Best Christmas Card Ever

I just got a chance to go through my email and I found that I’d been sent what is possibly the best Christmas card in the history of the internet.

I’m fairly certain this was not *actually*  sent from Alexander Skarsgård, but according to the email it’s a counterpoint to the time that my cat (Ferris Mewler) tried to out-sexy a vampire.  A reckoning, if you will.

To be clear:

July 2011 ~ Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman vs.Ferris Mewler as Eric Northman:

It's sort of uncanny. Plus, Ferris' fangs are real. AND he has six nipples. And one time he got into my rainy-day crafts drawer and was covered in glitter for *weeks*. Conclusion: My cat is totally the next sexy vampire.

Yesterday ~ Alexander Skarsgård in a Bill Cosby sweater, holding an incredibly sensual cat:

I don't know what that bottom part says but I assume it's Swedish for "And now we give them 'the 'smolder', Mr. Puddles. FULL SPEED ON THE SMOLDER!"

Advantage?  Alexander Skarsgård and friend.

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  1. Hahahahahha Kitty smolders incredibly welll. LOVE both those pics.

    Mayor Gia recently posted Christmas Lioness Got Confused.

  2. that is awesome, but the look is a bit creepy, almost like “I’m going to to kill you in your sleep”

    Steve recently posted Buying meat.

  3. Look at those smouldering cat eyes. I just want to stroke them both. Is that weird?

    Veronica recently posted Adding to the glut of Christmas posts already on the Internet. I bet you’re super impressed..

  4. I just peed myself a little.

  5. Dammn, now that is a near perfect Christmas card. Wow.

  6. Well now that was silly of him … This means war!

    Tania B recently posted NEW CONTEST: Win an Apple Holiday Prize Pack!.

  7. This is just what I needed today, thank you for posting this! Looking at him makes it hard(er) to think. In a good way, of course!

  8. It never ceases to amaze me with the levels of awesome your mail and email must be full of.

  9. Also, I need more friends like yours.

    Mia recently posted A Cupcake Family Christmas.

  10. Hot! I sort of know Joe, the guy who plays the werewolf. Ok, I hugged him. He’s clean and sober and tall and very funny. He used to work in bars dressed as a pirate, playing Captain Morgan with a barrel of rum, baby.

    GirltoMom- Heidi recently posted Christmas 2011.

  11. I would kind of like to cut Alex’s head out, paste mine in and use it as my xmas card next year. Keeping the sweat of course!

  12. That’s pretty damn near awesome right there.

  13. I wonder if he purrs as well?

    kim(frogpondsrock) recently posted Macro Photography..

  14. Ha! That’s one awesome Christmas card! I guess Ferris Mewler needs to start perfecting his smoldering skills.

    jacqui recently posted Little J And His Magic Tree….

  15. And by sweat I of course mean sweater. Damn Turkey/alchol withdrawal.

    Rhiannon Ryder recently posted The Haunting at Cliff House, by Karleen Bradford- Review.

  16. Sadly, it just says “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” Yours is totally better.

    Elisa recently posted A Laugh a Day keeps the Botox Away.

  17. Smoldering was fabulous….but, nothing says “sexy” like having to censor your pussy.


    Pussy cat.

    Trapped in Fresno recently posted Here's mud in your eye!! Or...Pie in your face!!.

  18. Damn…. that cat looks PISSED! And no offense, kitty-in-the-pic….but you’ve got nothin’ on Ferries Mewler. Not a damn thing.

    theflameinside recently posted A Solitary Life.

  19. Hill Air E Us. That is all.

  20. The only thing it’s missing is a flamboyant purr.

    Stephanie recently posted We Have a Winner! (And a Few Other Things…).

  21. *falls over laughing*
    I like to imagine mr Skarsgard did write that Christmas card, and is slowly spreading his sexy to inboxes all over the world.

    Evil genius, that Skars :D

    Jilly Boyd recently posted Sometimes.

  22. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

    Courtney recently posted Photo.

  23. Looked up the words on the bottom, In Swedish they mean Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. almost smolder tho. almost.

  24. You know, when I’m sick the inside of my head is even more fucked up than usual, and the extreme mismatch just makes it frustrating to try to interact with the outside world. But this. This Christmas card. This gives me a sense of peace. Communion. Harmony.

    Fa la la la la, bitches!

    Bad Mama Genny

    Bad Mama Genny recently posted Aftermath, or, The Only Way To Survive Christmas with My Family is With An Endless Supply of Two-Dollar Bills.

  25. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Best picture ever. Smolder for the Christmas win.

