Step into my office. You need this.

I have a ton of shit to do but I threw my back out so instead I’m inviting you into my office because you need 5 minutes of weird joy:

For real though, why is this me?

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  1. The snoring one was perfection! Also, I never knew that huskies were such drama queens before instagram. Makes my pug look beyond chill in comparison.

  2. LOL. I’m sorry about your back – hope it resolves soon. If you can do this when your back is out, I can’t wait for next Friday!!

  3. I literally laughed out loud at the script. Thank you! Sending healing vibes for your back. I feel ya.

  4. My step-daughter calls this particular laugh my “teapot” laugh…because it comes with wheezing and crying.

  5. My favourite thing today is the parrot riding a bike. Who knew that was a thing parrots could do!? Not I!

  6. Thank you Mrs.Whack-back knowin’ what’s necessary for the masses! Was indeed needed 😉

  7. After a COMPLETELY SHIT week, I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO needed these! Crying laughing! THANK YOU! <3

  8. I hope your back feels better soon.
    Vampire cat attack was awesome!
    The parrot with bike dominance was great.
    But the one that made my day was the flipping pancake pan flying off the handle! I’ve had a pan come off it’s handle and it is either cry or laugh! As long as nobody gets hurt, it’s the funniest thing ever!

  9. Hope your back is healing. I liked the guy twirling the “trash bags” that were really two little kids in bags

  10. I’ve always thought our Boxer’s singing voice when our daughter practiced flute was the worst dog noise, but that husky is NEXT. LEVEL. Like, peacock noises sound less scary. But, and thank you for this Jenny, the pancake flip made me laugh ‘til it hurt.

  11. Oh gosh, my heart goes out to you on the back issue. I’ve had back issues for the last 25 years and they are so miserable, I DO NOT recommend rupturing a disc. Ever. And totally unrelated, I wanted to thank you for the “pen pal” post from a while back, I have gotten the sweetest letters in the mail and they absolutely make my day. Such a fun way to spread some love and kindness in the world!

  12. I laughed so hard reading this post that it relieved some of the pain I’m having.

    I’m a little bit less of a total Grouchy Miss Snarly Pants now. My husband and I thank you 😂

    This post is officially going on my daily list of things I’m grateful for. HUGS!

  13. Healing thoughts – hope your back straightens out soon. so painful!

    Thank you for these! Didn’t realize how much I needed these laughs.
    The first one? He would be known as either Uncle Twirly or Uncle Sack in our clan – likely the former.
    The dog dancing for the cat? Put that on repeat about 10 times

    Your posts are a gift. Thank you.

  14. I appreciate the weird joy — and that you were thinking of brightening the world in spite of your back pain. I hope you feel better soon and can do other things that make you happy.

  15. You madam are a good dam national treasure and the world would suck hard without you sharing these things with us.

  16. The dog with the food bowl killed me! I have a dachshund that morosely sits by her food bowl and bangs it when she thinks she should be fed.

  17. The husky one is soooooo true. We had a husky and 14 years and they randomly yell at stuff. It’s been five years and I still miss her.

  18. They are all funny, especially the one of the cat preparing his bit – it looked like a cartoon cat there!!! I was also partial to the blue macaw defending his bicycle from the cat. I wouldn’t even let my macaw near the cats because they would lose.

    The main thing I want to tell you is that I have been feeling miserable and depressed for the l last couple of weeks and this is probably the first time I have enjoying anything. Thank you, Jenny! You are better than all of my antidepressants put together.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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