I might have screamed a little bit.

So guess what came in the mail?

It’s the UK paperback edition of Broken! And if you’re in the UK you should preorder it now because it comes out on Thursday and you not only get the smiling face of Fleece Witherspoon staring into your very soul, you also get a brand new bonus chapter entitled,

For real though, where exactly are the murder hornets?

If I lived in the UK I would do a UK giveaway and give out copies but I don’t so I can’t afford the shipping, but I still want to do a giveaway so if you live in the US and want a UK copy of Broken with Fleece Witherspoon on it just leave me a comment and I’ll randomly send a few signed copies out. (Make sure you use a valid email because that’s how I’ll contact you. I promise not to use it for anything else because I am way too irresponsible to do newsletters or marketing or other professional bullshit.)

And if you live in the UK you can get your copy right now by clicking here. And giant thanks for your support because preorders make SUCH a difference.

The North American version of Broken comes out in a few weeks and I’ll have details on that really soon, including a virtual tour stop with an absolutely insane special guest and maybe even an actual in person event like in the before times. (And of course it’ll also have the bonus chapter in it too.)

PS. In case you’re new here, Fleece Witherspoon died of natural causes, and I only adopt and dress taxidermy that is either older than I am or was ethically sourced from roadkill, etc. Please don’t throw blood on me.

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  1. Omg she’s adorable!! I’d love a copy! Llamas are the best! Did you know that they do a llama show at the Minnesota State fair where the kids and the llamas dress up in matching costumes? Google pictures. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. I really would like a UK copy for that extra chapter! I love your books…and you!

  3. Fleece Witherspoon looks absolutely chuffed to be on the cover. Please consider me for the signed book. Thanks and congrats!

  4. OMG! I’m loving that cover! I married a Brit so I’m partial to all things UK related.

  5. I adore you. You’ve taken all of the things I’ve struggled my whole life with and made.it cool…I want to be you when I grow up.

  6. It’s interesting how Fleece’s pearls have hooked the “OK” in broken. I love that! It’s a gorgeous cover and I’m happy it made you smile!

  7. Fleece Witherspoon book cover !
    Murder hornets location !!

  8. Yes I would love a UK copy of Broken! Then I can pass it to all my friends at work that want to know why I’m cracking up while reading at lunch.

  9. This is ADORABLE!! I may have to beg my mother-in-law to send me one. She lives in Wales.

  10. Definitely worth screaming over. Yes, please and thank you to a UK copy!

  11. Wait a minute! I’m guessing that the “North American release also includes the US, and wasn’t that already released. . .cuz I have a copy? And how unfair is it that those people coming late to the party get a bonus chapter ABOUT MURDER HORNETS?!

  12. Truly your love of taxidermy is the only thing that lets me know you are real and not a made up fairy godmother in my head. Or more like godsister since we are about the same age I think, based on your goth pictures.

  13. Congrats on your UK edition! I will definitely be sending emails to my friends across the pond. They need this!

  14. This is awesome and I adore Fleece Witherspoon (and your amazing and adorable naming ability)! ❤️

  15. As a Brit living in the US, I’d love a UK copy and then I can share it with mum when she is finally able to visit. It’s almost 3 years since I’ve seen her.

  16. I’m surprised the cover translation isn’t funnier. I mean the UK’s English often doesn’t match the US’.

  17. Love your work, and Fleece is unique and adorable! Would love to read a UK copy. Cheers!

  18. Would absolutely adore a UK copy of Broken. Fleece Witherspoon is adorable and would so cute on my bookshelf. Also, I live in Washington state, so murder hornets are definitely something we’ve been hearing lots about the last couple of years (even before mainstream media started talking about them).

  19. Reece is divine. I feel like people need to be able to book photo ops with Reese or there should be program where you can upload a photo of yourself posed with Reese.

    I’d love a copy. You’re a gem, Jenny.

  20. As a blond lawyer, I have always identified with Elle Woods and Fleece Witherspoon looks spectacular in her pink pillbox hat!💗

  21. I can’t wait for the NA paperback! I have the blue paperback with fleece Witherspoon and she looks devine. And of course the BA papervack. I would love the uk version to complete my collection 😁

  22. I’d love one! I don’t have the book yet and lived in the UK when I was young so the idea of having a UK copy amuses me greatly. Love your books so much! I read them aloud sometimes and me and my mom laugh until we cry.

