Let’s be friends

It’s Valentine’s Day and I don’t really celebrate it because I don’t like it when people tell me when to enjoy chocolate but my sister emailed me a stack of love letters our grandfather sent our grandmother to convince her to marry him and they were so strangely lovely that it reminded me how wonderful letters can be.

They were written mostly in English because their parents only spoke Czech and so they couldn’t snoop on the intercepted letters, but my grandmother’s sisters would definitely have been snooping so my grandfather would hide little notes like this one he apparently hid under the stamp.

The stamp smeared it a bit but I think it says “sending you lots of kisses and Marlon Brando.” I might wrong about that last part.

It also has a series of dots and dashes hidden inside the letters and I can only assume it was some sort of secret code they used, or that possibly they were teenage farmer spies who were busy passing secrets while working in the cotton fields of rural Texas.

Regardless, it reminded me that a few years ago we did a thing here where if you wanted a kind note from a stranger in this community you could just leave your address in the comments and maybe get or give a little unexpected magic to someone else. I am still getting cards from that and they always make me smile and I know there are people who today have made lasting friendships through such a small but fun exchange.

So if you’d like to maybe get a note from a sweet stranger to remind you that there are people in the world who care just leave your address in the comments. You can use your first name, or an initial or a secret made-up name and you can use your address or a po box or your brother’s house or whatever feels safe for you. And if you want to send a card to a friend you haven’t met yet you can pick one (or several) below. I’m going to be sending some postcards myself because I just got a dozen and they are amazing.

So for example my comment would say, “Feel free to write me a note. I like reading, true crime, and cats. Also, David Tennant was totally the best Doctor Who and I’m willing to die on that hill. I’m:

Executive Princess Jenny / 14546 Brook Hollow Blvd. #400   /   San Antonio TX, 78232″

And no matter where you are in the world today, please consider this a note to tell you how much I’m glad that you’re here. Yes, you. You are amazing, friend.

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  1. I’ve always hated Valentine’s Day, mostly because it’s my Birthday. When I’m single all my friends are out with their boyfriends/spouses. When I was married, my ex used it as an excuse to combine the 2 events. And now that I’m single again, even more of my friends are married/partnered up.

    Lame sauce all around.

  2. David Tennant was absolutely the best Dr. Who. I will stand on that hill with you ’til the bitter end.

  3. How dare everyone else hijack your day. There should be an organization for things like this, include the people who were born on Christmas and 9/11, etc. (Happy birthday!)

  4. Somewhat obvious personal interest – am I reading that correctly as Rowena? Or is it Powena?

  5. Valentines Day makes me sad. Mostly because it’s become so commercial and not really about just being with someone you love anymore.

    But making friends makes me happy 😀

    Seane ND Crafter
    455 David Knight Lane
    Saskatoon SK Canada
    S7K 5M1

  6. Feel free to write a newly single almost 40 (hyperventilating with that admission), sarcastic, true cre for bedtime, caregiver of forgetful mother and mother of a 15yr old boy (shit! he’s starting to learn how to drive) and 10yr daughter (who likes to ask such questions as “how do you hide a body?” right before bedtime), dog and cat (and most other creatures except possums… they’re assholes) lover.
    Kate Boykin
    15410 Monte Vista Dr.
    Houston, TX 77083

  7. I’m also am not a fan of the holiday. It was Dad’s birthday, so that pretty much took precedence. Just another day for me, single or coupled.

  8. Princess Buttercup
    4627 Cairnsean St
    Houston, TX 77084

    I’m a cat mom who loves yarn and crafting.

  9. I always thought handwritten letters are awesome and mean so much more! I wrote a comment with me address but I think it got lost in the abyss.
    Kate Boykin
    15410 Monte Vista Dr.
    Houston, TX 77083

  10. Feel free to send me a note, or postcard, or a letter, even. I love my 3 cats, read all the time and never watched a single Dr Who episode.
    The ElectronCloud
    2898 US Rt 9W Lot 31
    New Windsor, NY 12553

  11. I love to get lovely notes. I’m a fat happy grandma who can write in cursive, which could be code now as they’re not teaching it any more. I love plants and animals, in particular horses and cats… and dogs, bunnies, lizards, snakes, spiders, octopuses… okay I like living things and life in general. And of course people.

    And art. I paint, but not very well. And I bead and flower arrange.

    And I love boxes. I make chipboard boxes.

    And I should stop. Thank you in advance.

    Dianne Lintz
    215 Monarch Dr.
    Carson City, NV 89704

  12. I didn’t participate last time, but I could use good mail now! (I like animals, Schitts Creek and I’m the mom of a teenager who I love but sends me over the edge on a daily basis!)

    Liza Bernardini
    111 Marquis Drive
    Coatesville, Pa 19320

  13. Today marks 3 months since the love of my life passed away afteer 30 wonderful years together. Missing him and crying is about all I can manage. But I will send out spoons to everyone else who is hurting….

  14. I’ve never been fond of Valentine’s Day. I tell my husband all the time that flowers or chocolate or any kind of gift on any day but a national holiday means a whole lot more to me because it takes more thought and effort. He bought me a box of gallon size ziplock bags once, and I was tickled pink! (I use them for cross stitch storage)
    I love the idea of sending notes or cards to people! The mail is always full of junk. I’d like to be excited to check the mail.
    Feel free to write me a note. I like reading (mostly mystery, thriller, and true crime), crocheting, and cross stitching. I’m a Whovian and a Potterhead.
    Bookworm Fibro Mama Kate
    401 N Chattey Road
    DeSoto, Texas 75115

  15. I still have mine from last time and I still re-read them to make me happy!!!
    Kathryn Thrush
    13647 Coleridge
    San Antonio TX

  16. I love getting mail!!!

    The Crafty Cat Lady
    4-15 Brybeck Cres
    Kitchener ON Canada

    The name says it all!! 🙂

  17. Hi, I could really use some happy mail this month! I’ll even write back if you want. I love new recipes and romance novels and organizing storage spaces.
    4611 W Regency Lane, 99205 (Google maps will give you the city and state)

  18. I’m a soon-to-be first time mom (holeeeee crap) who believes in magic and unicorns and was probably a ninja fairy in a past life.

    My address is:
    The Honorable Chrissy Woj
    122 N Wheaton Ave #474
    Wheaton, IL 60187

  19. I concur on David Tennant. But I must say my favorite character is River Song, and mostly for her name, which was derived from her birth name of Melody Pond. If I weren’t 67 and 20 years past menopause, I’d try for a daughter just to name her River Song.

    Larke Bryson
    PO Box 376
    Parsons, KS 67357

  20. I love David Tennant.
    But Tom Baker, too.
    Chocolate is my favorite food group.
    Music and word lover. Trivia maven. Cat mama Married a brown-eyed boy.
    Pat Werths
    1210 Oakland Avenue
    Edwardsville IL 62025

  21. And I. David Tennant will always be the best Doctor. I miss him. I’m on that hill with you and Sandy. And I’m watching Around The World in 80 days just for him.

    I would appreciate notes if people have a little time. But I’m not exactly … local.

    1 Sparrowswick Ride
    St Albans
    AL3 6DR
    United Kingdom

  22. Kim, Kahlua & Kona
    8021 Peters Rd Apt 221
    Plantation FL 33324

    Kahlua and Kona are my furry-faced felines and they are in equal parts fascinated and horrified by the amount of Disney and minions toys and stuffies in this house. Disney is cool if catnip is involved though….

  23. I like coffee, books and cats. I work too much and need to laugh more, or so my therapist says. My Doctor Who hill still wishes David Tennant would come back, but knows better.
    Dena G W
    813 N Pecan St
    Fredericksburg, TX 78624

  24. I would love some happy mail. My address is Annie Williams
    2270 Bell Avenue #323
    Des Moines, IA 50321

    I love dogs and books.

  25. Michelle Herring: My birthday is the day before Valentine’s Day. I hate Valentine’s Day because people have always acted like they can only celebrate one. And if I do get a birthday present it is very clearly from the Valentine’s aisle.
    Anyway, Happy birthday, Michelle! I’m sending you good vibes and best wishes and absolutely no red roses.

  26. I was just thinking about how I don’t celebrate holidays (except for Halloween…year round) and you nailed it!!
    I’m a single mother of 6 dogs. Currently training my newest one to be my service dog. The hardest part of training is actually going out in public with him because of my anxiety. I also have 3 chickens…Pad, Thai, Sweet n Sour. Waiting for their first eggs!!

    Mom of pups n chicks
    PO Box 1161
    154 Waianuenue Ave
    Hilo, HI 96721

  27. Thank You, Jenny. ❤️
    Feel free to drop a missive to this 54yo Crunchy Crazy Bisexual Genderfluid Neurodivergent NerdMom! I will die on the 9th Doctor’s (Chris Eccleston) hill, as long as Tom Baker is there too. 😎 I love my family, and that includes my cats; I knit & play video games (Death Stranding & Red Dead Redemption 2) and am pursuing an ADHD diagnosis. My love & Hugs to all!

    Cori the Nerdy Mom Friend
    58 Buckland Way
    Windsor, CT 06095

  28. We wanted to get married on Valentine’s Day but it fell on Thursday that year and some of our friends wouldn’t have been able to attend. So we got married on the following Saturday, the 16th. Turned out to be the best thing we could have done, because restaurants are PACKED on the 14th but on the 16th we can walk right in without a wait. So just remember, sometimes things you think are disappointments can end up bringing you one good day for the rest of your life (we celebrate 42 years of marriage on Wednesday).

  29. Way to steal my whole thing there, Jenny. Now I have to come up with a whole other set of things about me! Alright, let’s see. I’m a genx artist and photographer. I love animals and gardening and am learning new textile crafts like embroidery and macrame. I have a bunch of tattoos, and am currently a nervous wreck while I wait to see if I’ve been accepted to grad school. Write to me at;

    Chanandler Bong (aka Holly)
    156 Langarth Street West
    London, Ontario Canada
    N6J 1P6

  30. I love this idea so much, and I just got a fistful of postcards I’m dying to send people. I’m mad about yarn, embroidery, autumn, and living my best BogWitch life…

    And if you’d like to send me a note, I am, truly yours,
    2740 Aldrich Avenue South
    Minneapolis, MN, 55408

  31. I love cats (especially my two boys), red pandas, crafts, books, and I am proud of what I am…a librarian!

    Kimmie the Vampire Slayer
    PO Box 318
    Rosendale, NY 12472

  32. I’m an introvert, but I still like making new friends.

    Tara Manubay
    322 N Allumbaugh St Apt 138
    Boise ID 83704

  33. I also still get the occasional card from that last mail exchange and it always makes my day! I’d love to do it again. And send a few new ones as well!

    I’m about to be an empty nester as my only child graduates high school and goes away to college in the fall. I will be all alone in my house. I like books and movies.

    Kristen M
    6330 Tracy Pl
    Mason, OH 45040

  34. Ooh, I love this idea.
    I like reading and crafting (sewing, crochet, embroidery, painting, wood working, just making things in general). I think Schitt’s Creek is one of the best shows ever and am mildly obsessed with The Dresden Files book series(like, “named a kid Thomas” level obsessed 😆).

    Kayla Holland
    20 Stonegate Rd
    Abilene, TX

  35. Any received letters will be replied to with pictures of my cats. I’d love to see pictures of other’s people’s animals.

    David Petersen
    6727 W Morris Hill Ln Apt 104
    Boise, ID, 83704

  36. I loved when we did this last time! I like to read, binge watch a good series, dogs, and driving my 15yo crazy with bad jokes and puns.

    Jessica Osgood
    71 County Rd
    Bar Harbor, ME 04609

  37. I love this idea! I like the day after valentines because I can buy all my friends flowers at a discount! Tennant will always be the best doctor. I love tap dancing and banjo because you can never be unhappy while practicing one (or both of you’re talented).
    I can be addressed as Laura the Pretty Awesome at 1467 W. Greenhead Dr. Meridian, ID 83642

  38. David Tenant all the way.
    I think 42 is an awesome number. I love my dog and cat, but I would love to hold a sloth, and I have a lifelong desire to hold a koala. I am socially awkward after a few seemingly normal sentences. I sketch when I am feeling insecure about how people feel about me, and I sketch a lot.

    Angie DM
    301 Aberdeen Dr
    Middletown, OH 45042

  39. I have missed this so much! I like books, cats, knitting, and letters! My address is

    1340 Royalty Ct Apt 8
    Lexington KY

  40. I like animals and Valentine’s Day is a bit overrated. Also I live out in the middle of nowhere.

    Annie G
    106 Pioneer Pl
    Lakeview OR 97630

  41. Samantha K
    aka “The old college student”
    508 Broadwood Drive
    Rockville MD 20851

    So I’m 35 and back in school finishing my Bachelor’s degree and I’d love any advice or tips. Or maybe a note with your favorite author or book. Or a favorite recipe? Idk, am I doing this thing right, is this thing on *taps invisible microphone* lol. I enjoy reading, knitting, watching movies. ❤️

  42. I had my address in a magazine when I was 13. All of those letters I received made my heart swell. This is a super cool idea. I hope I remember to sent notes to the addresses I have copied into a notebook. Here’s mine.
    Rhonda Bryant
    2403 S Taft Ave, #3
    Mason City, IA 50401

  43. Hit me up! David Tennant was by far the sexiest Who, but my heart belongs to Tom Baker being the wild eyed hippie of time with Romana. I’m a middle aged librarian with cats. Do I have secrets? Nah, but that would be cool, wouldn’t it?

    Another Jennie
    2426 Raymond Drive
    Des Moine, Iowa 50310

  44. I love this idea! I’m a nurse and a mother of 5 feral children between the ages of 1 and 21. So I have a very dark sense of humor and permanent bags under my eyes. In a futile attempt to maintain a semblance of sanity, I knit, read, and listen to podcasts.
    Cynical But Friendly
    3650 E Elm Rd
    Oak Creek, WI 53154

  45. I’m a mother of 6 kids (3 step). Love Supernatural, Unicorns and skulls. Dealing with my diagnosis of bpd and ptsd. Have crazy anxiety which makes it hard to get out. Would really love to have some new friends.

    Jenni Angel
    P.O. Box 1831
    Osage Beach, MO 65065

  46. This would be so wonderful! I could use the boost of support and would love to give back.
    I’ve always wanted to be a part of this tribe!!
    4700 Harvestyme Ct.
    Bethalto,IL 62010

  47. I love this idea! I agree about David Tenant, I’m sitting here surrounded by work-in-progress bags of every craft imaginable which I WILL finish… eventually, I love period dramas (in both video and written form), and I actually love Valentine’s Day.

    101 – 2230 Lake Shore Blvd W
    Toronto ON M8V0B2

  48. Up here in New England some of us celebrate February 14 as Half-way-through-February day. A good reason to eat chocolate.
    The Artist 67 Belmont St. Cambridge, MA O2138

  49. OMG YES!!!!! I just love getting stuff in the mail that isn’t a bill or someone asking for money.
    I love all animals, reading, gardening, and laughing.
    Mia Von B
    15 Woodside Drive
    Woodbridge, CT 06525

  50. I love chihuahuas and books. Chill chihuahuas and all books except romance novels. Don’t ask.
    LillyLoula Coole
    4737 Avocet
    Mesquite, TX 75181

  51. Hi hello I like reading, drawing, climbing, hiking, board games, yoga. Working through some Stuff lately, and Jenny’s books have definitely helped. Would love to receive a note and definitely plan to send some myself

    Katie McBoatface
    1304 SE 26th Ave
    Portland, OR 97214

  52. I wrote a lot of my friends hand written letters on paper I’d held on to since high school that my dad gave me during lockdown, so this idea is amazing to me.

    I have four kids and four cats and cross stitch like, a lot. So much it’s probably a real issue at this point. I listen to and read a ton of books and love movies and tv and avoiding my kids, but I do love them. I can almost exclusively communicate in Schitt’s Creek gifs, but I see that as an advantage in life and not a real problem.

    Tali Mullins
    790 Orange St.
    Abilene, TX 79601

  53. I could certainly use the pick me up! I love Doctor Who, sunflowers, and Discworld. Tiffany and Granny are my favourites!

    303-260 Shawville Way SE
    Calgary, Alberta

  54. I’m all in on the crazy cat lady thing. Also, I can write backwards. So, if you want a backwards letter, you send one first. I’m also really weird. I like weird. Also is a good word. Also, also. I’m going to keep saying it until it doesn’t sound like a word anymore.

  55. Oh, I love this idea, but I’m on the other side of the world. But just in case anyone would care to send me anything, I would be so grateful. I’m a super-introvert, HSP and book lover who enjoys collecting old photographs (CDVs) and imagining backgrounds for the people in them.

    Karina Lister
    Unit 3, 68 Wedge Road
    Carrum Downs, 3201
    Victoria, Australia

  56. I shared my address the first time this happened when I was struggling with multiple pregnancy losses. I got many lovely and supportive notes that helped me get through that time. I now have a 2 year old who is an absolute delight. I’m excited to be in a place where I have the mental and emotional energy to send notes to others. But if anyone wants to write just for fun:
    3412 Arcadia St.
    Evanston IL 60203

  57. Huzzah!
    I’ve been waiting for this to be redone.
    I slowly made my way through most of the last list!!!

    Her Royal Sassyness, Laura V
    P.O. Box 191141
    San Diego CA 92159
    United States

  58. I forgot to leave my address:
    Layla Rains
    9725 W 21st Ave.
    Lakewood, CO 80215

    Write if you want a reply written backwards. Loves weird and cats.

  59. In Finland they celebrate Friends Day, not just a day for lovers. It is called Ystavanpaiva. A day where friends give cards and gifts and celebrate their friendship. Brilliant!

  60. Fun! I love books, animals, puns, anything slightly off the wall. 40 yo working from home that doesn’t get out much and loves to get the mail.

    Lady Persephone
    3875 E Commerce in Commerce Twp Michigan 4838two

  61. I’ve been having some really hard days lately because depression, and also my only sibling (brother) died 6 weeks ago, and also people are assholes.
    I love to receive mail.
    I like dogs and reading, and needle felting, because I am good at those things.
    I have a dog and a cat, and I love them but the cat is a jerk.

    Wolf pup
    Up On The Woof
    2225 Columbia Rd.
    Cleveland-ish, OH 44141

  62. Oh, I think this is beautiful, and I definitely want a pen-pal!! I’m:
    Whitney Petch
    2527 Rothwell St
    Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
    S4N 2C9

    I’ve got kids, pets (so you might just get a kitty or puppy picture back!) and currently have about 3.5 feet of snow, so anything will warm us up! 🙂

  63. Onyx D Avril, 11 Ridge Close, Strood Green, Betchworth, Surrey, RH3 7HZ, UK

    Recently out elder (47) nonbinary human, special needs teacher, lover of cats and books and gothic style and music and arts and crafts and everything.

  64. This is a wonderful idea! I am a volunteer for many different causes, Meals on Wheels being my priority. I am married with 3 dogs. I love to read historical fiction, post-apocalyptic YA, and of course, wonderful biographies of interesting people that make me feel less alone in the world. I also love Musical theater and podcasts.

    Eliza D
    2935 John F Kennedy Blvd
    Jersey City, NJ 07306

  65. I could use a little kindness from kindred spirits right now, for sure. Feeling very whelmed. I’d share my likes with you if I could think of any. I’ll work on it. Hugs.
    Lady Linda
    1336 N Hulgan Circle
    DeSoto TX 75115

  66. This is such a wonderful idea! I have never really liked Valentines day, a lot has to do with former relationships that were always a disappointment at most holidays and other life events, but even without that it just seems so manufactured. I will stand on the David Tennant hill with you! I will raise you that Donna was the best companion.

    Jennie Stormys Mom
    125 S Main St
    Washington, IL 61571

  67. if you say “Also” long enough it turns into “asshole,” which can keep me in a good mood for the better part of an afternoon.

  68. I love this! And I’m there with you on the 10th Doctor hill. I’m an increasingly crabby Gen X-er, who went back to school to become an RN and then graduated in the middle of All This. I like reading, hiking, gardening, and crafting, and have finally aged into being the Hedge Witch Cat Lady I always was on the inside.

