Tell me it’s going to be okay.

In about an hour I am going to be high off my tits getting a ketamine booster for my depression treatment and I’m having one of those days where I’m certain everything is going off the rails and that everyone hates me and I know this is all just my brain lying to me but still…tell me it’s going to be okay?

And then I’ll tell you right back.

And maybe by tomorrow I’ll believe it.

Love you forever.

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  1. Everything is going to be okay. I promise. We’ll all be here to help slay the brain weasels..those slippery little bastards.

  2. You will do great and it’s just Mercury Retrograde messing with you. ❤️

  3. We love you and everything is going to be okay ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. It will absolutely be okay, ignore the little gremlins in your mind trying to cause mischief. We got you!

  5. I love you, and I never even met you. It won’t stay this dark forever. But if you want to hold hands in the virtual dark, then we’ll sit here and wait for the light, together. (With hundreds, maybe thousands of us in the same boat).

  6. Its going to be okay, Jenny. Depression is a beast and it LIES; don’t believe it!!

  7. It is going to be ok! You are going to be ok! You are loved and have inspired so many people (myself included) 💜

  8. You are made up of awesome and amazingness! This too shall pass and more people love you & what you’ve done for them than you can possibly know.

  9. We all LOVE you Jenny!! Think happy thoughts and remember we are always here for you!!

  10. You have done this before and it has gone well. You will be okay. I am amazed at your strength and ability to keep on going. Hang in there!!

  11. You are so beyond loved. You’re ok. We’re ok. It’s all sunshine and puppies or something.

  12. It’s *absolutely* going to be okay – nothing (good or bad!)
    ever stays the same for long – AND there is a major full moon happening today that may well be messing with you!!! The Full Moon affects me every time! Hugs to you!

  13. As they say in Australia, “She be right.” Enjoy yer trip.

  14. Dude, Jenny! You and I are so alike!! You have many devotees and we all love you!! It’s true! Remember: depression lies!!

  15. So fuck that brain lie. We are holding your virtual hand. And I am reaching out to other friends who het the brain lie to check in.

  16. Breathe….it will all be ok in the end. And if it is not ok, that’s because it is not the end. Sending love. ❤️

  17. It’ll be ok…then even better for a bit…you are so loved and admired. At your weakest, you give us strength 💗💗💗

  18. It’s definitely gonna be okay, and we’re definitely going to be here later today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, etc.

  19. I am having the same kind of week – minus the ketamine unfortunately, But I can tell you YOU will be ok -I wish I believed it about myself.

  20. It is going to be okay. This is all I long to hear on my low days. And offering it to another helps as well. It really will be okay.

  21. You are loved. You are worthy. You are important. It will be okay. ❤️

  22. Everything’s totally going to be ok. Yes, your brain can be a liar and mean sometimes. It can be a total asshole. But you have total strangers out here who have your back. You’re not alone.

  23. So funny, I clicked on this while coming down from my weekly ketamine treatment. We’re going to be okay. 💕 and high 🧞‍♂️ bit by bit we can make it through this.

  24. So much okayness here- I absolutely 💯 love it! Depression lies Jenny, you taught me that. It will be ok. Enjoy being high off your tits.<3 We'll be here waiting with hugs!

  25. It’s going to be okay! We love you and support you, and anyone who is rooting against you is a dickbiscuit. I hope your treatment helps!

  26. Dogs and cats exist and they let us pet them and play with them and they love us even when we suck. That’s usually what reminds me that it’s going to be okay in the end. 🙂

  27. Depression is a big, dirty liar. You are loved and it will be ok.

  28. Everything is going to be ok. You are loved, and you are not alone 💕

  29. It’s definitely going to be okay. In fact, it already is okay.

  30. You’ve done this before, and it’s scary and weird and then it’s all over & you’ve done it again. Lots of gentle hugs – go beat that dragon!

  31. It’s going to be okay.
    You’re going to be ok.
    Because you are loved.
    So much.
    Because you are wonderful.
    So much.
    I believe in you.
    I love you.

  32. this to shall pass it may pass like a kidney stone but it will pass hugs and kiss

  33. It is okay. It will be okay. You are better than okay. It’s my birthday. You bring me joy.❤

  34. Remember what you taught me – depression is a big fat liar and the world is a better place because you are in it. Just take one step at a time and you’ll get through this sport. Search the web and find something that makes you snort, like I did when I read about Beyoncé the amazing chicken.

  35. brains are the biggest, loudest fucking liars. everything will be okay and no one who matters hates you.

  36. this to shall pass it may pass like a kidney stone but it will pass hugs and kiss

  37. Your brain is being a dick. The Ketamine is going to help. You are so loved. ❤

  38. It will be okay. We will hope for even better than that, but it will absolutely be okay.

  39. It will positively, absolutely 💯 percent be okay. Love you, Jenny ❤️❤️❤️.

  40. You are who I think of when my brain is lying to me and telling me all those things!! It’s going to be okay! Thank you for all you do! So much love sent your way!

