We’ve never had matching pajamas in our lives so this is what we do instead.

Happy holidays from our family to yours.

Probably going to get pee in my shoes.

Totally worth it.

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  1. Love this more than I can say,,, I recognize Dorothy Barker, but the other cast of characters are??

  2. Seasons Greetings! Our dog might per on the floor but I haven’t gotten an shoe pee. Yet.

  3. Happy holidays and may you not get pee in your shoes lol. Ps give them all a hug from me and tell Victor he was right (we know he wasn’t and I don’t know what he did last but it’s Christmas and that’s a nice present for him)

  4. Who is in the lower left hand corner? If you just glance at the photo, s/he looks like s/he’s smoking a cigarette! 😂

  5. Happy Holidays to you and your family! Hunter looks so stinking CUTE in that tree outfit! All the cats look pretty annoyed though, lol.

  6. Hunter S Tomcat and Ferris Mewler have that “murder-death-kill” look in their eyes. I wouldn’t turn my back on either of them, if I were you.

  7. Rarely have I seen such a disgruntled group of cats. Yes, there is revenge being plotted. Dorothy Barker is enjoying her outfit, though, little diva. Merry Christmas to the whole clan! And you might fit a baggie liner in your favorite pairs of shoes, just in case…

  8. Oh, nice to know my cats aren’t the only ones who engage in revenge peeing in footwear!! It’s been so bad at times that when I’d call to order replacements, the first thing the Zappos customer service person would ask was, ‘what did you do to annoy your cats?’ (I had mentioned to one of them once that my cats did this…apparently, it’s noted in my customer file). And if I have to take one of them to the vet, they ask if I’ve ‘secured my shoes.’ Still, they’re family, w/all their quirks. So, Feliz Navidad, Buon Natale, Joyeux Noel, and all that!!’

  9. I say make it your Christmas card. Don’t let those cute-face critters steamtoll you and your holiday spirit. ✌👾

  10. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I love the kitties, mine would not have anything to do with Christmas attire or any for that matter. You always make me smile and I never feel alone, thanks for your kindness and humor about the hidden illnesses I struggle with daily. My holiday this year was not at all what I hoped and knowing your tribe of followers, they help as well.

  11. Dorothy Barker looks like the glamorous diva she is. But your cats will alternately pee in your shoes, poop on the bed, or you will wake up with them sitting on your chest, staring into your face, and plotting how to suffocate you in your sleep. (They will only reconsider if you feed them their favorite treat, because after all, humans are good for feeding them.)

  12. A few of you have asked ?What cats are these? I believe Jenny’s cats are, in the order of the delightful and dangerous holiday picture: Rolly, Ferris Mewler, and Hunter S. Thomcat. Most everyone seems to recognize Ms. Dorothy Barker already 🙂 thanks for this pic, it made me smile!

  13. Dorothy Barker looks like she playing it up for the camera and absolutely loves it! The cats, not so much, might find more than pee in your shoes!

  14. Not sure where to comment….. not sure where to begin. But for the first time in my life i am in such a dark place right now. I know all your books…. I am looking for the community. I feel alone right know

  15. Your cats look proper pissed – beware, my cat peed in my college workbook , a whole folder ruined. Still don’t know what I did to upset him.

  16. Best card EVER! I’d listen for that certain cat sound of puke hitting your shoe or pillow….

  17. Anonymous 32 I’m sending you some love from the UK and some of my hope if you need a little extra, you’re not alone xxx

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