This is not a real post but if you have something you want more eyes on you probably need to read it.

Once or twice a year I open up slots for anyone to advertise on my blog and today is that day! I don’t use ad networks or pop-ups any of that stuff because it’s confusing and annoying so instead I just offer flat-rate sidebar ads to anyone with something cool that needs attention. Text ads on my righthand sidebar are $100 a month, payable through paypal, and they are first come-first served and they fill up quickly so email me at if you want in and I’ll walk you through the details. Also, I realize ad networks are reading this and will email me to tell me that I am vastly under-pricing myself and need to stop this but please don’t because I prefer that my sidebar is full of real people and their dreams and not a bunch of casinos and vaping ads. Go check out my current sidebar to see the amazing people currently advertising who are fabulous and who make it easier for me to keep this place running.

Graphic sidebar ads (like the one for Ghost Games on the right) are $300- $700 depending on size and placement. (In case you’re wondering…Instagram or sponsored posts are available but start at $5k and I am very lazy so I only do them for products I personally love.)

And if you happen to have something special that you want more eyes on but can’t afford $100 a month just leave your link to whatever you’re proud of in the comments so we can all see it. A blog, a substack, your art, a charity, whatever you think needs attention.

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  1. I don’t have anything that needs any attention and simply want to say how lovely and generous you are, Jenny! Have a wonderful day.

  2. UX note here. I’m reading this on my phone and there is no sidebar. I see no ads.

    (On some mobile browsers the sidebars move to the bottom. ~ Jenny)

  3. So, I’m getting out of qa long term emotionally abusive relationship, and I am liquidating all my stuff to fund my escape and reclamation of my life. Putting stuff online everyday. Some of it is pretty weird. The link is
    I’d love it if you would follow me for the next month or two, and check back for updates. Getting ready to list some freaky trading cards. Criminals, jfk autopsy, freaks, etc.

  4. I am working on becoming a video game streamer and I need more eyes on my Twitch Channel to move to the next level: Twitch Affiliate, so I can monetize my stream and maybe someday work for myself doing things I love. I am doing this in addition to my book blog ( So if you like single player video games and you want to hang out and watch a 40-year-old high school math teacher be silly, come on by:

  5. I’m a Child Ambassador for World Vision. I’ve been sponsoring kids with them for close to 20 years and I have had the honor of seeing “my” children grow up into wonderful, beautiful people. Here’s the link to my sponsorship page, if you are able (and I know it’s not a financial possibility for a lot of folks right now) then please consider sponsoring a child and changing a life!

  6. I’m a death doula, end of life coach, and grief tender. I’m also a 50 year old fairly new empty nester launching a new business, new career, new second half of my life. Anything related to death, dying or grief is firmly in my wheelhouse. Would love to connect with lots of you and begin the pursuit of your unique good death.
    Flourish Collaborative

  7. I have a business that provides resources to late recognized neurodivergent people (self diagnosis is valid). I have an accommodations pdf for sale that walks you through how to access accommodations in higher education and what accommodations are available to you. And I offer 1 on 1 coaching if interested. I am late recognized autistic and multiply neurodivergent in addition to being disabled.

  8. This is so awesome! I have clicked on and found some really cool stuff via the sidebar here for years!
    I love yarn and crocheting and am super proud of my Etsy store. It took me a few years to work up to it, but I’m really glad I did because I like putting something out in the world that I’ve made and that people like:

  9. I’d like to promote my hubby’s books. His Mike Stoneman Thriller series has been very well reviewed (Lethal Voyage was the Kindle Book Award winner last year, and Fatal Infraction was a Kindle Book Award finalist this year!), and his new book, Dead Winner, was recently released.

    And Jenny – thank you for all you do. I can’t begin to tell you what an inspiration you are. Thank you for your generosity of spirit <3

  10. I self published 2 romance books last fall that I want to shamelessly call out in your comments section because publishing has made me poor! No Way Back and Uninvited by Jillian MacGregor are available on the ‘zon and my website

    Love and gumdrops,

  11. Thanks, Jenny! I would love more eyes on my Ebay store. Specializing in vintage with a sprinkling of other stuff. Currently heavy on encyclopedias and other old books, hubcaps, wooden furniture spindles, and “C” monogrammed glasses. New old stuff every day!