  41. It’s gonna be OK. Weird, but OK. Glad you’re taking care of yourself. Love you.

  42. It will be ok. You are ok. Wanna know what ISN’T ok??? It is not ok that depression is a LIAR. FU depression!

  43. Brains are dumb sometimes. This is one of those times.

  44. It is all going to be okay. You’re going to be okay. I know this with 100% certainty.

  45. To quote you – depression is a lying motherfucker! It will all be ok.

  46. You’re okay. We’re all okay. It’s GOING TO BE OKAY. We love you!

  47. When I went to comment, there were 69 comments. That’s pretty funny.

    But in all honesty, I need this too. My 15 year old daughter had a scary night with some pills this week and I’ve been very strong but I’m so worried I’m going to lose it. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop, you know?

    It’s going to be fine. We are all going to be fine. Because there is beauty in help and we find grace in our struggles.

  48. It will be !,000,000,000% ok.
    Every single one of us is in your pocket, giving you an aural armor of love and strength.
    Believe. <3

  49. It’s all fixable! My husband and I are in Paris again (OMG!) we’re having perfect weather and great food and he got all upset that a scarf he saw online for 30 euros was 75 euros at the shop, and it really pissed him off. I explored and found a nicer scarf for him for 7 euros at a consignment shop. It all works out…hang in there. Love you…don’t panic as things get better. ❤️

  50. It’s TOTALLY going to be okay and for you it will be EXTRA okay because you get to go get legally high BY PRESCRIPTION. Score! Come back and let us know how it went, maybe with some video if that sounds fun:)

  51. You will come through this. Do not believe the depression- you are going to be ok!

  52. DEPRESSION LIES! You are so loved by so many of us, and we will continue to walk this hard road with you. Left foot, right foot, left foot, breathe…repeat.

  53. All these people cheering you on? They’re gonna be thinking about you, and they’re gonna be here when you get back. It’ll be okay.

  54. You’ve been through this before and come out on the other side so you KNOW you’ll be okay. It’s a scary kind of wonderful that this helps you.

  55. Your lying brain needs to STFU. It’s definitely going to be okay.

  56. It will be okay, Jenny. You’ve inspired so many communities where we can hold strong for each other even if we always can’t for ourselves and where remind each other that depression does indeed lie, replete with little bastard brain weasels. We’ll do that for you as well, and gladly.

  57. It’s going to be okay. You’ve survived up to this point- all you have to do is keep going.

  58. It will be different. Maybe your version of okay, maybe someone else’s version of okay. Know that it will be different.

  59. Ketamine made me horny. Now you know it’ll be OK. I love you. You saved me.

  60. Weird I’m having the exact same day — minus the ketamine, unfortunately. I *am* planning to ask to up my meds tho literally not even sure how since I don’t really have a dr anymore… Anyway, I seriously doubt it’ll be ok for me but I’m pretty sure it’ll be ok for you! Enjoy the high! XOXO

  61. You’re okay. I’m okay. We’re all going to be okay. We all have each other!

  62. You’re smart, your funny, and gosh darnit people like you!
    It’s all going to be ok. ❤️

  63. I feel ya sista! You’re here for us & we’re here for you. Sometimes I just pop any one of your audio books in my ear when I’m depressed, and it perks me back up. I’m grateful for your courage to tell the world your story, as it helps me, for sure! Hang in there girl. We’re all in it together! ❤️

  64. I’m sure it will be ok. I have never heard the expression “high off my tits” Is that a Texas thing?

  65. A wise woman told me once that Depression is a lying fucker. She was right.

    I have feelings of anxiety, despair and fear almost daily. I tell myself,”How many days, for how many years have you felt this fear?” The answer is, “For decades”. Then I tell myself “How many times has anything I’ve worried over actually happened?” The answer is “Never.” All that suffering has to be good for something. Experience says everything is OK.

  66. Heya Jenny. It’s all going to be ok. You are supported, adored, loved, and held by cool as shit folks (like me!) all over this dang planet. Go zone out in your mental happy memory place. Have radical as shit faith. Say “fuck you dork shit” to any thoughts that don’t totally support relaxed, well, loved Jenny. We’re saying “fuck you dork shit” to those thoughts too and are banishing them with our powerful twinkly undeniable light sabers. Sending love, Anh (MyHappierMind)

  67. Love you, it will be okay. Depression lies. Seriously, the world is a much better place with your unique perspective and I’m glad you are here.

  68. Ah, sis. Every day I wish I had a magic wand that could heal people. But for now we have to slog through today’s treatments. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, towards the future and better medicine.

  69. It’s going to be better than ok. I’m not sure why our brains lie so much to us. Do they have minds of their own? I think they’re still trying to save us from danger like the pain of thinking we’re ok and then finding out we’re really just a packet of jelly with legs. It’s considerate in a sick kind of way. But you, you are loved by all of us. At least I love you because you are so you and I think you’re amazing.

  70. Someone great once said (you, btw) that depression lies. Convincingly well, too. But just pretend you’re good at it (write it in a pretty colored sharpie on your wrist so you don’t forget) and you will be.

