I can’t even text correctly

Hailey sent me a picture from their dorm room window and I was like, “Ooh, pretty view.”

And they were like, “Mom” and I looked closer…

And I was like, “I don’t want to kink-shame but I bet that’s not what their mother had in mind when she was buying them post-it notes.” And then right after that Hailey’s sweetheart’s mom (who was visiting the campus) texted me an adorable picture of Hailey and Laurel together and I responded to it but it didn’t send until a split second after she’d sent this message, which resulted in this.

And honestly I’m not sure if the clarification made it better or worse (probably worse) but it’s impressive that I can manage to mortify myself without ever leaving the house.

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  1. the things on the ground look like some sort of toilet paper rolls in various states of supply… or something.

  2. That SMarcos for ya. Welcome, welcome. The immaturity doesn’t get better as they age, just saying.

  3. LOL….That is pretty much all I can say. Someone may not even realize that has happened, but this is still pretty funny. College pranks.

  4. I’m always like a half step behind in a text conversation. I just get a lot of “huh?”s.

  5. Yeah, apparently that’s a thing in college dorms, saw a lot of messages on windows when my son was attending de Paul, ten plus years ago. Nice to know some things don’t change

  6. As much as I hate to ruin the possibility of another funny blog post like this one – if you press and hold on a photo or a comment in messages you can select “reply” and the text will show as a response to that specific item. I discovered this recently and it’s especially helpful in group texts. Love you! : >

    (I always see other people do this and had no idea how until now. ~ Jenny)

  7. All I saw was the “EAT” and thought, isn’t it early to rush frats and sororities? My brain has taken off today.

  8. Ah, college life…..
    Typos and wrong person replied to in texts are part of the smart phone burden we all have to bear when we weren’t born with smartphones in our hands.

  9. I’m not sure that’s even legal in Texas? Unless maybe it’s pork butt or some other odd cut of meat.

  10. Well it was kind of hard to read the last word (especially on your phone) so no worries.

  11. I love the “ I don’t want to kink-shame……..” kids will be kids, or adults will be adults…

  12. I have to wonder that civilization has come to achieve a new level (low?)of romantic communication–via lewd post-it notes. I doubt there is much data on the efficacy of said method of attracting a mate, but at least you know what you get from the relationship! So, yay openness?

  13. I first saw the round things at the bottom and thought they were googly-eyes.
    Then I saw the word “Eat”. Yeah, I was worried about what it had after that.

    Ahhh…youth and college years.

  14. Someone has very specific ideas about their college experience. I hope their best dreams come true 😂

  15. I thought she was like ‘muuuuum I was trying to send you a secret college message that I’m starving please send snacks’ but then I made out the other word.

  16. Obviously, whomever posted to the window, that message, is a student of the Culinary Arts. A lover of gastronomical delights.🤣

  17. I guess this makes you the butt of the joke?
    [Aww, c’mon. I can’t believe no one has said that already!]

    Was also wondering why the shrubs had tin foil sun visors, but then I remembered, “Ah, Texas.”

  18. Hailey will be an expert in school rivalry antagonizims as a prerequisite to graduation. The “ASS” possibly stands for some academic club, sorority/fraternity, dorm floor/building, etc. Such a fun way to fly your banner. Go “ASS” go!!! Nyuk! Nyuk!

  19. I’ve been conducting interviews over the past few weeks, several in a row without pause, and last week I wrapped one up by attempting to say “It was lovely to meet you.” Guess what I actually said?

  20. “I eat” currently means I’m great, hot, wonderful, etc. They also say “You ATE that!” as in you performed that super well. Working around high school kids teaches you a whole other language.

  21. I am positive that is not the worst they will see at TXST! My son graduates in December, thank God!😂 Wasn’t real sure that was going to happen 3 years ago!👨🏻‍🎓

  22. And here’s another comment. Nyuk!

    1. You are all Texans.
    2. Texas is the Barbeque Capitol of the Nation.
    3. Which means you all eat “Artisanally Seasoned Spare-ribs, (ASS).”

    Just a little friendly between state antagonizim –Since I’m from California. Nyuk! Nyuk!


  23. It’s no different than saying “I eat round steak,” just more honest.

  24. OMG, you crack me up! I’m with you though. I always seem to have to explain my text messages since I don’t text as fast as my kiddo.

  25. Clearly the window advertiser is not a marketing major, else they would have known better than to use dark colored post-its on their shaded window. I wonder if it’s readability increases at night when the room lights are on and if the tenants get better response during those hours? Hmmm. ;P

  26. Haha, don’t worry, we all have our texting mishaps from time to time! It’s all in good fun, and it sounds like you have a great sense of humor about it. You can click here for more info where I take my writing ideas. Thanks for sharing this entertaining little story!

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