Honestly, I’m just excited for the weirdos who will one day discover our house during the strangest estate sale ever.

If you’re anything like me, you probably follow several influencers whose homes are so instagram worthy that they can barely contain all of the rose-gold accessories (called “elements” for some reason) and natural light and clean spaces filled with tiny bowls that must be glued to the counter to keep the cats from fucking with them. The minimalistic pink spaces are so lovely but are very different from the maximalistic (why isn’t this a word?) collection of bizarre in my house. Yesterday I heard the exterminator go into the guest bathroom and he made a sort of screech, which might have been from the slightly menacing Anchorman gang fight painting:

Which glows in the dark in the most magnificent way:

Or the life-sized bear wallpaper hidden behind the door:

But personally I choose to believe it was the strangled laughter from the small sign I added this week to cover a hole in the wall:

Because it might not be elegant…but it is certainly entertaining.

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  1. Looks like a place where I’d feel right at home! Something’s wrong with your exterminator if this freaks him out.

  2. This is awesome! I love this kind of interior design. There’s something new, quirky, and personal around every corner. I had a number of service people freak out at the life size James T Kirk standee in my living room.
    Never stop, Jenny. Your sense of humour is just the salve this world needs sometime.

    P.S.: Thanks for the idea about gluing @#$% down. My cats trash everything that’s not nailed down. “Oh look! It fell! Coooool.”

  3. Our is decorated in Breyer horses, cartoon characters, and toy stuffed animals with supercilious expressions. We like.it.

  4. Actually, maximalism IS a thing in interior design. It’s totally my aesthetic (minimalism is SO BORING). 🤣

  5. I’m desperately trying to figure out where I wallpaper a life-size bear to my wall….

  6. I am also a “maximalist”-so much better than “crazy lady”! My house has hedgehogs all over in weird places. Figurines, Carvings, Stuffed Animals, Pictures… Now I think I need a GIGANTIC hedgehog poster hiding behind a door-or maybe behind the shower curtain! And I also need that adorable owl sign. NEED.
    Thank you for YOU.

  7. Holy amazing- I need the owl sign. Also it’s nice to see the picture of the bear since you and Victor were talking about it during your interview and it’s just as awesome as I thought it would be. 😆

  8. We were at the Ranger Station in the White Mountains yesterday looking at the display of taxidermied native animals.
    Me: “Jennie Lawson collects animals like these.”
    Mike: “Um…”
    Me: “She dresses them up in seasonally appropriate outfits.”
    Mike “OMG”
    Me: “I wonder if the ranger station would let her give these a makeover…”
    Nice Ranger behind the counter eavesdropping: :giggles:

  9. My mom has an oil painting of a squirrel in underpants above her guest bathroom toilet. I printed out a replica copy for my daughter’s dollhouse.

  10. LOL – your house will make the rounds of Zillow weird houses for sale. But if it makes you happy that’s all that matters! And btw I love your crazy stuffed raccoons!

  11. “Butt Napkins” totally made my inner 14-yr-old boy laugh.
    And for those who have little furry gravity testing a-holes, these products are your best friends:
    Museum Wax
    Quake Hold putty
    Scotch brand poster putty (poor person’s version of Quake Hold)
    Every shoveable object in my apartment that is in cat range is stuck down by one of these products.

  12. I love the whimsy and weird decor!
    I am anti-minimalist house decor person myself, maximalism is my happy place.
    Every time I see one of those white and grey and rose/gold “moments” interior decors where they have no built ins, no books, no knickknacks or tchotchkes, no throw blanket scrunched into the corner of the well loved couch, it makes me depressed….
    Give me owl butt napkins signs and grizzly bear wall stickers and the occasional tacky movie poster any day of the week over living inside a black and white photograph interior any day of the week!

  13. Having very little control over the design and decoration of my home has made me very interested in other people’s designs… I am grateful to live in a solid house with a yard that I can plant and grow things in. I require more whimsy than most. I have a giant stuffed sloth on the bed of my crafting room. Most of the art has not been hung up because the house is still being renovated 2 years in.

  14. Hole in the wall? I think an explanation is in order.

    (Very boring explanation. There was a toilet paper holder there but it was always loose and I got tired of tightening the screw so I just bought a standing one and removed the one screwed to the wall. ~ Jenny)

  15. love it! all your choices in decorations. it’s amazing that you can find this stuff, yet…OF COURSE you have it.

  16. ‘Maximalistic’ so should be a word!! Hell, my typing this comment in on my iPhone now, it started to suggest ‘maximal,’ so … why not!?

    Oh, I love the secretive bear!!

  17. “And you ate the whole… wheel of cheese? How’d you do that? I’m not even mad, that’s amazing.“
    ~Ron Burgandy to his dog Baxter
    …which is why our dog was named Baxter. Love the all of the art!

  18. I think a serpent spoke to Adam and Eve, right? So the Bible DOES have a talking animal! Which just makes banning Charlotte’s Web even more disgraceful. Actually, banning any book is disgraceful.

