Things I have questions about

Three things I saw today that I still have questions about:

  1. This car –

2. What I saw when I just walked into my office:


I dunno, y’all. He’s orange.

And 3. This ad that was just suggested to me:

Because first of all, what. Secondly…WHY IS THIS PAJAMAS? I’m almost tempted to buy it because I sort of love the idea of surprising Victor when he unexpectedly finds me laying in bed wearing this, but I’m worried that he’d leave me. Not like, divorce me, but just physically leave the room to sleep on the couch and then I’d be trapped because I’m pretty sure once I’m laying down in full creepy book mascot form I won’t be able to stand back up again without help. Also, $400 seems like too much to spend on pajamas, although it would probably muffle my snoring and also I could put a flashlight inside and then pull my arms in to read in bed without bothering anyone. So technically this would be like a present for Victor AND TOMORROW IS HIS BIRTHDAY.

Hmm…yeah. Gotta go think about this one some more.

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  1. Oh, my. So in true Beyonce fashion, if you wore this as a bday surprise for Victor would the tagline be “book, book, motherfucker” because it definitely should be. Are the book’s eyes bugging out like that because the pajamas are $400?

  2. I almost feel you HAVE to buy the book pajamas/costume because you own a freaking bookstore. Then you can just randomly wear this at work, or make one of your people wear it! Then your new mascot, weird book fella will become so popular, people will come far and wide to get their picture taken with him/her/them! It’s really business 101. And maybe even a tax write off!

  3. I’m SO envisioning you lying there in that, trying to get up. And Victor refusing to help you. “You got into that, get yourself out!” Hilarious. “Book ’em, Dano!”

  4. Clearly, the $400 book pajamas are a necessary business expense. As the owner of a bookstore, you need to be prepared for bookstore publicity related emergencies at all hours…

  5. I really want an orange cat so I can name him William Huxley Weasley Diaz. Since we already call our dog, Daisy, who is an Australian Shepherd/ Cattle and Border Collie mix making her a Triple Herder the Sheriff, we’d call the Orange cat The General. 🐈

    And yours looks like he’s practicing his striper pole moves.

  6. Oh my CHUCK I am having serious flashbacks to my elementary school days when we did the Psalty the Singing Songbook musicals! 😬😬😬
    Every once in a while I examine my childhood and go “wait… what the fuuuuuuu…”

  7. Living in the area you do, you DEFINITELY need to get the cooling vest with the pajamas.

  8. I always feel just a little bit more sane after reading your posts. If your cats need a vacation I live in Palm Springs. I have a pool. And lots of wine…and cat treats!

  9. My cat, too, is a Chair Kicker. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    The book costume is great but I want to know why it’s got that negative expression! And the bugging eyes…. maybe it has an overactive thyroid…

  10. I feel like we’re concentrating on the wrong thing here. I mean, sure, the pajama shop that sells mascot costumes is amazing/terrifying, and the car is…it’s the sort of joke people with six figures to spend on a car make.

    But the orange boi!?!?!? That is a perfect kitty who HAS LITERALLY NEVER BEEN FED. Feed the kitty. Or, you know, Marie Prevost…

  11. You’d have to be blind to buy a car that ugly? Seriously: why would anybody want a tan car?

  12. At first glance, I thought your office looked fine and quite normal. Then I wondered why your cat has turned the base of your desk into a horizontal stripper pole. It seems that RBG had to avert her eyes, so perhaps this performance is aimed solely at the cat in your chair. I’d wipe down that chair before using it yourself.

  13. I’m a big fan of extreme closeups so I’m loving the orange cat with visible fangs. Regarding the “pajamas,” and I use the term loosely, how the heck do you manage to get on these weird promotional mailing lists? Birthday greetings to Victor for tomorrow.

  14. First reaction to the office pic: you have the same Flying Spaghetti Monster screen-saver that I have!

    Second reaction: demon kitty. Didn’t even have to enhance or scroll down to see that!


