day, my lovely white cat named Belle had absolutely terrible breath. It was very yeasty, which means infection. I took her in, and $3000 later, all her teeth were removed. The vet was right though, they don’t need their teeth. She was on wet food for the first three days to allow everything to heal, and then half and half until her gums were strong enough. She was able to get her hard food to crunch once her gums built up some resistance. She was perfectly fine after that.

    I totally should have asked for her teeth though.

  59. …. I love that the exactly perfect people just happen to come into your life. Only you would have a vet that not only wouldn’t be weirded out by you asking to keep your cat’s teeth to make jewelry but actually offer you old dog teeth they apparently just have around.
    I’m sorry to hear your friend died. (Unrelated, what’s the podcast you were on and when/where can we listen?)

    How was my week? Well, last Thursday there was an unexpected flat tire that led to the discovery our spare tire was also flat. Saturday we spent an unexpected $500 to tow the car to a mechanic and get a full set of new tires (because we usually buy used tires, one at a time when needed, and that leads to having all tires with different amounts of wear and no idea how long any of them have left). We spent all of the ‘car fund’ that we’d been saving up to get the brakes fixed but never actually got them fixed because they seemed to magically fix themselves like ten months ago, but now we have all shiny new tires and 2-year guarantees/replacements and the peace of mind is totally worth it.

  60. I was sick all last week with what I thought was a UTI and stomach virus, but after a trip to the ER early Saturday morning I was diagnosed with diverticulitis. I’m finally starting to feel a little better now.

    Then Sunday afternoon my dog tore part of a nail when he was playing outside and he had to have it cut almost down to the quick. I didn’t ask to keep it, though. We’re both recovering now, and I’m tired of being sick!

  61. A couple of years back there was a Craigslist freebie of several dozen of those clear (used) Invisa-liner teeth trays. Thought it was gross but then as Halloween approached a few weeks later I regretted not getting them and filling them with grow-in-the-dark playdoh and stringing them up all over the front porch. Moral: never pass on free teeth trays. You never know when you might need them.

  62. “My phone internet has been out all morning. Sent several texts to my sister telling her one of our old friends died. None of the texts went through. Sent another text blaming the ghost of our friend. It also didn’t go through. After spending 30 minutes trying to fix everything I realize I’d accidentally put my phone on airplane mode and tried to blame ghosts for it.”

    This happened to me, too! I see we’re not the only ones, either. There’s something going here. I like the ghost theory. After all, Hallowe’en is alomsot here.

  63. To Elizabeth – you might try a library for developing skills. They have computers and often skill building programs. I apologize if I’m telling you something you already know – I used to work in a library and am always touting their benefits. In the meantime in my first week of retirement I fount out that I have some small cancer, my five year old had croup with attendant coughing, vomiting, and hysteria, and some place keeps billing me for 1700 dollars. All in all a complete antidote to the boredom I feared…

  64. I tried to make tortillas, but I mixed up my corn flours and used grits instead of masa, and I’ll have you know that nothing you can ever do will make grits into a tortilla.

  65. I took my 5year-old rescue kitty for our first visit to the vet and learned I was to brush her teeth! This was not a thing 20 years ago when I last was owned by a cat.
    I bought the tiny toothbrush and the special cat toothpaste and we brush roughly once a week. Kitty has gotten much better about the procedure! I was told I only needed to brush the outside facing surfaces, as her tongue will keep the interior clean. Kitty’s foul breath is gone now, and her toothbrush and toothpaste sit on the sink in their own small drinking glass. I warm the bristles in water before broshing the front teeth first. This lets her relax her cheek muscles and I can now easily polish the side teeth.
    The stories here of the expensive tooth procedures and extractions have made me put the brushing on a calendar, so thanks for teaching me.

  66. I had a tooth pulled on Monday because it was cheaper to pull it ($50) than to try and fix it (several thousand dollars) when the dentist told me even if they’d fixed it, they might have ended up having to pull it ANYWAY due to the shape it was in. So yay? I guess?