    PO Box 966
    Creswell, OR 97426

  69. I LOVE getting real Mail! I’ve saved every piece of handwritten letter or card that I’ve gotten for at least 25 years! I still have my Girl Scouts pen pal from 1980 ❤️ Deb Harrington 75 Twinkle Lane, Port Matilda, PA16870

  70. I corresponded with, like, maybe 6 people last time we did this, and it was wonderful. I was sorry it petered off.

    I’d LOVE getting notes from people: I own a bookstore, so obviously I’m all about the books; I read mystery, occult fiction (yes, yes that’s a genre!), science fiction/fantasy. I’ve pretty much had it with classics since I took a bachelor’s and masters in Lit back when rocks were soft. I am owned by 2 cats: Spike and Willow (yes, there’s a theme there). Willow is only 6 months old and rules our lives at the moment. I live where it’s gorgeous in the summer but about 7 months of the year it’s frozen tundra. There are a lot of cows and chickens. But none of them mine.

    NC Hanger
    C/o Star Cat Books
    PO Box 924
    Bradford, VT 05033

  71. I hate Valentine’s Day because when I was in the 6th grade, Rusty Corley broke my heart, and I then got a stomach bug and threw up macaroni and cheese with smokies in the Publix parking lot on the way home. Sure, that was 46 years ago, but SOME THINGS YOU DO NOT FORGET. I am a middle school teacher and could use a bright spot in my day: Christine Barr, 12535 Perthshire Rd., Houston TX 77024

  72. For AJ-the-short-one: Like you, exactly three months ago today, I lost the love of my life, my life partner of 32 years, to ovarian cancer. So I know the anguish and misery you are going through. You are not alone. Without the love of family, friends, two cats, and two dogs, I don’t know how I would have survived these three months.

  73. It’s so nice to get a note in the mail. I have lived alone with my dogs for most of my adult life. Can’t stop thinking about my favorite Sondheim lyric. “The choice might have been mistaken; the choosing was not. You have to move on.” Evie Stewart, 2133 22nd St., Apt A, Santa Monica, CA 90405

  74. Like sarcasm? Love to cook? Read? Animals?

    I live on a hobby farm in Bristol, Wi. Horses, dogs, chickens, geese, donkeys… and three miniature Herefords. I work a corporate job to feed all of the above (plus Hubbie of 30 years, he gets crabby when not fed) where they have yet to figure out how strange I really am….

    Lara Simmons
    22411 60th St
    Bristol, WI 53104

  75. My parents celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary on Saturday Feb 12. They wanted to get married on Valentine’s Day, but it was a weekday. Plus, their song was “The Twelfth of Never” by Johnny Mathis. They still seem to like each other.

  76. Executive Princess Jenny, I absolutely love that! It’s so adorable and sweet and totally awesome that your grandparents had these secret letters with codes and such, it’s such an old-timey literary romance thing to do.

  77. Happy Valentines Day! 💜Snail mail makes me happy 😊 so does coffee, art, and new friends

    Lucie Raine
    PO Box 5164
    Alamogordo, NM 88311

  78. Kirk Connect
    5101 Evans Ave, Apt 202
    Austin, TX 78751
    I love Gremlins, kitsch, candy, Horror, books, audiobooks, animals, music, collages, 1980’s, Beetlejuice, StrangersWithCandy, Halloween, tequila.

  79. I just sent out cards and would love to get a few too! I’m a recently divorced mom of two teenage girls that are surprisingly good company. I love my cats, read all of time, and find this community to be lovely.

    Wish I Was a Librarian
    21 Mohawk Drive
    Cranford, NJ 07016

  80. I have 2 penpals already but I love me some postcards!
    1703 IH 35 #8A
    San Marcos, TX 78666

  81. Like nerd things, art, and more books than I can carry
    You’re a total stranger, so write me maybe?
    That Gaming Mom
    130 Tolbert Dr
    Jackson, MO 63755

  82. I will die on the Matt Smith was the best doctor hill…
    Kate M
    393 Slough Creek Dr.
    Bozeman, Mt 59718

  83. Valentine’s Day is just pants in my opinion unless you remove all expectations and write your own bloody rules.

    David Tennant was wonderful but so was Tom Baker and Matt Smith. Jodi could have been great but she needed someone like Russell T Davies writing for her.

    I love books, BBC Radio 4, crafting, jazz and blues music and watching the birds in my garden try to kill each other over a bit of bird seed. You can reach me at:

    Not a Leprechaun
    92 Rosevale
    Drogheda, Co Louth

  84. I could use a pick me up like this! I love cats, Dragon Age, LOTR, and the color purple.

    100 Shady Spring Pl.
    Durham, NC 27713

  85. Hey Jenny,
    The dots and dashes in that letter sound like Morse code maybe?
    I am sure there are websites with what individual letters are.
    Just a thought!

  86. After a rough few months I could use a friendly letter.

    I have a senior cat, love Stargate, work a lot, have a husband and stepkid, and like reading and crafting if I ever have time.

  87. Just realized I forgot to put the countryin my address. Oops! The entire address:

    Not a Leprechaun
    92 Rosevale
    Drogheda Co. Louth

  88. I got some really great cards and notes the last time. Can’t wait to do it again!
    105-2255 Cambridge St
    Vancouver, BC
    V5L 1E5

  89. I love corgis, cats, mermaids and space horror movies. I have a weird sense of humor and love this tribe. Tom Baker will always be my favorite Dr, so that tells you how old I am. 😀

    Siren Stephanie
    PO BOX 112822
    Carrollton, TX 75011

  90. I love this idea and would totally love to receive some letters from not yet made friends! I am a cat lover ( we have 6) enjoy crafting, reading and gardening. I really am going to regret saying this but I never could get into Doctor Who. I know for shame!
    A Davis
    9415 Hudson Ln
    Louisville, KY 40292

  91. I love that idea. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve given even half a hoot about Valentine’s Day. I only like the half-price candy after, and even that isn’t as good as I remember.

    Jenny Half-a-hoot
    PO BOX 392
    Minooka, IL 60447

  92. What a lovely idea this is!

    I’m an introverted book nerd, gamer (terrible at World of Warcraft but I love it, Animal Crossing, and I was an arcade kid), unashamed cat lady, and I love purple to the point of it being a personality trait. I will forever read anything that Jenny or Becky Chambers writes. 🙂

    Sidra Viola
    3190 S. Bascom Ave., Ste. 205
    San Jose, CA 95124

  93. Snail mail can be so lovely! I like Jane Austen movies/series, Bridgerton, strange poisons, cats, beautiful vintage clothes, movies and books about the plague and other terrible diseases, and Downtown Abbey.

    Lady Susan
    551 Wooded Crossing Cir
    St Augustine FL 32084

  94. Hi! I’d love a pen pal!
    I like Foo Fighters, cooking, reading, and Jenny!
    Mandy Rider
    4702 Meadowthorn Ct
    Friendswood, Tx 77546

  95. Still have mine from last time. Love this idea and I’m so happy to do it again!
    Pamela True
    424 Warren Ave
    Rockford, Il 61107

  96. This sounds amazing! I love to read. Anything in print. I knit. I cross stitch. I grow roses. I cook. I use more periods than Hemmingway. David Tennant is the only Who I watched. (Although I have to confess to being a huge Torchwood nerd and always wished John Barrowman was a better actor.) I am also a collector of postcards. Of the mailed variety. I love the journey a small, lone card takes on its own, with no envelope for protection or privacy.

    I’d love a note, and will do my best to reply.

    La Grande Soeur (Andrea)
    156 E Hammond St
    Pasadena CA 91103

  97. I’m royally obsessed, reader, cat lady in denial. You can write to me at:
    Future Mrs. Mathew Rhys
    807 E. Luray Street
    Long Beach, CA 90807

  98. I’ve grown up in a home of whovians and currently live with my finace and sister and pup Penelope and kitty Diamond. I am an artist, teacher, gardner, adventurer and explorer. Continuing to learn about myself, the earth and others and trying to figure out how to care for them all.

    I love sunflowers, sunrises and sunsets. I Will only eat a tomato grown in local dirt, and I will eat them like an apple with a little salt. Also pretty sure I was named after a Dr. Who character-Ramona.

    I am asking for letters for me and also for my only little sis- Loralei, is in a stuck place. Anxiety and depression have been with her since we were teens and it has come around intensely recently. – she is the biggest animal lover, (worked at a vet clinic), loves Dr. Who, weird things and fantasy.

    I have found comfort in this community and I am needing encouragement and support for both of us.. TIA

    Rahmana -me


    20097 G-24 HWY
    CARLISLE, IA 50047

  99. I will also be on the David Tennant is the best Doctor hill, I’d love to get mail and send mail. I’m a book lover (my favorites are horror and fantasy)I work in a book store. I’m a gaming (D & D) nerd cat lover and am turning 50 this month which I’m excited about.

    Coleen M.
    371 Vermillion Dr.
    O’Fallon, IL

  100. I didn’t put my name in last time, but it’s been a crazy year where I survived colon cancer, got married and started a new job. An emotional roller coaster!
    I love musicals, llamas, super spicy romance novels and my big dumb Great Pyrenees dog Barley.

    Princess Lala
    949 W 13th Ave
    Eugene OR 97402

  101. I’m Sarah p. My best friend is married to a selfish dink. She’s losing her mom. She’s been through health hell. She’s AWESOME. please send encouraging, strengthening notes to her… She is swimming upstream and i can’t do much to help her except remind her of how AWESOME she is. She is:
    1955 South Creek Blvd
    Port Orange Florida 32128
    Please, Ava THANK YOU❤️

  102. This is such a fun idea!! I’ve never seen Doctor Who, but given how much I enjoy watching David Tennant on The Graham Norton Show, I guess I need to start my Doctor Who odyssey… I’m studying to be an archivist (aka, keeper of old stuff), and I love reading, cookies, and tea (separately and together).

    I’m excited to start sending notes & I’d love to get one, too, if anyone is inclined:

    Christina F.
    PO Box 122
    Springfield, OR 97477

  103. I love this idea! I love books, warm blankets, anything alive (plants and animals more than humans generally) and a good adventure!

    Also Jenny’s BFF she just doesn’t know about yet, but we live close enough that I’m sure she will figure it out soon 🥰

    Euly’s Mom
    6841 Country View Lane
    San Antonio TX, 78240

  104. Stacy L
    10406 SE 174th st #A203 Renton, WA 98055
    I love green burials, cats, and video games; I can’t go a day without listening to my choice of music before getting itchy and annoyed (how’s that for a non-starter lol)
    Love this community, will definitely be picking someone to send a lovely note to

  105. I’ve been having an extraordinarily rough time of it as of late – mood disorders combining with grief and existential crises in the form of law school acceptances/rejections/waitlists (I am very old/non-traditional for an applicant so time is an issue as well). I would normally never admit ANY of that to a good friend, much less strangers on the internet so… not sure what is happening here!

    I love books, bourbon, and (English) bulldogs the most of all – I often read several books at a time and have a bulldog on top of me as I write this. Douglas Adams, whom I adore, used to write for Dr. Who before he was able to make the Hitchhiker’s series and … that’s the only real opinion I have on Dr. Who or any adjacent shows/books in the genre. I follow politics like it’s a sport, will die on almost ANY hill, including those I don’t have an actual opinion about (because informed debate is so much fun), and believe Shoebill Storks are the most magnificent creatures that grace this planet. I have two favorite books. One is The Secret History, by Donna Tartt. I’m using a character from the other as my name below. 🙂 Any and all good cheer, kindness, encouragement, New Yorker cartoons, et cetera would be so greatly appreciated. I will respond in kind, though I might be a little slower than normal (apologies in advance if so – stupid brain).

    Alma Singer
    51 Oak St.
    Middletown, CT 06457

  106. Oh this sounds fun! I need a fun project right now. Distraction from a sad time of year. Here on the wet coast it gets so grey and dreary. I’m a super crafty, super sensitive person who wishes they had a proper garden – but I. The mean time I plant my dye plants on my deck and knit and see when energy allows outside of taking care of husband, teens and pets.

    1029 Pacific Street
    Vancouver, BC

  107. I’d love to get real mail! I love reading, crime tv shows from other countries, and my pandemic puppy (Coco). My two boys are pretty cool too.

    Heather P.
    480 NW Mandal Way
    Poulsbo, Wa 98370

  108. I’m a goofball who is *always* 10 degrees off from everyone else in the room. I have a 4 foot tall sock monkey named Eduardo that rides around in my passenger seat. And, I collect everything related to Manneken Pis, the fountain in Brussels of the little peeing boy. I have a Little Free Library and think that Hatshepsut was the best Egyptian pharaoh because she was like, queen? Pffft. I’m the effing KING.

    Be my friend?

    King Tonia
    11912 108th Street NE
    Lake Stevens, WA 98258

  109. I saw another person named Ivy on here, which inspired me to participate. I love writing/receiving letters. I am a self-described word geek, knitting geek, and aspiring weightlifter. I’m German, y’all – we’re build to lift heavy things and lose world wars.

    PO Box 310
    Berwick, IA 50032

  110. I am a nursing leader and this pandemic has been more than exhausting. I would LOVE some happy mail. Married, mom of 2 boys and several exchange student daughters. Dog mom to our rescued English Bulldog, Babycakes. I’ll reply to my letters with pictures of her because she is a Queen and would like to meet everyone, but her anxiety doesn’t agree with that plan.

    I love Hamilton, Harry Potter, Disney, romance and murder mystery novels. Send me some of your recommendations!

    R. Moreno
    28 Colony Square
    Angleton, TX 77515

  111. I find cards/notes are the best kind of mail!
    I also love cats and have three “adult” girls.

    9259 30th St SW
    Howard Lake, MN 55349

  112. I saw another “Ivy” on here which has inspired me to participate! I love getting/sending mail. I’m a word geek, a knitter, aspiring powerlifter and serious contender for “World’s Greatest Aunt.” Would love to get to know more of you!

    PO Box 310
    Berwick, IA 50032

  113. Ok, Matt Smith was my first Doctor so he is in prime position, but David Tennant and Catherine Tate stole my heart with “The Runaway Bride.”

    Due to a Covid inspired job change and a nasty housing market, I live 6 hours away from my husband in a tiny studio apartment with a view. On the plus side, I’m an introvert and have my cat, Amelia, books, crafting and cooking for company. Plus, I do Postcrossing to get more mail so this idea is right up my alley.

    I’m a firm believer that Jenny can walk on water. I just wanted to say that.

    Kristin Woizeschke
    PO Box 62
    Grand Marais MN 55604

  114. Hello! I am 36 years old, and absolutely adore snail mail! I remember when I was little, sitting in the front room of my mothers home waiting for the mail(wo)man to come. My husband makes fun of me because I still run right out the door as soon as the mail(wo)man arrives, even though it’s rarely anything good 🙂

    I love reading (Jenny is a favorite obviously, but I also enjoy Carol Goodman, and Karen White), animals (I have three dogs, a bearded dragon, and love hippos!), history (revolutionary war period, especially), fun socks, and true crime.

    Jeanette C.
    21 W. 5th Ave.
    Pine Hill, NJ 08021

  115. Huzzah! I LOVE to write letters (the Pandemic has made this even more enjoyable) and I love to receive letters. Interests: Reading (mystery, bios, humor, Jane Austen, HP, travel), black tea with a splash of milk and honey (ok- I’m an Anglophile), baking, history (pre-1700s and especially European), Ted Lasso, Mrs. Maisel, The Mandolorian, Schitt’s Creek, Outlander, PBS. Mother of two amazing grown sons (one married, one w/ a significant other) and wife to the most patient man who has ever lived. Midwesterner who has also lived in TX but dreams of living in Cornwall. Also a former teacher for Harry Potter classes. Learning Italian. No pets anymore, but three granddogs that are the best!

    Jenny ‘Foxen’ Bergstrom
    1428 SW Plass Ave.
    Topeka, KS 66604

  116. I work in hospice and it’s tough. Can totally use a boost by mail. I love vintage brooches, fountain pens, Japanese stationery, the NYT crossword, and pretending to start exercising soon.

    B. Burrows
    445 Peterson St
    Iowa City, IA 52245

  117. Janie Stafford, 1404 Samaria Bend Rd, Dyersburg TN 38024 I believe in miracles ^j^

  118. Great idea! I have more than 10 cats but less than 20 because I ran a rescue mission on my street and finding good homes was harder than it seems. I love all animals, I’m part of the alphabet army and am a super empath – if that’s a term.
    Lord Grant, Father of Cats
    1052 Davey Ave.
    Kent Ohio

  119. I love getting mail! I’m a middle-aged cis bi woman with purple hair. No kids, one husband, one dog. I especially love YA books — feel free to write with your recommendations!

    10 Gilmore St #1
    Quincy MA, 02170 (USA)

  120. I’m ethnically Hmong. In my culture, to court a partner someone initiates a ball tossing game. In this game, each person stands roughly 10-ft apart singing flat out of tune lyrics of their undying love.

    The best part is the ball itself is overly decorated sewn tightly sequined fabric so you can’t miss it when it’s thrown at you.

    I personally have never enjoyed this activity probably because I’m prone to becoming competitive. I can already see myself designing the most hardcore ball made from a retired Wimbledon tennis ball wrapped in the finest silk fabric from a knockoff Hermes scarf. The trouble would be to find a mate willing to succumb to my expert level tossing skills.

    Oh and I missed the part about if someone drops the ball or screws up… I don’t know what happens but, I just assume the person whom dropped the ball loses the game and gives up the opportunity of everlasting love.

    R. Woodworth
    144 Highview Rd
    Rockford, MN 55373

  121. I’ll die on that hill with the rest of the David Tennant lovers! Though, to be honest, I haven’t seen many episodes since 10 because I don’t have any of the services needed to watch Dr. Who. I love pandas, VWs, Dr. Who, stickers, and Harry Potter, not necessarily in that order, and definitely not more than The Princess Bride. We have cats and two kids, we work on our own cars, I love gardening in spite of nothing wanting to grow here on our mountain in the woods, and I sew, make cakes, do crafts, and make things out of junk metal. I’ve been fighting depression for too long to remember, but I keep going for Jenny and all of you out there who are fighting too. I’ll try to send out some cards, though I’ve been super low on spoons (my Christmas tree is still up). I even have some international stamps, so I might start there.
    Anyway… here’s my info if you’d like to send something…

    Karen /Project 302
    39 Huntington Mountain Drive
    Shickshinny, PA 18655

  122. I love this idea! Hey, looks like I’m the first Georgia girl in the mix. I love, love, love my three cats, ‘and’ two dogs. I read all the time and always have, and even collect cookbooks that I read like books! I also listen to books on tape for my three hour work commute into Atlanta and back. Something cool in the mail would de-stress the commute!
    Georgia Peach
    58 Waverly Walk
    Douglasville, GA 30134

  123. My name is Jeanie and I have been a Registered Nurse for 17 years (or 17,000 years counting the toll the last 2 years of the COVID pandemic had on me!) I LOVE reading, hand feeding peanuts to my chipmunks Stu, Penelope and Tomas, feeding my deer Gretchen, Marty McFly and Jennifer plus others. My backyard is basically a forest. Sheer perfection!
    I would greatly appreciate any cards or postcards to brighten up my days! I believe in fairies, the healing powers of gemstones and I am very conflicted about authors who post daily lines from their next unpublished book. (I hope you are reading this Diana Gabaldon. For your loyal readers who have so few true surprises left in life, PLEASE STOP!)
    My address is: Jeanie S. White
    47 Indiana Ave
    Fort Thomas, KY 41075

  124. I *love* letters, Blackwing pencils, antique postcards, and all other things writing & mail related. I have a Little Free Library at the end of my driveway and I think Ted Lasso is the greatest thing to happen to humanity in recent history. I live with a chronic illness (EDS), as does one of my kids, so life is hard but new friends and community projects are amazing❤️
    Sarah B.
    37 Fieldstone Dr.
    Wilton, NY 12831

  125. I love reading as much as possible and crafting things I struggle to finish!. I love binging a good tv series and doing puzzles. My cat is a princess. My Christmas tree is still up. I have several chronic illnesses, one is new and scarier than the others. I don’t leave my house much but its ok because it is cozy here!
    The Princess’s Assistant
    36710 Vargo St.
    Livonia, Michigan 48152

  126. I’m a grandmother who bakes cookies and crochets and curses like a sailor. I listen to way too many true crime podcasts. I was a recluse before the pandemic made it popular.