    And once the treatment is over (or hell, if you get there early enough) there will be a bathroom you can hang out in for a minute to recoup, then you get to go home to Dorothy Barker, and Ferris mewler, and Hailey and Victor. And you can drink some soup, watch your favorite show and take a nap. Because you won this battle ❤️

  71. You have made it through 100 percent of your bad days to now. It’s going to be okay. You are amazing.

  72. It is going to be okay. I know it doesn’t feel like it right now, but it will be okay. We have your back.

  73. You are strong and you are loved. And all shall be well. Tell your brain I said she needs to stop being such a dick to you.

  74. It is going to be good, we all love you and are rooting for you. Don’t listen to that rat bastard brain.

  75. Don’t listen to that brain, it’s an a**hole. We love you and it is going to be all good!

  76. It is all going to be okay. You are going to be okay. We are all going to be okay. Tomorrow the sun will rise and the day will begin anew, and it will be okay.

  77. Jenny, it’s going to be okay. ♡
    I finally showered today! It took me all week, and I was late to therapy. But I’m clean! And my therapist didn’t mind 🙂

  78. Absolutely, it’s going to be OK! You’re far too AWESOME to be anything but…well, AWESOME! Carry on!!

  79. It will be okay. All will pass. I would say enjoy the ride, however not everyone responds to ketemine that way. So enjoy you, being you. You will okay, sweetie.

  80. “Everything will be all right in the end. If it’s not all right, it is not yet the end”
    –Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

    Today you’re hearing the lies, Jenny. Tomorrow you’ll know the truth. And we will be hear to love and support you through it all.

  81. You got this! Depressed and anxious brains lie. It doesn’t feel like a lie but it is. You are wonderful.

  82. Oh Jenny, you are so much more than OK, just as you are. Things WILL get better, I promise. I’m sending love and Jedi hugs to you!

  83. You, and “it”, are all ok, and will continue being ok ’til the end of time. Nothing else makes any sense, so it must be true. Logic FTW. 😉 <3 Sending you love and peace and high tits!

  84. Absolutely for 100% certainty it will be okay! Victor, Hailey, and all of us love you!!

  85. You’re going to be okay. Everything is lying to you. But you’ve got this. You’re doing everything you can to make it better. it will be okay, I promise. I love you too.

  86. It will be okay. The darkness will lift a little, the lies will fade, and the fun, weird things that make you happy will start to do so again. You’ve got this. I haven’t had ketamine but have been through TMS recently. It wasn’t a miracle cure but I’m fine, maybe even mostly good. Definitely mastered okay and I know that you’ll surpass me.

  87. You got this. Everything will be okay. I love you.

    also high off your tits? why don’t your tits deserve to get high with you?

  88. I hope by the time you read this you won’t need me to tell you everything is going to be ok, but everything is going to be ok. Now tell me, too, because wow do I need the reminder.

  89. You’ve been here before and made it through to the other side. It will be ok.

    I made you some origami stars that I thought would make you smile but I guess you never got them. They were made with photo copies of your “Broken” cover and mailed to the bookstore. Sorry they got lost. They were cute. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  90. Adding to the chorus of OK-ness. You’ll come through great.

  91. It’s going to be ok.
    Thank you for sharing your story. You have inspired me to tell my story. You told us that depression lies. Man I needed to hear that. And now I tell everyone.
    So hang in there. And whatever bat shit crazy comes tomorrow, we can face it.

  92. It is, it is, it is. It always is. After your little trip and hopefully a good long nap, it’s going to look better. Especially after your morning coffee tomorrow. Coffee makes everything better.

  93. It will be ok and everyone can’t possibly hate you because I love you and it looks from these comments that I am definitely not alone.

  94. It is truly going to be okay! Thank you for sharing and for just being you…you are a light in the darkness!!

  95. I just got my Depression Lies pin (and my Be Nice, Or I’ll Stab You pin) from your Zazzle shop today! If that’s not a sign that it’s all going to be OK, I don’t know what is…Giant Hugs to you ❤️

  96. It will be very okay, so many are rooting for you Jenny. Lots of love being sent you.

  97. Jenny, it’s going to be okay. I know it is. And yes, I desperately need to have it said back to me. Hugs.

  98. It worked before and it will work again. You’ll see. You are surrounded by loving, caring people and you can trust they will help you through the dark. Those days always end if you can just wait it out. You know this; you have proof. Trust and relax. We’ll see you on the other side.

  99. Yes, my darling woman, it will be. You will see the sun again ❤️

  100. We’re all pulling for our heroine (that be you) to get through this. All the love in the world, Jenny!

  101. It’ll all be absolutely, perfectly OK. Completely fine. Really.

  102. Your depression monster is just scared you are going to chase it away with a nice ketamine trip.
    Tell it everything will be okay, and give it a nice hug that will squeeze it into a little ball so it can’t take over.
    It’s absolutely going to be okay, because you are a wonderful human being who helps so many people with your funny and quirky tales of your daily battle with the anxiety and depression monsters.
    We all have got your back in this fight! Love and hugs and peace to you.