  12. I hope this is not too much, but since I don’t have anything to promote, I do have two things I’d like to add to the list that definitely deserve attention:

    1. My sister, Jamie Beck, founded the non-profit, Free to Thrive:
    Free to Thrive provides pro bono legal help for victims of human trafficking. Unfortunately, a common problem for human trafficking victims is that they are forced into criminal activity by their captors. When they are finally able to escape their traffickers, they have a difficult time obtaining a steady job and setting themselves up to have the life they deserve. Free to Thrive helps clear their criminal records and assists them in getting their lives on track. (Yes, my sister is amazing).

    2. My friend Rachel Flores runs her own business – Rachel Gets It Done – providing operations support at scale for small and large businesses alike. I’ve worked with her myself and she has been doing this kind of work for fifteen years. She’s absolutely fabulous at what she does, and her business absolutely deserves love:

  13. Hi Jenny and Everyone. My blog is I’ve been superbusy collecting new diseases and trying to survive this unrelenting fucking depression so I haven’t written lately but there’s lots from Back When I Was a Whole Entire Person and I would love it if anyone wanted to visit because right now is just really, really hard.

  14. For Strange Women perfumes seems right up your alley! Check them out here:

  15. Hey everyone, I founded Texas Dance Hall Preservation in 2007 to help keep this state’s iconic halls open, dancers two-stepping, and music playing. We have amazing things planned for 2023! Join us? MWUH<3!

  16. Love your blog Jenny! and books. Obviously! I think I have them all!
    Thanks for the opportunity to post in comments!
    I hand craft clothing for cats! Most of my clients are of the hairless variety, but not all. Shirts, hats, jammies. Coming soon: jackets and vests. My best seller is a Watermelon Cat shirt. Best shirt ever!! check out our shop , or look up Flint’s Fashions on IG or FB.

  17. I love that your ads are always for real people with interesting and nifty blogs, shops, etc. I love checking out the links when I’m bored at work.
    I have my own blog at It has pretty much zero traffic, which is great in that I feel I truly can post anything because no one is reading. But now that I’m approaching another blogaversary, it kind of feels more like I’m the nutter in the park talking to myself, except virtually. Anyway, stop by sometime if you’re in the neighborhood.

  18. Thank you, Jenny, for your generosity! I’d like to share my website where I write a weekly blog about the 3 B’s in my life: books, boys (my son), and bodies (living with an invisible disability). Take care everyone and Happy New Year!

  19. I make cross-stitched Pride flag pins to celebrate the beautiful diversity in humanity. I’m adding more soon, and am always open to suggestions!

    My 14-year-old daughter is pangender (uses all pronouns) and is currently in a poly relationship. I’ve done Free Mom Hugs at our local Pride celebrations since 2019. No one should feel unloved for veing who they are.

  20. Hi and thank you! I am just starting out on this wild ride and love helping single, midlife moms regain that energy that has seemed to vanish so they can make time for what matters in their life & have fun doing it! Check out my IG @wildlywellwithamy or visit my website & blog at
    Thanks again! Love this community!

  21. My husband and I have been gathering resources for five years to support others like us who are regular people that dream of traveling the world playing poker. We are on the verge of taking our site to the next level and maybe trying to monetize it? Anyway, I am very proud of all the work we have done and the work still to come. If you like poker, check us out:

  22. I’m a personal coach working with people to figure out what they want to do next and how they can do the hell out of it. Self confidence begins with the stories that we tell ourselves. More about me here!

    This comment section is amazing. I already have about 26 new tabs open.

  23. My stepmom is a prolific crochet-er. She donates more of her items than she sells, to domestic violence shelters and women’s shelters. Her materials are super high quality, and she takes so much care with the colors, stitching, beading — this is her hobby, and she pretty much charges just enough to cover her materials cost, but it really is a true love to her, and I think it shows!

