Don’t try to be cool. You’re making it worse.

The other day I was helping Hailey bring their laundry up to their dorm and on the way out I saw another mom with her kid and she was like, “Wow, this place is really bussy on the weekend, huh?” and her son stopped in his tracks and whispered, “Oh my God, mom. What??” and she was like, “It’s bussy. That’s what the kids say, right? Bussy. Poppin’ off? No caps?” and her son was like, “Jesus Christ, mom. It’s BUSSIN’...not…Jesus Christ. I love you but please stay off of tiktok.”

Anyway, it’s nice to know that even when they leave home we can still accidentally mortify them just as much as ever. No cap.

PS. The definition of “bussy” in case you need it.

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  1. Love this so much! My son is 12 and I’m just now entering my embarrassing mom era.

  2. My daughter doesn’t even like it when I use emojis, let alone try and use slang. That’s why I keep doing it. Those few moments when we can make our children cringe are just priceless.

  3. I thought is was “bustin”
    Alas, I have no children to mortify.

    Okay, I’ll be quiet now.

  4. I’m hip, I’m in step
    when it was hip to be hep, I was hep.
    I don’t blow but I’m a fan.
    Look at me swing. Ring-a-ding-ding…
    I even call my girlfriend ‘man’
    I’m so hip.

  5. Evidently I’m out of touch too – though I do have folding fitted sheets as my super power, so maybe it makes up for that??

  6. It was homecoming last weekend. Just before the date show up at my house, my son says to me, VERY seriously – “Mom, just try really hard not to embarass me ok? I know you might anyway, but could you still try???” Sigh.

  7. Ha. I asked my youngest “what’s the goss?” yesterday, and she was like “that’s cringe. Don’t say that again. It isn’t 2003.”

    Little shit. 😂

  8. I’m just so proud of you for being the mom observing the embarrassment and not causing it. Go you!!!! I’m sure Hailey is proud of you as well 😁

  9. A friend just showed up at her daughter’s college unannounced and embarrassed her, I can’t IMAGINE just popping in on my grown kid like that.

  10. I was texting my 20 yo niece about something and said some sort of phrase and added “like the kids say” and she said “no kids say that. None.”

  11. I thought it was a goal to embarrass your kids, starting as soon as possible in their childhood? This one is pretty good.

  12. I embarrass my kid by going the total opposite way for slang: “gnarly! Gag me with a spoon! Grody!” Still works amazingly well.

  13. I am old it seems. For a seemingly adult human-at least old enough to have a college age human that maybe sprung from her loins-to use the word “bussy” for the word busy? Am I that out of it? Shit. Maybe I just need to be put down. Like right now.

  14. I don’t have kids, but I’m pretty sure it’s the job of kids to be embarrassed by their parents and to immediately change any slang to something else as soon as the adults start using it, because otherwise it would not be cool, hip, with it, or rad, or whatever else the kids are saying these days.
    Embarrass the hell out of them, it will keep them busy trying to come up with new slang! Or bussin’ instead of busy…

  15. I teach Jr. high. I always ask my students what things mean, and they tell me which ones I’m allowed to use. I follow their directions about 80 percent of the time. Gotta keep them guessing!

  16. I do believe that it’s in our parental contracts that we are obligated to mortify them as often as possible? pretty sure I read that…..

  17. (From FosterkittenHubby#1. Well, I think that was my user name, but I seem to have lost it in the shuffle of this new format)

    Wow, I so wasn’t expecting that!
    Being the token dyslecix in the group I didn’t think too much of the post – “Bussy? Sure, why not? When I dropped off my son at college we could hardly move due to it being so bussy. The corridors were so crowded it was tough to squeeze ourselves through, let alone those massive dorm supplied canvas wagons.”
    I then clicked on the link. And, Gah!
    As a middle aged sis-normanionative male, with new outcroppings of hair growing in parts nether before experienced, this image did not land well.

  18. How does one pronounce this?
    Is it as it’s written, rhyming with fussy?
    Or is it as implied, rhyming with pussy?

    (The latter. ~ Jenny)

  19. (Me again)
    Somehow, my son and I are linked on our iPhone notes. I recently came across a note he’d written that was so outrageously inappropriate that the only thing I could think of to do was share it with everyone I knew, so we could all take 5 seconds to gawp then burst out in fits of laughter. Naturally, I had to add onto the note, including comments like “that’s good to know” and “your mom is wondering whether you need professional help” (note – I understand this last comment is no joking matter for many, and I too have used professional help, and still do).
    I am now thinking of composing my own notes for him to find; the first one being “Investigate Bussy more deeply”

  20. Oh RIP everyone involved. I’m 26 so lemme just say, strong possibility that parent was doing that on purpose and is a REALLY good actor, because that’s not what “popping off” or “no cap” mean either lol. (“Doing the thing really well/with skill, especially if you’re ranting at someone” and “no lie,” respectively.)

