It’s Friday. You need this.

It’s Friday and it’s been a long damn week so that means that you need to sneak into my office so that I can show you all the videos I saved for you. If your boss complains just explain that this is medicinal and that HR asked you to review it and technically that’s sort of true because I worked in HR for a decade and I am currently HR for my own office which consists of me and the cats and Dorothy Barker who is currently on a phase 2 warning for harassing Hunter S. Thomcat off of my lap.

Happy weekend, you glorious creatures.

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  1. I don’t miss having social media, but once in a while I can look at your collection of gathered clips and appreciate the positives it can have. I’m still not going back though. 🙂 I appreciate you.

    (Happy to be your curator. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  2. I didn’t expect to be cry-laughing in a room full of my med students, but here we are…

  3. Thank you for the giggles. I think my favorite was the attack kitten, but as always, it is hard to choose just one favorite…

  4. I needed these after this week. The dad ones are my favorites, the dedication both put in is priceless.

  5. Mark has a surprisingly good sense of humor for a man with a little wiener.

  6. I don’t do social media, but I appreciate your curated funny videos. My favorite is the backpacks falling off the top display shelf. Because who hasn’t tried to get something in retail without help from a salesperson and have it all fall apart and you want to just die with embarrassment!
    But the dad making his toddler laugh is just the sweetest ever, I love it when little kids laugh with joy.

  7. I couldn’t breathe from laughing at that last one. My kid was VERY concerned for my bladder control. Thank you Jenny!

  8. I loved the DIY camouflage dog. Gonna put that on my next Furry Friday post. Thanks for all of these!

  9. If any of y’all have TikTok, look up OliveMannella for more Dadosaur videos. I can’t believe his commitment to the bit because they call it out at some REALLY inopportune times, lol.

  10. omg those were amazing, thank you so much! i think dino dad was my fave

  11. Last one made me laugh so hard I cried… and then I just kept on for a bit because I’ve been in need of a good cry this week. Thank you!

  12. I actually bought some of those super sour blue raspberry sweets after seeing that video. That woman is telling NO lies with her facial expressions. I love sour stuff but I cannot handle those.

  13. I love it when animals act like humans and humans act like animals. Time for me to graze…

  14. The guy who is singing about being a rock is my spirit animal. I make up weird songs all the time. Thanks for sharing

  15. So many laughs. The best was undercover dad pulling over his baby boy. The best sound in the world is kids laughing. Had to skip one of the videos because it had that stupid boo de boo whatever song playing (can’t stand it). I’ve seen the falling girl AHH remix video before but I watched it again, three times in a row. Thank you.

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