  67. My anxiety caused such intense back pain that all I could do was sit on the floor with my back against the wall and my laptop on my lap. Luckily, this was in my own home. The muscles just tensed up and couldn’t relax. I’m not sure if this is an indication of age or anxiety level or both. Otherwise, things are actually going well.

  68. I’m learning things in this thread! Thank you for always being yourself and sharing your vulnerability with us. Also, I cannot pass a metal chicken in someone’s yard with out yell out Beyonce. My kids think I’ve lost my mind.

  69. One of our cats had stomatitis a few years ago and had to have all his teeth removed. While he was loopy AF for a few days recuperating on serious kitty pain meds, and we were in shock from the bill (seriously it cost more than my first car)…it fixed the problem and he has no gum issues anymore and can still eat any kind of food (even kibble). Bonus, he looks like an old man who forgot his dentures when he turns in profile.

  70. Thank gods its not just us. Accidentally made something worse while trying to fix it, hubbys laptop is sustained by duct tape, our bath has to be completely wrecked and oh I had to pay VAT for two packages for which I had already paid VAT. Sigh. Hugs.

  71. Hey Jenny! My cat was at risk of losing teeth a few years ago, and I’ve found some products that have kept her teeth healthy ever since. Not sure if it’s okay to put brand names here in comments, so I’ll just say ask your vet about a prescription teeth-cleaning kibble that you can feed your cats every few days or use as treats, and also there are enzyme additives you can put in their water – Dorothy Barker could use that as well. You have helped me so much over the years I’ve been reading your blog and books, so I hope this is a help for you! Muchas smoochas!

  72. I am also having a whole pain in the ass week over here too, and this post made me feel SO much less alone with all the random bullshit that has gone on. Thank you!!

  73. Also having an aggravating week, capped off (SO FAR) this morning when I was awakened by a tap-tap-tap in my bedroom. Turns out my 56 gallon aquarium had decided to leak – lost about 5 gallons before I jumped into action. Saved the fish, but floor is wet, water soaked through to the basement. I am ready to burn my house down and start over.

  74. Omg my cat just had to have a second round of oral surgery yesterday and it was even more expensive and longer than the first round. #smh. She’s pretty miserable right now. But I know she will be happier in ten days when the cone comes off.

    In the meantime I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who had veterinary sticker shock.

  75. Thank you for posting this. While I don’t have a cat anymore, I love hearing and looking at pictures of them. I took Offspringus Prime to the wrong place for her rehearsal for the Cedarburg Gothic History Tour yesterday, and had to take Segundus to urgent care for symptoms of COVID. And I’m busy trying to quarantine my weirdlings because Segundus tested positive for COVID (of course he’s the one too young to get the vaccine) and figuring out logistics of who do I need to notify, trying to keep food in the house, and trying to socially distance the family. So, I empathize with your aggrivations.

  76. I missed not one but TWO medical appointments yesterday. And everytime I look for something I forget that for which I am searching. Yesterday I was panicked because I’d run out of clonazepam. I searched the house four or five or a million times, and then called the nice recording lady to refill them. Turns out I had ordered
    the refill three days before and it was waiting at the pharmacy.

    I feel like an idiot, but people tell me I’m not. Pretty certain you are also not.

    BTW, the novel _Pachinko_ by Min Jin Lee isn’t great, but it’s set in Japanese-occupied Korea, so full of information.

    _Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea_, by Barbara Demick is fantastic, by which I mean horrifying but extremely well written and researched.

  77. Just great. I came home after being away for 4 1/2 months and realized it will take me 4 1/2 months to go through the mail. Also I have forgotten where everything in my house is and where the controls are on my car. My status ranges from confused to freak out.

  78. A friend made delicate earrings out of the two teeth that had to be removed from her cat and wears them every day. They are beautiful and more precious than money.

