I have questions.

Facebook is forever giving me bizarre ad recommendations and I probably deserve that because I am an odd person but this one is just…baffling.

And no shame to anyone who can pull this look off and manage to figure out which of these many holes your legs go in because I am very impressed, but the “WORK PANTS FOR WOMEN” part is baffling.

PS. Unless it’s like, “YEAH, GIRL! WORK IT! SLAY, QUEEN.” In which case, touché, Walmart.

PPS. This is not an ad and I’m not being paid by Walmart. But I totally should be.

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  1. I just tried to google Hombom work pants and all I got were normal pants. I don’t know how to search for whatever the hell that is in the picture!!! 🙂

  2. Yesterday I got ads from Target offering vulva cooling packs and condoms, alternating with Sesame Street stuffed animals. I don’t understand.

  3. I had that ad also, and took a screenshot too! I can’t decide if it’s better or worse than the bag of teeth advertised to me from Etsy the day before.

  4. I found them but they were disturbingly described as “ HOMBOM Youth Baseball Pants,Summer Fashion Pantie Sexy Lace High Elastic Lingerie knickers Underpants Underwear Red S”

  5. Dang it! And I just made my yearly trip to Walmart! I sure wish I’d have read this first, obviously they’re gyro be sold out before I get back there!

  6. All I’ve got to say is you really give the old computer ad algorithms a workout. And that is completely awesome. Cause how else would I ever see these things? I need to know more also. Did you order them? We could bedazzle them at the craft get together.

  7. I did an image search on the picture. It’s from Etsy, and it’s sold out. The “related items” list was, well, interesting. I can just imaging what my on-line suggestions are goint to be about!

  8. I think I need to apply for a new job, with a uniform such as this. I really need to get out more, too.

  9. Is that a matching red lipstick and a handy carrying case with them? I think I will go with Adrianne C.’s suggestion that they are twerk pants.

  10. Midnight Bandage Thong is what google lens came up with. There was an interesting
    sponsored related products ensemble listed on SHEIN for $7.70

  11. I always get bizarre suggestions when I search Amazon for really basic stuff. Like I’ll search for corduroy shirt jackets and get really slutty lingerie and sex toys.
    Like, if I was searching cute figure hugging dresses I’d get it, but corduroy shirt jacket and smutty lingerie don’t usually fall under the same customer tastes.
    Oh well, I guess I should be flattered that Amazon thinks I have a way hotter sex life then I do.
    Or maybe the Bots just are thinking if they show us this stuff as much as possible, to as many customers as possible, maybe someone will buy it?

  12. Ofc I had to search Walmart.com, and … while I didn’t find these in particular, I did see other “work pants” which, tbf, I’m a middle-aged lady, but all of their pants are pretty odd.

  13. I checked the image through Google Lens, and it seems that these are sold under a number of brand names (and also under varying descriptions, some of which do not match the image, LOL!), by Walmart, AliExpress, and a few other places…all at many different price points (some as low as 73 cents).

    BTW, I get the occasional odd ad on FB, but I haven’t seen anything quite this odd…at least not YET…

  14. When I searched HOMBOM in the walmart app, that item had this description. HOMBOM Youth Baseball Pants,Summer Fashion Pantie Sexy Lace High Elastic Lingerie knickers Underpants Underwear Red

  15. HR is going to call me into the office and just stare at me until I admit to wearing these on the job….


  16. Maybe they are for sex workers who like rappelling in their free time. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  17. These are *clearly* wearable, travel tourniquets for EMT folks. Why fill a pocket with bulky equipment when you can streamline your look? Also, this color masks the arterial blood leakage before the tourniquet is properly tightened. Win-win, all while looke trés sexy!

  18. Pretty sure I’d look like a trussed-up pot roast but ok. Good thing I work from home!

  19. Thanks to all those brave commenter who googled this stuff, so I don’t have to subject myself to the ads looking it up would generate!

  20. I have been getting ads from Walmart for a nose shaper which looks either kinky or like some sort of torture device. Though the two are not always mutually exclusive. But I’m not sure why I’m seeing them. 😂

  21. A Google image search states that these are g string crotchless thongs for plus size women sold at Walmart…..🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ …that makes it worse I think…

  22. I bet that reading this flags me as a person who’d be interested in these kind of work pants and I will get an ad for them.

  23. Might it be worn while dangling over the bed from the ceiling, like in the comedy Crackers but even more daring?

  24. So am I the only one wondering if that is real lipstick or something more in line with the “work pants” ??? No? Just me? Ah well. Lol

  25. I found the page for these on Walmart – “sexy lingerie by Mychoice.” No clue how the title got so messed up!

  26. Facebook suggested a do-it-yourself home dental extraction kit for me so … I think yours beats mine.

  27. For a while I kept getting ads for Amputee Cream. I’m not sure what that is, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want it.

  28. Am I the only one wondering what’s going on in the next as to the right?!?!? All I can see is:
    and I am super curious what’s in that next ad!!!

  29. The no pant look is trending on the runways this year:) Seriously! Though the models strutting the catwalk are wearing underwear that covers the naughty bits at least….. Definitely a look for those with perfect thighs & living in warm climes!

  30. Now we know what they did with all those Kotex strap-the-pads contraptions we used before the stick-it-to-the-crotch-of-your-pants tedhnology came along. Some red dye ad voila! – recycled/repurposed and ready to re-sell!

  31. I was going to google it, but then realized my feed would be full of ‘working girl’ products.

  32. I recently ordered a book from an indie bookstore, don’t remember what the book was, but what I got was an illustrated 8.5″x11″, 160-page of rope bondage positions. With complete instructions on how to do them. I laughed until I cried, then realized this was the PERFECT white elephant gift for my book group’s annual holiday party and white elephant gift exchange. I cannot wait for the party!

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  34. I am the only fool who momentarily wondered if the lipstick was to tint the labia… because who wears lipstick on their face for “work”

  35. Walmart just recommended a cervical range of motion device for me. 1- I had to Google what it was bc it looked like a whole head COVID mask and 2- your Walmart blog immediately made me think I’m not alone.

  36. My favorite Facebook Walmart ads were for mothers day, I kept getting Good Head strawberry flavor throat numbing spray (travel size), paired with the most innocuous Granniechic/cottagecore items in floral prints, a quilting sewing machine, and a Pride and Prejudice themed Martha Stewart tea time recipes cookbook.

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