  23. I have a friend who loves llamas so much he has not only written and released a song about them, but is also currently writing a Christmas musical about them. I’d love a copy to give to him. (After I read the bonus chapter of course!)

  24. Fleece Witherspoon! What could be better? Oh, I know . . . a bonus chapter!

  25. Who WOULDN’T want a copy is what I want to know? (The answer is definitely not “me”, because I do want a copy!)

  26. I would love a copy because I really do need to hear your explanation or research on murder hornets!

  27. Please enter me for a copy of Broken with Fleece Witherspoon and the extra chapter!

  28. Ahhhh!!! If I win the random selection, I promise to read the ENTIRE book with a British accent in my head. Pinkie promise.

  29. Fleece Witherspoon would make me so happy!! I don’t live in the US (I’m in Canada), but I’m hoping that’s close enough? 😀😀

  30. I would love love love a copy of the U.K. edition to add to my small but mighty collection of books from the U.K.

  31. I would love a copy *almost* as much as I love Fleece Witherspoon! 😍

  32. I would LOVE a copy of the UK version with Fleece!!! Pick me! Pick me!

  33. My teen son and I both love your books. We would be so freaking excited to get a copy with Fleece Witherspoon on it!! I also love taxidermy and only use ethically sourced animals (my evil cat killed a chipmunk once and he is now a pirate-the chipmunk, not the cat!)

  34. Just do ya know, the US cover is what I use as an example of my anxiety. A giant beast I have to carry around 😂😂
    Fleece is so much lovelier 💕💕

  35. I’m screaming a little at the chance! I need to add this one to the collection. Congrats!

  36. I’d love a copy, please and thank you, because, you, llamas, and I could really do with some laughter right now. xo

  37. I would put Fleece front and center in my book collection!! I would be honored to have my own copy of your thoughts and words 🙂

  38. As I am not ‘minted’, I would be ‘gobsmacked’ and have a ‘Toes Up’ whilst in my ‘Jim Jams’ reading the UK Version of ‘Broken’.

  39. Fleece Witherspoon? And a brand new chapter? Oh, pick me, pick me. Pick me!!! (Waves hand wildly in the air)

  40. Oh how I would adore this! Fleece is absolutely precious and owning it on her cover and of course I have the same question you do…. where DID those murder hornets go? If you have the answer I need to know!

  41. As I am not ‘minted’, I would be ‘gobsmacked’ and have a ‘Toes Up’ whilst in my ‘Jim Jams’ reading the UK Version of ‘Broken’.

  42. Congrats, Jenny! UK resident here & would love a copy with an extra chapter x

  43. Oh that cover is wonderful! I’d love to be in the running for a copy… really the only kind of running that sounds appealing to me.

  44. You know, I was wondering about the murder hornets. So I’d love to read your take on them. What a fabulous and elegant cover!!

  45. Love this and you so much! In my head we are best friends because none of my actual friends understand my weirdness of taxidermy-ing my cat when she passes 😛 I would love a copy!

  46. Fleece Witherspoon would look epic with the copies of your other books in my living room (cause you follow me on Twitter which makes us BFF basically)

  47. OMG! Fleece Witherspoon and a bonus chapter! I really, really need! I know a lot of people have commented and if you are like me, you will never make it this far down the list. But if you do, please consider me! I’ve already read the digital copy, but on paper makes me so much happier.

  48. I would LOVE to received a copy. The idea of a bonus chapter thrills me.

  49. SQUEEEEEEE!!! Pick me! Pick me!!! Hope Fleece doesn’t Bend and Spit on it. 😉

  50. I’d love a copy. I need to read this new chapter! Bonus chapters are my jam; they’re usually my favorites! I’m sad it wasn’t on the audiobook.

  51. I already have the hard back. But now I need to win a copy of this because I really just need the extra chapter! Lol.

  52. I would love and be most grateful for a copy of the new Broken💙🦙💛

  53. Fleece Witherspoon’s Glamour Shot belongs in my bookcase… I would love the UK edition! I pine for books from our colourful neighbours with superfluous vowels…

  54. I would absolutely love a copy. It is my birthday tomorrow, honest it really is, and this would definitely make my 40th amazing! (I already started wearing my bday tiara tonight!)

  55. I would love a copy of the UK version! Fleece Witherspoon is amazing ❤

  56. I had to read the blog a second time because I was thinking, Why is Reese Witherspoon on the cover of Jenny’s book. I would love to win a copy!