    533 Kenmore Road
    Havertown PA 19083

  127. Hi, I’m Tammy and I’m currently in rehab recovering from covid and pneumonia. I get to go home on Friday. Yay! While I was on the ventilator I missed my husband, son, sister and Jenny’s birthday and also Christmas and new year’s. I will probably forget I commented later today. I’m currently watching a movie I didn’t remember existed.

    Tammy Eaton
    761 Appleridge Drive
    Centerton, AR 72719

  128. Feel free to write to me! I’m a groomer that absolutely loves dogs and spending time alone lol which is probably why I’d love to get some notes! I also love to read so feel free to pass along your must read book recommendations ❤️

    Cambria Madden
    11 state st #2
    Attleboro, MA 02703

  129. I love this idea. I’m 7 months new to Texas from Iowa and still feeling lost & lonely in this transition. Can’t wait to come to the book shop soon!

    Stephanie Cleveland
    19515 Bella Arbor Lane
    Cypress, TX 77433

  130. I am a new mom (he will be 12 weeks Wednesday) and getting ready to go back to work. I am NOT ready. I love my husband, my baby, my dogs, books, coffee, and puns. Also, bees. Who doesn’t love those little guys?
    16 Blue Bonnet Dr
    Los Lunas, NM 87031

  131. I love this idea, and always love sending & receiving happy mail!

    I’m an animal lover – I lost my beloved Dachshund last May (she crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 17-1/4!) and after being a dog mom nearly my entire life, I decided to try something new…so I now share my life with two very spoiled rescue cats! I’m an avid reader & also enjoy playing “Fallout 76,” I love photography, and I’m basically a big kid at heart, so I still love things like Disney, stickers, unicorns, stuffed animals (hello Squishmallows!), etc. My address is:

    Jenn Studebaker
    8910 Looney Rd.
    Piqua, OH 45356

  132. i am clairvoyant and have the ability to see unwanted ghosts. they appear mostly when i feel relaxed. it scares the bejeezus out of me. i often wonder, “why would do they think an apparition is appropriate when I have taken the time to clear my head?”

    anyone with anxiety understands practicing safe spaces takes a tremendous amount of mental effort except ghosts. spirits behave like men without beards. like, you don’t get to just show up with your butt faced chin and demand attention.

    so, yeah… ttyl

    Kami Thatch
    5340 Byron Ave N
    Crystal, MN 55429

  133. I tried posting but I don’t think it worked so I’m trying again lol

    Feel free to send me a note! I’m a groomer that absolutely loves dogs and spending time alone, which is probably why I’d love getting some notes lol I also love to read so pass along your must read book recommendations!

    Cambria Madden
    11 state st #2
    Attleboro MA 02703

  134. Thanks for reviving this, Jenny—sending and receiving cards last time was such a joy!

    841 highland Avenue
    Building 15, Apt 240
    Jenkintown PA 19046

    I like anything related to cats, books, Broadway, being outside in the cold weather, and any kind of show that will make me laugh.

  135. I enjoy sending love & kindness through our wonderful postal service!❤️
    D Rito
    426 N Grant St
    Lebanon In 46052

  136. I hope everyone’s had a good day whether today was just a regular day for them or not. I’m a crazy cat lady who loves to spend all of my free time with my nose in a book.

    21853 Superior Rd
    Taylor, MI 48180

  137. i am saving this and committing to write at least one card a week. ❤️
    mainly i feel totally alone. i like quilting and drawing and hopeful thoughts.
    Lee Lee
    5939 piza circle
    youngstown, FL 32466

  138. I’m a 40yo mom of three under 3 (twin girls and a newborn) and love puns, trivia, books with a happy ending, and being able to sleep for more than three hours at a time!
    Loen Reinhart
    901 E Rosemonte Dr
    Phoenix, AZ 85024

  139. Crafter, sewist, cat lover and equestrian

    Married Cat Lady
    59 Oakman Street
    Turners Falls, MA 01376

  140. Elizabeth Jeffery
    14 Lilac Ave
    Charlottetown Prince Edward Island
    Canada C1A 6L2

    I love rescue dogs, creating scrapbooks, reading, and useless information.

  141. My favorite movies are Xanadu and Grease 2, yes, I know I have exceptional taste. I have a dog named Sir Pancake.

    3508 Woods Dr
    Decatur, GA 30033

  142. I absolutely adore getting mail, and having old school penpals! I’m a mom of two toddlers in a very small town with no friends. I love crafting (yarn & journals all day), reading & magic.
    Moth Lyn

  143. I love this idea! I’m 7 months new to Texas from Iowa and still feeling very lost in this transition. I’m a middle school teacher who loves to read thriller/mystery/horror books, watch reality tv on Bravo, & feels very strongly than Lemonheads are the best candy invented. I can’t wait to visit your bookstore soon!
    Stephanie Cleveland
    19515 Bella Arbor Lane
    Cypress, TX 77433

  144. I absolutely adore getting mail, and having old school penpals! I’m a mom of two toddlers in a very small town with no friends. I love crafting (yarn & journals all day), reading & magic.
    Moth Lyn
    PO Box 125
    San Jose, IL 62682

  145. In the past year, I’ve gotten divorced and started grad school. And worked in education throughout this pandemic. My relationship status this Valentine’s Day? They say there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but I’ve got my eye fixed on that one specific emotionally distant salmon that had commitment issues.
    I love reading, my cat, sleeping, feminism, and Taylor Swift. And yes, David Tennant is the best Doctor!
    Join my Facebook group to chat about books by female authors! http://www.facebook.com/group/empoweringfemalesuthors

    Andrea J.
    2594 Fessenden St.
    Apt 202
    Jackson, MI 49201

  146. Hi! I love sending cards and lifting up folks who don’t expect me to go out at night or any of the other things normals do!

    I love dogs (esp -hounds & beagles) old recipes from the Nonas, Grannys and Memaws of the past (copies of hand written are awesome). I am as old as Starbuck, Magic Kingdom and NPR. I work hard to be a learning ally I read cozy mysteries, light para-normal stories (Dakota Cassidy, etc.)

    Melissa Stewart
    5203 Lawn Arbor
    Houston TX 77066

  147. I love this! I’m a 40-something who loves to knit, read & walk, am the most organized DISORGANIZED person I know, and I end almost every conversation with two very simple words: “Go Dawgs!”

    Marie Antoinette
    4780 Surrey Rd
    Roswell, GA 30075

  148. Hi all you lovely people.

    Valentine’s day is just another day for me. Dated crappy people, but happily single the past 8 years!

    I love my senior doggo, Fenix, who is fighting her hardest against thyroid cancer. I suppose I also love my cat, Frisco, even though he can be a jerk. He’s mostly a good boy! I enjoy the beach (mainly the smells and sounds), the sun’s warmth and all the birds.

    I’m up for notes, and if you send your address, I’ll send you one back!

    Moria Frazer
    6121 Rockfish Valley Hwy
    Afton, VA 22920

  149. I am another RN… 17 years. Peds ICU turned Hospice nurse. Love my job, but it’s exhausting. Have 4 boys and endless animals. I’m trying to get my head together. I love yoga and daffodils, sushi and the Sonoran desert. I love to make soup and read memoirs. I am an empath, an HSP, and a Leo.

    I loved it when you did this the last time, I got letters and postcards for so long! Thank you so much for doing it again!!!♥️♥️♥️

    Meg Gallek
    101 N Belvedere Dr
    Hampstead, NC 28443

  150. I would love a quick note/ postcard. I am a few months away from moving away from my hometown and currently living in moments of excitement and panic. I love books, Halloween, and true crime podcasts.

    Kera Graham
    1784 Pine Arbor Rd
    Hardeeville, SC 29927

  151. My mom tells me happy stories of all the pen pals she had when she was growing up! I love getting fun mail, and love cards and stationery, so I’m in! I’m a retired elementary teacher. I’ve never seen Dr Who, but watch other shows on Britbox, esp Shetland! I read a lot, though definitely favoring crime/detective stuff these days – I love Tana French and Louise Penny. Also Alice Hoffman. And Jenny. I have a yarn-hoarding problem, enjoy gardening, baking and hiking, look forward to traveling again, and have apparently begun a new hobby of buying all the supplies and endless instructional books for watercolor (without ever putting brush to paper).
    Leslie D
    125 N Hamilton St #1404
    Madison, WI 53703

  152. My sister in law is a letter carrier and doesn’t get to carry enough cool mail anymore – like real letters and stuff. I’m a beekeeping anthropologist in the wilds of Rhode Island – Anubis, 46 Alton Bradford Road, Bradford, RI 02808

  153. I’m in grad school to become a high school English teacher and I love getting mail. I run a book club and we read one of Jenny’s books one month. I’m also hoping grad school doesn’t kill my love of reading.

    Other than that I’m a cat mom and crafter who likes watching TV shows with murder while doing a puzzle and sipping a bourbon.

    Madam Lilli
    1950 Don Ave #8
    Santa Clara CA 95050

  154. I’ve always wanted to do a pen pal thing!
    29. Trying to figure my life out but that’s an ongoing project. Avid reader (225 books last year) so hit me up for recommendations. Also ridiculous knitter and crocheter. And cat mom to 1 weirdo named Charlie.

    9411 Channing Circle #2301
    Tampa, FL 33617

  155. Alison
    I love animals (I have a dog and 2 cats) being in nature, photography and taking walks with with my dog and gardening.

    Alison McShane
    82 Lindsey Street
    Attleboro, MA 02703

  156. I love bees, music, books, lemons and Alaska. There is something very special about receiving mail. I love sending cards and postcards just to celebrate the moment. Thank you for this opportunity!
    PO Box 2928
    Homer, Alaska 99603.

  157. I would love to get a note or postcard from another person who probably read about this, and then thought it was a great idea ….but suddenly was worried that they wouldn’t follow through… or that they’d write something weird…or use ellipses in a way someone picked on… and so they left the page…. and then came back…because they kept thinking about this…and thought that they do want to have new experiences with new people that could maybe be friends or at least become a cool story someday. Although it is less entertaining if the entire story is, “Once I got this postcard from a person. That’s pretty much it.”

    I’m wordy and grow hydroponic veggies and flowers inside my house. I’m a weird hermit and dedicated caregiver. I love science fiction, gaming, and learning new things (even if not that well). Right now I’m starting to learn Japanese.

    I feel conflicted about V-day. I died that day, but I also came back to life so that is a win…right?

    I used to be one of those people who spent every day on Livejournal, and I miss it all the time.

    PO BOX 1181
    Rochester, WA 98579

  158. Oh I love this idea and so excited to see so many Canadian addresses! I just moved so once I find my Effin Birds postcards and the stamps it will be time to get a writing!

    149 Strathcona Ave N
    Hamilton, ON
    L8R 3C4

  159. Just the inspiration I needed! I’m a mom to two beautiful cats and one fantastic college freshman. I love good humor, bad puns and accumulating bits of information that I can later use to win trivia or change the subject in a weird conversation. I’m also a proud, Iowa pharmacist that’s COVID weary and trying to stay ahead of the information train.

    Sparkle Queen
    PO Box 443
    Osceola, IA. 50213

  160. Struggling with mental health and could use any little thing at all to help stay afloat. 🙃
    31 Bennington St
    Quincy MA 02169

  161. Snail Mail is the best mail. I love sending pick me ups to people and of course love getting them as well. 10 is the best doctor, I will die on this hill as well. I am also a bibliophile, crafter, board game geek who takes way too many pictures, listens to songs on repeat until I know the lyrics, and a Mass Effect aholic. I am also not a Cylon…I think. Geeky Like Me five1five Spring Creek Dr Bozeman MT 59715

  162. Grandma Kristy
    10223 W Forrester Dr
    Sun City, AZ

    I am a professional introvert, somewhat awkward animal lover with a creative streak, but no real talent. I play the ukulele and love to walk. I would be happy to live in a bookstore. My favorite places are quiet and often in the woods.

  163. I recently learned that I have a brain tumor and am having surgery @ Mayo later this week. I could definitely use some supportive messages. I’m a shy introvert plagued by anxiety disorders and a mood disorder. I love art, music, tv/movies and my amazing husband and daughter. I love my 3 pets; Bubble Fett (betta fish), Moshi-Moshi (cat) and Charles Barkowski (dog). (I obviously got my pet-naming chops from Jenny.) Anyway, it makes me said that snail mail is a dying art form, so I’d love to participate and hope to send postcards as I’m recovering.
    J. Fitzgerald
    410 Spruce Hills Drive
    Cedar Falls, IA 50613

  164. I am 56 years old and for the first time I can honestly and publicly say that I also, like many of you, dislike Valentines day. It brings back so many bad memories of being in elementary school and at that time kids exchanged Valentines– it was a really big deal in our small country school — and being the fat, hard of hearing, adopted and introverted little girl I was; it was an opportunity for other kids to leave me out of the Valentine exchange — I still remember what it felt like to be excluded, the humiliation and tears when I got home — and the worst was having a Mother who
    would use this as an opportunity to tell me that if I lost weight the kids would like me better, and it was my fault I didn’t have any friends. Last week at work, our manager got boxes and crafty things for us to decorate boxes — Mentally, I totally blew doing a box off — having absolutely no intention in opening that can of emotional worms. When I got to work today, I found on my desk, a box that someone decorated for me — filled with cards, candy and other fun things. I sat there and as I looked at the box I realized that, people see me and not my fat — and that I am okay, accepted and respected. Someday, I will work up enough courage to share with my colleagues how that simple heart shaped box healed a broken part of my heart. A. McKinney, 134 Whitetail Lane, Tyrone, PA, 16686

  165. This list has gotten quite long but I really want to participate so I’m going to make it longer! I’m a divorced mom of (currently) one dog, a Chihuahua/Shih Tzu mix and 2 parrots, a Military Macaw and an African Grey. No human kids. I love reading almost anything, Schitt’s Creek, succulents, and all animals (I refuse to eat them or wear them). I’m excited to start a letter and card writing project. Yay for real letters in the mailbox!!
    Janni H
    4 Caliche Ct
    Wimberley, TX 78676

  166. I love mail!
    Self proclaimed nerdy weirdo that is obsessed with her dog. Loan processor by day, part time dj by random nights here and there. Married with a step daughter that is about to be a teenager (she has alllllll the attitude already… help)

    L. Nozica
    213 Sutherland Drive
    South Charleston, WV 25303

  167. I’m in. I love letters. Asked for stationary and stamps for Christmas one year. Librarian and all that book stuff. Cross stitcher, gardener, baker, and dog lover.

    Sunflower stitcher
    11509 W Jewell Ct
    Wichita KS 67209

  168. Hi 👋 I want all the strange and broken pen pals!!!! This is why you should write me:
    I will always write back.
    I love animals, so we can chat about all the fur on our clothes.
    You can tell me all your problems, never any judgements on my end.
    We can chat about books, movies and shows or just swap recipes.
    I can’t wait to be snail mail friends!!

    Patti Sullivan
    771 Hubbards Lane
    Bardstown KY 40004

  169. Sarah Jane was my first Doctor and I squeed when she showed up on Tennant’s run. (Yes I know she wasn’t a doctor but she was amazing. )

    Andi S
    PO Box 559
    Chauncey OH 45719-0559

  170. I love people. I miss people. I haven’t been seeing my friends for two months based on local outbreaks, so this sounds lovely.

    I like cross stitching, Photoshopping my brother and his children in ridiculous ways, playing the banjo, and board games.

    Shells Bells
    3114 S 4000 W
    West Valley City, UT 84120

  171. Back in the early 90s, I was a young army soldier stationed in Italy and I used to write pages and pages of letters to people. It’s so much more satisfying than email.

    Now I’m a 51 year old woman with really bad knees who still somehow performs burlesque. I knit stuff, mostly socks and hats. I sew stuff, mostly burlesque underwear and pockets on sweatshirts that should have had pockets already in a perfect world. I read, mostly everything. I live alone and I mostly like it that way.

    But I like buying whatever interesting stamps the post office has available, so I’m looking forward to sending notes to some of the people listed above me.

    I’d be delighted to receive mail at:

    Bex Revenge
    468 Elysian Fields Rd
    Nashville, TN 37211

  172. Well, I already left my spill, but I don’t see it anywhere… so here we go again…. Basically, I love mail and will reply to anything I receive!

    L. Nozica
    213 Sutherland Drive
    South Charleston, WV 25303

  173. I love mail! I have been going through my own personal Hell and friends have literally saved my life (and books, and my giant mutts, this blog, and my daughter’s performances). I would love to credit my husband but not so much these days. I love wine and love love live performing. I love new recipes, my therapist and my safe haven, my bed! Any like minds can write to Amanda Toomey
    209 S Tremont Dr Greensboro, NC 27403
    I am a prompt responder! I love vintage postcards and am a Crane stationary snob (only for me, you can write on old newspaper! Oh and I too have a teen, an delight when happy and a handful when not. I feel the pain

  174. san angelo??? i used to spend my summer’s on a ranch near sonora. you blink, you miss the town. also, writing letters is the best. xo.

  175. I’ve been single for 16 years and mom to a 16 year old boy. I walk for hours after work just to think I’m accomplishing something even if that something is just petting every dog I pass and feeding the local deer. River Song is my favorite character on Dr. Who. I read most everything and usually have 2-3 books checked out. Holidays have always sucked for me. It’s no fun buying your own gifts and cooking your own food.

    PO Box 1924
    Cedar Park, Tx 78630

  176. Cat mom who hates V-day. I call myself a crafter but hubby says I’m a bead Dragon with a hoard. I think I’m ok with that. I would love mail! Also willing to trade snow for … uh… just about anything else.

    Donna Day
    204-221 Melvin Ave
    Hamilton, On
    Canada L8H2K1

  177. I am an infectious disease epidemiologist and work at a hospital doing infection control. I like to drink…wine mostly but anything will do on a bad day. Serial killers fascinate me and my favorite stories to read are usually vampire related but I also love a good pull on the heart strings book. My name is Lacey and my address is 613 Paseo Del Plata Unit B Temple Texas 76502

  178. I love this idea! I’d love to hear from anyone who isn’t afraid to write to the Witch at the end of the Lane. I read and collect crystals and hag stones, teach and heal, kayak and garden. This year I’ve decided to make my dream come true to move closer to the coast no matter how many extra teaching gigs I have to take. Blessed be!

    The Witch
    146 Carlsbad Circle
    Vacaville, CA 95687

  179. What fun! I love chocolate and travel and although I’m not lonely on Valentine’s Day would find it so heartening to learn about your city/town/bigwideopenbeautifulspace and the items, culture and lore that make it special! Thanks!

    B. Gloeien Jones
    9504 Williamsburg Plaza
    Unit 407
    Louisville, KY 40222

  180. I want perfectly imperfect pen pals too 🥰 I’m a chemist, a gamer (oh zelda, the things you set in motion), and an avid disrupter (thinking inside the box is so boring. I also have MDD, GAD, PTSD, and tendencies towards OCPD (#AcronymsAreFun) I consider cats an essential part of my self-care…and coffee.

    Hilary & Luna
    2929 E Oakview Cir
    Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

  181. How fun! I’m 51, married, grandma, love reading and binging good shows…. digital scrapbooking and crafting…. oh and Disney. Would love to hear from you!