  103. It will be okay in the end and if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

  104. Everything will be all right in the end. If it’s not all right, it’s not the end. ❤️

  105. It is SO going to be okay! I feel you, though; for the third month in a row, I am having problems with the company that is supposed to pay my rent. Three months now they have declined, after assuring me with everything short of an affidavit-with-pinky-swear that EVERYTHING will work perfectly this time. I’m not sure why they are so slow to realize that the elderly are the LAST group they ought to be pissing off, because we hold grudges and we have nothing much to do except plot revenge and write long, aggrieved posts on their website. But your treatments have been doing wonderful things for you, and that’s what will happen this time as well. You and your delightful family (including the menagerie of animals, both living and taxidermied) are going to be BETTER than okay. You’re my hero and I love you right back!

  106. It’s going to be ok. *Fur real. Sending love and peace to you.
    *spelling is intentional

  107. We’re here for you! Sending you a virtual tennis racket to swat those lying thoughts with.

  108. It’s going to be okay…pinkie promise (cause you DON’T break a pinkie promise).

  109. Don’t worry bout a thing, cause every little thing gonna be alright! (Three Little Birds–Bob Marley) Thought I’d send a line from one of my favorite songs, it always works for me. ❤

  110. So far your track record of surviving this is 100% and I see no reason for that to change – it is absolutely going to be ok!

  111. It not only WILL be okay, It IS okay. Chemistry is amazing but, yes, sometimes those chemical gnarlies are just so rude!! (Mine always tell me it’s okay to eat chocolate.) Really, I give them a perfectly good brain to keep them busy and that’s how they repay me? Sabotage? Enough ranting. We love you, girl. You got this. Go get your Special K!

  112. Time after time you have slain the dragons that vex you. You are so phenomenally strong and so very loved, remember that and let it carry you through. You’ve got this, we are all with you in spirit.

  113. Brains are motherfuckers YOU ARE ALREADY AWESOME! It’s just your brain lying to you that makes you doubt this.

  114. Ketamine therapy is the best. In less than two weeks microdosing (Joyous) my depression,anxiety, and concentration are so improved! I want to try the more serious version, but for now, microdosing is the np better option for me. I hope it helps you a ton!

  115. Ignore the brain weasels! They are tricksy!

    All will be well!

  116. You are awesome. I don’t have to know you in person to know that. You have no freaking idea how much wonderful weirdness you bring to the world.

  117. I’m grateful you’re smart enough to know this is only a small battle in the war and you’ve got this! Thanks for reminding us too and normalizing mental health.

  118. Buy some beautiful flowers, stare into them and pet one of your cats (because they can purr). Give yourself a day without second guessing yourself. Know that in all the known universe there is only one you, and you cannot be replaced. You have helped me in ways only you could have. You are necessary and good.

  119. It will be ok. I need the same reassurance as my last class of my grad degree happened to have the worst team project in the history of the WORLD. I need a B to graduate tomorrow and the teachers are lagging on grading. I would love to hear that I will be ok.

  120. It’s going to be okay. Today is a day I absolutely need to hear that too, for diff reasons.

  121. Screw those brain lies! You are absolutely going to be okay. You’ve got this! And you’ve got so much love coming your way

  122. Everyone loves you, the ketamine will ease the horrible depression, your family will support you, we will be here for you, there will be marvelous books to read, and it’s Spring, which might mean hope and renewal or might just mean it’s time to buy Kleenex in multi-packs. And we will all tell you this as many times as you need to hear it because we know about those insidious whispers our brains keep producing.

  123. It’s going to be OK, and even if you don’t believe it now, we are here with you everyday. We love you!

  124. It’s all ok. The treatment will help. You are surrounded with an orb of Divine light that will protect you. Sending love and hugs! 💜

  125. Okay? heck yes.
    Minds suck sometimes….also yes.
    50 people will tell me the same positive affirmation but dang if my mind will push those aside but it won’t push aside a negative comment from someone.

  126. It’s definitely going to be okay! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  127. Your brain is LYING! Also, you brain is pretty amazing – so this is tricky. Please know that nobody is mad, except for MAYBE Victor, but that happens a lot. Lol! ☺️ Feel better soon!

  128. It is going to be okay. You are going to be okay. You are surrounded by so much love from so many! ❤️

  129. Depression is a lying motherfucker. It’s going to be okay, no matter what your brain says right now. You have a whole world that loves you.

  130. It really, super duper with a cherry on top, IS going to be ok! You are loved so much by so many, myself included.

  131. Depression lies. That quote from you had helped me multiple times in the past. Let it help you now.

    (I had a previous response that used some profanity that disappeared, so maybe I cannot swear here, but depression is a lying mofo.)

    You’ve got a whole world of people who love you. We gotcha.

  132. You will be okay, and so will I. We love you a whole lot, and we are happy you are part of our world.

  133. It might not be tomorrow or the next day.. but we know depression is a liar. You’ve got this <3

  134. Brains are complete dicks. We’ve got you, tiger. It’s going to be okay.

  135. Sweet Jenny –
    Love you.
    Start small, think big.
    Remember always that you’re not in this alone.
    And, of course, stay low & stay hydrated. (Fire service safety tip.)
    Hugs, MP.