  24. I’m just starting out with -yes, yet another cooking blog, but it’s mine and it’s messy and I only have one post. Mine will not be the perfect chick in the white, spotless kitchen- mine will be crazy me with my teensy kitchen. I’ve been paralyzed with fear since I got my first post up. I just wrote the second post today! I don’t need eyes, but more for the self-confidence, I would like to share.

    I don’t even know if the link will work, but the site is

  25. I love that you give us strangelings a place to share our stuff and who we are, and I love that your fans are sharing their stuff here. Thank you all, this is so cool!

  26. Thank you Jenny! ❤️
    I’d love to share the link to my debut book, LIVING THE SKY LIFE.
    **also available through

    It’s a memoir/humor/travel reference/guide kind of book offering extensive insights into the world of flight attendants.

    Here’s an example of typical me as a flight attendant:

    so my ears failed me yet again today…
    Passenger requests drink
    Me: sorry, we don’t carry 7-Up but we have Sprite
    Passenger: Sooooo, you don’t have wine? 🤔
    Me: 😶 and hands passenger a wine who is now referring to it as Sprite

    Barbara ✈️😀

  27. Awww, you’re just the best! Thank you for the opportunity to share!

    I make Queearrings (Queer + Earrings) and other quirky jewelry and art, including hand-sculpted vulvas of all shapes and sizes! (From pins and pendants to wall hung art!)

  28. I’m about to publish my first book (yes, you are also an influencer to non-practicing writers … I started practicing again).

    It’s a memoir on my first decade as a (Step)mom called “What to Expect When You Weren’t Expecting.”

    Details at

  29. I advertised my blog on Jenny’s page for about six months and it was an excellent tool, a few of her fabulous readers now read me too! Thank you, Jenny. You can read about my romance perils at: and on but keep in mind that dating after 40 is for the brave. – Marta O

  30. I advertised my blog on Jenny’s page for about six months and it was an excellent tool, a few of her fabulous readers now read me too! Thank you, Jenny. You can read about my romance perils at: and on but keep in mind that dating after 40 is for the brave. – Marta O

  31. Someday I’ll make more than I spend on my business and will come back to post a paid ad. For now, I would love to have eyeballs on my work. I make custom 3D wood art including business logos, nursery signs, home decor, and anything our weird little brains can come up with. Plus, my teen offspring makes beautiful jewelry that I need to post on my website.
    @hmakesahome on the socials

  32. I’m not sure if it’s allowed as it’s not a large charity or business but my young teen has to have surgery on her spine very soon and I’ve searched everywhere for ways to get help getting things sorted. I’m on the waiting list for the RMH nearest but until I get that call I’m still sharing this everywhere to try to get help for her. Every dime we’ve managed to save is going towards this and expenses related but we can’t ignore basic utilities which make it hard when you’re already struggling.
    If not allowed Jenny I apologize and just delete, thank you and I hope all these amazing groups and people get tons of recognition with this post!

  33. Wow, some of the sites listed above have really cool things. Love the idea of this promotion page and i will be checking all of them out.
    I don’t sell anything but am a founding member of a really cool program that is getting youth into sailing in the middle of the desert. You can check us out on facebook at Maricopa Youth Mariners This month is exciting as we just launched our first high school sailing team and they are in their first regatta in a few weeks.

  34. I want to say thank you and here is something I am super proud of and its a Free Download from the University of Minnesota. (you can also buy the book)
    Basically it is a book of children’s and young adult titles that are mentor texts for independent writing of things like maps, comics, memoir, poetry, and zines.
    Writing Boxes: The Reading/Writing Connection in Libraries is a guidebook and source of programming inspiration for all librarians working with early to young adult readers. Thematic, easy to implement, hour-long writing workshops that require only paper, markers, and excited young writers. Writing Boxes further explores the essential connection between reading and writing by pairing each workshop with mentor texts to model writing, providing librarians with exemplary books to spark writing responses across genres, formats, and curricula.

