Honestly though, I *could* start a cult.

Frankly, I’m a little shocked that twitter hasn’t crashed yet, but while it’s still vaguely working, here is my current collection of questionable things that have trended on my Twitter “for you” page that make me think twitter either really knows me or really, really doesn’t.

Happy Friday and please keep your cocaine in animal-safe containers.

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  1. “They threw beans on him”……………………..
    Thank you, for this.

  2. That’s right, you shouldn’t cook your chicken in Nyquil. Only turkey should be cooked in Nyquil. It’s a Thanksgiving tradition. Obvi.

  3. You’re twitter experience is way different than mine and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

  4. I have so many questions about Dick Mountain. Especially if it’s considered a co-tourist attraction with Zombie Island. Like, could you survive the zombies, then be voted off the island and sent to live with the dicks? Does the mountain just look like one? Or is this a new porn star?

  5. If you want to try your hand at a cult, check out the game Cult of the Lamb. You can choose if you want to be a nice or bad cult leader haha

  6. I’m good with being a cult, but the outfits have to be comfy and cute. No hoodie track suits or scratchy monk robes, thank you.

  7. Will the cult be a pay-by-the-month, participate as much or as little as you want type thing or will we really need to commit? : )

  8. Good reminder as to why I never go on twitter. Not that this didn’t make me laugh, just that there’s a lot of stupid out there.

  9. Wow, this just confirms that I should stay off social media, ‘cause it’s filled with nonsense, bad behavior, data mining, trolls, dangerous and cute and weird stuff to suck you down rabbit holes of the internet.
    If the social media platforms just put in some fact checking and safety guards in their systems to prevent dangerous, illegal and mean stuff and to stop selling our data to profiteers then I would partake in it.
    But I do love the cute and funny and weird stuff, and connectivity and that’s how they suck most users into their networks of Alice In Wonderland world, including the Queen Of Hearts “shouting off with their heads.”
    I’d rather read a book or a blog.

  10. How do I join your cult, does it have a name yet, and is there a symbol, a.k.a. Furiously Happy Raccoonn necklaces?

  11. As to the cult, I’d say it isn’t “could” but “should!!!”

  12. Stephanie,

    Are you sure that Jenny doesn’t own that shop?

    I’m also down for the cult, but no tattoos, OK? Temporary ones would be all right. And I totally agree with Elle about the outfits. Also, pockets.

  13. This is truly bizarre!!! Have you tried the (relatively) new Post.news? It may not be as crazy as Twitter, but at least it isn’t run by a man who has tantrums all the time.

  14. Also down for the cult, pockets, and bean throwing. Lots of bean throwing.

  15. I only know about the “Does Bruno Mars is Gay” article cause of the Game Grumps, who read it aloud in an episode. Nice to see it’s somehow still relevant.

  16. I am with team cult too, though in the best possible way, because brainwashing has a whole different meaning here.

  17. I’m a bit afraid to look up Dick Mountain. I don’t want to know but I do kinda want to know. Caught between curiosity and only one life because I’m not a cat.

  18. I had a chance; all be in small of being normal before Twitter came into existence.

  19. I would like to know more about the gay firefighters and the bean throwing. I know all about the scissoring already…

  20. I abdicated from Twitter. It wasn’t even worth it just for trolling for oddities.
    I enjoy your curation efforts, they make the day better when I see them.

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