It’s Friday, you deserve this.

It’s Friday and that means pretending to work while secretly sneaking into my office so I can show you all the instagram videos I saved for you. Ready? Me too.

Happy weekend, y’all!

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  1. OMG! The golden retriever who replaced the treat that they were not supposed to eat, and closed the drawer, too!
    I just LOVE a smart dog.
    And you could see how difficult it was for them to not eat the second treat, as well.
    I wish I had that self control with treats….
    Thank you so much Jenny!
    I have had a really rough week, and this post made me laugh out loud for the first time in a long time.

  2. Nobody let my poodle see that Golden Retriever with the treat drawer ‘cause my little evil genius would totally do that!

  3. Raining almost nonstop for 2ns day in a row. Oh hell, yes I fucking needed this!!!!

  4. Fabulous! Love the golden retriever (if he was really smart wouldn’t he just eat the treats out of the drawer?) And love the cat dancing. He got the moves!! Lots of laughs here. THANK YOU!

  5. I have an Instagram account, but very rarely go on it. This forced me to login again and catch up on some of my”likes.” I really enjoyed your videos. I need more people to follow. Who are your favorite Instagram people to follow? Anyone?

  6. I have Instagram and I want to know. How do you get all the “good” ones? Huh? HOW?

  7. Thank you for this. I really needed to laugh. I found out I have a pregnancy complication that while treatable and could resolve itself that I will likely have to have a c-section and have increased bleeding risks and today it’s been hitting me hard and I had a little cry and was having trouble focusing on anything else. But this really helped get my mind unstuck and breathe and relax, which is the best thing I can do for me and my baby right now.

  8. I identify with that dog under the curtain a lot of days, but post like this definitely help – thanks!!!

  9. The guy dropping the sharpie into the cap held in his mouth pleased me greatly, and I thank you.

  10. Hi Jenny today I learned of the work of poet Rachel McKibben through a Reddit thread (Herman Cain Award) that included a screencap of her 10/27 Twitter post. Do you know of her? I looked up her wikipedia and she’s the author of three books.
    Her screencapped Tweet rages at the death of her father- “…I am feral and grieving. There is no worse version of me.”
    One of our tribe. Surely a candidate for Nowhere Bookstore inclusion.
    Be well. Thank you for all you do, and are, Jenny.

  11. These were great. A good “viewing” for a Saturday morning. 😁 Kicking the depression and anxiety can down the road a bit. Thank you! 😊

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