  19. LMFAO, as usual…you are priceless!! I gotta say, I would have at least gasped audibly at the bear. BTW, is there any hip, cool design style that includes dust? Because if not, I’m doomed no matter how many HGTV homes I “tour” to get ideas.

  20. Cats I decorate for my cats. It’s hilarious to come and find all the crap on my table pushed to the floor. Actually it actually I just leave it sometimes.

  21. My dear friend Maggie has agreed to help my nieces sort out the “eclectic” collection of stuff, some valuable, some worth not a red hot cent, that comprises my maximalist decor. So I get the thrill of hearing what will be said at my estate sale right now, without even having to be dead and haunting my own house.

  22. If the bear glowed in the dark or had an up-light that automatically turned on when the door was closed? That would be “chef’s kiss” perfection!

    As for the exterminator; if they send a different one every time; they are probably pranking the new guy telling them they “have” to get a look at this place. 🙂

  23. I definitely need more amusing artwork in my house. Goals for when the kids move out (any day now, really).

  24. I too am a maximalist. Although my kids call it border line hoarding lol…pretty sure they aren’t related to me haha

  25. the painting glows in the dark!!! love that! and the giant bear sticker. you are the kind of person i would want to have along with me while shopping to decorate my house. i don’t care about modern or minimalist or other design stuff. i want snark and personality!

  26. Where did you get the Anchorman gang fight painting?? That would make the best christmas present ever for my husband and he’s impossible to buy for! please please please let me know where to get itl…

    (I bought it off the wall at The Magic Time Machine years ago. I wish I knew who the artist was. ~ Jenny)

  27. I love your decorating style, & wish I could pull my collections into some sort of cohesive ‘look’

  28. I need my home to be a place that feeds my soul. It won’t ever be trendy or maybe even understandable to anyone who doesn’t know me. Which is awesome. The thrift stores will not be full of last season’s hot designs coming from my home. Rose gold in my life is the 120 year old wedding ring on my hand. Barn wood will stay on the barn. When things I love become trendy I gleefully grab what feeds my soul, and rejoice when it fills the thrift stores as the fashion trends leave it behind. I much prefer to gather with souls who embrace their own bliss and whose nests feel like the perfect settings for the jewels they are.

  29. Looking around my bedroom and not seeing a spare space on the wall for anything more….yep. Maximalism is definitely my decorating style.

  30. How does one find a life-size bear sticker/wallpaper? Because I definitely have the hidey-door spots for this in my house.

    (It was from a company called Walls Need Love, but I don’t know that they offer it anymore. ~ Jenny)

  31. I need the Anchorman artwork for a friend of mine – please share where you got it!

    (I don’t know the artist. I bought it off the wall at The Magic Time Machine in San Antonio about 7 years ago. ~ Jenny)

  32. Oh my god I also need to know where the Anchorman piece is from!! Couldn’t find it with a quick Google search, but I gotta get ready for an appt now. A deep dive for these things is in order later

  33. I hope Hailey won’t do an estate sale, but will instead consider creating a Lawson family museum. I think we would all gladly pay for admission. : )

  34. I laughed so hard at all of your whimsical home accessories-the glow in the dark Anchorman art is freaking killing me!! 😆🤣

    I mean this in the least creepy way possible, but would you ever consider filming a tour of the inside of your home? I admire that you love what you love -damn the torpedoes!

    Take that “Property Brothers”!

    Our condo doesn’t look wonderfully whimsical (working on it) but my wardrobe is a festival of vintage weirdness and quirkiness.

    My style is 40s and 50s vintage (vintage vibes not values) with horror movie 80s sexy mom thrown right in.

    This is the shirt I’m wearing today:


  35. I don’t follow influencers. They just make me feel like crap and worry about things I wasn’t aware I was supposed to care about. For me, following influencers is the online equivalent of walking into the lunchroom to be critiqued by mean girls. I’ll stay in the library and read a book thank you very much. In fact you are the only person I don’t know personally who I follow. And that’s because reading your posts are the equivalent of that really nice girl who tells you you can sit with her at the lunch table then compliments your hair and choice of book you’re trying to hide and tells you that she really enjoyed meeting you.

    Also your bathroom decor is what I now aspire to.

  36. *correction: “…only person who I DON’T know personally who I follow” (I hate making typos on posts that completely change the meaning of the post.)

  37. Okay I just reread my original comment and saw that I didn’t actually have a typo in the original but apparently just can’t read and my correction to my comment now makes no sense. Sigh…

  38. OMG the best – I CACKLED LOUDLY for a minute and said “OMG Jenny Lawson beat Oliver in bathroom terrorism. I showed him the bear. He snickered.

    Oliver owns a coffee place in Charlotte and the bathrooms used to have people painted in them. Every time I’d walk in and forget about the woman on the wall and either scream or startle depending on my mental mood.

  39. You need to host walk-throughs of your house just for the pure weirdness and entertainment! I would have so much fun being surprised by all that stuff, lol

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  41. I NEED that anchorman painting! Where on earth (or in the universe) did you get it?

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