Step into my office. You deserve this.

Usually I reserve my rundown of instagram videos that I thought you should see until a Friday but this week is Xmas and that means that this whole week counts as a Friday so step into my office so for a few minutes of adorableness and joy.

Also, we just finished a whole week of James Garfield Miracles and in spite of the fact that I was beaten to the xmas lists by wonderful, giving strangers over and over I still managed to send 114 stuffed animals to sweet children in need of an extra bit of joy and I am considering it a resounding success because pretty much everyone with a valid list was helped and that is amazing. Thank you to everyone who gave and everyone who reached out for help. YOU ARE ALL MAGIC.

And now…ridiculousness:

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  1. Since it’s my birthday, I am accepting this post as an unintended present. So thank you.
    I really needed this today.
    You’ll never know how much.
    Just another example of how your mere existence and showing up helps make lives better
    … bearable, even.

    (Happy birthday! ~ Jenny)

  2. The first one made me cry, but the second made me laugh. That’s how my brain feels these days! Thanks for this! 🙂

  3. As a child who had to endure the annual church program for MANY years, I cannot stop laughing at the poppin and lockin angel! 😂😂😂

  4. Thank you for this. I laughed and it made me smile, which helps when we are all under stress of holidays during COVID-times. Santa’s reindeer are magic, they’re not the typical everyday reindeer. And you are magic, too.
    Happy Holidays to all, I’m asking Santa to find the cure for COVID- along with world peace, and for kindness to go viral on social media instead of meanness.
    May all your holidays be filled with kindness and spread joy.

  5. It’s like you knew! You knew someone in the universe needed to see these…and that person is me 😂😂😂 I hope this story makes people laugh!

    Yesterday I was at my aunt’s house (to celebrate my moms birthday) and I proceeded to slip (in socked feet) on the tile floor spectacularly like a mix between the Marv and Harry slipping on the hot wheels in that scene from “Home Alone” and a Looney Tunes cartoon. It was like I slipped on a fucking banana peel in a bowling lane!

    If anyone asks, no I wasn’t doing anything fun-I was just being an asshole who can’t walk apparently. Unfortunately I was not drinking, no I was not high, and no I wasn’t dancing.

    I landed with my weight on the side of my right foot, and the pain was so excruciating that I then started to go into shock, which included crying, whole body shaking, screaming obscenities, feeling like I was going to barf/black out, and loudly FARTING (yes farting multiple times) in front of my whole family.

    Went to urgent care, and shockingly I do not have a broken foot. It is possible I have torn ligaments as well as tendons… if in two weeks I’m not better I have to have a follow up.

    I managed to ruin my mom’s birthday, I have a swollen angry Frankenstein foot, and with the cane I’m rocking to walk with I’m officially Tiny Tim except I’m surly as Hell and I’m all out of Christmas cheer. Happy holidays Jenny and Tribe!!!!

  6. I really needed this today. We are all waiting to find out if we have covid after being exposed this weekend (even though we are all vaccinated) and are all sitting here depressed that Christmas will probably be cancelled. These made us laugh and cry and get out of our heads for a couple minutes. Thank you!

  7. There really are no words for how wonderful you sharing your life with all of us makes the world. I’m just grateful from my very core. Thank you!

  8. Love, love, love these! Thanks for the pick me up, I needed it. Happy all holidays and don’t forget-we’re all in this together!

  9. I had tears at the office, so funny! I typically wait to watch your Friday videos until at home, but couldn’t resist today. Good thing attendance is pretty sparse today! The dog in the snow and the poor lady dancing with the cooler falling! Bwhahaha! I’ll open the door for my dog, he’ll step to the threshold, take a look, then slowly back up in reverse if the weather is not to his liking. No rain and no wind for that doggo!

  10. This was the best collection of the year! Also, “fuck yeah, free happy goat!” Hubby said “what the fuck is behind that stove? I’d move that right away.” Fingers crossed for more goats.

  11. This collection just brought me so much joy during a week when I needed a laugh. What you do and what you share is amazing. Thank you so much.

  12. Laughing so hard I’ve got tears streaming down my face. How’d you know I needed this badly? Bravo on another successful year of James Garfield Miracles!!

  13. I was just reading another book and the author referenced you in it. He said some drunk guys must have been well read because they were quoting you (a near quote I think). Happy Holidays

  14. Love ALL of these! So glad the kiddos are getting stuffies, would love to send some if there are any lists that need to be fulfilled – I saw the post last week and then forgot to get some.

  15. For the better part of 2021 I’ve been off social media and it felt great! Until I watched your insta shares. Laughed so hard and now wonder why I left?

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