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    So, there’s that.

  2. So wait. If neanderthals disappeared how did you get theatre DNA.

  3. Hahaha! I just knew it something silly! Well, you’re number one in my heart, as an author. 😀

  4. Mine also came back with higher than normal Neanderthal DNA. Explains why I’m part of your clan.

  5. I thought I was hot stuff when I found out I was 96% Neanderthal. LOL!!! Seriously… Does that explain why I want to disappear sometimes? My people looked at modern humans and thought “f**k you I’m outta here”? I could hide for 40,000 years no problem. I know. Dream on.

  6. LOL!! Mine came back same. I like it. Also it explains a lot about my family dysfunction.

  7. Just reading some of the comments – do we all need to take this test to see if the connection between us is partially Neanderthal lineage?

  8. I like to tell people I have a neanderthal jaw, because I do. Everyone else has tooth crowding and I not only have room for my wisdom teeth/3rd molars, I have a bit of space beyond it, called a retromolar gap. In hominins, it’s really only the neanderthals that have that, this, I have a neanderthal jaw

  9. Me too, Jenny; me too! The latest research I’ve read indicates that the Neanderthal were actually creative and peaceable. Could be why there are only these genetic traces left of them…😕

  10. I’m not sure if I’m #2? Half? I bow to your 99% either way!
    Hey Kimberly!
    You have more Neanderthal DNA than 51% of other customers.

  11. Me too!!! We should get together some time and flake off some flint knives!

  12. That is awesome and fascinating! Didn’t you end up going on a Paleo or keto diet to help with your rheumatoid arthritis? I wonder if the Neanderthal and you just doesn’t like carbs?

  13. You made me go check my report. Only 8% more neanderthal than other customers, sad day, lol. 😄

  14. And where did you go to tind this out? You can’t just drop something like this without elaborating.

  15. Sounds like a license to hot people over the head with a club if they annoy you.

  16. Wow I could’ve sworn mine was in the 90s when I first got my results back a couple years ago. I checked today and it’s now 76%. Crazy how much it changes when more people join the service. Good on you for being number one!

  17. My husband was in the 98% club— I thought jeeze you paid $100 for something we already knew! 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Up until today, I’d always said that someone would need court papers to get my DNA, but now I’m sure I want to find out my Neanderthal percentages!!!

  19. It was my understanding that the reasons Neanderthals disappeared is because they partnered with modern humans and strengthened the human race with diverse and resilient genes. In genetics diversity is the spice of life. Interbreeding creates and magnifies genetic weaknesses. So we should all go forth and diversify.

  20. Congratulations! I’m part Neandertal too – as are nearly all the rest of us, it’s just that most don’t know it – though probably a lower percentage. They’ve always struck me as more interesting than homo sapiens, and they were probably wittier. My wife’s percentage is higher than mine, and I’ve always been a tad jealous.

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  22. Keep in mind that we share 90% of our genes with CATS. So the amount you got from your Neanderthal ancestors was probably not a lot. And since your ancestors all survived long enough to breed, it’s clearly not a bit of DNA that is inimical to survival. Genetics as it relates to genealogy is totally my jam. Although I prefer pb and honey, tbh.

  23. Mine is pretty high too. I’ve recently read that there’s a correlation with ADHD. Explains everything, really.

  24. I thought mine was high at 83%! Furry knuckle fist bump to you, sister! 🤣

  25. Me, too! It’s so odd. Probably explains my stubby body and love of fire.

  26. To clarify, a high amount of Neanderthal DNA is about 2%. Having more than 99% of other users does NOT mean having 99% Neanderthal DNA. It means most people have 0% to 1.9% and your ancestry is more heavily based in Europe or western Asia. They might have more Denisovan DNA!

  27. You are “higher” than I am. Mine says “You have more Neanderthal DNA than 89% of other customers.” But that is pretty high also.
    Of course I really “won it” on these:
    You have one variant associated with experiencing more itchy mosquito bites.
    You have two variants associated with having a worse sense of direction.
    —I can tell you that both of those are expressed, not hidden.

  28. My husband had his DNA tested because we all thought he was pure Neanderthal. Turns out, he is not. But he did find a surprise half sister – so there is that.

  29. My husband and I both have higher than average neanderthal too! Not sure how much higher though. Funny thing? My husband is MENSA smart. We’re so both SUPER northern european. No cool genetic surprises for us..except my mom was able to prove her dad was adopted like we suspected, and we may have found the family lines! He has passed though, as has most of the direct links so we will never know for sure who his parents were.

  30. I started out as 99%, but all the updates later, and I’m down to 78%. Nice to see one of the faces that is responsible for the drop 😂

  31. Thanks for making me laugh, again! So what % Neanderthal are you? What test did you use?

  32. I’ve got a brother-in-law that probably has you beat by a MILE…

    Also, my husband wants to know if you qualify for a friend’s and family discount with the GEICO cavemen.

  33. 82% for me – but I could have sworn mine was actually LOWER before!

  34. according to a few numbers and moi, I am less than 2% Neanderthal DNA and that puts me in the 85% percentile. What are you rocking? A solid 4%???

  35. So jealous! I’m only 77% more Neanderthal than the common pool. 😂

    Having dna that shows a concrete connection to long lost evolutionary cousins is truly wonderous.

  36. Do you feel strangely compelled to travel hundreds of miles across the empty landscape, guided only by an unexplained collective memory, to the quinquennial gathering of your kind?

  37. I’ve always maintained that legal process is necessary before anybody could get my DNA, but after today I’m certain I need to know how much of a Neanderthal I really am.

  38. Years back, my wife and I sent DNA samples to a National Geographic program to track our ancestry, and we both found out that we had small percentages of Neandertal DNA, and some Denisovan as well. Kind of cool, we think.

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