  57. “Fleece Witherspoon” made me laugh out loud bc I still constantly quote your line, “You got me a monkey?! I already named it, Rhesus Witherspoon!”” ha ha ha!! Would love to stare at the UK copy’s picture!

  58. Fleece Whitherspoon – I need that in my life! You bring such joy, Jenny 🙂

  59. I mean, yours are just about the only books I actually buy. Everything else comes from the library in case I don’t like it XD, so yeah, I’d love a copy, now or later!

  60. Hi Jenny! I would love a UK copy of Broken! And I appreciate not having my email sold into slavery (although I think half the universe’s spam has it already)

  61. I’d love a copy. I don’t have anything from the UK except watercolor paint. I may or may not paint in the book. 😏

  62. I would ADORE a copy!! Saw one of your posts shared on Facebook today and found myself super excited that others were passing around your amazing wisdom. (It was the one about the thoughts in your head becoming someone’s favorite book someday, and wondering if they are worthy. (Definitely not how you worded it, but I did my best.))

  63. An extra chapter?? I bought 3 copies of the hardback (1 preorder, 2 so I could attend virual events with wonderful people…) so saying I won’t buy the paperback too would be a big lie from my lying liar hole. I’ll just put this here Jmac0615@gmail.com 🙂

  64. Aaaahhhhhh I LOVE llamas and alpacas and I would LOVE a copy of this book!!!

  65. Fleece IS looking into my soul…and just when I thought I was soul-less. Thank you Jenny and Fleece for reviving me. I’d be delighted to be in a drawing for a UK copy of Broken. Thank you.

  66. *WARNING* Mentions suicide. I’m really sorry!!

    I would love a signed copy! In a spectacular act of revenge, my mother and sister thought that throwing out ALL of my several hundred books and plays would be a great idea after I attempted to off myself. Five years later, I still can’t work or try to replace them. Granted, I didn’t have a copy of Broken because I don’t have a time machine, but it would be a great start to a future collection I hope to have again one day.

  67. I can’t wait until this comes out!
    I love your writing and I’m so excited for this book <3

  68. I do want a copy of the book. But I prefer to buy one and contribute to your financial well being. Congrats!

  69. I love Fleecy’s style. I would love a copy of the book with Fleecy on it.

  70. Love your books, and I’d love to have a copy of the British version. Thanks again for being you.

  71. Please oh please. Fleece is my spirit animal and I’ve been so desperate to read this but haven’t had any shekels for books for a long time.

  72. OMG, Fleece Witherspoon is staring into my soul! would love a U.K. copy to go with my regular-English one!

  73. I would VERY much love a UK copy of this! I’m very excited to read it and I once spent a a few weeks in the UK so it seems like a no brainier!

  74. I would never throw blood on you!!! I absolutely need another copy of your book now though! I’ll make sure to tell my husband it’s your fault for putting in an extra chapter about murder (weirdly my catnip).

  75. Please add my name to the huge number of fans that will be crossing fingers, hoping to be chosen for the UK version of Broken. Fleece Witherspoon is absolutely amazing.

  76. Yes! Yes! Please add me to the list for a signed copy of Broken with Fleece Witherspoon on the cover! Gah! I’m so flippin’ excited!

  77. Fleece has never looked better. 💗 absolutely loved Broken and would love to dig into that murder hornet chapter! Thanks for being you, Jenny!

  78. Amazing! Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it! Broken is how I feel.

  79. Oh my goodness I love Broken so much and would love to see Fleece on my shelf 🥰

  80. Please oh please pick me. Fleece is my spirit animal and my book shekels fell out my pantsuit pockets recently.

  81. Fleece making her cover debut, looking zen and regal AF! She’s so pretty. I love that there’s an extra chapter! What I’m most interested in, in the UK version, is vocabulary changes. Words and phrases. It’ll put awhile we spin on the chapters.

  82. There’s not a chance in hell that I’ll get picked, but Imma try anyway.
    I really need to read about the murder hornets 🤣

  83. Fleece Witherspoon! so cute, would Love a copy. Thanks for the chance!

  84. How did I miss Fleece? So adorable. And I’ve been wanting a USA copy but absolutely a UK copy (I’ll use Google Translate to figure it out!) with a bleedin’ (that’s Brit-speak) extra chapter? Blimey! 🙂
    What I don’t understand is you asked for email addresses and I don’t see that anyone has posted. Are you using our Gravatar info?

  85. Absolutely desire a physical copy of this book to always have Fleece staring at me from the bookshelf! Love all of your work including blog posts and would love to be considered for the US giveaway!