  35. Thanks for the shoutout to the sidebar. My petty rants have been living there for a few years, and it’s well worth supporting Jenny’s wine habit. I’d also like to shoutout Stephen Metcalfe’s blog. Now that’s something worth reading.

  36. Thanks Jenny! I can’t afford an ad, but would love more subscribers to my instagram art page, I’m a landscape painter! XO Jenni

  37. That’s so kind of you to allow folks to promote their work/pet projects in the comments! My friend and I are working on a startup to help working parents manage the chaos of summer camp. We think searching for and registering for a summer’s worth of activities shouldn’t take up so much brain space from January to June. Check us out at!

  38. I make unique handmade pottery (mostly of animals) and would love more followers on Facebook (Missy’s Clayworks) and Instagram @missys_clayworks. Thanks!

  39. So, deep in the pandemic, I assembled some of my writings into a little chapbook. It’s got some good stuff in it, I’m told. I’m just proud that I didn’t succumb to despair and loneliness, and made some things that I think give some beauty to the world:

  40. My husband Michael makes beautiful handmade guitars that you can see on his Instagram page: Message him for custom orders. He has one on Reverb right now ( but will be selling more online in the future.

    Thank you so much for allowing promotional comments, Jenny! I wish we could afford to buy an ad; hopefully at some point we will be able to.

  41. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to share my Etsy shop link. Somehow it makes me feel a little more connected to you! Thank you for this opportunity!
    I make no-headache hairbands and winter ear warmers I’m very proud of and wish could get more attention… they’re super comfy and perfect for people with thinning hair or wigs (like myself!).

  42. I write and record original songs. A few years ago I wrote an “Out of Spoons” song. You can find my songs by searching for “Sethifus” wherever you stream music (I think. I haven’t checked every single place you can stream music. But all of them I’ve checked).

  43. Thx Jenny!!! I just want to support my son Jordan’s tee shirt/coffee mug shop, which has some off the wall stuff, at and his Society6 digital abstract art you can find under his name Jordan Thomas Mallory. Thx so much! ❤️

  44. Jenny, I truly aspire to be as brave and open as you are. For several years I’ve been writing “my story,” and I look to you as a mentor. I have several writings I’m not sure yet what to do with. I would love any advice you have. I toy with the idea of starting a blog, but I am so nervous to out myself out there! How do you do it!? Lol. Love you and your work!

  45. Psychiatric pharmacist here who is a crafty nerd and makes medication-themed items:

  46. Psychiatric pharmacist here. I’ma crafty nerd who makes medication-themed items:

  47. I don’t sell anything but I do have a weird kind of project that’s all about making strangers feel valued. I send out needle felted gnomes to anyone who requests one, and then they leave it in their community with a kind note for a stranger to find. It makes my heart happy.

  48. I make felt taxidermy heads and try to sell them at craft shows. I plan to start selling them online through Shopify or Instagram but haven’t gotten there yet.

    If you would want check out my instagram it’s heads.up.feltidermy and if I get to 100 follows (currently mid 80s) I plan on doing a giveaway. Haven’t been posting a lot but I am taking a short break after my last craft show

  49. Am I comment 101? Cool 😁

    I am a newborn care specialist, postpartum doula, lactation educator, and pregnancy and infant loss advocate. It would be amazing to find my next family to support through your blog, Jenny! Now booking for April and beyond. Based out of the Seattle region, but will travel to and with families all over the world 💞

  50. Its not for me, rather its for my fiance. He is an artist. If you like his artwork and feel so inclined you can follow him on Instagram: @justin_elliot_poole. Hes not always the most confident in his skills (and while admittedly biased I think hes amazing) so if you follow and are able to leave a nice comment, it would be lovely. Thanks everyone!

  51. I’m a writer =D

    I write semi-historical/steampunk fiction that I upload online for people to read for free because
    1. I’m too lazy to go throught the publication process and
    2. I already have a fulltime job and don’t need any extra pressure or money on my hands.