    Tracy B
    7474 Excitement Dr #301
    Reunion, FL 34747

  182. Professional procrastinator, dog mom, intermittent crafter (mostly embroidery), GenX introvert, and book lover.

    A is for Angst (and Awesomeness)
    5600 N Beach #1713
    Haltom City, TX 76137

  183. This is great! Im often homebound due to my health, so I love making penpals! I’m a nerd for stationary, stickers & washi tape. I like to read (hooray for Fantastic Strangelings), watch stand-up comedy, embroider & doodle. Ben Folds & They Might Be Giants are my favorite musicians. You can write me at:
    8614 Stark Ave
    Raytown, MO 64138

  184. Yesss!
    I have 3 cats of my own and foster kitties in my spare time. I work for the Clerk of Court. I live near New Orleans and love the celebrations here. I like true crime, books, traveling and roller skating.

    Glitter Girl Lace
    70010 4th street
    Covington, LA 70433

  185. Perhaps my dog would like some mail…
    Daisy Luna Queen of the Floof
    1531 W Edgerton Ave Unit U
    Milwaukee, WI 53221

  186. Valentine’s Day is a hurtful made up holiday; but I do like 50% off chocolate on 2/15. Attempting to enjoy retired life in between numerous medical appointments with my crazy rescue dog, Roo. Would love getting mail that is happy. Send happy mail to:
    Bemmy 3924 Laura Leigh Dr. Friendswood, TX 77546

  187. I love this idea so much. We could all use a little love and friendship 🖤
    Dana Scully
    1234 N Cleaver St Unit 1M
    Chicago IL 60642

  188. This is awesome, I love mailing letters and post cards and things. I’ll have to pick out a few addresses and send some artist trading cards and notes and things.

    But if anyone wants to send me stuff
    Rice McKelvin
    7885 Charlesmont rd
    Baltimore, MD 21222

  189. I love this idea! I love to read, travel, and walk.
    2122 Hertford Dr
    Columbia, SC 29201

  190. I would love to exchange mail, I’m a people lover! I read, adore books, crochet and other crafts, love dogs. I was replanted in Texas via Atlanta Ga. and originated in New Jersey.

    Address: Chris McDonald
    11575 Pearland Parkway
    Apt. 5101
    Houston, Texas 77089

    Forgot to add am an avid Jenny fan

  191. Not me so much but I’ve got a 12 year old non-binary child who was diagnosed about a year ago with an autoimmune disease and already deals with anxiety and depression. This isn’t aided by the fact that we live in a small rural state and they currently attend a small private school (I teach there also) where the new superintendent has been on a super conservative kick for a bit which has just emboldened the worst impulses of some. Kiddo could use some sunshine if anyone has some to spare, last time we did this was before they were diagnosed with the autoimmune stuff but several lovely people sent things to brighten their day which was greatly appreciated. They like corgis and succulent plants and stickers (because stickers are basically a currency in middle school) and standing up for LGBTQIA+ causes and their three legged cat.
    C. Niggel
    825 Goose Pond Road
    Fairfax, VT 05454

  192. I love this idea! I love crafts, Harry Potter, my precious dog, and books! Would love to have some pen pals!
    Dana Scully
    1234 N Cleaver St unit 1M
    Chicago IL 60642

  193. Princess Buttercup
    2442 Pemberton Drive
    Toledo, Ohio. 43560

    I love knitting, reading and Benedict Cumberbatch.

  194. Such a cute idea!! I adore snail mail. I’m a big nerd who also stage manages for a Rocky Horror shadow cast! Also Eccleston was the best Doctor
    Jami Sroka
    848 9th St
    Verona, PA 15147

  195. Yayyyy! I loved this last time! Some of my favorite shows are Doctor Who, Schitt’s Creek, Stargate, Stranger Things, Ted Lasso and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I also hope they play the intro song to, “Succession,” in heaven. Love to read but rarely find myself in the right mindset. Also love musicals and old movies. I’m a crafter and have dabbled in just about anything with the exception of knitting/sewing/anything involving needles. Currently working on miniature things. Please tell me I don’t need a miniature pottery wheel. Obsessed with my dog, Zeus.

    Sara Plain Andtall
    2707 E Bluefield Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85032

  196. Living on my own for the first time in 25 years (my choice). It’s quite freeing, but sometimes lonely. Eleven is my doctor, and on days when it’s hard to be me I wish I was more like River Song.
    TNG is my Star Trek, and the Vorkosiverse is my space opera.
    Currently binging British quiz shows on YouTube – Qi and Taskmaster help me when I need to laugh.

    130 Strathcona Circle
    Strathmore, AB
    T1P 0B1

  197. This is such a wonderful idea. The world has felt sad and lonely in recent years, and any chance to share some positivity is welcomed. I’ve been working on some miniature kits as a new hobby, and direct much of my affections to my 3 very needy cats.

    K. Johnson
    16957 Emerald Green Ln Se
    Jefferson, OR 97352

  198. Please don’t hate me, but I’ve never watched Dr. Who. I’m a proud cat mom andTrekkie, though!
    Lisa K of the Milky way
    900 5th St N
    Dassel, MN 55325

  199. Katt H.
    2999 New Scotland Rd
    Voorheesville NY 12186

    Hello! I love poetry, learning languages, photography, art, reading, and the ocean. I’ve studied Spanish for several years, and taught myself to read hiragana (one of the Japanese writing systems). Otters and whales are two of my favorite animals. I adore Studio Ghibli and my favorite movie is Howl’s Moving Castle! I love learning new things, especially regarding linguistics and marine life. I’m an artist- I may send mail with stickers or doodles inside!

  200. I was too anxious and freaked oUT to participate last time and I’m STILL anxious and freaked out about this but willing to try because I’m working on being FURIOUSLY HAPPY.

    I love chocolate (the darker the better), cats and This Is Us un ironically.

    Mrs. Crochet Mojo Rising
    2417 Eastbourne Dr.
    Little Elm TX 75068

  201. Oh, i love getting and sending mail! I’m a dog person with 4 cats (don’t ask!).I love Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Harry Potter (but screw JK Rowling), tortoises, reading, and I’m learning to needle felt. Let’s be friends!

    Big Al’s Best Pal
    6117 Weems Rd
    Knoxville, TN 37918

  202. Yes David Tennant was the best. My mother died last July and I have been going thru her letters(she kept everyone she ever received and copies of ones she sent) and have come to realize I miss writing and receiving letters. They were just so much more personal and heartfelt! I love dogs, cats, reading, photography, playing World of Warcraft and dancing when no one is watching.

    Andrea Koerner
    54 Kenwood St
    Warwick, RI 02889

  203. I love this idea so much. Lately I’ve been shorter on spoons than usual, though I never seem to have quite enough. Real mail would be such a treat. I read all the things, knit all the things and pet all the cats (I have 5). I used to quilt and sew all the things, but not so much since I learned to knit

    House of Bad Cats
    5018 Lido Lane
    Houston, Texas 77092

  204. I’m a little late to the party. I love cats, yarn. For crocheting, Dr. Who, and mail that isn’t a bill! I’m currently looking for an entry level scrum master job, and spent 12 years in prison – as a case manager. 😂

    Gizmo F.
    14975 Deer Trail Dr.
    Noblesville, IN 46060

  205. I’ve been single now for almost a decade (sheesh). I’m a full time policy wonk and part time writer who hasn’t written since the pandemic and pretty much dropped out of the writing community, because I hide when wounded, so I’m feeling a little isolated. I do a poetry postcard exchange every August, but there’s not a personal connection with that, so I love the idea of connecting with others this way. I’ve got 3 teens and 2 cats and cohabitate with my mom. I knit, bake bread, and embroider and have never seen Dr Who. Also, I may be distantly related to Jenny because my great grandma was a Dusek from central Texas…

    Diana Conces
    601 Powder Horn Cv.
    Round Rock, TX 78681

  206. I love this idea too! I’m in. Mom of grown boys, love dogs and the occasional cats I am a voracious reader, like old school hip hop and blues music, motorcycles and people who are kind.

    Kat Leen
    79 Minnetonka Dr.
    Oxford, MI 48371

  207. I mean, I love notes! I also love glitter, tiaras, and David Tennant. Not necessarily in that order, but David Tennant wearing a glittery tiara would probably be my dream date.

    HRH Princess Jax
    419 Winding Stream Rd
    Spring City, PA 19475

  208. For my sister. Who is struggling 1000% with life right now. I’m helping her find a doctor this week to get back on her anti-psychotics. And helping with her kids at the same time. She loves anime and Batman. She’s always down for feeding me when I can’t handle feeding myself. She was told all through high school she would never do anything beyond that. Now she’s married with two kids, graduated from college, and runs marathons for fun. She can conquer anything she wants to. But she also needs all the extra help she can get right now.

    Banana Split
    3707 McCall St
    Apt A
    South Salt Lake, UT 84106

  209. Should I even admit that I live in such an introverted, anxiety ridden world of my own that I don’t know who David Tennant is and have never in my life watched Dr. Who? I love Alice in Wonderland everything, the book, “Anonymous” and never leave my two acre sanctuary if at all humanly possible.
    J Rose
    6028 Spanish Oak Dr
    Pensacola FL 32526

  210. David Tennant was the reason I started watching Dr. Who!
    Also I would love a note I love snail mail in general.
    My name’s Megan I like true crime, crafting, and weird road side attractions.

    8160 se 153rd st
    Inglis, FL 34449

  211. Alaskan #2 on this list! Such a fun idea, especially after the past two years. I, too, am an introvert, but realising that doesn’t mean I don’t want/need friends. I often hear how difficult it is to make friends in adulthood (61). Maybe this is how! I’m tired of loooooong winters and would love to hear from snowbirders (or wanna be snowbirders, like me.) I have two “kids” 31 and 35 and raising a grand dog. Hope for grandkids…someday. Love Shetland and Vera and really anything BBC. Love to hear from anyone and will write back.
    Julie S
    4760 Pine Valley Ct
    Anchorage, AK 99508

  212. Our house burned to the ground during a snowstorm Valentine’s Day 2007. My kids and I have never been fans of Valentine’s Day since. I could use a pen pal friend. Susie Q 7313 Bradbury Ave Ft. Wayne, IN 46809

  213. A friend and I (same town) occasionally send a hand written letter to each other. Such fun to receive a note in the mail and this idea sounds great! Of course I love Jenny’s books, also The Thirteenth Tale, The Great Alone, Where the Crawdads Sing, and The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. For bingeing: Ted Lasso and Outlander. Looking forward to a note from you…maybe with new book or binge suggestions, a favorite quote, or just what you’ve been up to. Nana, 275 Floreca Way, Reno, NV 89511

  214. I grew up near Lowake, Texas, and our address was a Rowena address. Heck, half the neighboring farms were Dusek land! I definitely knew some of your relatives.

    I’ll join the growing throng on the David Tennant hill! Number 10 for the win!

    Master of my Own Ceremonies, Kenny Mesker
    7002 Brook Run Ln
    Houston, Tx 77040

  215. Broke up with the boyfriend last night
    So looking for laughter and light
    Love crafting and drink
    Books that make me think
    Some mail’d be the most lovely sight

    Kathy Jo
    3049 Boulder Ave
    Billings, MT 59102

  216. I’m pretty far down the list already, I have to wonder, how many will scroll this far? I’m introverted, bit weird, work full time and am exhausted! But I want to participate and I really would like to make some connections. If I get a note from you, I promise to send one back.
    Want to know more? Drop me a line….

    Debbie Levesque
    11593 Golden Oak Ter
    Fort Myers, FL 33913

  217. This is an amazing thing! Humans getting to “meet” other humans and not even leave home. I’m interested in, well, almost everything in the world. And beyond. For a little bit anyway. I don’t LIKE everything, just interested in it. And want to learn about it. And you! Tell me about you. Strangest thing that’s ever happened to you. Or send weird stuff. A drawing of a salt shaker. A rainbow colored strip of paper. And I’ll send you weird stuff I find. And hopefully we both learn new stuff.

    Countess Stephanie
    P.O. Box 9
    Mazon, IL 60444

    I really do only get mail at a po box. Town, well village, is too small for a mail carrier.

  218. Heather L,
    235-43 Hanna Ave,
    M6K 1X1

    I would love some friendly notes. Tomorrow marks one year since my ex-spouse asked for a separation and my life imploded. It has been a dreadful year and I am still trying to claw my way back to some kind of peace.
    I participated in this exchange the first time around!

  219. I participated last time and found some lovely new pen friends! I’m recently retired from working as an elementary school library clerk. I’m an artist, care for 2 cats, value my solitude, read a lot. I have lots of pen pals. Mom of 5 grown kids, 1 grandchild. Don’t watch TV but do enjoy stuff on Netflix, etc. When I figure out how to relax, I’ll try Dr. Who again… it seems like something I’d enjoy but I’ve only seen bits and pieces! I can’t wait to start traveling again.
    I’ll always write back, but when I’m in the middle of a painting, it might take longer. Thanks, Jenny, for starting this up again, I’ve thought of it often.
    Jeanne Kasten
    443 E Loula Apt. A
    Olathe, KS 66061

  220. This is amazing! I’ve been looking for people to write. I have so much stationary and it looks like y’all are gonna be the ones to see it! 😂

    Je parle français. I love to read, camp, sleep.

    This is gonna be a blast!

    7905 Old Nashville Road
    Fairview, Tn 37062

  221. Kia ora koutou Katia, hello all, from. AOTEAROA, also known as NZ. We have flightless birds, Kiwis, flying mammals, myotis bats which we call Peka peka if using te reo Maori.
    I am Jules @ 2/24 Oxley Ave., Christchurch 8014 New Zealand.

  222. I would love a bit of mail. I’m sadly single since my ex-husband left me for my best friend. I love reading and animals.
    6306 Hilly Way
    Cary, IL 60013

  223. I am a 68 years young Granny currently owned by a blue Chihuahua. I am obsessed with Animal Crossing, and I get to play it with all 3 grandkids who live 3 states away. I love to garden but the deer eat everything as soon as it’s out of the soil.
    I love the idea of unknown new friends sending fun mail and I promise to answer any mail I receive.

    Third Generation Louise
    PO Box 63913
    Pipe Creek, Texas 78063

  224. I would love to hear from my loving new friends! And yes, Ball is a real town!!
    Kayren S.
    4706 Monroe Highway
    Ball, LA 71405

    Thank you in advance!!

  225. I love this idea, and am bookmarking the page for later when I have more energy.

  226. I love this! Random mail is always the best.

    I’m a big fan of cats, embroidery, collecting weird little oddities, possums, sci-fi TV, long walks in pretty places, and, of course, books.

    My address is:
    E. Walker
    127 Queentown Road
    Canton, NC 28716

  227. I’ve never seen a single episode of Dr Who, even though my adopted dog, Rose, is named after one of the characters. I’m addicted to Words With Friends, WORDLE, crossword puzzles, really anything to do with words and word origins. I retired from teaching (elementary classroom) a few years ago, but still have a job as a church organist/musician (been doing that for 50! years now). Other favorite things are dogs, books, sarcasm, alone time, cooking, gardening, cross stitch, my car, and bees 🐝.
    1940 Tudor Dr
    San Jacinto, CA 92583

  228. Such a fun idea and love that you are bringing the good old fashioned letter writing back again. Makes going to the mailbox box an adventure. I’m mom to a teenager and 4 furry pets (2 dogs and 2 cats, both rescued siblings). I love traveling, far away places, ghosts, and funny animal memes.
    Madame S
    18918 3rd Dr SE
    Bothell, WA 98012

  229. I have a long list of shows I’ve been told I need to watch. But watching tv makes me feel like I’m missing out on reading something so the shows remain unwatched and I lose a topic of small talk with strangers. Love reading, love cats, and I love Jenny’s humor because even though she can be sarcastic, it’s not mean. I’m originally from Texas, but the crazy there is dialed a bit high right now so I’ll stay in Colorado a while longer.

    940 Snowy Plain Rd
    Fort Collins, CO 80525

  230. I’d love some mail! 35 year old doggy mommy to a big mutt Roscoe he’s the best!
    Amber Martinez
    214 e. Little York rd
    Houston, tx 77076

  231. How fun! Thanks for spreading real love amongst us introverts today, Jenny ❤️
    The idea of real mail is pretty exciting – finally a reason to use my stockpiled forever stamps. Mother of 3 kids, 2 dogs and a demonically possessed cat. I think about knitting, listen to audiobooks, am rewatching Buffy & Angel concurrently, and hide if my driveway doorbell chimes.

    Daffodil Acre
    12248 Pine Oak Cir
    Dickinson, TX 77539

  232. One more for the list – I love the idea of random notes of encouragement and silly joy! I am a reader, a crafter, and a dog lover. I’m anxious a lot of the time and struggling to understand who I am after the last couple of years, buoyed by this community and keeping my head above the water.

    Martisco Amber
    25 South St Apt B52
    Marcellus, NY 13108

  233. This post is the best! I also hate when I’m told what day I can give and get flowers, chocolate or love. My husband and two grown children are aware of my aversion to forced gratitude and so they give me flowers, chocolate, and love on any random day, and who could ask for more!
    I live in an eclectic house, surrounded by books, art and music and would love a postcard!
    Susan Gail
    6201 Hylawn Dr
    Austin, TX 78723

    PS David Tennant 4EVER!

  234. This is a fantastic idea! I love animals, reading, doing puzzles, geology, travelling (when that used to be possible) crocheting/cross stitching although I’m not very skilled at either, archaeology, fossils, learning new and random facts, the quiet in the morning before anyone is awake, static trapeze ( although my classes have stopped due to covid). Trying to get myself into working out and being healthier (have been considering this for a good two years now),and have been discovering what night sweats are and the weird bumps and lumps you start to strangely grow after hitting 40. Would love to hear from you.

    22-780 west 15th Ave
    Vancouver, B.C. Canada

  235. Hi, I’d love to get and send some snail-mail and send some, too!
    I’m keeping my spider plants alive with my two teens and a tween. I’m often reading online and books at odd hours while trying to reset my circadian rhythm from sporadic hospital night shifts. Trying to talk myself back into hiking.
    Primate S
    623 Highland Glen Dr.
    Ballwin, MO 63021

  236. I’m too paranoid about the Internet to put my address out there. But I love this community and I adore Jenny and her wonderfully perfect imperfectness and how sharing and giving she is to all of us weirdos in the world.
    I always loved Valentine’s Day because it wasn’t really a couples thing until I got married. No boyfriend of mine ever did anything for me on that day because of Christmas, and then my birthday was the week after V-Day, and three gift giving days in such a short time was a lot for most romantic partners. But my Aunt and my Mom would give me Valentine cards, and I would buy candy conversation hearts, and the next day I would buy the clearance heart shaped boxes of candy that was left over, and eat only the chocolates I liked out of the box. So it was a day where my family gave me notes of love and I treated myself to my love of chocolate.
    I also liked giving my friends chocolate and celebrating our friendships on that day. So for me, it was a day to show others that you appreciate them, and show yourself appreciation.

  237. I love, love, love this idea. For the first time in a decade, I have no valentine, because I decided on Sunday to take a stand and put myself first. As a result, I’m now residing in the Artic freeze – but to combat that ick I have been Valentining to all those special to me throughout the day – gratitude for true friends brings light and love. PS – I have loved all of your books and have enlisted at least three of my nearest and dearest to laugh with you. Thx for your quirky humor – it’s just what the world needs.

    6094 Janes Ave
    Downers Grove IL 60516

  238. Love this idea! I’m a fan of outdoor adventures. I think the series Sex Education is brilliant and Johnny Weir is the best thing on the Olympics. The current weather has turned me into a huge itch ball.

    Itchy Doni
    2303 W Olympic Ave
    Spokane WA 99205

  239. I don’t hate Valentine’s Day now, but as a kid I HATED it, since the teachers didn’t care if everyone got a card back then. But my DH can be counted in for a cute card & chocolates so, it’s good. I made sure I always gave my kids Valentine’s, & in their 30s & 40s, I still get them a little box of chocolates 😀
    I’d still like a pen pal though!