  136. It’s going to be okay. You are one of the toughest, bravest people I know (well, on social media, not fae to face, but I KNOW you.) It will be okay, and we are here for you, waving banners and yelling for a touchdown, and drinking toasts, and wafting you along on the sheer strength of our caring. No one, least of all me, know why our magnificent brains are so prone to out and out lie to us sometimes, but I remember when I didn’t know mine couod lie, and I thought all the stuff was true. You are so far beyond that (so am I, usually) that though it still lies, you are able to recognize its wicked tricks. Here you are, asking for us to help you because you KNOW it’s lying and YOU KNOW we are here to help slam the door on all those lies. <3

  137. You are loved and you are more than just okay. You are fabulous

  138. Everyone hates you?? FALSE!! I get so much pleasure from your books and blogs and Gift Shop. I thoroughly enjoy your work. Brains just suck sometimes. They can be real pieces of sh*t… Ignore that little Mother Ducker! But still, your brain produced all that good stuff I really appreciate, too. So I am sure it’s just on the fritz. Like an erratic toaster. I’m sorry to hear it. Hope you feel better soon. (Also, I sort of wish I was high off MY tits!!! So jealous…)

  139. Your brain is lying to you. Big liar lying. You are loved. You are appreciated. You are wonderful. You are brilliant. You are all the things and more. Tell that voice it can STFU. We’ll all be here tomorrow and the tomorrows after that to tell you and all of us that struggle the same thing – you are loved, and you are not alone.

  140. It is definitely going to be ok. Sending you big hugs and love.

  141. Oh Jenny you are so loved. Everything is gonna be ok girlfriend.

  142. I just told my 90 year old mother who had been repeatedly bank account hacked that it is time to get a money manager and finally agreed. And agreed it couldn’t be a looney thing from her church.

    Jenny, you are brave. I love you. You will get through this. Because I want to come to the book store and have a glass of wine with you. It’s my dream.

  143. Here’s my favorite joke, funny and mildly threatening. What’s red and bad for your teeth? A brick. Hang in there Jenny

  144. It’s going to be okay. I love you. We are here for each other in this weird, beautiful community of broken and fixed people. You are not alone.

  145. Don’t let the brain weasels win; they love to lie. Everything will be fine again tomorrow!

  146. At its’ worst, my depression was like having my head in a bucket of water and believing I could not take my head out again. I believe you will be okay.

  147. I believe it will be ok for sure. And I hope it’s soon tomorrow so you will believe it too. ❤️

  148. I just came out of a several year long depression. I know now it will be okay.

  149. I’m reading this as I’m sitting in my doctor’s office waiting for a B-12 shot having just told her basically the same thing.

    Depression sucks. Our brains can be evil demons hell bent on destroying us. But it is going to be okay.

    I believe that for you. And for me.

  150. It sucks right now, but it always does this, then we get to be happy again. Maybe not right away, or even soon, but your kid, or friend or someone does something that makes us do that laugh that one laugh that you can feel so hard that you’re glad you didn’t have liquid in your mouth at the time, and it feels good. You feel good again. This shit is temporary, and it’s dumb, and it hurts so much when it’s got a hold, but life is worth those times when you laugh so hard you feel like you’re drowning in a good way. And your nose burns, and your eyes water, and you truly, deeply feel that laugh. It’s worth that freaking laugh.

  151. You GOT THIS, Jenny – don’t listen to that silly brain of yours!

  152. Brain lies. You are the best. You will get through this and you will be ok. We love you and are cheering for you! Team Lawson!

  153. You will absolutely be ok 💕💕 You will get through this and you have done so many times before. You are remarkable, brave, and wonderful and you deserve to feel better and you will. You deserve good things!

    My depression is being a soul sucking goblin lately too. Know that you aren’t alone and I’ll remind you of what you have told us all many times… depression is a lying asshat of awfulness that is not to be believed! Your session will go great today!

  154. Lots of love and positive thoughts being sent your way. I know where you are coming from, and how hard the fight is. Never give up, never give in. Always fight.

  155. I love you crazy wonderful Goddess of Greatness! I’m suffering like hell here…and so much admire your bravery, your candor and your continued fight for all of us!

  156. I promise it will be okay, maybe even better than just okay. Reach for it!

  157. It’s going to be ok. YOU are going to be ok. And you are so loved by so many. We’re so glad you’re here.

  158. Awww *hugs* It’s going to be okay 🙂

    At the core of you is an amazing person that was there before you were born, and will continue to be there after you die (and go on to be reborn as a sloth or a dolphin or another hopeful human being) You got this. You always have, even if you forget sometimes.

    Love your writing, thanks for being brave enough to be you! 😀

  159. In the grand scheme of things everything is going to be fine. It’s going to be weird for a while, but it will be ok.

    I work for a company with 23 employees, except 6 turned in their 2 week notice this week. So… I guess I run the place now?

  160. Your brain is a lying liar today and you’re going to be okay. Much love to you.

  161. Depression lies! You taught me that. It will be okay, and you have made it through all the other rough days. Tell it to F off

  162. It will be better than okay. Sending all the love. ❤️❤️❤️

  163. Depression is a liar! You are going to be okay, and so am I. You are magnificent. You created this space that allows us to ask for and receive the support we need on the days that are hard.