  15. Please ask Victor to take pictures. I have to assume the book will not be able to take them.

  16. I’m all for the book pajamas despite the hideous hit their price has taken from inflation. I’m also all in for the orange takeover. Lastly, I completely believe the owner of that car is, in fact, blind – only reason one would buy a car the color of construction adhesive.

  17. Our black cat, Peekaboo, slides around the bottom edge of the sofa on his back much like your orange guy is sliding along the desk stretcher. He meows fiendishly while pulling himself round and round. Maybe they are channeling their Halloween personalities.

  18. It’s like I’m looking in a mirror 😂.

    Unlike Hunter, I’ve found myself in interesting positions on the floor, not from doing anything remotely funny nor interesting, but simply because my back likes to spasm sometimes and I end up on the floor “turtling” as I call it. I am physically unable to be upright at all when it happens and any movement at all is excruciating.

    One time my back went out while my husband was at work and I had to crawl on the floor to get to my phone. By the time he came home I was camped out on the living room floor, with a facial expression similar to Hunter’s of “Hey! Help….. me!”

    His two paws clutching the desk also looks vaguely familiar to my past feeble attempts at getting up while my back was like, 😆 LOL nice try, bitch!!!!!!!!

  19. Omg, the orange kitty definitely is high on catnip or spider plant leaves. It’s got that mellow yet deranged look they get right before they try to kill something that only they can see.

    Beige is a color that does not belong on vehicles, you’d have to be blind to buy that color.

    Book pajamas seem kind of awkward when you want to roll over or get up to use the bathroom, but as a Halloween costume it would rock! You have to figure out what to say when people ask why your book has such a weird look on its face.

  20. Looks like kitty is trying to defile the desk by rubbing his important special parts on it! LOL

  21. Happy Birthday Victor! Your gift from me is advising your wife not to buy the creepy costume and to suggest she control her cats because one is clearly exploiting the other on OnlyFans Cat Channel.

  22. Truly appreciated the original Blade Runner photograph scene reference. “Enhance.” “Enhance.” “Enhance.”

  23. NVM the blind driver bland (yay for my surname! It sucks but has occasional usefulness) car pic and whatever the f the foam book boy pj’s get up is and the bad trippin strippin kitty and even RBearG…wtf are those creepy Madame Alexander wannabes who already took out elf on a shelf to stare creepily down on the rest of the room’s goings on weirdness??

  24. I, too, love the idea of book pyjamas too, just not practical. Especially when wearing fishnets.

    Happy birthday, Victor — from one Libra to another!!

  25. Ah, the orange one in search of his one tiny brain cell. As for Victor’s birthday – how about you surprise him how ever his mom celebrated That would be TOTALLY unexpected and not result in him on couch.

  26. That’s $373 PLUS shipping and handling . They get their money back on these deals that way, if it is a deal. It seems really expensive. Maybe they send the guy who is modeling the pajamas, too. But, I’m still stuck on the comment that you could read inside it with a flashlight and not bother anybody. Who else is in your bedroom besides you and Victor?

    (Dorothy Barker. She’s a very light sleeper. ~ Jenny)

  27. Re the car: Gotta say, the braille dots on the drive-up ATM at my local bank have always worried me.

    No on the pajamas! Dress like Gollum instead!

  28. I need to see what those pajamas look like in person. If you write a post about your experience buying and wearing them, that makes them a work expense and thus tax deductable. You can’t afford *not* to buy them.

  29. I’ve been having a panic attack so making me laugh with your silliness helped a little, Jenny. THANKS. 🙂

  30. WRT to the car. I think the owner must be a baseball umpire.

    “C’mon ump! Are you blind?”

    “I see that you are asking questions that are answered by my license plate.”

  31. “ENHANCE” had me flashing back to Bladerunner in the scene with the picture of the scale… If anyone gets that reference, you’re in my tribe!

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