    I might actually take you up on the sidebar offer but I gotta think it over first so for now you can find my work at ^^

    Ps: Yes all the art is by me as well

  52. Shout out and many thanks to the amazing and kind Jenny, and all of the lovely people who make this a fascinating little corner of the Internet!

    I am a longtime professional calligrapher specializing in creating beautiful lettering and decoration for weddings, events, and one-of-a-kind decorated documents.

    I also teach quite a few people to do these things themselves. In fact, I have seven different classes starting in the next two weeks, including my Beginning Calligraphy 1 class, which is designed for people who want to learn calligraphy and have little or no previous experience. The best place to find pictures of my work is on facebook:

    Most of my classes may be found listed on Eventbrite:

    I’d love to have you drop by, since I adore bringing more beauty into people’s lives!

  53. I have an Etsy shop where I sell my offbeat photography. Finding pretty (to me anyway) stuff gets me out of bed most days!

  54. Unfortunately an ad is not in my budget right now, but I’d love eyeballs if people are looking for new read. I write about thrifting/secondhand finds, home DIY, over 40 working mom style, and have a page where I link and post mini reviews to every book I read throughout the year. I can be found at and if you like it, please feel free to stop by and say hi (I’m the same on IG if that’s your preferred format). <3

  55. The page ate my comment (nom nom), so sorry if this is a repost.

    Unfortunately an ad is not in my budget right now, but I’d love eyeballs if people are looking for new read. I write about thrifting/secondhand finds, home DIY, over 40 working mom style, and have a page where I link and post mini reviews to every book I read throughout the year. I can be found at and if you like it, please feel free to stop by and say hi (I’m the same on IG if that’s your preferred format). <3

  56. I’m several voices on several podcasts written and produced by my amazing friend Dan Wentzel. There’s sci-fi, super heroes, old west, noir, and everything in between on this page. We’re doing this for the love of the stories and the art of radio drama, but having more people listen would be awesome! I’m posting a link, but you can look it up on most platforms – Seat of Our Pants Players

    Thanks for letting me share Jenny!

  57. Also not in my budget, but I am looking for ears! Our podcast is just two long-time friends being ridiculous.It’s called But Enough About Us and is on iTunes, Spotify, The Googlay and Podbean. Thanks, Jenny! 😘 Any feedback is appreciated!

  58. I’m having so much fun reading others’ comments and checking out their stuff!

    I’ve been building a weekly-ish blog over the past few months. I mostly write about books and sustainability/living a lower-waste life. Also miscellaneous things, like: maybe you’re curious why all the youths these days like watching other people play video games online? I’ve got you covered. Would love it if anyone wanted to check it out!

  59. Hope Fight Repeat This is my baby sisters first book. It was such a labor of love for her. It’s a quick read and it’s very inexpensive. It would be so nice for her if a few people outside of our family picked it up. I promise that you’ll love it. Thank you for this platform, Jenny

  60. I don’t have a website, because reasons? But I own a scientific consulting company called NextJenn. I do next generation sequencing analysis (see what I did there?), manuscript editing and if you’re willing to pay enough for me to justify buying my own copy of Illustrator, figure generation.

  61. I write epic and urban fantasy novels while I moonlight as a high school English teacher…or is it the other way around?? Anyway, my website is below. Thanks for giving me a place to post it! All the fun stuff (social media, book links, newsletter sign up, linktree, etc.) is listed on there.

  62. I’m not ready for a monthly ad quite yet, but I have a shop for all the handmade items I’ve made over the last few years. Lots of handknit items, a good amount of sewn and handdyed items too!

  63. Like many others, I can’t afford an ad but would like to plug the blog I have started – to celebrate my 60th birthday this month I will be making 60 pies over the course of the year! Part baking blog, part stream of consciousness, part rant…it’s all here at Hope some Jenny fans (and maybe Jenny herself) appreciate it!

  64. Hi, I’ve been reading you for a couple of months, I love your space. I write and have a blog I hope soon to be able to pay for an ad on your blog. Thanks for giving space here.
    Greetings and eternal blessings.

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