  164. I’m sure you’re home safe by now. Resting. Maybe sleeping. With a husband and child and dog and cats and taxidermied friends who all love you. Be safe. Be well.

  165. You are so loved and it will be ok. In fact, it is ok and soon you will be able to see that it’s ok again. ❤️

  166. I’m having that kind of day too. It will be okay. It just has to be okay because I don’t even want to think about it not being okay. (Hugs)

  167. So as this lovely woman, Jenny, told me years ago, depression lies. She was right. Depression is a lying bitch. It will be ok. It will get better. Hold on. Sending love and hugs to all who need it.

  168. I recall reading a saying by a wise author stating: Through calm waters and stormy seas, you will find your way. I say this to myself all the time and it really helps calm me down. Thanks for all you do, you help so many people all the time. Now it’s our time to pay it back to you. I love you too.

  169. Yeah, everything will be okay! I know this because I got through today and you will, too. Sending love ❤️

  170. Of course it’s going to be alright because tomorrow is Saturday!

  171. Things are going to be MORE than ok.. and you’re the reason for that.. your own strength to face the darkness and to inspire others who can be deceived by depression! You’ve got this!

  172. It will be ok. Keep hoping and fighting and doing all the things. It’s worth it.

  173. You got this. I’m holding the hope for you when you come back. You inspire me.

  174. “It” may or may not be ok at any given moment. YOU, on the other hand, you, are already ok and will remain ok, and eventually when your brain gets tired of fucking with you, that veil will drop and reveal what we can all already see: you are magnificent. Sorely tested, emotionally bruised, but radiant in all your human glory.

  175. This is absolutely unequivocally hell month for me, (both my dead parents birthday’s, plus another close family friend’s birthday that just died, Mother’s Day, the anniversary of my mom’s death, and I have to put a cat down this weekend), but it will definitely, assuredly, (eventually) be o-fucking-kay. Because it has to be.

  176. It’s going to be okay. You’re going to be okay. Love and hugs.

  177. Things might get weird for a bit but they always get better eventually. Hang in there until everything is ok, you got this!

  178. Even if it’s not okay, it’ll be okay because a new day also brings new possibilities. So happy to hear you are doing the things to take care of yourself!

  179. It’ll be ok. Or maybe not, but we’ll get through it and then it will. Regardless, we’re all pulling for you – because you’re awesome & loved.

  180. Big hug. It will be ok. Another big hug. It will be ok. More hugs. It will be ok. We will remind you it will be ok for as long as you need. 🤗

  181. It’s going to be okay Jenny. And I definitely don’t hate you, I adore you <3

  182. Love YOU forever, lady. Thanks for all you do, and don’t forget, your brain may lie to you but your blog and strangers-on-the-internet friends never will. ❤️❤️❤️

  183. It WILL be ok…you’re going to be fine! I love you!

  184. It’s going to be ok. You’re going to be ok, were all going to be ok.

  185. It is absolutely going to be ok. Sending you hugs and love ❤️

  186. Tonight is a full moon. Everything is fucked, but we will still be okay. Probably.

  187. It will be ok, Brain Weasels lie like cats who claim they haven’t been fed, and we don’t hate you. We love you for being the awesome weirdo that you are. In fact, we voted, and you’re now the Queen of Weirdos and we just follow your orders, like loyal (albeit weird) minions. Only not yellow. And easier to understand (usually).

  188. You are amazing and it’s going to be ok. Just keep swimming, Lovely.

  189. You’re gonna be great. Just think of this as your 5k tune up. They’ll change your brain chemistry and then you’ll be good for another 5k mlles. Your brain just lies when it gets close to the time to get a tune up. You have this!

  190. Dude, same, but without the ketamine. It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I have to go to a funeral for someone that I don’t know. Then I have to spend the evening playing referee between my mom and my husband. Sucks, but we’re all going to be okay.

  191. It’s absolutely 100% going to be ok – there are so so many good people out there in the world to remind us of that, and we remind them as well – we’re all in this together. Us, and cake. 🙂

  192. Wait for the change, Jenny. This will pass. It always has. Hold on to that thought, even though you don’t feel it.

  193. By now I are through the worst
    Let me preface this with four leaf clovers make me happy.
    Hope my crazy makes you giggle.
    So. I was in my backyard. We have a drain that is covered with a plastic thing.
    I looked down it and saw a huge snail.
    I reached in and caught it intending to feed it to our pet lizard. I think snails are cute. So I looked at and said if you show me a four leaf clover I will let you go.
    I look to my left and there is a huge four leaf clover.
    Mr. Snail was thanked and set free.
    Sometimes believing in magic is a good thing.
    And that is what saves me from going down the drain in my worst moments.
    At least for today.
    We need you.
    Hope you feel better.