    Also, warning for language (this singer is Australian so there is a word that is not as strong there) but my ADHD brain pulled this Tom Cardy music video out of long term storage and insists it’s relevant. It isn’t, but it is short and funny and this comment section would enjoy Tom Cardy immensely. Let’s hope the link survives comment filtering. Otherwise search YouTube for “Tom Cardy HYCYBH” and you’ll find it.–9kqhzQ-8Q?si=Lyr0_OguocJpFndA

    (This is fantastic and I just danced around my office to it until I got dizzy and lost my balance. Know where I found it? ~ Jenny)

  21. I don’t need children (or twenty-somethings) to tell me how uncool I am, simply because I know I’ve been uncool for 39 years. I will continue to side part my medium length wavy hair (makes my hair look fuller), and wear skinny jeans because I like to show off my leopard ballet flats.

    I also will use emojis forever, and I will die on that hill because I need many things to express myself online and via text 😆😂. My emojis are my emotive transistors dammit!

    Also I looked up bussy through the link, and wow! I’m glad I don’t try to use new slang, because I would fail hopelessly. 😊😆

  22. I believe it was Dave Barry who once penned one of my favorite sayings: “I used to be WITH IT. Now I’m so far from IT that the light from IT will not reach me for 5 million years.”

  23. not to be a busskill… but isn’t it, uh… bussin ‘as the kid said?


    [lols ;-)]

  24. I have been on purpose pronouncing Meme as mehmmm for so long now just because it annoys my son.

  25. I know this is horrible but when my now grown men started that mom you’re embarrassing me stuff I would just do the thing more. So that kind of nipped it in the bud!

  26. Well, you learn something new every day. I am definitely not cool and it’s a good thing I didn’t even know about this word until today, otherwise I might have used it in the wrong context!

  27. I embarrass my child, my grandchild, nieces, kids in my Sunday School class (shhhhh – don’t tell anyone because I’m the teacher) my parents, and countless others. I don’t plan on giving it up EVER. It’s just Too Much Fun!

  28. Last week, I was volunteering at a “Vines and Hops” event, having some fun dancing while working. My 23 year old son and his wonderful girlfriend giggled and shook their heads when they saw me. He didn’t act all embarrassed as usual. Maybe 23 is the magic age they give up being embarrassed and just enjoy us.

  29. LOL…. this past weekend a couple of friends and I were discussing teen slang. I said – just don’t try to be cool, it changes far to fast for those of us over 30 to keep up.

  30. My daughter is almost 20 and I just embarrass her the old school way by always calling her Sweet Pea or Punkin in public, and referring to everyone she knows including her current boyfriend or girlfriend as “your little friends”. As in “Hey Sweet Pea, do you or your little friends want any thing from McDonalds?” Or when leaving the dorm “Bye Punkin! Have fun tonight with your little friends!” Loudly, of course.

  31. I never knew of bussy. I love the new language.
    I do my best not to embarrass my adults. They have the world already stacked against them

  32. I’m 48 and I work the front office of children’s dance studio.
    Sometimes it’s nice to terrify the kids when they figure out you understand what they are saying.

  33. When I was in Jr. High, cute girls were “bitchin’ “. (child of the 40s/50s) Wouldn’t dare say that now (unless it just became cool again?)

  34. I drove my 18yo across the state to visit a friend who just started college. I was going to leave them to it and not be a hovering mom, but on the way out I had to find a bathroom. She lives in the queer dorm, so when I found a bathroom with no gender markers on the door, I thought they were being progressive and it made sense to have bathrooms everyone could use. I sat in a stall, had diarrhea as gracefully as I could, then washed my hands. The 18yo boy in the stall next to me came out while I was washing up and looked at me in shock. I smiled like this was in no way embarrassing and left. Walking down the hall, I noticed every room had boy names on the doors. It was a hall for freshman boys. That was a bathroom for freshman boys. Fortunately, there was no way to connect me to the student I was visiting, as I’d been on my own at that moment and immediately drove away, never to be seen again.

    (This is the best story ever. ~ Jenny)

  35. LOL… I am that “bussy” mom… I may or may not do it on purpose to mildly annoy my son… LOL

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