  86. I devour your books and can’t wait for each one…plus I love reading my husband all the references to vagina so I can see him squirm!

  87. Shit, I don’t know if my comment posted because I forgot to put in my name, cause that’s what my life has been like recently. This isn’t meant as a double-try, I swear, I think I just borked the comment the first time I tried. emipard@gmail.com

  88. The cover is amazing. I would love to add an UK addition to my collection and I already have a British accent picked out in my head for reading.

  89. So happy for your continued success! You bring a lot of joy and laughter to all of us.

  90. Holy mama llama that cover is everything. I would very much like to display it.

  91. I would totally show it to my friends but explain that you sent it to me because my original copy was actually broken – because it’s US and not UK. And clearly the extra chapter is MI6 secret codes. For reals.

  92. I would so love a copy. This is my favorite book of all times! Whenever I am feeling down or a bit out of sorts I pop on your audiobook and just laugh till I cry or vice versa. The absurdity of life! And Fleece Witherspoon is just gorgeous!

  93. I’m sure the chances are slim (unlike me 😬) but I thought I would try anyway! You make me smile so much. Thanks for being just as messed up as me.

  94. Fleece Witherspoon is beautiful and I would love to gift this copy to a friend who desperately needs to read your words and who also has llamas. ❤️

  95. I’m happy to send one (1) copy across the pond for ya. You know, media mail and all.

  96. You are my spirit animal. I would love to reread Broken, especially with the extra chapter and Fleece Witherspoon on the cover!

  97. I would love a copy! And I’m sure I need to read the extra chapter.

  98. I would love a UK version to take to our daughter in June! She will love it.

  99. I would love a UK copy! I’d read the extra chapter and then pass on your wonderful writing to friends!

  100. I would be absolutely tickled PINK for a Fleece Witherspoon copy!!! 💖💖💖💖

  101. Oh! That might be my new favorite cover of yours! Love Fleece Witherspoon.

  102. I already have 2 copies from being in Fantastic Strangelings and also attending your virtual book tour talk with Neil Gaiman and I’m pretty sure my husband might contemplate divorcing me if I get a 3rd copy (we’re running out of bookshelf space…) but I really want that bonus chapter so…if there’s a way to just get that via email…

  103. My Father-in law was a Brit -does that count? Oh well, I have 13 Siberian Huskies wandering my house (for real, they are a team) so it would probably be chewed a little anyway. Shhh, if you don’t tell the animal rights about me, I won’t tell them about Fleece.

  104. Oh I would love to get a signed copy and an extra bonus chapter?? Count me in! 🙂

  105. Uggggh, I need a bonus chapter on murder hornets because I am also not sure wtf that was about. Filler episode?

  106. Love the cover. Plus, who doesn’t need an extra chapter and more laughter?

  107. Just saw your Instagram on buying multiple copies of the same comics! I love Fleece Witherspoon! Pick me! Pick me!

  108. I just screamed a little bit knowing that maybe I could win a free copy of the UK version to share with all my British friends.

  109. Wait. Didn’t Broken come out already? I read it. I passed it on. What the…? Oh my gosh, did I read an ARC? I’m so confused.

  110. I love it!!! I would LOVE the UK version!! My close friends and family all know who I am talking about when I say “my lady” when talking books, anxiety, depression, etc., I have your all your books, and have given “Furiously Happy” to several friends for various crisises and gifts. I even splurged and bought a ticket on your book show last year!! Best $ spent all year!!! Thank you for you.

  111. I love your stories and they have become my comfort reads that I can go back to over and over. Thank you so much for putting yourself out there and letting others know that we’re not alone.

  112. Congratulations on the UK release of ‘Broken’!
    I live in MD and had a murder hornet in my guest room. At 10:30 one night. I live alone and had to deal with it myself even though I’m petrified-to-the-point-of phobia/panic regarding all wasps, bees, etc. This book would complete my collection of your (signed) books and maybe help with the PTSD I have from that experience (photo on request)
    Thank you!

  113. Where have I been to not know Fleece Witherspoon?!? Oh, the smiles you bring to me!

  114. I would love a copy Jenny! I’ve enjoyed the pen pal letters so much!

  115. That UK cover is absolutely precious!! I love all of your books. Would love to read that extra ‘murder hornets’ chapter. It will really bug me until I do. Now that I know the chapter is out there!

