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So today I’m supposed to be in Dubai speaking about books but instead I am home and it’s a little disappointing, but between Victor getting covid (he’s much better today, thank you vaccines) and Hailey being in the ER (they’re much better today, knock wood) and me having a series of panic attacks I think it might all be for the best that I’m home. Still, I should be exploring the Sahara Desert right now and instead I’m prepping for a 4am virtual appearance so to cheer myself up I am watching ridiculous stuff on instagram and I am inviting you into my office to watch with me. Let’s do this:

Happy weekend!

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  1. ‪That last one happened to me three weeks ago. It was an old bottle I’d forgotten about. I thought I had solved the possible issue by aiming down into the sink. Turns out the splash back from that can also cover you, cabinets, walls, floor, ceiling…‬

  2. Omg what happened to Hailey? Sending lots of good vibes and love to them! It’s frustrating when plans fall through, especially such a big travel plan. These definitely put a smile on my face!

  3. Lots of get well thoughts to Victor, Hailey and you, too.
    Thank you for the Internet funny posts, I love the demon cat!

  4. I DID need this? How did you know? The real reason you’re not in Dubai is because you’re in my head, aren’t you? I’d say “get out,” except that you’re entertaining me, so…

    Glad Haley and Victor are doing better. Hugs to your whole family.

  5. i attended the (virtual) funeral of one of the most important people in my life this afternoon and really thought laughter was impossible. thank you for showing me that it survived.

  6. That yoga dog is awesome! Glad you all are doing better. I don’t travel well either, so the virtual thing sounds better to me.

  7. Don’t feel bad about missing that Dubai desert trip. I did it and the driver hurtled up, down and sideways over the dunes and made everybody carsick so we couldn’t enjoy our dinner afterwards

  8. Fenix the Happy Dog. Can I get an amen?

    Hope your family is recovering quickly. Even mild cases are worrisome, so keeping you all in my thoughts.

  9. (1) Dubai is on a different continent from the Sahara Desert, so I’m not sure how that tour would have worked. Dubai is on the Arabian Peninsula, so I guess it’s in the Arabian Desert? Or its part of the desert may have a more specific name. (2) You’re uniquely suited for a 4 am Zoom session, since (unfortunately) you’re usually awake that time of night anyway. The way things go, this will be the one time you’re asleep on your feet at 4 am. (3) Ye cats, I hope whatever’s wrong with Hailey has no lasting repercussions. (4) That ski resort report with the person on the steps may be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Do we agree that wasn’t staged? There was no reason for a promo about great skiing to include a customer almost killing themselves on the steps? Why didn’t the camera operator call cut? There was only one take, so whoever edited the segment together later had no choice but to use it? Hilarious. The promise of winter vacation versus the reality. (5) I didn’t know dogs could be taught dressage. Or whatever that was. (6) Thanks for the clips.

  10. Purely by accident I saw the yoga dog on TikTok- this amazing dog has cancer and her owner is trying to save her.
    Donate if you can or share! They’ve raised a lot so far but the treatments aren’t cheap 😭

  11. Definitely started a day with a laugh – thank you. Has anyone seen the FB ad with someone blowing a hairdryer into their lady garden (I believe it is for weight loss)? Jenny needs to see this!

  12. I would consider a case of Covid, an ER visit, and a bunch of anxiety attacks absolute proof positive that the universe does NOT want me to travel right now. And I’ve learned: Don’t fuck with the universe. She ain’t playin’.

    Sending good thoughts your way.

  13. Jenny and All —

    I fell in love with @my_aussie_gal!
    I looked her up on Instagram and discovered that Secret (the aussie) has been diagnosed with Leukemia and they’ve set up a legit GoFundMe page for donations and that Mary (the girl) and her sister, Izzy, are trying to raise funds to cover Secret’s treatment. You can check it out yourself and maybe contribute what you can!!!

  14. Thank you Jenny! I needed these laughs! I pray Victor and Hailey continue to recover welll, and, you rest, too!

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  16. I kind of want the air gumby thing to happen to me, but, like, without friends knowing about it. Then you seat them facing the window (with clear drinks only) and wait. Instant viral fame! I also love that the face was toward the window. “Hey friend! … Henlo! … How you doin’?”

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