    Rae Jones recently posted The end of Gluttony.

  26. I must say, that is one sexy cat. My kitten Nietzsche tried that once, but he just contracted kitty-chlamydia. I was mostly mad at him for not contracting syphilis, you know – because I’m a responsible owner. I thought I taught him to be historically consistent and correct, but OH NO.

    Being from Sweden, Alexander is the only thing we are actually proud of. Having a working health care system is kind of meh, who cares.

  27. Looks like there’s gonna be smolder-off to get 2012 started.

    Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd recently posted I’m tired and have a cold, so I’m just going to throw pictures at you and call it a post..

  28. You might need to know about this. It’s a Japanese cartoon series about a vampire kitty.

    wombatarama recently posted Relatives Behaving Badly.

  29. It would be better with more cats

  30. omg — This needs to be a Christmas ornament STAT (or at least for 2012)

  31. OMG This card proves that there IS a Christmas card out there for EVERY personality. I would *TOTALLY* want to be “merry” with Eric Northman! MEOW!

    ninja BITCH, CEO recently posted Looking Under the Hood of this WordPress Blog Website – What’s that Widget/Theme/Plug-IN?.

  32. Google translate says that the literal translation on the card is “Good luck and happy new year”. But your translation is much better. :)

  33. It is a traditional Scandinavian holiday greeting meaning Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year =) You can’t get any more sexy than that! :B

    Eli recently posted MERRY CHRITSMAS.

  34. So much amazing smoldering!! Ferris Mewler needs to start bringing his A+ game because he’s been smacked down.

    Reneesance recently posted PIRATE HAT Sassy Red and Gold Straw Pirate Tricorn Hat.

  35. I very much like the thought of smouldering cats. Wait.

    hogsatemysister recently posted Waco’s Capt. Buttface and the Pink House.

  36. He’d really be smoldering if the sweater were a cardigan.

    XLMIC recently posted Life in the Bike Lane.

  37. Alexander Skarsgard looks tired in this pic. He must be spending too much time being sexy with cats. Wouldn’t it be cool if he were a fan of your blog and actually sent it?

  38. Wow. Just WOW! You are SOOOOO LUCKY!!!! If that is him I mean. If not…I wouldn’t care because its AWESOME! And someone out there took a picture of him and a cat. Which is epic. EPIC!

    Lesley recently posted Fairy Tales: Avrei preferito fare il cioccolato su Salsiccia Lu....

  39. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

  40. Best. Ever. Cats really do make everything better!

  41. I’m on team Ferris. Forever.

    kim recently posted I have no gifts to bring. Unless you count beer..

  42. Super Cres. (Did anyone watch Sifl and Olly or is “super cres” wasted on anyone other than me?)


    L-Kat recently posted A very brandy Christmas to you!.

  43. This is so wrong that it is right… Love.

    Johi recently posted Crap. I started thinking again..

  44. I’m not really a cat person but that is pretty good indeed.

    Bodaciousboomer recently posted Seriously, Edward Penishands?.

  45. Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, congrats! Check this entry for details:

    Hope you are having a happy holiday!

    Ashley recently posted I would like to thank the blogging academy..

  46. And damn can he smolder!! You are so awesome that I bet it totally is from him and I’m totally jealous!! :-D

  47. Yeah, it’s all “smoldering” until he sneezes.

  48. i am imagining the words going through his (the cat’s) brain at the shooting of this photo (acknowledging, of course that there are probably no actual words going through his head). Probably some abbreviation of LMFAO, but in cat.

    Andrea Corradini recently posted how Stanley and i inadvertently killed our planet this weekend..

  49. Awesome! I love ASkars!

  50. Love the smoldering look from both the cat and Alexander. Sadly, I did not get any Christmas cards that were as awesome as these.

    Tara recently posted Guess what I got this Christmas!.

  51. Nevertheless, the cat has a higher chance of words going through his head than Eric Northman does.

    Morgan Drake Eckstein recently posted One Pot Witchery Stone Soup (ebook review).

  52. I dunno, it’s a strong rebuttal, but I still have to give it up to Ferris Mewler based on his 6 nipples. It’s a clear advantage to sexiness. Until Skarrsgarrd (or however TF you spell it) can provide factual evidence that he has a seventh sexier nipple, Ferris Mewler remains king of sexiness.

    Samantha M. recently posted THT Xmas: Easy "Extra Family" Gathering Hostess Tips!.