  194. It’s going to be OK. It’s all going to be OK. YOU are going to be OK. 💕

  195. It’s been a Dark couple of weeks… And I hate that you’re there too, but I also feel a smidge better with the reminder that it isn’t just me. You’re right… It’s going to be okay. It’s going to be okay. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  196. Don’t you hate it when your own brain messes with you? I do. But yes, you will be okay. If you weren’t okay, you wouldn’t be worried about it. Love and hugs to you. ❤️

  197. I’m having a very similar day. I’m spiraling and convinced I’ve upset everyone. I know it’ll be ok but it doesn’t feel like it at the moment.

  198. We, for sure, love you, even if it is from afar and from knowing your thoughts and dreams to the bottom of your soul. Thank you for sharing; it fills our hearts.

  199. You are loved and while i love that your brain has been the source of some of my favorite collections of words, it’s also… kind of being a jerk.
    Tomorrow is a new day and a different day and I hope, for you, a better one. May your biggest problems tomorrow be getting linked to furiously happy sex toys or getting mildly injured by giant metal chickens named Beyoncé.

  200. You have a 100% track record of getting through the nasty bits. You’re a rock star, you got this!

  201. I know, my friend. I’ve been dealing with depression for a while now. And even so, I know that somehow, it’s going to be okay. There is so much love on this page, how could it *not* be okay? I’ll add my own love to the chorus: we love you, and it’s going to be okay.

  202. Eh!?! Dearest Jenny . . . What JOY ☀️ is the Beautiful Sunshine – – without coming out’a the dark ?!? It’s Part of the RIDE . . . and you’re coming to The BESTEST 😁 🥳 🥰 PARTS – – hugging you !

  203. It’s going to was okay!! Okay, that was a strange way to phrase a hope for a thing in the future that has happened already, but you’re okay with strange, I think!

  204. It will be okay. You will be okay. They will be okay. We love you.

  205. It’s going to be OK, Jenny. Depression lies.

    You taught me that. xo

  206. This will pass. You will feel better. Nobody(who is worth the bones in their body) hates you. Try to be patient, because it’s nor forever.

  207. I so needed this today. We are all going to be ok. (Even though it may not feel like it right now).

  208. It is absolutely going to be ok Jenny 💕 hang in there! You already know this to be true. I love you!

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  210. Your brain, like mine, is a lying piece of shit a lot of the time. It will be okay. No way out but through.

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  213. OK might not look or feel how you expect it to, but it will be OK, and you are so loved and valued! ♥️

  214. You’ve got this Jenny! You’re going to be ok!🥰❤️🤗✨🙏

  215. Your brain is a liar liar spanx on fire. You are great, and you’re going to BE great!

  216. I read ‘Let’s Pretend This Never Happened’ on the plane, where people were side-eyeing me for laughing so hard. You do good things for people you don’t even know. Remember that when you think no one likes you. I’d be your neighbor any day of the week.

  217. Be like me and tell your Negative Nellie voice to shut up. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll have to remind you that unexpected joys are always waiting around the corner. It would be a total shame to miss out on those. You are creative and I think that is a negative when it comes to depression. I just found out about the birth of my nephew’s daughter and just seeing her pictures amazes me. She shares my DNA! Isn’t that incredible? Hang in there!

  218. Everything is going to be great. It will all go smoothly and you’ll feel like a million bucks. or pesos. but its going to be better no matter what denomination you end up with.

    I recently shared your TedX talk in a treatment program I am in, my fellow members found it very powerful. Thank you for being a force of good in this world. Also several of them bought some of your books afterward!

    Report back on how you’re feeling!

  219. It will be okay. I am so proud of you and your fearlessness. My doc keeps recommending ketamine and I probably should try it…but I am scared. And mad. So go, Jenny!

  220. It’s OK – been there done that! Keep being a warrior!

  221. It’s ok! And you are the rock star that your brain says you aren’t….lying bitch of a brain. Ok? Now my turn….

  222. It will be okay. And we’ll be here on the other side. 💜💚💙

  223. You may not believe that you will feel better, but you will. This will pass, and you’ll feel good again. You’ve come through the dark before, and you will be okay. And we’re here with you, holding your virtual hand.

  224. Tell your brain it’s just effing around and you need it to let You be You. You’re worth it. We’re here for you….it will be ok. Look forward.

  225. The brain is lying! We will always love you and it WILL be okay!!!!!
    *all hail the wonder of therapeutic ketamine!!*

  226. I don’t know if this will help, but…

    A few months ago, I made a TikTok video in which I mentioned that I’d once given a baculum to an author during a book signing, and the author yelled, “Thank you for the penis!” I absolutely did not mention you by name, but a bunch of people in the comments were still all, “ZOMG YOU MET THE BLOGGESS.”

    Which is one of several reasons that you will always be one of my favorite people.

  227. It’s going to be ok 💛 you are a delight and I appreciate you sharing your journey with us.

  228. It is. You will have better days. I know from experience. And I know how much depression hurts and lies to us. So here we all are to tell you you are not alone. And it will get better again. Hopefully for a real long long time. 💜💚

  229. This too will pass. It will get better, and you are loved and respected by so many people! Hugs and love from Washington State!

