Happy anniversary to these two absolute babies.

Today is our 27th anniversary.

I looked it up and the 27th wedding anniversary doesn’t have a traditional name but I did find out that the number 27 is “the radix of the septemvigesimal position” and so I proposed we get matching septum piercings to commemorate our love, but Victor wasn’t into it because I guess he’s saving his septum virginity for his next marriage.

Anyway, if you’re having a hard time celebrating the 4th of July because America is a bit insane at the moment you can feel free to celebrate our anniversary instead. Happy Septemvigesimal Day to all! Please eat cake, do your favorite thing and snuggle with animals to celebrate.

Septum piercings optional.

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  1. Happy anniversary something something motivational something. We have leftover vegan sheet cake from the weekend still. Might have it for supper. Basically a giant pancake on a stoneware baked in the oven with fresh fruit..

  2. 27?? Dang, I remember when it was just 15! Happy Anniversary to you crazy kids, and Happy Birthday, Beyonce!

  3. Congratulations!! Today is our 34th wedding anniversary

    (Happy anniversary! ~ Jenny)

  4. 27?? Dang, I remember when it was 15! Happy Anniversary you crazy kids, and Happy Birthday, Beyonce!

  5. The 44th anniversary is the grocery anniversary. I’ve already informed my children they have to come to our home with bags of groceries in four years when we celebrate that one 🙂

    Happy Anniversary Jenny and Victor!

  6. It’s out 20th today! We get green and platinum which us much more reasonable than septum piercings. Though we did talk a lot about getting matching ass tattoos because why not…

  7. Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids! So what kind of cake are you all having to celebrate this year?

    (We had strawberry cake. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  8. Did the two of you need parental permission to get married?

    P.S. You look adorable. Both of you.

  9. Happy Anniversary! I always look forward to your Fourth of July/wedding cake post.

  10. It is really amazing how much you look like your daughter in that photo. Happy anniversary!

  11. Happy anniversary. You know I use to think Victor was the sane one in the pair then after years of Victor stories I realized he may be crazier then all of us and that truly makes me happy. Mostly because that just shows how perfect he is for you and how much his second wife would suck even if they got matching septum piercings because you clearly thought of it first. But I also kinda support Victor on this because I don’t want a septum piercing either and neither of use needs more holes in our heads at least that’s what my mom always told me. Ps happy anniversary even tho you didn’t get matching septum piercings

  12. The traditional gift for 27 years is sculpture. Time for Beyonce to get a friend?

  13. Happy happy anniversary!! Wishing you many more! And I second the comment regarding a spouse for Beyoncé in recognition of the sculpture anniversary.

  14. Happy Anniversary to you two crazy kids!
    And Happy Anniversary to our young country!
    It’s still going through its teen years compared to other older countries, and everyone knows what teenagers are like, there are good days and bad days, but you still love them and hope that they’ll eventually turn out okay.
    Kind of like marriage.
    May you two and our country have many more years of anniversary celebrations ahead of you.

  15. According to Sandra Boynton’s Traditional Anniversary Gifts (Google it), 27 is Homeopathic Ointments! And who doesn’t love a good ointment??

  16. Happy Anniversary to you and Victor! If the traditional 27th anniversary gift is sculpture, I second the motion that you get Beyonce a companion. I still go back to that post any time I need to laugh til it hurts. Regarding septum piercings, I’m out on that, but “AT LEAST IT ISN’T TOWELS, VICTOR!” Much love and best wishes for many more years making memories together.

  17. Today is my 30th anniversary. I love sharing it with you and my own Victor (in spirit, not in name). Many more to come for us all!

  18. Happy, happy anniversary (and many more)! Your anniversary *is* the best thing to celebrate today.

  19. Ohhh it looks like this was a good wedding day for more than a few people. I got engaged today 31 years ago – and married before Christmas – didn’t want to give him time to rethink his choice. Just marched carrying a flag with his bagpipe band in a stupid hot 4th parade. Bagpipes were his midlife crisis. Could have been a fancy new car or fancy new wife but he knows few woman would let him practice his bagpipes in the house. I think we might be going for the matching pierced eardrums. Congratulations to the two of you, it is always a joy to see people who have been lucky to find the right match.

  20. Happy Anniversary, Jenny! I don’t know why Victor wouldn’t want a Septum piercing. Lol. My kitty has been extremely cuddly today. He’s very attached to me. As for cake, I’d have to do from scratch. Maybe.

  21. Happy Anniversary! Couple septum piercings would be awesome. I have mine pierced so my bias is showing. There’s jewelry you can get that’s for non-pierced septums so no needle required.

  22. I’ve been thinking about a septum piercing for ages, but I know my fiancé wouldn’t like it. Maybe if I pitch it to him as a celebration of my favorite blogger’s 27 years of marriage, he’ll feel differently about it. Haha.

  23. Happy Anniversary! You have just gotten livelier. I had actually typed lovelier but it autocorrected to livelier. Both apply, depending on the day, I’m sure. 💕💞💕

    Next week I’m celebrating my 26th to a man that I alternate between thinking is a god and wanting to hit with a frying pan. But that might be hormones. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  24. Happy number 27! In honor of the 4th, I’ll be snuggling with the dog because fireworks make her believe the world is ending.

  25. Happy Anniversary!! I happen to have turtle ice cream cake, yesterday was my daughter’s birthday. 🎂 and my dog will surely want to snuggle when the fireworks begin.🎆

  26. Happy Anniversary!!!
    You do look like total kids in this photo!
    I think you chose a great day for your wedding: your wedding night was basically guaranteed to have fireworks 😉

  27. I did need something else to celebrate, because the US and I are not on the best terms. Thanks, Jenny!

  28. ❤️❤️ Happy Anniversary! My family celebrates 28 years with my oldest child today🎆🎇🎆 Really cool how big a deal the rest of the country makes it 😉
    Gabe humbly thanks you for the well wishes🥳

  29. I love how you surely must get fireworks for every anniversary no matter where you are. Years when you are in the US at least!!

  30. I think two people made a very good decision 27 years ago, and I wish you both a wonderful Anniversary!

  31. How very exciting, the anniversary part, not the piercing part, I’m with Victor. We will celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary in October.

    Missed out on the sculpture tradition so will need to follow up on what iconography l can place in the garden. Never too late for anniversary presents, right?

  32. Happy Anniversary!
    You’ve inspired me to research, and next February my husband is getting a card with a logarithmic equation explain how our 44th anniversary is happy number!
    The tattoo will be confusing with wrinkles.

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