    I’m a crafter, heavily into knitting, but also like seeing, dogs, cats, parrots, disco & bright colors

    Laurinda P
    136 Sunset Dr
    Westfield, MA 01085

  240. Hi Jenny! A friend and I decided to go old school and write back and forth and it’s so refreshing!
    Oh, almost forgot.. Tina Barlow
    120 Catawba Circle Apt 120
    Campbellsville KY 42718
    Love you bunches ❣️

  241. Oooh snail mail that isn’t bills? Sign me up! I love Doctor Who, Tennant was good, Eccleston was better though 😉 I am almost 45, married, our son is almost 12 (and for some inexplicable reason likes to cluck like a chicken….but I digress) I’m in danger of being crushed by my To Be Read pile by my bed, but that’s perfectly peachy by me.

    Shiloh Wall
    312 E 11th St.
    Washington, MO 63090

  242. If anyone would like to send some cheer down my way, though it’s quite far, I’d appreciate it.
    I’m into all things cats, witch, books, languages. Potterhead, Whovian tired of almost 2 and a 1/2 years almost not going out. Can’t promise I’ll write back, but I will try.

    19 de Mayo 557
    Bahía Blanca

  243. Rowena, Texas.. home of one of the best steakhouses in America. Driven there many times just for dinner.

  244. I am a wife, momma and Nonna. I love Supernatural and Firefly. My safe place has been losing myself in the music of U2 since I was 12 years old. I love to craft. I absolutely love Jenny. We have never met, but she totally gets me.

    3303 Bahia Drive
    College Station, TX 77845

  245. Tom Baker— you never forget your first!
    Had international pen friends in my twenties; miss the fun of real letters. I’m an avid reader, mainly sf/fantasy/horror/mystery/humor/science. Also watch too much tv & YouTube — Star Trek Disco & Prodigy, Ted Lasso, excitedly awaiting series 2 of Russian Doll, Ask a Mortician, Kurzgesagt, How to ADHD, Half Asleep Chris to name but a few. Devoted Edward Gorey fan, supporter of Halloween decor year round, 4 indoor cats, 1 ancient dog.
    Thank you Jenny for this post ( & thanks to anyone who scrolled this far!) Stacie B

  246. A dear friend pointed me here, and I am intrigued. I would love *real* mail – letters, postcards, what-have-you. I am incurably curious about my fellow human beings, and what makes them happy, or keeps them going every day.

    I’m a 60-something, transplanted New Englander, queer woman, living tiny in northwest Washington, loving those sunsets over the Pacific. Trying to be creative, but in a rut lately ( yearning for Spring) – love history, genealogy, anything Japanese, arts and crafts, musicals, nature, furry critters…and that’s just to start.

    Anyhow, drop me a line. Would love to hear from new friends, far and wide.

    8080 Harborview Rd. Trailer M133
    Blaine, WA 98230

  247. I didn’t do the mail last time but I loved the idea. Not sure why I didn’t. Maybe felt like too big of a limb.. anyway, I’m a mom of 3 young adults, 2 cats, older husband.. kind of eclectic in that I work out, read almost anything (except romance), craft all kinds of things, love word puzzles and solitaire, not a fan of video games, movie lover, gardener, moderate Whovian /Potterhead /Star Trek and Wars/ Hobbit-friend and all around nerdy goober.

    Lucy Ricardo
    8663 Depot Road
    Lynden, WA

  248. Forgot my address ( cause that’s just how I roll)!
    Stacie B.
    903 Lavalley Road
    Mooers NY 12958

  249. I hate Valentine’s Day – but I love this idea more.

    I’m a single woman staring down the barrel of 40. My cat comes before every human in my life. I cross stitch, sew, and play bass – well, I keep meaning to do all those hobbies but working two jobs kind of drains the time bank. Love music of all sorts, retro fashion, and cute shit.

    Midori McGee
    83 Minerva St. Apt. B
    Derby, CT 06418

  250. I’m “well over 50” and super sad because we lost a son to mental illness five years ago and I’ll never really recover from that. I love all sci fi things but currently loving Grogu the most because so adorbs. Lorilee, 105 Ashebury Dr, Clayton NC 27527

  251. Ooh! This sounds like fun! I would definitely like to be part of this and maybe wind up being penpals. But I can’t make the first move. I ran out of my antidepressants and anxiety medicine and the pharmacy has taken forever to refill them so my brain is like when I was a kid and would get that pop up of a thousand boxes saying the same thing on the computer and peopled panicked and just unplugged the computer (it’s me, I’m people).
    I’m a pansexual polyamorous weirdo and I make up 1/3 of my amazing pod. I craft a lot (sew, quilt, crochet, knit, and cross stitch), I have 2 dogs, 1 cat and a bearded dragon (not a Komodo dragon which my son announced we have to his 5th grade class 🤦🏻‍♀️). I’m super introverted and I of course married two extroverts. I also am a tattoo enthusiast, love musicals, podcasts about murder, murder shows, Downton Abbey and all sorts of other things. But I ramble. So I’ll stop here.
    437 NW 90th St
    Oklahoma City, OK 73114

  252. I don’t like Val day very much. I work in a public middle school, so really, do you blame me? Anyhoo, ‘tho I don’t love the day, I DO LOVE the cheesy tear-apart valentines that I get from the drugstore on the corner. (Lisa Frank had the BEST) I bought a box and gave them out for kids at work to use as bookmarks. I’ll send some out this week for some fellow Jenny fans. 🙂 I love getting real mail, so I’m bashfully adding my own address. This sort of public, ahem, exposure is very frightening for me but I am trying to beat back my depression by trying new things, hoping I can regain some of my happy.
    Gloria S.
    1617 N Bullmoose Dr.
    Chandler, AZ 85224

  253. Yes, please! I’m a stay-at-home mom of two young children, homeschooling while we wait out the plague. I’m a classically-trained singer and amateur artist, and I need interaction with people other than the ones I either married or made. I am hoping to start a garden this spring for the first time in my life. Sending so much love to you all.

    Lesley Z
    36 Hawley Ave
    Port Chester, NY 10573

  254. I sent a bunch of cards last time but I’d love to get some this time. Not my favorite holiday (a good friend died on this day 21 years ago and I got in a car accident today though I’m ok). Love to read. Love crafting and Harry Potter and cats and being outside.

    1410 Wanderlust Point Apt 202
    Colorado Springs CO 80921

  255. I would love a cheerful note. I have been sad and stressed out. The anniversary of my mom’s passing was last week and we are selling and buying a new house. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and 3 boys and a husband.
    Monica A.
    2413 W Bent Tree Dr
    Phoenix, AZ 85085

  256. My friends and I hated Valentine’s so we organised an anti Valentine’s party. I proceeded to get very drunk and hooked up with one of my friends and 22 years and two kids later we now have to celebrate our anniversary on Valentine’s!

  257. Not a big fan of VDay. I grew up where our teachers would tape paper bags with students’ names printed on the bag to the chalkboard in the front of the room. Students were supposed to drop off valentines. I felt so judged when I only would receive 2 or 3. Years later, I’d try to make up for a not so great bf and bought a gift and said it was from him – didn’t want to be judged by my roommates. I have a bad history with the holiday but am glad it’s better with a supportive partner. I always think of those that may have not had a great day. I hope they got through it relatively unscathed. And, Jenny, I will eat chocolate regardless, no holiday is going to keep me or push me to my chocolate 🍫💕

  258. What a wonderful idea! Count me in.
    Me: Old geek (childhood Trekkie, STAR WARS kid, LotR, Dune, Cryptonomicon, but also Jim Harrison–recently, Ada Palmer, Too Like the Lightning; Yōko Ogawa,The Housekeeper and the Professor). Still: wannabe writer. Was: journalist (10+ years before realizing being an anxiety-ridden introvert terrified of making phone calls was a bad fit). Now: aging copy editor/proofreader (I move commas in textbooks around for a living). Was almost: an anthropologist. Should probably have been: a librarian. Wife is a nurse, so she’s pretty tired. Dog Nikta says, Hey.
    R. A. Camp, Comma Monkey
    4613 SE 14th Street
    Gresham, OR 97080

  259. Mostly mining for random care package ‘victims’ but I could use a lift some days also.
    925 S. Main St. Unit 3255
    Grapevine, TX 76051

  260. I love this idea and definitely need some social interaction of any kind since my best friend died of cancer (she was only 39) a couple months ago. I have been getting ketamine treatments to help with grief/depression (and my 6 years of chronic pain/autoimmune issues) but dark humor, my cat (Jimothy) and Neil Gaiman books seem to be what’s helping the most. Looking for friends and distractions, please.
    Matti Marvelous
    103 Main St
    Vergennes, VT 05491

  261. Elsbeth
    925 Imperial Dr NE
    Salem, OR 97301

    My birth certificate says I’m 61, but my heart says I’m 42. I read fantasy and some science fiction. David Tenant was indeed the best Doctor Who, but Christopher Eccleston is a close second.

  262. Becky the Great
    14313 Jennave Lane
    Austin, TX 78728

    I once gave myself this nickname and it didn’t really stick so I am bringing it back! Think of the ego boost I may get every time I go to the mailbox.

    I love mail, strange mascots, have four cats and a garden.

  263. I’m in. I have beautiful stationery that has never been used, a tbr list that grows exponentially, and a funny family that cracks me up on a daily basis.

    I love the Usual Suspects, caper movies, HP, LOTR, Dr Who, Outlander, and Marvel. I read everything. We always say “Have fun storming the castle!” when anyone leaves. We speak in memes and pop culture, and my children learned 6×7 as the answer to life the universe and everything.

    My favorite color is red, I’m a snarky seamstress, and my favorite number is 5,280.

    Dragon Queen of Fabric
    18204 Whitewater Cv
    Round Rock TX 78681

  264. Hello! Mom to a 13 yo human and two 4 yo rabbits who might as well be 4 extra teens. David Tennant was an absolutely amazing Doctor Who, but in character sounds exactly like my BFF’s husband who also happens to be named David, so I find it highly distracting and have a very hard time with the suspension of disbelief. Therefore I am a Tom/ Matt/ Peter fan for the Dr. and a Jessica Jones fan for DT. Also embarrassingly addicted to British cozy mysteries on my Kindle. Oh and my weird side hustle is that I’m a recognized expert on left of center gun owners in America. Feel free to ask me anything about that judgement free.

    Address is:

    LC Smith
    1309 Kingsford Drive
    Carmichael, CA 95608

  265. This is beautiful. <3 My name is Molly W. and my address is PO Box 686, Valdez, AK 99686. I'm a children's librarian, originally from the Midwest and currently living and loving in rural Alaska.
    I love the outdoors, The X-Files, and absolutely adore the idea of being penpals.

  266. I just told my 13yr old the other day that you used to be able to send your address into magazines and get pen pals from it!

    I would love to get some dopamine inducing mail that isn’t self instigated through an online shopping spree and also a reason to check my mailbox.

    I crochet, weave, needle felt and sometimes knit. I love fantasy novels about magic and space operas….about space. I have two cats, two lizards and a ton of fish.

    533 90 St SW
    Edmonton, AB T6X1C1

  267. Becky the Great
    14313 Jennave Lane
    Austin, TX 78728

    I gave myself the nickname Becky the Great years ago when I use to teach at an outdoor school but after that it didn’t stick and it really isn’t my personality but think of the ego boost I could have every time I went to my mailbox.

    Likes: mail, cats (I have four), mascots, gardening, and baking

    Dislikes: olives and hard pretzels

  268. This sounds fun! I am a Parrothead, avid quilter, retired middle school teacher and Mom to one grown daughter. Servant to two elderly cats, doting aunt, and NPR fan. Don’t like Valentine’s Day at all. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Last summer, I drove 3000 miles round-trip halfway across the United States on a road trip to get out of the house, out of the heat, and just because I could. I enjoy traveling, reading and iced tea all year round.
    401 W. Western, #1535
    Avondale, AZ 85323

  269. Terrified of the world. Love cats, forests, books, and dancing. I love the simple things in life and worry about the complications. I’m curious about most everything, but especially: inclusion, speech-language pathology, tango, and sci-fi. I probably want to mail you soap.

    Alma Goodfeet
    3727 NE 12th Ave
    Portland, OR 97212

  270. Hoping someone reads this far down, because I would love to meet new friends! I’m a 42 year-old child-free woman getting divorced from a recently-sober alcoholic with a TBI. (And if that doesn’t convince you of how much fun I am right now, what will?) I also make/paint/create things, and have a 20-year collection of my own journals. So, you know, total head-case. Please write me. 😜
    Sarah B
    1330 W. Mississippi Ave #307
    Denver, CO 80223

  271. I have a shirt that says “introverted but willing to discuss books.” Currently reading The Maid per Jenny’s guidance. I’ve kept an elephant ear plant alive for six months now which is my proudest – or at least most shocking – accomplishment to date. On a related note, I don’t have kids.

    Write me, and I promise a response that is curious and open-hearted!

    3364 Capstan Way
    Colorado Springs, CO 80906

  272. I used to love sending and receiving letters – still have a stack from my childhood pen-pal. I would love to participate!
    I have my hand in all sorts of crafts, including ceramics and stamp carving. Love my dog.
    Xena, Warrior Princess
    8 Solar Ct.
    San Rafael, CA 94901

  273. I can’t wait to be a part of a community of people who want to be awesome to strangers who will soon be pals. Woo!

    I love Jenny Lawson’s creations and existence, reading hilarious nonfiction and non-hilarious historical fiction, Ted Lasso, Parks and Rec, Schitt’s Creek, my family, and my students. I teach at a high school and am the Queer / Straight Alliance club advisor. I love music and am currently listening to the Encanto soundtrack at least once a day. I used to fantasize about being on “Dancing With the Stars” because I really felt I could pick up the choreography well, but I remembered I’m neither a professional dancer nor a star, so I’m back to just going to my regular job every day.

    It’s super normal that I listed things I love, starting with Jenny and ending with my family, right? Like I listed TV shows before my kids. Yikes. I look forward to sending and receiving cards.

    Stephanie L.
    790 Angus Street
    Paso Robles, CA 93446

  274. Ooh, I love getting mail! And I’m currently in my sixth week of recovering from a major injury (broke my ankle in three places and also dislocated it, just because I never do anything halfway!) so I have a ton of time on my hands to write back. I love movies, music, and books of all kinds, my favorite TV show is Jeopardy!, and I ALWAYS insist in the exclamation mark, no matter where it is in the sentence.

    S. Durrant
    405 E. Patagonia Dr.
    Meridian, ID 83646

  275. Writing letters to my friends is one of my favorite things, so why not?

    I’m new to Texas, so I’d love recommendations of places to check out. I love animals. I ride horses. I enjoy drawing, painting, and cross stitch. I love being outside, especially somewhere I can take my elderly dogs.

    2500 E 22nd Street
    Apt. 202
    Austin, TX 78722

  276. Dear Jenny: You are absolutely correct that David Tennant was the best Doctor Who and I learned at San Diego Comic-Con that he may be the first Doctor to be regenerated again! We shall keep our fingers crossed!!!

  277. Great idea! I am in!

    Talk about you! Tell me what a day is like in your part of the world?

    Would love to travel again one day (bloody covid!!!)

    18 Platt Street
    New South Wales

  278. Yay! When this happened the last time there were over 800 comments and I did my best to send something to everyone. I’ll probably end up trying again. Writing to people is my favorite thing to do. I also like reading, mostly urban fantasy and non-fiction, crafting, gardening and so many other things! I have seven cats and one patient husband. She/her
    Kelly Lawrence
    9336 North Leonard St.
    Portland OR 97203

  279. This sounds like so much fun. I like books and aardvarks and memorizing geography facts. I’m a sorcerer/Druid half-elf firestarter. Play a lot of music. Build furniture for fun. Linguistics major, would code break for a living if I could. Also, I have all of the anxiety ever, so I must be saving at least some people from my anxious fate.

    Bobbi Duncan-Ishcomer
    1424 Clearview Loop
    Round Rock, TX 78664

  280. Hey there, everybody! I’m Mel, and holy moly, I could really use some fun mail right now! I promise I will write back – mostly because snail mail is fun, but also because my husband accidentally bought eleventy billion stamps a few years ago and I think we’ve used approximately three. Let’s see: I’m a journalist at a largerish daily newspaper. I’m married to the best guy ever. We have a goofy, sweet, smart rescue cat, Alexis Something Rose. David Tennant is definitely the best Doctor. I make jewelry and am teaching myself to solder (haven’t burned down the house so far. No whammies!) I love to read. I’m a big fan of Supernatural, Schitt’s Creek, Arrested Development, Curb, baking competition shows, graphic design, Photoshop and Chicago’s local music scene.

    Also? Hey to the Illinois folks, especially to the Mazon person— I bet I’m the only person in this list who’s been there!!

    Mel Shamie
    1501 E Central #206
    Arlington Heights IL 60005

  281. Ah, you know what, I had to clear out my work locker last week because as someone moving to mostly working from home permanently, I’m not allowed one any more and I found a bunch of bits & bobs I was sent last time you did this, which made me smile. So I’ll go again.
    Andrea Fry
    37 Standish Street
    TA6 3HQ

    I like cats, unicorns, swans and the colour purple.

  282. I love this, Jenny! And I LOVE how much you do for your community <3 I'm not exactly in the US, but hopefully someone will appreciate an international friend. Pandemic exhaustion is real and I've been feeling pretty lonely lately. Also, I live in a small village next to Barcelona (Spain) and I would love to be known as the weird woman that receives weird mail. So here I go:

    I'm a history buff and know all kind of weird stuff (did you know that Napoleon lost his battlefield mojo because of a bad case of hemorrhoids?). I love buying old photographs in antique stores and display them at home to restore their position within a loving family. My daughter is a wonderful 4 years old highly sensitive child who is too good for this broken world. I'm currently trying to write a time travel novel, but I'm paralyzed by fear. We have two cats and an imaginary dog named Pretzel (we are hoping we can adopt a real dog soon!). And quirky people are the best!!

    Sandra Be
    Bessons, 3 Primer piso
    08818 Olivella
    Barcelona, Spain

  283. I am neurodivergent– I am still figuring out which kinds. I like making things, animals, nature (w strong caveats), & taking pictures of nearly everything.
    A. (she/her)
    2310 Ollie Dr.
    Corpus Christi TX 78418

  284. I love cool rocks, toads, hiking, reading, trolling Newsmax and crochet.

    12613 N 152nd Dr
    Surprise, AZ. 85379

  285. I have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day, especially back when I was single!

    I’m a 51 year old Californian-Canadian (lived here for nearly 20 years now), mother of 4 kids (2 are still 13), nerdy bookworm who also loves camping and playing most outdoor sports (especially downhill skiing). I overheard my son yesterday asking a random online kid in his video game « what’s the Super Bowl? » so clearly I have failed to teach my children the ways of my homeland. I moved to Quebec just before COVID, so now I speak French too. My husband and two younger kids sit down to watch Big Bang theory with me every night. Those are my peeps. I’ve never seen Dr Who, but realize that’s probably a crime. None of us are diagnosed, but I bet we are all somewhere on the spectrum (a bit closer to the Asperger’s end than the neuro typical end).

    Not-so-fancy Nancy
    333 rue Rolland-Dion
    Magog, Quebec J1X7T5

  286. I forgot to mention that I’m writing a book and sketch and paint too. Sometimes I get crafty and build miniature stuff, but mainly I read and ski.

  287. I’m 54, love live music and making things (painting, sewing, silversmithing, resin, needlework, and many, many messes) and am sort-of shoehorned into 1400 square feet with my spouse of 31 years and our two kids (19 & 23). I’d love to get non-junk mail for a change:

    Marvellously Messy Meg
    234 St James Rd East
    North Vancouver, BC, V7N 1L2

  288. Hello!
    Despite the distance, I received over 10 letters last time, and it gave me a lot of joy. I love cats, sweets, lemon, sci-fi, and flowers, I hate pink.