  53. We got the same card except instead the Nebraska Cornhusker’s head football coach was holding that same cat.

  54. Full of awesome. You bring out the best in everyone you talk about? Soooo looking forward to your next challenge.

  55. the bottom bit says ‘merry christmas and a happy new year’ :)

  56. The photo is from a Funny or Die (or quite possible elsewhere as it is hilarious) 16 Amazingly Terrible Christmas Cards here: . Whoever did the photoshopping did a great job though.

  57. Okay, THAT is amazing.

  58. I love that the cat gets the glamour shot in the upper corner. It takes a manly man (vampire) to give the spotlight to the cat…a real man to put the kitty ahead of himself…I should probably stop there.

    TriGirl recently posted Happy ChristmaHannuKwanzaakah, with a Side of Serenity..

  59. Haha! That’s great, but considering that Alex was in Zoolander, that’s probably “Le Tigre!”

  60. I wish he would send me one…

    Melissa Lawler recently posted Want to win a Toshiba Laptop?.

  61. omg that is excellent. so sorry for such a lame comment, but i had to say something and i’m not very witty.

  62. I never thought someone could redirect my love of Eric… least of all to a cat… but I might start stalking your cat now. Be warned (and try not to get a restraining order until I’ve snipped off some of his fur for my scrapbook).

    LDiggitty recently posted festivus = an impromptu Nativity scene.

  63. Next year’s card: sorted.

    Anna recently posted Happy Holidays!.

  64. I have to disagree. Ferris Mewler is way sexier.

    Christene recently posted Stuff I Did.

  65. Is it sick that Ferris Mewler’s kinda turning me on?

    Aging Gal recently posted Here’s to More Birthdays!.

  66. Freaking hilarious.

    Kate recently posted A very merry Christmas.

  67. I can’t get pass the sweater.


    Carrie recently posted My family is total love…but let’s keep it real..

  68. Ferris Mewler definitely wins the smoldering portion of this beauty pageant. However, the dude that sent the card? Hilarious. I say it’s a tie.

    Laurie F. recently posted The Best Holiday Gift – EVER.

  69. Team Ferris.

    *seriously unladylike snort*

    Maura recently posted If You Are What You Eat, Chances Are If You Live in Plano Texas You Are A McNugget.

  70. Despite the smoldering (human and feline) that sweater firmly puts me on team ferris.

    Moomser recently posted Holy jet-lag Batman, we made it to Houston.

  71. Great, my cat was lounging beside me when I read this blog and now her spayed ass has decided that it’s too much sexy and she must “MEWW”! Your blog is full of kitty porn…lol
    Eh, merry christmas to her, she’s never gotten laid so I guess this is as good as it’ll ever get for her! Sadly for the rest of the house, she’s got a great set of lungs on her.

    Rea recently posted It's time for a little Holiday..... weird???.

  72. I need to get on a better list of Christmas card senders. I get nothing that smolders, event though I have a Swedish brother-in-law.

    Becky Rice recently posted And the Oscar Doesn’t Go to…..

  73. I could not stop laughing. People who don’t follow your blog don’t know what they are missing.

  74. Who gets their cat in the sillouette? Really? I think creatively captioned, this is more like “after Ferris Mewler, this is all the p**** I could get…”


    WilyGuy recently posted New Year's Disillusions.

  75. Awesome!! And a little bit creepy but definitely awesome :)

    imperfectmomma recently posted not cool.

  76. That is one hot cat dude thing you’ve got going there. Where can I get me one o’them?

    Sj recently posted One For Each Night ~ Hanukkah 2011.

  77. ok this is totally off topic and in response to your tweet yesterday – but you HAVE to read Eva Moves the Furniture by Margot Livesey… seriously, read it, read it right now! go buy it!! Why are you still reading comments, go read that book!!!!! It’s sort of about ghosts, but I think it’s really about the lines that separate the living and the dead.

    Also, this is the best christmas card ever! gives me ideas for next year…

  78. I was loving his picture until I realized that’s probably his cat he’s holding. And he has a portrait of it. That makes it totally made of creepy.

    Lorca Damon recently posted Post Party Depression.

  79. Best. Card. Ever. EVAR.

    Not Supermom recently posted Legolanded.

  80. I don’t even know what to think. Must be the copious amounts of vodka I drank this weekend.

    Carri recently posted Unintentionally Politically Incorrect Conversations With My Dad.

  81. Oh I really think Mr. Puddles is saying “he eeth mine Thenny, now backoff!”

    Pish Posh recently posted Lemon-Parmesan Zucchini Patties.