  116. I need to read the extra chapter! I have all your books and will keep reading as they help me stay sane.

  117. I would love to have a UK copy. After I lost one of my Heart Dogs, an animal communicator told me my dog said she wanted to come back as a llama. I’ve been looking for one ever since.

  118. It would be absolutely freaking amazing to have the UK version!!! Llamas 🦙 Rock!! Especially Fleece ❤️

  119. Oh Fleece! I want the fluffy little face on my bookshelf! Is that creepy?

  120. SO EXCITING! I won a copy of Broken already, so don’t put me in the lottery. I’ll get a copy when I go to the UK. I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!

  121. “Screamed a little ” ? I would haved screamed a lot ! 😊 Congratulations !
    I love Fleece Witherspoon ! I would love to read Broken too if you have a spare copy too. In the best possible way…..

  122. Can not wait to read it. Seriously. Not possible. So please please please send a copy if you can. Many thanks!

  123. I buy all your books and would love an extra to give to a friend! Your honesty and humor is so refreshing! Thanks for sharing your flaws, joys and blessings!

  124. Fleece’s picture makes me so happy! Have listened to the Audible version of the book several times but would love to have the book so I could see her beautiful face every day. Pretty please!

  125. Love the book, love the cover. I really love Bristish editions, would be honored to have one <3 robinswebhotmailcom

  126. I love Fleece Witherspoon and I’ve just got to know about murder hornets?!! I would love a copy. Your openness inspires me to be more open. Love you!

  127. Adorable! I’d love a copy to add to the many llamas in my home, including my drama llama tattoo!

  128. Murder hornets and Fleece Witherspoon?! Amen to all that! I’m throwing my pillbox hat in the ring to snag a copy of it if at all possible!

    Also I was totally going to randomly comment today anyway because the ridiculous shirt I’m wearing today made me think of you. It features precious cartoony sea animals who are stabby. I bought it from an artist on Red Bubble named Pikaole:


    Also FYI for sizing purposes, I normally wear a size large t-shirt, (I’m 5 7” 145 pounds) but in this case I bought 2 sizes bigger than what I would normally wear (their sizes in the fittest shirts are very small)!

  129. Well, Fleece Witherspoon just has the best name ever! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  130. Bonus chapter!? Yes please, I’d love a copy. Also Fleece Witherspoon is perfect. 🙂

  131. Oh my goodness, I need Fleece Witherspoon in my life so badly. Just so much pizazz!

  132. I don’t know what to say other than Hi and I was at Nowhere last week all the way from Minneapolis.

  133. Hi I can’t make it to Nowhere bc I live in Floriduh. I would love a UK copy bc one, Dr. Who and two, it’s amazing.

  134. I love having British editions on my bookshelf! Fleece Witherspoon would be in good company here. 🙂

  135. I would proudly display this copy with Fleece Witherspoon on the cover alongside my penguin Henry who is currently sporting a fetching pair of bunny ears.

  136. Ok, I’m going to be weird (normal?) I have the book, so I don’t need it… but can we see the bonus chapter if we already bought the hardback??

  137. Congrats on a brilliant cover for the UK edition! Would love a copy to read while having some tea! 🙂

  138. I read this and underlined so many passages. Having this on my shelf would be an honor.

  139. So exciting! I would love an autographed copy to add to my collection of your books!

  140. Gasp!! Yes please!!!
    I got my sister hooked on you!! (Like drugs but not so bad for you) She’s been reading your books. The other day she asked me “Did we read Broken? Cuz I just read it and some of it was familiar but I can’t really remember. And I feel like this is something Jenny would totally wright about!”

  141. Sign me up! I need another chapter and I have craptastic vision so I want to see Fleece Witherspoon up close!

  142. Oh my goodness, bonus chapter got me so excited even though I haven’t actually finished the book yet, mental health struggles has meant reading has not really happened for me in the past couple years but your book was the first one that I got halfway through in that time so that’s something

  143. Oh my goodness! FLEECE! Bonus chapter, right here Jenny!👋 Please let me have(or buy) a copy. I am hoping to visit nowhere this summer! Pick me! Pick me!🤪💖

  144. That cover is awesome!! Also paperback books are my preferred type as book; they take up less space on bookshelves so that means more books!

  145. I haven’t bought a copy of “Broken” yet (it’s on my to-do list). My procrastination in buying and reading “Broken” will have paid off if I win the Fleece Witherspoon + a bonus chapter copy! nettajean(at)gmail

  146. Oh my!! What an excellent portrait of Fleece Witherspoon! I’m going to the UK next month so I’ll look for it then! Of course, I’d love one of your signed copies Jennie. Weirdly, I don’t have any signed by you!