  230. Right there with ya girl u got this, even when u yhink u don’t.

  231. It’s going to be OK. Your brain (possibly my favorite in the whole world, besides my own, because it keeps me sorta functioning, duh) is just being an asshole. This too shall pass, like an antique teacup through a toddler’s hands. Love you.

  232. Sending love and support, like the 354 people before me.

  233. It’s going to be okay! I just had my first full hypomanic episode yesterday at the age of 44. It wasn’t worse than a phone call to a friend because I knew it was a mental thing partly because of your writing. I say this with more love than you know, hey girl, hey!!!

  234. It will be better than okay. Ketamine injections and Spravato nasal treatments (esketamine) have saved my life. Sending love and hugs. And as an aside, sending a thank you for the signed books you sent me, in one of which you wrote, “Depression lies.” Let us know how you are doing.

  235. Hi Jenny,

    I’m so sorry you’re underwater right now. I know what that feels like but not to your extents (not helping here yet, I know but hag on)

    So… this ABOSLUTELY is NOT a plug for my stuff or an ask or anything else, and I’m hoping this just remains private until you lay eyes on it and can then delete it afterwards.

    A few years ago you made a post about reminding ourselves that eventually, it will all be OK and you inspired me a bit. I sat on doing anything with any designing for years but I just VERY recently finally opened a storefront to sell tee shirts and such (yes, I’m one of THOSE people and no, I don’t consider any of it actual art!). But the thing you inspired me to make and want to share, is one particular design:

    It’s intended for the wearer to see it the right way around in a mirror so when looking at yourself in a mirror you can see yourself reminding you that It’s Going To Be OK.

    I’d gift it you preferably but I don’t know how to do such things on the interwebs.

    Thank you for being who you are and for all your efforts, I really do consider you as an inspiration. 🙂


  236. Even I, in my little corner of Canada, am thinking of you and wishing you well.

  237. oh my dear girl. look at the outpouring of love here. This kind of feeling can move mountains. How special you are, to these people (and to me), and how much you matter…
    stop listening to the lies your brain is telling you, and listen to your heart.

  238. After meeting with my therapist this week and dealing with some hard news, I suddenly realized that even if things went the worst way they could plausibly go… It would still be okay, kinda? Like, the sun would still come up in the morning. Whether the worst outcome happened, or the best outcome happened, I would still be happy sometimes and sad sometimes, and I’d still get up in the morning and go to bed at night, and while I’d PREFER the good outcome, the outcome ultimately only makes a modest difference.

    You are going to be okay. If things go really well, you will be okay. If things go badly, you’ll be okay then too. Being okay is the thing that’s going to happen no matter what.

  239. YOU WILL BE OK! You’ve fond this treatment before, your family loves you, we love you, YOU’VE GOT THIS!

  240. You’ve done this treatment before is what I was trying to type!! 🤪 TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER!!

  241. What you do and who you are is so important! You have brought joy and community to so many who otherwise might have faced their challenges in fear and isolation. Your tribe is here and you are surrounded by an incredible circle of love and appreciation. You’ve been through this enough times to know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and please know that we’re all holding your hand until you can see that light clearly again.

  242. Tell the Gremlins to shut up. You’re amazing and it’s going to be okay!

  243. Oh my Lord, you are this amazing writer! That makes millions laugh! Including my husband and I. You make people think, and feel which is so important. My husband and I both have mental health issues. Our son is special needs, and our daughter is just special. (Not that our son isn’t) My husband was just diagnosed with cancer and we are dealing with that. Just know you bring joy and strength to so many. We love you and hope you can feel some of that or it helps is some small way. Peace and light from Cedar Park.

  244. Brains are such fucking liars. Anxiety sucks and screw depression. Everything will be OK.

  245. Depression lies, and everyone loves you. We will always be happy to say it.

  246. You are more than ok. You are fabulous. Don’t believe that bitch depression. Did see something in the Las Vegas Review Journal this morning that could make you smile –
    Australia vaccinating wild koalas against chlamydia
    Australian scientists have begun vaccinating wild koalas against chlamydia in an ambitious field trial in New South Wales.

    The aim is to test a method for protecting the beloved marsupials against a widespread disease that causes blindness, infertility and death.

    “It’s killing koalas because they become so sick they can’t climb trees to get food, or escape predators, and females can become infertile,” said Samuel Phillips, a microbiologist at the University of the Sunshine Coast who helped to develop the vaccine.

  247. Depression lies. It whispers like a big fat haunted house monster luring you to the dark side. It’s only when they yell cut, do you realize it’s all smoke, mirrors, and…lies.

  248. I hope you’re ok now. I’m sending your blog to a student who’s about to graduate high school and has developed debilitating depression this year. (I think she’s 18 so the profanity is ok). I’m glad you can say everything so well, because I cannot.

  249. Hey, Jenny, this really isn’t on topic, but I was just reading some articles about connections between autoimmune disease/inflammation and intractable depression, and thought of you . I don’t want to “strangersplain” your own condition, and you might already totally know all this, but if not, I thought it might be interesting.

  250. I really want to try ketamine for my depression. I have had some wonderful spiritual experiences after taking psilocybin mushrooms in my 20’s.

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