So I put off watching Peacemaker because I’d also put off watching The Suicide Squad and then Victor was like, “You would really like Peacemaker” and I was like, “Hard pass. I hate action” but then we watched it and I was like, “Goddamn it” because he was totally right and you should go binge it because it’s fantastic.

But that’s the not the point of my story. The point of my story is that I was in Hallmark and they had a shit-ton of old Peacemaker Xmas ornaments because they’d come out last year when Peacemaker was just this small side-character in The Suicide Squad and so I got a Peacemaker ornament for 90% off.

And the clerk was all, “Getting a start on next year’s collection?” and I was like, “NOPE” because I still haven’t fucking taken down my tree from last year and I don’t know if there’s an award for procrastination but if there is, I am winning it, unless I have to submit something for it, in which case I’ll probably get that done 4 years from now.


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  1. I call this “procrastination savings” …so 100% winning in my book. 🙂 And Peacemaker is annoyingly good. Like you don’t want it be good, but it just is. So. Annoying.

  2. Hey! At least it’s an artificial tree. And the preachers are always saying to keep Christmas in your heart all year long, so you are just keeping it in your living room….

  3. My tree is still up too. I’ve been depressed because I’m too depressed to take it down. But now I’m thinking it’s meant to be and I’ll come upon some awesome ornament while I’m thrifting, so now I HAVE to leave it up… right?

  4. Damn it. Now I have to watch Peacemaker because I watched Suicide Squad and liked it. Just one more thing in my list of things to do that I never get around to. Thanks a lot, Jenny…

  5. I wish it was a motion ornament doing the dance from the opening credits. They bring me joy.

    And yes, so over everything DC watched Peacemaker after rolling my eyes at everyone telling me to watch Peacemaker and then had to tell them all they were right. So it was like their very own Peacemaker Christmas present.

    (way to close the circle!)

  6. We left a tree up once thru Easter tho we changed decorations for Valentine’s day then Easter decor

  7. I noticed the other day that there was a full-sized Christmas tree in my apartment complex’s dumpster. Made me feel better about my tabletop tree also being in there. Clearly I need to meet my fellow procrastinator here. Someday.

  8. John Cena was the only good thing in The Suicide Squad (I forgive Margot Robbie cause I love her), unless you count LMAO from the starfish monster with armpit babies.

  9. I took my tree down this past Saturday. It was a real tree (that was really really dead). I’m trying hard to give myself grace this year – I can’t do everything all at the same time, so some things have to wait til I get to them.

  10. My grandparents used to have a tabletop tree that they put hearts and red construction paper chains and white lace doily paper hearts on it for Valentine’s Day and hollow decorated eggs and Peeps on it for Easter. I supposed you could stick mini flags and stars and red white and blue paper chains on it for Fourth Of July, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, and Labor Day. How about beads necklaces and plastic babies for Mardi Gras? And fake spider webs and tissue and cotton ball paper ghosts for Halloween. There are so many fun decorations you could do all year round on artificial trees. It isn’t procrastination if you make it a year round celebratory art installation!

  11. I just took my Christmas tree down yesterday. And it’s not an artificial tree, so it pretty much had rigor mortis. SOOOO many needles to clean up!

  12. No no no. You are NOT late in taking down your trees, people. Your trees are still up DELIBERATELY. Why should you deprive yourself of home decor that brings you joy?

    If you spin it right, you will bring others to the cause, thereby furthering the normalization of perfectly reasonable behavior.

  13. If any of you all are still procrastinating watching Peacemaker after this post, you need to sit through The Suicide Squad and binge Peacemaker (watch until the end of the credits every time and watch the opening dance because it’s LIFE). And by binge I mean get adult garments and do not leave your device of repose until you finish your visual/auditory/cognitive consumption.

    I feel very strongly about James Gunn’s ability to bring entertainment to life.

  14. My best friend recommended I get a book she read on how procrastination causes creative people to sabotage their dreams. So I bought it. A month ago. I’M GONNA READ IT! Sheesh, Grownup Me, stop pressuring Procrastinator Me! I’ve been Adulting all day and I’m tired!!

  15. I for one procrastinate as well. I get so much scrap for it it does not matter any more.

  16. I wonder if I should be concerned about how simpatico you and I are, ma’am. I literally just took the ornaments off my tree last night, finally. A few strings of beads are still on it but the top part of the tree is off so it’s now kind of creepy and headless. LOL

  17. We used to have a game of “chicken”with our real tree – could it stay up until the Super Bowl or would it collapse under the weight of the ornaments and/catch fire? The artificial tree just doesn’t have that element of danger.

  18. I want to congratulate you on your procrastination skills. My guest room has been in a shambles since we did another remodel, I have used every excuse in the book when really I can’t do it because I just do not care. Who is staying here? No one.
    By the way, I need to pay it forward (will not procrastinate this), I received an actual note in the real mail thanks to your blog. Made my day/week/year!

  19. Winning! Don’t feel bad, because my tree is still up too, except mine is BRIGHT silver, so it’s just obnoxiously THERE

  20. Christmas trees are delightful. In a world short on delight, everyone should leave them up as long as possible, and tell themselves it’s only on purpose.

  21. I like that I’m not alone in procrastinating with the Christmas tree. I didn’t put mine up this year (I was out of town) but I love leaving it up for a long time. It brings me joy.

  22. Quite off topic, but just saw a headline in the NYT and wanted to give you (and Hailey) a head’s up: “Texas is investigating parents of trans children after the governor said to view gender-affirming treatments as possible crimes, a lawsuit said.” Might not be relevant, but even if it is not, it may be the start of worse things to come and it might be worth monitoring, closely. Best of luck.

  23. Mine is still up as well. It cheers up the house in the gloom of winter 🙂

  24. I love this! Echo all the folks who believe it’s not procrastinating if your tree still brings you joy.

    I have seen zero comic based movies, wondering if I could enjoy Peacemaker with no background?

    Also If you read this Jenny could you please tell Hailey they Are awesome, and they should google Jeff Younger at University of North Texas.

  25. We once had ours up until June, and yes we totally should’ve just kept it up the whole year!

    Also, I have something silly that might amuse you. When I go to type your URL I just type ‘thebl’ and it autofills. I always say ‘thebble’ (rhymes with pebble) and so that’s how I think of you. My delightful online acquaintance Thebble.

  26. I’m procrastinating on something else. I retired on August 31, 2021. I had gone into my office a couple of weeks before then to clear out my personal stuff. I STILL have the two boxes of stuff from my office sitting on my living room floor. I know it’s because of mental health reasons because I struggled so much at the end of my career and I think dealing with that stuff is going to be a really bad trigger for those feelings. I probably should discuss this with my therapist.

  27. I did my own personal study… procrastination benefitted me more than 75 percent of the time. But that 25 was a bitch.

  28. Off topic, but have you read ‘Easy Crafts For the Insane’ by Kelly Williams Brown? It’s like she wrote it for you, possibly from a pillow fort.

  29. I’ve got you all beat. I never get around to putting up a tree at all.

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