Help us, Kenny Chesney

Did you miss seeing Victor and me answer a million ridiculous questions while I wore frozen ice packs because being anxious makes me overheat? If so you will not understand this piece of fried gold that my friend Michael Nachoff sent: But you are in luck! Because the whole ridiculous evening was recorded so justContinue reading “Help us, Kenny Chesney”


Today is the pub date of the paperback of Broken (in the best possible way) and I’m so excited and nervous because today people will be able to read the new bonus chapter and tonight I’m doing my first live tour stop in SO MANY YEARS. It sold out in two hours but I’ll beContinue reading “WRITING WITH PETS.”


So, listen. Tomorrow is the release of the paperback edition of Broken so I should be writing about that but instead I’m writing something imperfectly that I need to get down and that maybe you need to read. If you’ve been here long enough you already know I battle with depression and probably always will.Continue reading “Listen”

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