    2 voie de la roche Gauthier
    35380 Plélan le Grand

  289. Voracious Reader & Wine Guzzler
    1901 Thurston Ave., Apt 7
    Bellevue, NE 68005

    Raised in Chicago, moved to Argentina, returned to New York. Don’t ask how I ended up in Nebraska – I think I was drugged!! Adore Jenny’s books & keep an extra stash to give away when someone knocks at the front door. It just dawned on me…that’s probably why the mail person just generally flings the mail on the front lawn and speeds off! NE is…uh…well, you’ve got to have a sense of humor and a profound passion for beef, corn and football! ✍ Write! This could be verrrry interesting!

  290. I participated in the last exchange and it was awesome. I’ve had some horrible things happen since then– well, just the one really: my middle child, my 19-year-old son, overdosed in December and died right before Christmas 2021. As I say, really horrible, and I’m very sorry to be a downer. Ever since then, my remaining kids, Rhys (22) and Rowan (16), and I myself have been looking for some meaning or purpose in life. Like– what’s the point of staying here? Why do we have to keep going? We’ve been looking for signs, and maybe– just maybe– this is one. I’m going to take a chance. We’re goofy, nerdy, autistic, Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek lovin’ oddballs who have had some lousy hands dealt to us and could use a pen pal or two.

    Jennifer Walker
    34 Warwick Rd
    Little Rock AR 72205

  291. I absolutely loved getting the mail. I helped get me through a rough year and having so many friends move back to the states. Whenever I got a card it honestly brightened my day. I’m hoping to do better at sending cards this time!

    Ashlee Fowler
    Cmr 450 Box 1178
    APO, AE 09705

  292. Oh I’m into dang near all animals. I got chickens during lo known and I now have 10 little girls and they are just entertaining. I have my furrbaby Chester a lhasa poo who is 13 and basically my actual child. I live in Belgium and travel when we can. I love Doctor who, supernatural, All the NCIS, theater, I read constantly and have been failing to learn French for the last 3 years. I figure it will finally click once we are about to move away

  293. Oh I’m into dang near all animals. I got chickens during lo known and I now have 10 little girls and they are just entertaining. I have my furrbaby Chester a lhasa poo who is 13 and basically my actual child. I live in Belgium and travel when we can. I love Doctor who, supernatural, All the NCIS, theater, I read constantly and have been failing to learn French for the last 3 years. I figure it will finally click once we are about to move away

    Ashlee Fowler
    Cmr 450 Box 1178
    Apo, AE, 09705

  294. I’m totally ok with Valentines Day. Randon people at work that I help all year, they drop by my desk and give me unexpected chocolates! My dearest hubby and I are too practical now and wouldn’t dream of trying to go out to eat on the 14th but we had a marvelous dinner together last Friday. Valentines Day is fine for me because I have no expectations. When you have zero expectations, you aren’t disappointed.

  295. I’m not comfortable posting my own address, but trust and believe I will be sending cards to people braver than I.

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  297. I am bad at making new friends in person, but give me the addresses of some strangers from the internet and it’s a different story!

    I love books and reading and music and oddball stuff. Teacher of English and theater. Let’s be buddies!

    577 Windsor Sq #102
    Naples, FL 34104

  298. Matt Smith was pretty great though. And tbh Capaldi just never really had good writing.

    I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t been reading your site much lately (I’m earning my MSW and in the process of building a website to help students/schools learn how to be safer/kinder for their LGBTQ+ students, helping teachers learn to be better allies, and helping students start GSAs) …. but I clicked on your link this morning and I’m glad I did.

    I’m grateful you’re in the world, Jenny Lawson. You make it a better place.

    P.S. Loved the compiled shot of you with all the different drinking vessels. That spray bottle though!

  299. Thank you for being you, Jenny. You’re awesome. And you make my world brighter all the time.

  300. I would love a new pen pal! I’ve had one since fairly early childhood who (whom?) I remain in contact with today, but we’ve mostly gone virtual. Our once yearly hand-written missives are always eagerly awaited by each other.
    Anyhoo, I love naps, reading, and watching bad tv, but in public I say my hobbies are more active. My pet peeves are misspellings (except for my own), littering, and road rage (except for my own). We are thinking of getting chickens in the spring and have a spoiled, grumpy rat terrier. We have a lot of woods. And just in case you are a serial murderer, you should know I have my own .380. Wanna be friends?

    Not a serial murderer
    10502 Greenwich Rd.
    Homerville OH 44235

  301. I love writing and receiving cards! Yay!! Great idea.

    I’m a momma bear of two young girls, and lover of animals and the outdoors- but allergic to both (except my kids). So they’re lucky they get all my attention, except that there are days that my introverted self would much rather shun the world and read a book from my overflowing bookshelf (my husband curses me any time a book falls on him).

    My kids are great at going along with and adding to the silly shenanigans in our home :).

    I love watching TV shows like Dexter, or any British murder / mystery … currently 3 episodes in to Yellowstone and wondering why they think killing people and hiding the bodies is a NORMAL thing to do for any time someone even looks at them the wrong way!! (Last night I screamed « WHY!?!? WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!? » at the tv, like I could somehow change the show’s premise like a dumbass)

    Anyway. I digress.

    Trish the flying fish
    443 Wincanton Drive
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    K4A 3X9

    Thank you 🙂

  302. I love fantasy novels, embroidery and other fabric crafts, and board games. I haven’t seen Dr. Who since I was in grade school and it was on really late as re-runs on PBS. But I really like David Tennant as Crowley on Good Omens.

    Ali Tory
    2 Taylor Dr.
    Swanton, VT 05488

  303. Retired and relocated to Florida in December 2021. Loving the sunshine but it can be so lonely when I’m missing my 4 cats (being taken care of by my daughter) and 3 grandchildren in Wisconsin.
    Gigi In the Yellow House
    6204 Landings Blvd
    Lady Lake, FL 33159

  304. Ooh, I love the letter exchange! I also kept mine from the last time, and they make me smile! I have two chihuahuas that I draw pictures of almost daily, love to knit lace shawls and listening to British accents, and will gladly join team Tennant on the hill.
    PO Box 653
    Woodbine, NJ 08270

  305. I will tell you when to eat chocolate and you will like it! Ha ha
    Eat chocolate when you have it and you want to eat it.

  306. I love coffee and dogs, and I work in real estate – 40 School St. New Germany Nova Scotia Canada B0R 1E0

  307. I love my cats, even though one humps every blanket I own and the other is trying desperately to knock my TV over. And man do I love Matt Smith’s Doctor. Less so him in the Crown. But not ever role can be the Doctor.

    Liz mother of Rocky and Plum
    2657 N Ridgeway Ave
    Unit 1
    Chicago, IL 60647

  308. Wow – comment #331!
    I cooked all weekend and ‘assumed’ I was ahead of the Valentine’s Day commitment, then came home to a 6-pack of wine ! And a chocolate bar. Best hubby ever (and only, marriage is hard!)
    110 Founders Ave #1324
    Falls Church, VA 22046

  309. I dislike Valentines day as well. I love getting notes and I’m going to start sending them as well. I love cats and wish to have a domesticated raccoon to help me with my laundry or he can take out the trash. I live at 197 Garfield St, Apt 2, Nanticoke, PA, 18634. yes like the cat! I love you Jenny and this tribe. You help me smile and not give up hope. Thank you.

  310. Newly moved to MN after 17 years in the same place,missing my friends and my old life which was crazy, so would love some fun mail and pen pals. I love animals – I am a newly permitted Wildlife Rehabber – loving squirrels mostly. Trying to get use to my quiet country life. Read obsessively (urban fantasy, zombies, end of world and interesting), learning to crochet, scrapbook and trying to lose my Covid lbs.
    Squirrel Lover
    3262 371th ave NE
    Cambridge, MN 55008

  311. Dots and dashes to cross the iron curtain and not be caught by censors on the Czech side. Some US POWs used this to write home from Hanoi during their captivity.

  312. I miss my grandmas. Love em if you got em.

    JRR Craftqueen / 11345 E Creek Rd / Darien, WI 53114

  313. I love to receive mail. I’ve never watched a Dr. Who in my life, but can we be friends anyway? I like true crime, cats, rubber stamping, reading books and puzzle building. Judy Palmer / 4343 E Glenn Street / Tucson AZ 85712

  314. How fun! This will be a great way to use the extra US stamps I have before we move to the UK in late-March and they become useless to me. I don’t hate Valentine’s Day because it’s a great excuse to receive and eat extra chocolate. And the V-day card my husband gave me says, “Her only wish – to be carried away in a riptide of cheese” and has a picture of a woman diving into a giant bowl of macaroni and cheese. Those pieces of info pretty much sum me up. 🙂

    Heathro the Candy Connoisseur
    1600 E Street SE
    Washington, DC 20003

  315. Well, hi! I spend most of my time tending my 6 goats, cat, handicapped chicken, and 5 acres (with my partner’s help on weekends). Also a part-time lawyer. Murder mysteries and supernatural/fantasy books, dabbling at homesteading, and loving on my people and critters are my things.

    Receiving personal mail amidst the fliers and bills would be a delight!

    K. Sitchler
    182 White Tail Dr Unit A
    Cedar Creek, TX 78612

  316. Knitting, cats, reading trash fiction because I’m grieving the sudden death of my mother. Looking forward to spreading kindness as well as receiving it.
    822 West 7
    Erie, PA 16502

  317. Probably late to the game but I’d love to get some happy mail. I’m going through a bit of a rough patch and this community of likeminded weirdos helps keep me going.
    I love my black cat, books, yoga, raccoons, and the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie.

    700 Bolinwood Dr Apt 20H
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514

  318. Going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment and getting some happy mail from this likeminded group of weirdos sounds amazing.

    I love my black cat, bad tv shows, yoga, books, the 2005 Pride and Prejudice, and raccoons.

    700 Bolinwood Dr Apt 20H
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514

  319. This idea is great!

    I’m Scott, I’ve finally accepted that I’m always going to be a 90’s slacker nerd. I’m into DnD, MTG, Star Wars, Sci-fi/fantasy novels. Yoga and meditation keep me sane (in addition to professional help). My one superpower is that I can read books reallllllly fast. I don’t remember the contents a month later, but I just devour books. Scientific articles, which are part of my job, are the exception. They are like hiking uphill through a swamp. But hey, whatever pays the bills.

    Anyway, my address:

    Scott, Archmage Emeritus
    744 South St #13
    Philadelphia PA 19147

    May you be well. May you be happy. May you be free from suffering.

  320. Going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment and getting some happy mail from this likeminded group of weirdos sounds amazing.

    I love my black cat, bad tv shows, yoga, books, the 2005 Pride and Prejudice, and raccoons.

    700 Bolinwood Dr Apt 20H
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514

  321. I really enjoyed getting cards and letters the last time. I was in a bad space and those small reminders that still mattered made all the crap seem beneath me.

    Now I’m in a better space, and we’re moving to a new house next Monday. But the past 2 years have wrung me out emotionally. My Oma (grandma) died 2 years ago and then my mother stole my grandparents house from me. That house was the one place that I felt safe when i was a child. No one yelled at me, scared me, hit me, or made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. I felt, and actually still feel like a large piece of my childhood was erased.

    To top it off, I’m going through menopause and my moods are all over the place, the movers are coming on Monday and I have barely begun to pack, I won’t have a stove in the new place until March 19th, one of my dogs hurt his leg but won’t get in the car so i can take him to the vet, my husband got a new job but is having to get up at the ungodly hour of 3:30 in the morning to be at work by 6:00, he’s been driving my car since his has been in the shop since last May, my son was evicted from his apartment and he needs our help to get a new place, and I’m surprised I haven’t gone completely off my rocker yet.

    All that being said, it would be lovely to see mail at my new address that isn’t bills or addressed to “occupant”! 🙂

    Maranda “Cookie Baker Extraordinaire” Daniels
    109 Eastbrook Rd
    Estill Springs, TN 37330

  322. I love getting mail! I’ve turned into Henny Penny (please someone out there know who I’m talking about) since covid and my Dad’s recent passing and since I bought every Amazon product offered last year I rarely get fun mail anymore! I love everything mystery-especially Agatha Christie….and all things British! And dogs and cats! And Animal Crossing! Oh, and vodka.

    Whitney Bookout
    1829 Blackwater Dr
    Marietta, GA 30066

  323. Hi, I’m Sarah W. and I make cards but have no one to send them to so this is great. I also enjoy art journaling and reading. My German Shepard is an asshole who only loves my husband and I think the squirrel in the tree is trying to send me messages to watch my back if the feeder goes empty. If I haven’t creeped you out, I live at 375 Skinner Lane, Utica, KY 42376

  324. Would love real mail and will send cards, poems, snippets of songs, useless and irrelevant observations and whatever else strikes my fancy in return. People I would like to be friends with. Jenny Lawson obviously, Bill Murray, Mick Aston (Time Team). I love good stories Jane Austen, Dorothy Dunnett, Arthur Rackham illustrations, history and any of the above with good tea and scones. I live with my husband and two ex-feral cats named Lazy Louie and Psycho CeCe. Cats not husband. He’s funny and supportive. Husband not cats. Cats are crazy gluttons and bent on destroying every nice thing I have.
    Send mail or friendship requests to:
    Lazy Louie
    28443 U.S. Highway 14
    Sleepy Eye, MN 56085

  325. Hope
    122Two Neely Smith Lane
    Gastonia, N C 28zero56
    (Please note code in address)

    Love David T
    River Song is DELIGHTFUL as is Capt. Jack
    But I am also quite fond of 11.

    I am owned by a cat and dog. Married for almost 16 years. Obsessive reader, crafter, gravity challenged being.

    I always remind people Valentine’s Day is the Remembrance of the day Saint Valentine was beheaded. True and just oh so romantic.

  326. Right, I’ve written four letters so far – with a fountain pen, no less! and have bookmarked the page so I can go back and snag more addresses.

    As for me, I’m an introvert. I have a bunch of chronic illnesses that make things difficult, but I’m chugging along. Sort of. My TBR pile of books is stupidly big and growing all the time. I am obsessed with British history and there are SO many new books being released. I’m going to be dead before I get them all read, but I shall die happy, surrounded by my books. And yarn. I knit and I read and I watch a metric fuckton of mainly British crime dramas/dramas in general. I loathe the outdoors. I mean, it’s pretty to look at, but I have no desire to hike in it or camp in it or even have a picnic in it. I will admire it from my windows, thank you very much.

    I know this is way down at the bottom of the page, but if anyone would like to write, I will write back.

    Julia Zegarra
    1 Grant St
    Easthampton, MA 01027

  327. I love getting mail and could use a smile or full brain transplant or one way ticket to somewhere tropical (the winter overcast may be getting to me just a hair). I enjoy reading science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, love pretty much anything from the BBC, and spend way too much time at my local library. I have three cats, a Siamese, an orange tabby, and black who is convinced she is queen of the universe or at least the living room. I used to have pen pals all over the country and would enjoy having something to write back and forth with, or just once.

    Gus Bliese
    PO Box 859
    Milltown MT 59851

  328. Hello all,
    I’m in a rough spot of life right now. 2021 was one giant test of how many leaves of absence can I take before I simply just close my psychiatric out patient practice from far too much devastation. Four. I can take four events so horrible that I can’t see my patients and need the self employed version of FMLA.
    The fifth medical tragedy was the worst one and I closed my practice. Professionally, kindly, getting everyone in my practice a new provider, but also, to each person- out of the blue and a not very punk rock thing for me to do.

    I’m going to send letters, as many as I can, and have saved all the letters from the last time.

    Sarah O’Neil
    831 Beacon Street
    Newton Centre, MA 02459

  329. I like cats, crochet, good scotch, tattoos and motorcycles…definitely Davis Tennant closely followed by Matt Smith. I like period dramas (Downton Abbey, The Gilded Age) and books as well as anything arty or crafty. People…not so much, but friends are always welcome.

    The Old Hag
    119 Red Oak Dr
    Smithfield, NC 27577

  330. I tried to post and received a message stating “You’ve already said that”…but I hadn’t. I like cats, crochet, good scotch, tattoos and motorcycles. People…not so much but friends are always welcome!

    The Old Hag
    119 Red Oak Dr
    Smithfield NC 27577

  331. I’m a bit late to this party, but here I am. I love to garden and read mysteries. I’ve owned cats most of my life. My current one is about 17 years old. A obnoxious old beast, but I love him anyway. I’m a 71-YO retired widow.

    The Old Crone
    1684 Brainard Road
    Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124-3054

  332. I would love a new friend.

    I like reading, cats, knitting, crochet, flowers and trees, birds, and more than 1 octopus.

    Jacki F
    54 Wheeler Avenue
    Milford CT 06460

  333. Laura Marsh
    32 partridge Hill Rd
    Dudley MA 01571

    This was AMAZING the first time around, I still have my cards from allll over!!

  334. How totally glorious! Love quirky humour [xkcd, Terry Pratchet], podcasts, food, travel and board games. Friendly notes with a return address will get the weirdest postcards I can find in exchange. Tell me about a fact or insight that tickled your brain!

    The PT
    1004-1486 Bathurst
    Toronto, ON

  335. Just found out a week ago my husband of 31 years has had an affair. He regrets it. He wants to reconcile. It would be so easy to slip back into. I am busy contacting lawyers and copying financial documents and trying to decide what I want. How do you even begin to make that decision? I hate that this is defining me right now, but when I think to describe myself, it has for a long time been only in relation to others: I have a grown son living at home suffering from anxiety and depression; I have a second, transgender son who is spectacularly living his truth. For this family I willingly and lovingly gave up myself, but now I am lost. Rebuilding seems a momentous task.

    I would relish advice and thoughts from you good, wise people with sassy humour and sarcasm and straight talk. I should disclose that I’ve never seen Dr. Who and I don’t craft anything, in case those are dealbreakers. I do dream of running away to a quiet English Village to a house within earshot of a church bell.

    3399 Stephenson Point Road
    Nanaimo BC V9T 1K3

  336. I’d love to get anything anyone wants to send (within reason, I don’t want your unruly children). I love crime dramas, sci-fi, fantasy, animals and …I’ve gone blank, I know I like other things…
    In any case:
    Jen Speed
    118 Lone Wolf Ln
    Darby, MT 59829

  337. I’d love a note in the mailbox or one way ticket to anywhere tropical or full brain transplant (sorry seasonal affective is getting to me). I have three cats a Siamese, orange tabby, and black cat who is convinced she is the queen of the universe or at least the living room. I read a lot of science fiction, fantasy, and some mysteries. Once had pen pals on both coasts, but we fell out of touch. I’d love to have someone to write to or just to write to once.

    Gus Bliese
    PO Box 859
    Milltown MT 59851

  338. I love cats, weird tv and horror movies. Also good mystery books!

    207 McMichael Rd
    Carnegie, PA 15237

  339. Very late to this because I hesitated posting the address, but I could use some positivity in my mailbox. Or donuts. Or Bourbon.

    2302 Chapel Hill Blvd
    Odentin, MD 21113

  340. What a fun idea! I remember when you could get a pen pal in the back of Teen Beat magazine when I was in junior high…..you know, back when we didn’t get bills in the mail and didn’t have to worry about adulting!

    I am an almost 44 year old (I seriously have no idea how that happened, I could swear I was 18 just yesterday)! My husband and I just moved to Indiana after spending the last several years in Las Vegas for his military career. He retired from the Air Force after 21 years and we were happy to get back to the Midwest.

    I am a car nut, but also love collecting Pyrex, reading (just about any genre) wandering around antique/vintage stores, watching Jeopardy!, and petting all the dogs I can find. And goats, because they are just the cutest!

    And I know you must be cool because you read Jenny Lawson, so there’s that!

    1951 Fairmount Dr
    Greenfield IN 46140

  341. I love this idea!
    I’m a scientist by day and jewelry designer by night. I like the color green (specifically the ugly, muddy ones like chartreuse and olive), mid-century modern design, skulls, and finely crafted cocktails (mostly with bourbon).