  79. My week is par for the course – yesterday I looked down at my phone and saw a message from an hour earlier saying “I’ve started the meeting – are you going to join us?” This was a special virtual meeting THAT I WAS THE HOST OF and that that I CALLED and that I sent the invite to EVERYONE IN MY JOB CATEGORY IN THE ENTIRE STATE.

    If you’re going to fail, fail big, I say.

  80. I retired at the end of August and I’m still not having fun, and it’s not pandemic-related. It’s been one health shit show after another, non-stop. Thousands of $$ in dental bills and I am really, really dental phobic. They messed up my September COBRA and also the health insurance that was supposed to start Oct. 1 (picked a crap doctor for my PCP instead of my real one). Can’t see her until November 1. Right now I’m in pain literally from head to toe. I have TMJ from a 4-hour dental appointment, my back’s out, and I stubbed my toe and it hurts like heck. This is all feeding into my fear of an unhealthy retirement and my anxiety is off the charts. Thanks for reading. When will it end? I planned everything perfectly but my employer messed everything up.

  81. Things zany here too, impossible scheduling. Mercury is in retrograde. Monday may look different.

  82. If a spider attacked me like that, you’d hear me all the way from Tasmania!
    My weeks go like this: stick in bed with #MECFS until Wednesday… Manage to get up for my three hour shoe-making class where I interact with human beings in person… Go back to bed. Rinse. Repeat. But not too often, bc rinsing is tiring and I can’t manage to shower every day, esp when it’s not summer so it’s still cool weather.

    Oh, and try to get my 16yo with autism back to school. Never fun, esp when the principal rings to enquire what’s happening. Explain about seeing his psychologist and talking to his doctor who wants to take blood tests to make sure nothing serious is going on, only we can’t bc of my son’s extreme needle phobia so he has to be sedated for needles which have to be done at the public hospital when he reaches top of the list, can’t afford private health care bc #MECFS so I can’t work any more.

    Breathe, take a breath, and remember for all the crap life throws at me, at least it’s throwing it at me in a beautiful place to live.

  83. Had to go to ER because of vertigo and the sentence you never want to hear, “Yeah, you should come in so we can rule out stroke.” Not stroke, just room-spinning brain attacks. Stupid inner ear crystals! A wonderful doctor whom I hate anyway because he could, and did, give me vertigo just by moving a finger around in the air. Take generic dramamine for the vertigo, so instead of brain-spinning I could just be comatose. Stop taking generic dramamine. Exercises to relieve the vertigo by essentially giving yourself vertigo over and over again “till it goes away.”
    Then there’s work…
    But I will see a bunch of fun former work friends tonight, and my son whom I haven’t seen since the shutdown is coming next week, and I have these two lovable demon-cats. So, YAY!

  84. Ning to “Broken” for the second time and thought I’d give you a “Ya learn something new everyday if you are paying attention.” Anyway it is the word for crotch wig as described near the end of chapter five. And the word is: merkin. Sorry if this your last name.

  85. seems as though the helpful man at the Verizon store successfully deleted all data and texts and pictures from my phone and my phone is locked and inaccessible and my work partner (there’s just the two of us) has to unexpectedly retire due to health issues. Yeah, it’s been a week.

  86. Was talking with a friend the other day about the book on love languages, and realized that giving me a good laugh is up at the top of mine. Have a hunch I’m not the only one who is wired that way. Which helps explain why you are so beloved, Jenny. Thank you for spreading such delightful laugh/love around the world. You’re a gem.

  87. I took one of my cats (Sushi) to get her teeth cleaned because a canine tooth was loose and they called me to tell me she went “Fractious” after they put in the IV and they couldn’t do it. Now she has PTSD and I’m not sure how I’ll get her back there next week. 😐

  88. My husband went out of town so three of my cats got coccidia and had diarrhea everywhere and now have to have liquid meds shoved down their throats. Also it’s Persian cat shedding season so add regular hacking up of hairballs to the constant cleaning I’m doing. He is gone for another week and I’ve learned that apparently he’s the glue that keeps this house from falling apart. So that’s my week.

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