It’s Friday, y’all.

It’s Friday, y’all. You know what that means? It means that it’s time to step into my office so I can show you all of the insta things I loved lately that I’ve been saving for you. (Yes, you.) Because you deserve a damn break right now.

For real though, Victor won’t let me eat in his car because he insists this is me:

Same, Rocky.

A for effort tho:

Happy weekend, sweetness.

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  1. The pinhead guy in the boat. I peed my pants. Not lying.

  2. Jenny….thank you this makes me feel better!

    My sweet cat JuJu ran away at the airport while I was trying to move him to another location. I have been so heart broken and stressed about him and your posts have been a blessing. I so appreciate you.

  3. I feel like someone just turned the oxygen on in my stuffy little life. Thanks.

  4. I so needed these laughs!!! But the frog with his sweater…LOVE IT!

  5. Thank you!! I have not laughed like that in a while. Which says something about the general state of my life…… but anyways, needed this!

  6. This was the lovely–and hilarious–icing on the cake of my (birth)day! Thank you!

  7. You have no idea how much I needed this. They’re all great, but I love the guy dancing on the sidewalk.

  8. Jenny, you must never stop sending these videos ever! Or at least until after I die.❤️

  9. Thank you!! My son’s best friend is named Michael and I shared that one so fast! Laughing hysterically here

  10. I laughed until I cried. My therapist had to cancel today due to a migraine. I bought my first house last week, at 59. I was able to buy it because my parents died, mom on 8/20/21 dad on 1/22/22. I am freaking out. And now that the one appointment I had at 10am is cancelled, I’m at a complete loss as to how to proceed through my day. Such is the life of a depressed ADD brain. Oh, did I mention I was supposed to have an appointment with a PA this morning to get a scrip for Wellbutrin to handle some of the sad so that I can remember going out for a walk is a good idea? It was cancelled because he had emergency surgery and is recovering. I absolutely wish him the best, but the world seems to be against my mental health this week.
    So these giggles were very, very welcome.

  11. I go back to this post over and over. Friday everyday around here. THANK YOU!

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