  147. Pick me! Pick me! Couldn’t find my last comment. Forgot to put my email 🤦 I would absolutely love a copy of Broken for the UK with yheone & only Fleece Witherspoon. Please send to cfd.lucas@gmail.com. You are the bestest!

  148. Omg I would love fleece Witherspoon in my life. That face she is making is everything

  149. This is my new favorite cover. As much as I love that picture of you barely holding that magnificent beast, llamas/alpacas are my absolute favorite. ❤️

  150. I’d be cool with a UK copy,
    Congratulations on the awesome cover!

  151. Did the murder hornets kill Fleece Witherspooon?!? I must know!!!

  152. I would love to have a Fleece Witherspoon copy, for the adorable cover, but moreso for that extra chapter! Can’t get enough ofmyour books.

  153. Fleece Witherspoon *and* a bonus chapter of your exquisite madness?

  154. Fleece is absolutely precious! I’d love the copy with the extra chapter! ❤️❤️❤️

  155. Omg! I would be honored to have a copy of Broken, UK edition. This would make the happiest old lady in the world. Thank you for being my inspiration and the lovely tribe we all have become. Y’all are the best.

  156. I would love a copy of U.K. broken! I’m approaching my due date with my second, and I could use something light to keep me company in the middle of the sleepless nights! I re-read let’s pretend this never happened with my first, and it saved me!

  157. Oh, I would love a UK version of Broken, with the bonus chapter! I have all your books, but not your autograph.

  158. Please please please …past month and a half has been crap and it’s just not ending and this would be wonderful brightness in the middle of everything

  159. Fleece Witherspoon is such a great cover model! Congrats on the UK release!

  160. Me please! The cover is amazing. And I can’t wait to read the extra chapter

  161. Fleese Witherspoon is a fucking awesome name for this Alpaca. I purchased Broken on audiobook format, and I constantly listen to it and my co-workers laugh their asses off. When you started pronouncing Cockchafer in different accents, I think my coworker almost pissed her panties. Thanks for the laugh. Amanda

  162. Your book made such an impact. Never have I felt so validated when it comes to my experiences with the medical system. On a happier note, I am also a knitter who is obsessed with using alpaca and lama fiber! Could I please get a copy of the UK edition? It would make me so happy to get one of my favorite authors books showcasing my knitting mascot.

  163. I would love a copy from the UK! I love everything British. Can’t do their accent though….which is a real shame, for me and foe those around me when I try.

  164. I would adore a UK copy! Give me all your UK spellings – I will hug them.

    PS i only ever won a thing once in my life & it was a hot dog. No joke. A single hot dog on a dry bun at the Flower Mart at the National Cathedral.

  165. Fleece Witherspoon is something everyone needs…..even more than a thneed (and the truffula trees agree!) I love your books and your sense of humor, you always make me laugh out loud!

  166. I would LOVE a UK copy!!!! I will also, go tell my UK friends to go buy it. A good friend introduced your writing to me, and I’ve done the same.

  167. That’s awesome. I love that Reece Witherspoon loves Fleece Witherspoon!

  168. Love, love, love everything about this! Fleece is incredible and I would love to read the newest chapter!

  169. Oh my lord, that’s awesome! I’d love to have that beauty staring out at me from my bookshelves!

  170. I love Fleece Witherspoon! I would love to be considered for a copy. Thanks!

  171. I’ll happily take anything with Fleece Witherspoon on the cover! So exciting!

  172. Absolutely fabulous. Lovely ALLways. Your perspective has been a beacon through many a dark time. Looking forward to reading the next wonder filled installment of glorious writing. Cheers

  173. So I just read this post to my husband, who snorted coffee all over our table. Did I mention it’s also our working desk, and he snorted Fleece Witherspoon all over my brief? It improved it. Totally love her!!!

  174. Hi Jenny. Congratulations on the book!
    I was thrilled to meet you at the ACES conference the other week. I enjoyed your talk to us editors. And I love the Nowhere Bookshop!
    Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  175. Please and thank you! Llamas are my favorite! My heart leapt when I saw that cover. 🙂

  176. Oh, I love foreign editions of books! It’s like going to the grocery store in another country. I’d like to be entered, please.
    WHOA that got dirty quickly. Please enter my email into your drawing. Ok. That’s better? 🙂

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