It’s Friday. Step into my office. Again.

It’s Friday and that means that you need to come into my office so I can play you all the videos I saved for you this week. Yes, you. Come. Sit on my lap. Let’s do this.

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  1. I’m with Maria and Anthony’s parents. Also, who knew a fox with a phone could be so hilarious?

  2. The Fridays that you give us these posts are always my favorite Fridays! And Dixie and Finnegan the foxes are always the absolute best!!

  3. That goat and llama one made me thing of this….Has anyone seen the reel, where the guy found his lost dog and his dog came back with a goat and another dog and they all piled into the back of his truck? 😂

  4. The fox is trying to bury her competition for her human’s attention. So smart!
    I love the funny videos you curate for us, they make my week.

  5. That black cat. I have snortlaughed at that for about 15 minutes now. Boopity. Shnoopity.

  6. Nothing to do with post. Although they are spectacular . Are you doing James Garfield Miracle this year?

  7. This made me laugh and my stomach hurts. Yeay! ab workout ✔️ Jenny- you are a gift ❤️

  8. Hi. As much as we do enjoy your posts, especially friday posts like this, since I don’t do Instagram we can only see two IG videos. The rest won’t play because we don’t have an account. If there is any way to make the videos work for those of without IG, we would all sure appreciate it.

    Thank you.

  9. Anonymous #30: I know what you mean about not being able to watch Instagram videos sometimes. I don’t know the fix for this. For me (I don’t have any social media accounts), it seems really random…some days I can look at all of them or any FB page I want, and other days it won’t let me see anything. ????? Definitely frustrating!

  10. I was really hoping you would do the James Garfield Christmas this year. So many of us really need a gift under the tree this year and have no extra money, and so many want to give, what’s going on? Very sad.

    (I was going to do it today but right now wordpress is having massive issues so I can’t edit or create new posts. If they get it fixed we’ll have one. ~ Jenny)

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