    Artsy Sciencey
    401 W. 6th Ave.
    Conshohocken, PA 19428

  342. Retired nurse. Living a quiet life in a little condo with my hubs of 43 years . Very pandemic lonely would love any notes.
    Nancy Aiello
    184 Pompano Dr S.E. Apt A
    St PETERSBURG ,FL 33705

  343. Hi All! I participated last time but it was before I even knew Jenny had a blog although I had read all her books to date. Our local librarian had a crafts gathering where we decorated and wrote positive postcards to the addresses from the post. I never put my return address and later when I found Jenny’s blog, I figured it was too late to put my address on the list. I’d love some cheerfulness in my life!

    I live out in the middle of no where which has nice clean air but it can be soul sucking. I’m a little reclusive, well, OK, a lot reclusive because I’m deathly sensitive to scents. I’m only confessing this as a plea if you decide to write please don’t scent anything you might send me as some like to do.

    I am 65 years old which frightens me…getting old is not for the weak…so if anyone has any advice or tips for survival, I would appreciate it. I am purposefully single, child free, and pet free. I love arts and crafts, reading, writing, organic gardening, cooking (eating), good movies, good tv, good music, and walking. I’m dreaming about retiring and living in my van like a nomadic hippy. I have never seen Doctor Who, but I do like David Tennant.

    Candi McKay
    1313 Tower Avenue
    Raymond, WA 98577

  344. My wife celebrates her birthday on Valentine’s Day but we also celebrate our lovey wovey stuff. I send snail mail and have for many years. Visual artist (@michaeljoyalstudio on the Instagram), owner of a spoiled Devon Rex, guinea pig and turtle who loves reading, comic book stuff and cool books that would belong on Jenny’s bookclub.

  345. Art, reading, movies and happy mail is my creative fun. David Tennant in “Good Omens” & Jessica Jones ( he is a fab villain) Never watched Dr. Who? Winter in Canada, reading is a daily pastime. “Circus of Wonders” just arrived! Lucky me, gift from my daughter I am a very cool Nana who believes in Magic & Fae Folk. I would definitely write back to any where in the world! Thank you for the wonderful post and Im so happy my Instagram friends intro. me to you ! Galantine’s are the BEST!

  346. This feels a little crazy, but I’m in! I read just about anything but I really love sappy romances – if it includes sexy vampires, even better. I’m a new grandmother – best gig ever, and I’m trying to get my 19 year old out of my house. I’m also living in a new city and feeling a little lost (literally and figuratively).
    Donna Reads
    5937 Buck Rill Dr.
    Indianapolis, IN 46237

  347. I was in a really dark place the last time you did this and the amazing letters and cards I received just lit me right up. I LOVE THIS.

    I’m Courtney, I love true crime, MFM, reading, writing, and gaming (League of Legends and WoW) and I love getting mail!

    Courtney Ehinger
    163 – 7486 138 St
    Surrey, B.C. V3W 6G4

  348. My boyfriend has been struggling with severe depression and anxiety for 8 months on top of difficulty with friends the last year and having thoughts of suicide the last 3 weeks. He could really use a letter or if you live in the Denver area a friend.

    He loves video games (and would love to play online with you), Marvel, anime, board games, swing dancing, skiing and being silly. He is a vegetarian who cares deeply about animals and people. While an introvert he can be really outgoing at gatherings and is a super wonderful person.

    7740 S Sheridan Ct
    Littleton, CO 80128

    Anyone who writes, I love you and thank you!

  349. My husband and I exchanged a lot of e-mails when we first met, as we met online (back when that wasn’t as common). I printed them out & re-read them every so often for a smile.

    Speaking of smiles… I came across this place because I saw it on a show on HGTV & it just makes me happy that it exists. It’s a CASTLE… with Llamas! If anybody gets to live in a castle, I’m really happy that it’s people with llamas… It’s far away from us, but it makes me happy just knowing that it exists…


  350. I forgot to add my address to my last comment #369 I was so happy to have found this blog Jenny! That is what happens to a brain after many decades I guess hahhaha! Yes! new friends and Happy Mail and Books!

    Debi Livsey
    1297 Marlborough Court
    Suite 105
    Oakiville Ontario
    L6H 2S1 CANADA

  351. This sounds wonderful! What a great way to share some love. I have been in a bit of a low, so sending and receiving (if I am so lucky) some happy mail would definitely be a positive.
    I am a fan of cats, baseball, reading, and baking. I’m *very* easily distracted by bubbles (the kind you blow in the air and the beverage variety) and love a good pun or dad joke. I enjoy ice cream and tacos- not necessarily together, unless it is a ChocoTaco, of course. Lilo and Stitch is one of my all time favorite movies and is so underappreciated.
    Amanda L.
    313 Elsie St. Apt 6
    San Francisco, CA 94110

  352. You have already made the decision. Reclaim your life. Take up your passionate interests. Set strict boundaries. Get support for your son, outside of family circle. I had 43 year old son with me for six years after an accident. Outside rehab helped him and rested me. Wish you every good thing and a life to be lived, your way.

  353. Hi, I’m Liz. 50, terminally single, mother of two bunnies and two tarantulas. David Tennant but also Tom Baker! Love hiking, reading, and chocolate. Can’t seem to find anybody in my age bracket (also area) to do my hiking, reading and geeky things with. Love museums, all kinds. Chris Evans is the best of the Chrises. Random Liz trivia – I voice a character in my friend’s scripted podcast (just finished recording my episodes for season two!).

    Please come to NY and hike some high peaks with me…or meet up with me to visit the amazing natural places in the US that I am too chicken to do on my own. 🙂

    Liz Likes Bats
    3 Fairmont Ave.
    Batavia, NY 14020

  354. Hi. I’m Judi 50’s Widow for 22 years. Mom of 3 adult children and a bonus daughter. Geek. My life used to revolve around traveling for concerts to different cities on weekends and spending the ones I wasn’t at the cinema watching movies. Eating out, museums… All went ‘poof’ with the pandemic so it’s been a bumpy transition. I love sending cards and letters.

    Judi C.
    1350 E Northern Ave #256
    Phoenix, AZ 85020

  355. I love long walks on the beach and… wait wrong bio. I love reading, knitting, Doctor Who (David Tennant ftw), Supernatural, cats (hubby allergic so I love vicariously through other people’s cats), played roller derby, and have a 1 year old daughter that is my joy. I love cards and finding cards to send. Let’s be friends.
    Mama Mae
    60 Northcrest Dr
    York Haven PA 17370

  356. Holidays in general suck. I love Jenny’s books…they’ve definitely been some of my all time favorite reads. I like to do pretty much any kind of crafting as long as it doesn’t require a long attention span. I still have all my post cards and letters from the first round and always seemed to come when I needed a boost.
    Chris Sampson
    PO Box 941
    South Bend, WA 98586

  357. I love this idea. I am a candle, crystal, yoga and audio book kind of person. I have two beautiful daughters and they are my life. I am also a bit of a workaholic. I love snail mail even though I rarely receive it anymore.

    If anyone reads this far, I hope you are well and that your do something wonderful just for you.

    Sister of the Awkward
    108 694 Hoylake Ave
    Victoria, BC, Canada
    V9B 3P7

  358. I like mail, reading, true crime podcasts, other podcasts, and Disney.

    My address is:
    Empress Ashley
    5205 Frankford Dr.
    Owens Crossroads, AL

  359. Hi, I’m Amanda, an introvert who often tries to avoid people, but thinks that this world needs more people who care about each other, and realizes that sticking my address into this comment section is a pretty low key way to interact with other like minded people who also want to spread some random happiness. I’m not good at keeping in touch with anyone, even my favorite-est people in the world, but I have a substantial stationary collection and would love to send out some notes.

    I’m married (sometimes happily, sometimes not), have two boys (9–so many random questions about weird wacky things. And 13–ugh the moody leave me alone to read a book or stare at my screen. Why are you talking to me? Mom go away.), and two tabby cats. I love books (The Night Circus is an absolute favorite), D&D, Marvel, Doctor Who (I love Tennant. And Baker. And the rest of them), TeeTurtle shirts and plushies, butterflies, baking, interesting board games, cocktails, and collecting stickers.

    9733 Hwy 157
    Rising Fawn, GA 30738

  360. My best friend, aka my daughter, left me for college, so if you want to send me mail to fill this gigantic void I say “yes please!”. If you write me I will write back. I’m a nurse and also a corgi mom.

    Steph RN
    7410 Kettle Lake Dr.
    Alto, MI 49302

  361. I love my cats, all cats, hell, all animals. I love to cook, bake, read cookbooks (and other books!), do crafty things, and garden. I also have drawers full of vintage stationery that have been waiting for just this occasion!

    Kat D
    5328 Auckland Ave Apt 1
    North Hollywood, CA 91601

  362. I did this last time, it was so fun and I got some lovely sweet messages. Planning to send to all the Canadians and I’ll keep checking so if you haven’t commented yet please do!

    I’m 36, a librarian, book obsessed, massive Star Wars nerd/would die for baby yoda, David Tennant fan for a looong time which has rekindled with the Good Omens show so of course I am also now obsessed with Michael Sheen, giant nerd in general. Have started finding grey hairs and quietly freaking out about the passage of time which is making the usual anxiety extra fun. Would love some encouraging notes from this group of lovely, lovely people.

    Beffy L.
    320-10531 117 St NW
    Edmonton AB T5H 0A8

    Love you all <3

  363. I’ve been stuck on the couch with a broken ankle and post-surgery nerve pain worse than the actual broken ankle since Christmas day with 6 more weeks to go (but hopefully physical therapy starts in a week and a half) and would definitely enjoy a note! I love dogs, reading – including cookbooks, which I get from the library and read like novels – crochet (I’m not very good), and my husband and I are slowly turning our backyard into as much of a wildlife habitat as we can.
    Michelle Machasick
    5062 Riverfront Dr
    Suffolk, VA 23434

  364. I love sending love so will pick a few addresses, but I also love receiving snail mail and reading The Bloggess posts and books. I also have an LGBTQ+ teenage daughter with anxiety issues so it is comforting I am not alone in that parenting adventure. Wishing you all well.

    Shawn (she/her)
    816 Kellogg Ave
    Ames, IA 50010

  365. Sarcastic, somewhat sweary 53 year old mom who likes to craft. We have a 12 year old & 15 year old, an Anatolian Shepherd named Samantha, a 15 pound Muppet dog named Oreo, & 2 lionhead rabbits named Cocoa & Nebula (AKA Nebi). Former teacher who’s homeschooling our youngest while the oldest navigates high school. Hubby & I met at Renaissance Faire while he was swordfighting & I was belly dancing, which I did professionally for 7 years, including annual shows at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. That was after several years of raising & showing AKC Siberian Huskies.

    I’m definitely biting off possibly more than I can chew by vowing to write to every person who had posted before me… Many people will be getting leftover Christmas stamps & possibly Christmas cards! 😜

    Fancy Nancy
    7904 Mirror Rock Lane
    Denton,TX 76210

  366. LOVE THIS! I currently have a pen-pal in the UK, so this will give me more folks to share stories with.
    I am a Nana to 3 gorgeous grandchildren, and I love to cook, read and travel.

    Nana Heather
    107- 470 MacEwan Rd. SW
    Edmonton, AB T6W 1W1

  367. disabled divorced mom of two teens here who is pretty sure she’s failing at everything but very much loves sending and receiving kind notes.

    Wanna B. Morticia
    900 Briar Bend Ct
    Bryan, Tx 77802

  368. Oh my goodness. The Christmas card idea made me laugh.

    I also have to look up Muppet dog. This is sounds like a great dog. I have an Australian Shepard, named Bella. Yes my daughters named here after Belle. We have also been connected to the belly dancing g community for many years here in BC.

    Good luck with you challenge.
    Michelle aka Aweward sister

  369. This blog has helped me through so many years of hard times. I’ve never commented, but to be fair outside of professional reasons I’ve never commented on any site or participate in social media. I feel like the world is migrating online but I just don’t want to join it there.

    But it’s one of those points where I could really use a kind word, and if not with Jenny and this incredibly supportive group with who? My name is somehow an incredibly popular song right now and it’s . . . not helping. Have also chosen a couple of letters to send and that alone is brightening things so why not toss my hat in the ring for a note too?

    Tamara Bruno
    2119 Winbern Street
    Houston, TX 77004

  370. I’m a quirky art loving cat person and I would love to be your friend.

    1515 north 5th
    Monroe, la 71202

  371. Wayyy down in the list but would love at least a couple of notes. I’m 65, retired for many years due to mental and physical health issues. I am a voracious reader of almost any genre except sappy romance novels. My personal goal is to read at least 100 books a year, last year I got to 93!. I live in rural Maine in an old & decrepit house with my son & daughter in law, a pittie mix named Athena and my 3 pet rats, who make absolutely marvelous pets! I knit, mostly small projects, love David Tennant is just about anything, tea (even though it’s a gateway drug to cookies) being at our camp in the woods which overlooks a lake, sarcasm & chocolate.

    434 Lamoine Beach Rd
    Lamoine ME 04605

  372. Oh I love this idea! Not sure how I missed it last time but I’m glad it didn’t pass me by again. I live in the country in Wisconsin where it’s crazy cold right now. I love to craft with yarn, my dogs and cats, my husband and kids, and so much music. I can’t wait to send some fun mail!
    11722 Lax Chapel Rd.
    Kiel, WI 53042

  373. David Tennant sold me on Doctor Who but I’ve loved each of them for different reasons. I’m a fan of most anything nerdy (currently on a Marvel and Pokemon kick). I read and craft and am preparing to buy my first fiber goats.

    Only Marfalfa
    7666 S Michigan Ave
    Rothbury MI 49452

  374. #Teamtennant

    A card would brighten a dreary ides of February day.

    Lauren S.
    37 Oldfield Dr.
    Sherborn, MA 01770

  375. This brought me so much happiness last time we did it! Thank you!
    Jill Mort
    2312 Walker Ave
    Greensboro, NC

  376. My reading goal this year is 200 – mostly on the kindle so the trashy covers (sci-fi alien romance) don’t make my husband tease me relentlessly. I’m a menopausal mom of 1 (he’s 8 1/2 and recovering from achilles tendon lengthening surgery), wife of 1 (his back is bad), and the caregiver of 1 (she has fibromyalgia and health issues. So reading saves me. And Netflix. And reading.

    9815 Columbus AVE
    North Hills, CA 91343

  377. I would love to receive a note & I promise to send some, too! If you write and would like a quirky response, please include your address.

    I am a Talented Teacher, Wretched Writer, Spiritual Spazz, Wife Extraordinaire, Tolerable Stepmother, Mediocre Gramma, and Awesome Cat Momma.

    I value taste testing a variety of ice creams, all salsas, olives stuffed with feta, snail mail, writing, theatre, cats, reading, meditation, philosophy, smart ass mouthy humor, the songs of Carly Simon / James Taylor / Carole King, and post cards from weird places. I cannot live without coffee.

    Shakespeare rocks!

    I am …

    Mother of Baby Rat (the Cat)
    c/o 214 Pinecove Ave
    Odenton MD 21113

  378. I am always late to the party and am a bit apprehensive about doing this but heck, let’s go for it. I am almost in my last year of my 30s (birthday is the 24th), awkward as hell (and not good words haha). I love nail polish particularly indie brands, sports (gymnastics and nascar are the main ones), Kelly Clarkson is my queen, and I am stuck in the 90s.
    Frankie Wood
    49 Orrville Ave
    Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

  379. Late as always, but would love to receive a letter.
    Last time Jenny did this, I received quite a few, and was so so happy, but for unknown reasons could not make myself write back.
    I live in Beirut Lebanon (Middle East) so this is a long shot I know <3
    The Fadia Berberi
    Street 54, Abillama bldg
    25027209 Dbayeh, Metn

  380. Jenny, you are the best! I have the original post bookmarked, and continue to reach out to people when there’s extra coin in the budget for postage. I love how you encourage us all to look out for each other, and I am proud to say I am part of your tribe! Notes and cards will continue to be sent out as time allows, and I’d love to hear from anyone!
    I’m a single cat mom, love the ocean and beach, can’t wait to travel again, and enjoy red wine.
    Pinot Noir
    #203 – 138 Old Sambro Road
    Halifax, NS B3R 1R3

  381. Hi there! I’m Tina Barlow, live in Kentucky USA, and have adored Jenny and her super quick wit! I too am a one kitty owner with as many as 6 in the house! Don’t even think about going there 😉.
    For Christmas, my dear friend Vicki had Jenny sign her “You are Here” book with a really nice note and it’s become one of my prized possessions! I have many health issues, major depressive disorder, anxiety, bi-polar, borderline personality disorder… come to think about it,,,got it all! But God is bigger than any of the huge amounts of 🐂💩 I go through on a daily basis.
    Getting off the mental topic, I’m a lead singer and percussionist and it’s been years since I really enjoyed that.
    So incredibly funny (not in a mean way) to watch majorly inebriated people dance! Never fails that the beautiful bleach blonde will trip on a high heel and, like dominos, go tumbling down…🤣 Thank goodness no one ever got hurt but we never could finish the song for laughing so hard!
    I pray you are doing well, staying safe and enjoying life as amazing as it is!
    God bless 🙏 Tina

  382. Ooooo, forgot to put my address… I love snail mail 💌📬
    Tina Barlow
    120 Catawba Circle Apt #120
    Campbellsville KY 42718

  383. Hi Jenny! My name is Sonya.
    I was introduced to your books by my best friend. I had just got out of the hospital for chronic migraines and needed to change my way of thinking so I didn’t stress so much. I’m a serious anxiety sufferer and my mind is all over the place ALL. FREAKING. DAY. I turned to reading to escape and it is good! I enjoy your humor and ways to cope with life. You are AWESOME!! SO, I’m writing to you as a thank you for helping my friend & her giving me your books to help me! It would be amazing for her to get a letter from you as she is a huge fan of yours!

    Patricia Couture
    PO Box 323
    Sterling, CT 06377

    C/O Sonya Newman

  384. Hi there. I would love a pen pal. I am a working married mother with an 11yr old daughter. I love reading, traveling, crafts – currently loom knitting and diamond painting, playing golf and going out to eat. Outlander obsessed, Harry Potter fan and Stephen King Constant Reader.
    Melissa M
    1611 Brook Grove Dr
    Euless TX 76039

  385. First timer on this one! I’m a Gen Xer who nor only lobes 80’s hair bands and metal but DMB too…I know I get flack all the time. I’m also a beauty product junkie, mom to a soon to be 9 year old daughter ( I secretly think she’s really 30!) Love Schitts Creek- I may have been Moira in another life- black is my signature color and I have embraced my silver locks in all their glory! Where my silver foxes at?!?!?

    Lady J
    406 Windfall Rd.
    Utica, NY 13502

  386. I hope I’m not too late to join. I think real mail is so much more fun!

    I, too, have a valentine birthday and agree wholeheartedly with the frustration that this brings. It’s gotten better since high school, but annoying, nonetheless.

    I love to read, especially historical fiction, but I’m open to anything. I like to hike. I have a puppy and backyard chickens and I’m an aspiring gardener, though my thumb is far from green.

    Nicole H
    2214 N Abbey Glen Ct
    Ellensburg, WA, 98926

  387. I’m not a Valentine’s child but I AM a 2 days before xmas baby so I feel that pain and then some. I also think friend-friends are way better and more valuable to my life than boyfriends. I have 3 cats and am getting a puppy this weekend, having been dog-less since early November for the first time in about 20 years. I am also a Fire Fairy who will be appearing in a St. Patrick’s Day parade, so I really need to make sure my tutu still fits because the parade has been cancelled the last 2 years.

    The Fire Fairy
    118 Avalon Dr
    Pearcy Ar 71964

  388. 33-year-old mom of three cats. Art teacher who runs mental health/ mindfulness programs for her high school students who struggle depression and anxiety.

    Just really in love with snail mail, making handmade thangs, and this community. ❤️

    41 Lewis Ave.
    Billings, MT 59101

  389. Just want to encourage The Tribe to select some names. I did last time and have ended up with five faithful pen pals who have each filled different holes in my life I did not realize were even there. I am tempted to write to some more, but I’m having time management issues and don’t want to slight the pen pals I already have — they have become family now. I am, however, very tempted. So at least know I’ve read all your messages and know that you are being sent good thoughts.

