Which one is me…which one is a dead possum?

So I recently got a wonderful surprise from my strange and talented friends at TEA PARTY OF THE DAMNED, because they sent me a photo of an incredible interpretation of my Broken book cover, and then I was even more surprised because they were like, “WE’RE SENDING IT TO YOU” and the amazing team at Nowhere Bookshop was even more surprised because they always open my mail in case there’s something in there that will go bad and that’s why they opened up a package to find a box of unexpected dead possum.

Some people might think this was some sort of threat and they were slightly concerned because “SOMEONE SENT YOU A MUMMIFIED ROADKILL POSSUM IN A DRESS” and frankly that was a little concerning to me too because I have a lot of ethical taxidermy but I don’t think I have anything mummified and I wondered briefly if it got wet if it could come back to life (because I actually do have a friend with a pet possum that’s adorable), but then I remembered science and figured that probably wouldn’t work.

Then the Nowhere team pulled out a small sculpted beastie and they were like, “Hang on. This is you from your book cover. We just didn’t recognize you because this possum doesn’t have pockets” and I promptly (for me) ran up to the store to save them from the questionable but fantastic whimsy that is Jenny Pawsome. And I thought they’d be relieved but they were like, “Actually, now that we’ve gotten used to this cute weirdo she’s really starting to grow on us” and that’s nice because I suspect that’s exactly the same thing they say about me.

So maybe when Broken comes out in paperback in a few months Jenny Pawsome and her fantastic beastie can go back up to Nowhere for a tiny tour because honestly? This kind of brilliance should be shared.

Just maybe don’t spill water on her.

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  1. This is AMAZING. I’m hoping that one day I can be a ‘possum mom, but preferably to a live one. I wouldn’t turn down a mummified marsupial though.

  2. Tea Party of the Damned is THE best! Their rats on cheese wheels kill me. I mean, not literally. I’m still alive. But if they DID kill me, I’d absolutely want Tea Party of the Damned to taxidermy me and put me into some bizarre scene so I can hang out on a shelf and freak people out.

  3. Man possums in the USA are evil looking and fugly compared to Aussie possums

  4. The only thing that could have made this story more amazing is if you were pulled over for a (minor) traffic violation while en route home, just to be able to experience the look on the officer’s face when meeting your passenger.

  5. Just another ordinary day in the life of a completely crazy person!!! That must be why we all (w’l) love you so much.

  6. As with all your posts, Jenny, I love this! I am coming to San Antonio in 2 weeks for the ACES Conference and am SO EXCITED because the Nowhere Bookshop is on my list to visit after I check in to my hotel! I hope you’re there. But you are the speaker at the banquet and I am thrilled about that too. You will be (and ARE) amazing!!!

  7. Mika – “No officer, she’s playing dead, it’s fine, that’s what they do.”

  8. Did they make the ‘monster’ too or did you have the monster? Either way it is utterly fabulous!!!!

  9. You play dead sometimes, too. I remember a certain security drill you described in your first book.

  10. Can we talk about Jenny Pawsome’s luscious lashes?! She’s giving Bambi a run for her money! 😂❤️ She’s the most adorably glamorous taxidermy ever!

  11. As long as Jenny Pawesome wears a seatbelt, does that qualify you to drive in the HOV lane? It’s wonderful!!!

  12. I absolutely love this!!!!
    Please, pretty please, can you get a company to make stuffed animal toys of Jenny Pawsome and your Beastie that you can sell in your store and online?
    I would SO buy them for my anxious and depressed friends to give them a wee creature to whisper their anxieties, fears and depressive thoughts to when they need an inanimate friend who doesn’t judge them for being perfectly imperfect and fabulously broken.

  13. I haven’t commented on your blog in years, though I am a stalwart reader. Over the years your blog and books have helped me feel less alone in so many ways. I have lived in progressive areas of the country most of my life, with 16 years in Vermont. A few years ago we moved to NC and I thought this was the farthest South I would ever come. It was severe culture shock, followed by months of depression. I do not deal well with change…..weeeeelllllll…after an agonizing week of family decisions my husband has decided to take a fellowship at the VA Hospital in San Antonio. I have been swinging between excitement, grief, and sheer terror – I’m still crawling out of the depression from the last time we moved and left our whole lives behind…plus, TEXAS! Taking away women’s rights to their own bodies! Prosecuting affirming parents of trans kids! EEEEEKKKKK! What kind of world will I be bringing my sweet, loving, long-haired little 7 yo guy to?? Then I realized that Nowhere Bookshop is in San Antonio, and that you live there, and that your amazing teenager is growing into an amazing adult in this place. So, my husband thanks you for helping me take this leap. If you can live there, I can live there. And I am SO excited for my first trip to Nowhere Bookstore in real life. Thanks for being you, Jenny – I know you don’t see all the ways you are helping the world, but you are doing it, every day.

  14. that was/is incredible! I love it and so clever. Jenny Pawsome……..need a toy made of her.

  15. The opossums that run around in my backyard and eat the oranges off our tree in the middle of the night approve!

  16. This is just the coolest thing ever. Jenny Pawsome!! I love it. Also totally love a commenter’s idea of making stuffed animals to sell, I’d love one!

  17. Beautiful and brilliant!! Also, the question, “Is this me or a dead possum?” is just a little too relatable today.

  18. I love reading your posts Jenny! I never know what new, or slightly mummified creations you might show us! It’s so much fun! Just like opening a present! Love you girl😘

  19. Oh, my heart!
    (I’m not crying, YOU ARE! In the best possible way.)

  20. “We just didn’t recognize you because this possum doesn’t have pockets.”

  21. Jenny Pawsome reminds me of that “when you accidentally ask satan for a puppy” painting

  22. You have made my day, my week and quite possibly forever with this marvelous creature! Awesome Pawsome indeed!!

  23. She is awesome & you are awesome! How can I start my own collection of wonderful taxidermied friends on the cheap? I live in NY & there are not so many taxidermy stores or places to buy wonderful creatures.

  24. I like it! I went to bed early last night and I forgot to take my night pills. As a result, I’m having a really long panic attack – grunting, shaking, tears, the lot. Plus I have to drive somewhere this afternoon, but it’s to get my hair done so that will be good. Not quite ready to go grey yet. Thanks for listening.

  25. @Emelie: You are going to make Texas THAT MUCH BETTER! Thanks for moving there!

  26. I can’t even begin to tell you how this lifted my spirits today. Who knew a taxidermied possum could do that.

  27. Sounds like someone has a new spirit animal 😉 But seriously, that’s awesome.

  28. This might be the first time I’ve ever said “aww” about a dead possum. At least the first time I say it in a happy way. I say “aww” in a sad way about dead possums I see in the road all the time

  29. This is amazing! Ever since reading ‘Furiously Happy’ earlier this year I have desperately wanted a taxidermied raccoon but my husband says I can’t have one because I will torment him with it and he wouldn’t know where to find one because there are no raccoons where we live. I said I’d be happy with a squirrel but my birthday passed and I still don’t have a taxidermied friend. Also, when reading the essay about when you overdosed on laxitives I laughed so hard I fell off the couch and pulled a muscle in my neck. Thank you for helping me remember that dark times eventually end.

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