    I am not brave enough to put my address out there, but I have not regretted writing to people last time around. The replies helped the isolation of the past two years.

  390. Wayyyyy back at #134 I left my address, too unsure of what to say at the time but so much wanting to be part of this. I have already hit the post office with my first batch of cards to be mailed. After reading all 417 entries I felt enough courage to add more than just an address.

    I am an introvert who has barely noticed covid is happening because I am a homebody. Half a century old, married for half of that and have an 18 year old daughter who moved half way across the country (Canada) to go to university. Empty nest is not for me – I miss her terribly but so proud of her bravery – she too struggles with social anxiety and introversion.

    I have never watched Dr. Who but after so many comments I feel i might need to watch some episodes to see who, in fact, is the better Dr. Who. I love puzzles, reading (yes, Jenny’s books are among my favourites) and watching anything HGTV or cooking. Only watch light hearted sitcoms as I find dramas weigh on me.

    I wish each and every one of you a sunshiny thoughts today.

  391. I am very nervous about this. I was the kid/teen who never really had parties because I was always too afraid no one would show. I have a hard time making friends— super socially awkward—but am way loyal to the few I have. I love to read, color, act like I am a painter and writer. No kids or pets. Want a cat again though.

    I also really like weird and rude cards. Hopefully others will too and we can find each other to send all the cards that we afraid might offend others.

    Sally S.
    9025 S 57th Drive
    Phoneix, AZ 85339
    U S A

  392. I can always use a pick me up! I’m a dog mom to 2 dogs and a people mom to a soon to be 15 year old boy (who I adore even though he can be a ginormous pain in my ass). I participated in this last time and it was fantastic sending and receiving stuff. I buy funny (possibly rude/offensive to some) cards and this is a great opportunity for me to send them to folks instead of just letting them collect dust!

    Maggie Ladd
    520 Council Fires Court
    Johns Creek, GA 30022

  393. I’m a coffee addicted dog mom in her mid 30s with a goal to read 1,000 books by age 40. I’m a Potterhead and use my day job to fund my love of cleaning products. My house is overly organized. My therapist asked me to put my trash can in the middle of the room one time to see how I would handle it… I haven’t seen her since.

    21 Mackay Lane
    Cookeville, TN 38506

  394. Am I too late to play? I’ve been sick in bed with an ulcer flare for the past couple of days, but I would love a pen pal too!

    For the sake of not putting my full name AND address out into the world (because I have a psycho stalker ex husband), I’ll give a silly nickname here and promise to give my real name when I write ❤️

    Princess Reese Floofernutter’s Mommy
    1691 Sundown Drive
    Davenport, FL 33896

    A little about me.. I love board games, video games, rollercoasters, chocolate, otters, and the moon… My favorite color is purple…. And my favorite author is Neil Gaiman 🥰

  395. I love this! I’m a mother to a bunch of kids between the ages of 8 -29. When not focused on keeping the little ones from getting in too much trouble, I read sci-fi (fantasy and YA as well), garden, drink tea, bake, do crafty things, and listen to podcasts. A few of my current favorite authors are Rivers Solomon, Leigh Bardugo, N. k. Jemisin, Naomi Novik, and Seanan McGuire.

    4680 Newland St.
    Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

  396. I never knew about the Love Letters!! I bet thy were awesome to read!!! Love you cousin❤️

  397. I’m still writing back and forth Roberta McR.(Hi!!!) I know she reads these! hehehe And she will probably write to some of you if you want a long term pen pal! <3 I send cards out randomly to people with stickers and some I write letter and some I don't (mostly I don't) and occasionally postcards.

    I love receiving stuff too just out of the blue. The thin Washi tape was an amazing surprise that someone sent me and the BuJo stickers!!!! I love all kritters (including the fantasy ones) and will give you more into if you write. I almost didn't renew my P.O. Box as it cost me an arm and a leg. I need to ask them if it would be cheaper if I took the business off of it. My TBI makes me forget to do that among all the other fogs that block my brain.

    I know I'm late to the party but here's my address.

    S. May
    P.O. Box 33806
    Northglenn, CO 80233-3806

  398. Holy smokes! So many people to meet. Sending out a couple of letters tomorrow. If anyone makes it this far down the list, I like words and word games, reading, science and math, Lord of the Rings, and stuff. I’m also the proudest dad of a 17-year-old trans son, who just had his first testosterone shot yesterday! Woot!

    Jeff A
    6050 Lura Rd
    Winston Salem NC 27104

  399. Oh! Me again. I love fossils, have a decent little collection, and am making it my life’s mission to visit at least 100 NC waterfalls

  400. Valentine’s Day was actually my wedding anniversary with my late wife, so it’s a bit complicated for me, feelings-wise. But I do love mail of all kinds!

    Mistress Elizabeth
    662 D Street
    Independence, OR 97351

  401. I am a mother of 4 amazing kids and 4 soon to be 5 grandchildren. I bake as a form of therapy, love true crime, read everything I can get my hands on and work as a special education secretary. I love getting good mail but also I love writing letters.
    Rose Mann
    1277 Blosser Lane
    Willits Ca 95490

  402. Hello y’all! I am a 34 years young, recently divorced mama of 3 (ages 2-10), I love music 🎶 , books 📖 , eating 🍽 (not cooking 🤣), binge watcher 📺 , sims player 💻 , potter head, hopeless romantic🥰 but unlucky in love, Aquarius ♒️ ….

    M. Thomas
    25236 Bunker Street
    Abita Springs, La 70420

  403. Love David Tennant as The Doctor he was the doctor when I was first introduced to the show.
    Love the idea of connecting with people.

    N. MacDonald
    85-833 Range Road
    Whitehorse Y.T. Canada
    Y1A 3A7

  404. I love sending out postcards! I have some beautiful ones from NY Botanical Gardens I’ve been using to write to my grandson so he gets real mail. Yeah. I’m weird. But the good kind, not the creepy kind.

    I love words. I read more than I do anything else except sleep. I’m taking care of an elderly aunt. It might really make a difference in her life to get some cards or letters, so I’ll give both names.

    Lana Baker (grammalunacy)

    Gail Welick (aunt)

    PO Box 1084
    Gilmer TX 75644

  405. I’m pretty excited about this!

    Elizabeth, Warrior of Light
    18 Connally Drive
    Old Saybrook CT 06475

  406. I’m CS. I like reading and Welcome to Night Vale.
    3407 Goldendale
    Farmers Branch, TX 75234

  407. Joining up at the “end” of the line, though I’m sure we’ll add more! I recently moved back to (near) my hometown and am enjoying lots of outdoor activities and time with my nephews. Childless first by biology and then by choice (i.e., we didn’t pursue IVF or adoption), we love on nephews and other kids in our circles. I love art and craft (jewelry making, knitting and crochet, random other projects) and Icelandic crime fiction (just don’t read before bed if you are alone!).

    Julie M
    2829 27 1/8 St
    Birchwood WI 54817

    (yes, that is a fraction in my address)

  408. Please feel free to write to me: I love Nordic crime fiction, doting on other people’s children (We have none of our own), dogs, otters, and bears. I love to watch old time horror movies when I am stressed and down in the dumps.

    Katy W
    27 Barrington Avenue
    Toronto, ON M4C 4Y6

  409. I could use some fun mail to brighten my day. Queen Elizabark, my pomeranian, and I would love to hear from you!

    Princess Typpi Toes
    24904 183rd Pl SE
    Covington, WA 98042

  410. I love this the most! Late to coupledom, almost 50, two ridiculous cats and a senior shiba cross. Long form podcasts, British mysteries, riding my bicycle, jazz music and introspection are some of my jam-worthy things. Would love to connect!
    1609 Haida Way
    Nanoose Bay, BC
    V9P 9B5 Canada

  411. Angel Wants Mail
    60 Brendan Mews
    Mount Wolf, PA 17347
    I love cats, wine, books, podcasts.

  412. Jen Jacobus
    301 Walnut Street
    Boscobel, WI 53805

    I love books and work at a library. I’m a huge Jenny Lawson fan. I love the shows Outlander & Atypical. Feel free to write me a letter or send a post card. I’ve been looking for a new pen pal for awhile now. Letters are so much better than email. lol Have a fabulous day!

  413. I would love a note.

    I like other people’s dogs, baking, laughing, camping in my T@B teardrop camper, eating pie, my husband Den, telling lies for fun, reading a book about every other day. We have no kids by choice. We are trying to buy our first house at 56 years old and dang is it cool but also a pain in the butt. I am an artist married to an artist. He is 2D, I am fibers. Right now it’s quilting. I’ve been sewing though since 8th grade and quilting about 10 years.

    A one time card is good, penpal is good too. Don’t let this get you overwhelmed. One sweet word on a postcard is enough. Just enjoy putting the flag up on the mailbox and getting something in the mail that’s not junk. That’s what I will be telling myself.

    Colleen Dempsey
    720 Olive St. #1103
    St. Louis MO 63101

  414. I’m so excited to participate in the send happy notes/post card idea…but i’m like the 442st person so i’m worried about that a little bit.

    Your book Happy helped me SO MUCH when I was ill. Thanks so much!

    Your grandparents’ love letter story is awesome!!!

    Jen J.

  415. I’m really late, but if anyone feels so inclined, you can send me a note or postcard! I love cats and the color green! I’m
    Mx. A Church
    102 Oak Ridge Lane
    Staunton, VA 24401

  416. 🖤 this – currently too exhausted to write something witty to summarize myself but would love the opportunity for connection!
    2604 Seminole Trail
    North Little Rock, AR 72116

  417. Lisa Yzaguirre
    4060 Twin Arch Rd
    Mt. Airy, MD 21771

    I hope I’m not too late to this party. I kinda like Valentines Day. I’m a fan of holidays in general. I love David Tennant, reading, avocados (sadly right now), the ridiculous and cheesy, cheese, surprises, red pandas, and a myriad of other things. 😊

  418. This is crazy, I was rereading the cards I received last time just yesterday. So cool that total strangers care to connect. I love books, family, and boxers (dogs, not pugilists or guys posing in underwear, thank you very much Instagram)and surprise mail.
    Pat Johnson
    350 Old Murdock Rd
    Troutman NC 28166

  419. R. Smith
    3718 W. Congress St.
    Allentown, PA 18104

    Texas transplant in PA. Marrying a yankee. Mom to 5 teens. Send help. And TexMex. Or just a friendly hello. Making friends in a new place is hard, yo. 😜

  420. Having a laugh at all you Americans on the Internet – NOT stating which country you’re from, and using the state codes instead of writing out the actual name of the State!

    Still, I’ll play:
    Lyz Reid
    19 Morrow Avenue
    Saint Andrews
    New Zealand 3200

    Saint Andrews is a suburb of Hamilton – but I once had mail go from another suburb to the Bahamas and back – only took an extra 8 months! 😉

    I love books (duh) brass banding, archery, corgis and huntaways, and Maungatautari Ecological Reserve. And cats of course!

  421. A postcard would be splendid! Longtime loves include reading, hiking, the ocean, and genetics. Newer loves include crochet and fountain pens. Some work in combination, others not so much.
    Maureen Sea
    1814 S Tyler St
    Tacoma, WA 98405 USA

  422. Love this idea ❤️ Excited to send some mail (and regretful that I will probably have to limit my efforts to the US)
    Megan at 52 Hampton in Scarsdale NY 10583

  423. COROcreations. 164 Hayden Avenue. Columbus, Ohio 43222
    I love kittens, plants, making stained glass, crafting with paper, organizing, and cleaning refrigerators. I am a decent writer but a terrible speller.

  424. Julie Harrison
    505 Thayer St
    Little Rock, AR 72205

    My fiancé proposed to me six years ago on the 15th. I have had a very difficult time since his death. We were together for 14 years. My friends have abandoned me and blame me for his death. One recently called DHS on me just to make my life difficult. It was a merit list and malicious. I have had an awful week. Some friends of mine have also had an awful week, and I sent all of them copies of “let’s pretend this never happened” and “you are here.”
    I am scared and ready to give up. Were it not for our four year old son, who actually witnessed his fathers death, I would not be here anymore. His father‘s last words to me were, “don’t be mad. Let’s just sit here and enjoy this beautiful sunset.“ I told him he was a terrible father and threw our son in his lap. It is my fault our son watched his father die of cardiac arrest. When I heard him scream, I ran outside and found our son trying to slap him awake. He was already gone. I am not just mourning the loss of the love of my life, but I am mourning the loss of all of my friends. I will never forgive myself.

  425. Hi! I would love kind, uplifting words.

    Lilliane Coldwell
    110 Wellington Court
    Athens, GA 30605

  426. Oh! I want to participate!! I am a slightly flighty, fidgety, sort of person, but I manage to stay still long enough to read just about anything I can put my hands on. I am currently on a Thriller/Horror kick, but love Humor as well. Sarcasm is my love language.

    Lisa Valenzuela
    9822 Village Basin
    San Antonio, TX 78250

  427. I had a great time doing this last time! I have still been getting a random card here and there and it always makes me so happy! I’ve started my list again, so here is my address to share:

    Ms. Fontaine
    1253 S Stevens St
    Tacoma, WA 98405

  428. When I was 10 years old, I started a pen pal club between my friends in Ohio and my cousin’s friends in (what seemed so far away) Illinois. Here we are 40 years later (okay, fine, 46) and this invitation brings back all the feels. I am already impatiently hovering over the mailbox. Snail mail – YES! Mail art – MORE YES! I live in the high desert with my partner-in-play, Mateo, and our Tony Cat. We are getting ready to get ready for a big adventure this year, which has me feeling kind of nervous. While I am encouraging myself to take this leap, let me encourage you too. Meanwhile, I am loving my job here and also crocheting, art journaling, hiking, wire-wrapping crystals, taking labyrinth walks, and offering Reiki.

    This Julie Keefe
    240 Morada Lane
    Taos, NM 87571

  429. Cathy Doghausen
    632 W Pennsylvania Ave
    Pen Argyl, PA 18072

    I’m an introvert who lives with depression and anxiety which is greatly helped by my husband and dogs. All the dogs, any dogs…. but especially boston terriers. And coffee helps too.

    Along with my husband I host a podcast called “the illest couple” where we attempt to end mental health stigma one awkward conversation at a time. It’s been like additional free therapy for me ❤

  430. I like books & somewhere quiet to read them. I recently moved & while I was doing it, I bragged that I’d finally found a plant I haven’t killed. It was fake. I’ve been watering a fake plant for a year.

    Astrid Magnussen
    116 N Rogers Street
    Apartment H
    Pooler, GA 31322

  431. Hey everyone! I’m a crazy cat lady who is now a dog mom to a 7mo pitbull. Why did I do that,you ask? Well my mom passed away 8 months and I wanted to die so my fiance thought a dog would help me heal. It worked and now I’m dressing him up and spoiling him rotten. If you are a dog mom in New York or any NY mom really, let me know!
    J. Powell
    443 East 162nd Street
    Bronx, NY 10451

  432. I’m also a bit trepidatious about listing my address so publicly lest some spammers come through and scoop up our information, but here goes:

    Ruth Feiertag
    1678 Parkside Circle
    Lafayette, Colorado

    I might be the only person here who not an animal lover — I like them and adamantly think we must treat animals, wild or domesticated, with respect and care. I read a wide range of literature and like to discuss what I read in excruciating detail. My handwriting is more interesting than elegant, but I promise to write as legibly as I can.

  433. I’m weird and hide at home except to walk my dogs or visit my kids and read and listen to excessive numbers of books. I am an omnivore in terms of books.
    Valerie Guet
    456 St Vincent Street
    Barrie, ON L4M 6T5

  434. Jenny Lawson’s books are among my favorites in terms of humor. I come from an eccentric family who (for the most part) value LPs, audio tapes, CDs and VHS more than anything social media- or iPhone-related. I love Broadway musicals, swing & big band songs, film noir, Children’s/YA literature (especially classics), independent bookstores, coffee yogurt, most berries (except blackberries – blegh!), rainy days, singing, drawing, hiking and exploring. I also like writing letters to family & friends, although I have fallen out of the habit in the past year while preparing to start grad school. I hope to get back into it again this year.

    This is my first semester of grad school in Library Science, and it’s been kind of a hard adjustment moving out of MN and trying to settle in upstate NY. One week at a time!

    Ariel Summers
    P.O. Box 35825
    Syracuse, NY 13235

    P.S. The art in children’s books is the best part – like little masterpieces. Love Garth Williams!

  435. Is this really a thing!? I am 468 but still needing some love (letters) My birthday is 2/15 and I’ve always insisted on 2 gifts/2 dinners. No room for combos. Love Jenny and all her books and her total honesty. Mom of 2 boys, 2 dogs 2 cats. 1 husband of 30 years. I love them all. I LIKE the cats the best. I read, golf, workout for sanity and quilt. I will be an empty-nester this year, slightly terrified of the alone-ness. Write to me and say it’s OK
    Jilly P
    6104 Andover Ct
    Grand Blanc MI 48439

  436. MBK
    2850 NW Coolidge Way
    Corvallis OR 97330

    I would love to get mail and will be sending out a few cards tomorrow. This is such a great idea!

  437. I got many postcards from the last time you did this, and it always brightened my day. This time I’d like to surprise my wife with them. She loves earthy stuff (nature, animals, plants, flowers) and positive messages. Something encouraging or inspiring (non-religious) or a joke (dirty or clean). If you want to include dogs, we have a pug and a chiahuahua.
    I can’t wait to see the smile on her face from so much positivity heading her way.

    Emily Fisher
    1308 Hanover St
    Hamilton, Ohio 45011

  438. I am belatedly IN ON THIS! Crazy Canadian cat lady. Currently trying to live gluten free. Had a “mommy blog” way back. Also attempting to learn how to meditate to manage my anxiety. Love dogs too! I think Jenny is the cats pyjamas. Will happily mail to other countries! Recipes, pet pics, crafting stuff. I read A LOT of cheesy romances as well as modern fiction. Let’s do it!

    Jennifer Brock
    4023 Aspen Drive West NW
    Edmonton, Alberta
    Canada T6J 2B5

    Love you guys!!

  439. Hello, Y’all! Former Texan, followed her heart to Georgia — married to the best guy ever when we we were in our 50s. I’m 58, have a 36 year old daughter who just found out that she has ADHD and is on the autism spectrum. Explains a lot — belatedly — but it’s helping us both. We probably share the ADHD, but we also have anxiety and depression, and I have bipolar which is mostly under control. The last year has been particularly rough on my husband and me with him having a cancer diagnosis, three of our sisters/in-law finding out they had breast cancer, the loss of a good friend and both my parents. That I’m not immobilized by depression over all of this I attribute to a good support system and decent medications. ANYWAY!

    I love reading, knitting the only stitch I know and making long scarves with that stitch, writing notes and letters to friends and family, shopping on Etsy, stationery, quirky papers and stickers, coffee, cats, and dogs. We have six cats which I would be happy to introduce you to, and two dogs. All of them now count as seniors so it’s fairly quiet except at feeding time.

    Address is: JourneyBleu, 1309 Dalesford Drive,Alpharetta, GA 30004. I have picked 7 people to write to from this list and will write back to anyone that writes to me if you send your address.

    Be well, be furiously happy (or not, depending on the day) and thank you Jenny for starting this thread!

  440. And David Tennant is definitely the best! The hubs and I are going through the series (again) and frankly Matt Smith and Peter Gibraldi are good, there ate too many stovry archs and too much dialogue. David Tennant and then the “original “ Doctor Christopher Eccelstone were much more action oriented, even when a very sideline character. “Blink” anyone, lol?

  441. Really late to the party…..would love to get mail that isn’t trying to sell me replacement windows or a medicare supplement! Trying to settle into retirement, wasn’t quite ready but, you know, pandemic. Finding it hard to venture back out in the world.Raised four daughters on a dairy farm so I should be able to handle this! I love all dogs,my grandchildren, gardening, rock n roll and of course books!! All the books!!
    Danice (like Janice with a D)
    310 Common St SE
    Watertown,MN 55388