  82. Ferris Mueller looks 100 times smarter than that other cat. Plus, I’m a little afraid of him. Those eyes… THOSE EYES!!!

    Brenna recently posted It's a holiday pee cup!.

  83. I’m with you Pish Posh!

    Susan Hogan recently posted Exciting News!.

  84. I have completely seen that picture on the web in a meme on what was allegedly a nerdy guy. I imaging photoshop was somehow involved in SEXY Eric Northman (drool) holding a kitty. Just goes to show, if the average public can do that, imagine what the professionals that print our magazines can do? food for thought…

  85. im so jealous lol

  86. I laughed so hard I choked. I love the Bill Cosby sweater.

  87. OMG…He could wear mesh, polyester, worsted wool, or a 1981 moth-eaten and pilled reindeer sweater and I would still drool like I am right now. His face on anything makes it the best Christmas card EVER. I wanna do bad things to him.

    Karen Sanders recently posted It's Christmas Eve!.

  88. 89
    John from Sweden

    I assume it’s a rethorical question, but anyway: God jul & gott nytt år = Merry Christmas and a happy new year… but you’ve probably figured that out already.

  89. I may want to do Skarsgard….but I want to spend time with Mewler.
    Photoshopped or not, that is fantastic. And it’s not just the gallon of wine speaking.

  90. LMFAO . . . !!!!!!!!!

    nicole recently posted the happiest christmas!.

  91. Whoever sent you that card deserves some kind of award or a hug or something to indicate recognition of genius. They are the BEST kind of f****d up.

  92. Rule of the Internet, right – if it exists…then it has a porn accompaniment?
    Vampiric cat porn ft. Eric Northman. It exists.

    Claire J recently posted 2011 in 12 Sentences (& 12 Photos).

  93. too funny – the photo is from a Funny or DIe collection – sadly minus Eric Northman….

    This one cracked me up Sam Tramell another true blood hottie with kittens LOL

  94. Sweet. Baby. Jesus.. That is effing HE-LARIOUS! *sending your link to every person I have ever known*

    Willy recently posted Seriously, I'm like a Raccoon! Well...a very happy raccoon....

  95. I’m late getting my cards out this year, and now I have no incentive. Who can compete with that?

    Mom In Two Cultures recently posted Christmas Confession.

  96. OMG! I am so freaking jealous! I’m a lesbian but that man could maybe change my mind. At least for a couple of hours. God! Smolder is right!

    Grace recently posted Christmas is Creeping Back Into My Heart.

  97. I am checking with my Swedish cook friend (who sent me a red straw pig for Christmas one year), so I will get back to you….

    Kathleen recently posted Love, Actually.

  98. The bottom of the card is in Swedish and it just says “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”
    Kitty Smolders FTW!

    They must’ve been working on that look for 5 years.. .seriously… I can’t reproduce it with my dog… It took practice :)

    Monica recently posted What’s Been Up with My Exercise?.

  99. Epic. Totally epic. Team Ferris forever. I can’t wait for the “Kitty Smoulder Off” that I’m sure is going to result from this card.

  100. I don’t know if that is actually from him or masterfully photoshopped, but either way…BRAVO!!

    Nancy G. recently posted Salted Dark Chocolate Toffee with Hazelnuts.

  101. This just made my morning. Day. Week. I really want to believe that Alexander Skarsgard actually sent that card, so I’m going to. It’s like believing in Santa, but better. Way, way better.

    Emma recently posted My Honeymoon, phase 1; or The Last Part of My Last Three-ish Months; or I'm Pretty Sure I Should Never Be The One To Choose the Travel Destination Ever, Ever Again..

  102. WIN!
    That is too awesome for words.

  103. Best use of Photoshop EVER. I mean unless this is real and I have no words…

    John B recently posted my only wish this Christmas.

  104. i need to find a way to get Jay Z to pose with my cat, Meownce Knowles. That would be truly magical.

    Jen recently posted A Very Mr. T Christmas.

  105. That made me giggle madly. At my desk. At work. I hope no one saw me.
    Thanks for the laugh. :)

    Heather recently posted where I get all political and analytical.

  106. Of course, now you can ask: “Would you like a picture of Wil Wheaton collating papers? No? How about a picture of Alexander Skarsgård wearing a Cosby sweater and holding a Christmas cat?”

  107. That really is the coolest card ever. I’m so jealous. I didn’t get any cards this holiday season. In fact, a good portion of my family forgot me all together. Sniffle!

    But hey, at least Ferris Mewler isn’t cross-eyed like that cat.

    Hell, at least Alexander Skarsgard isn’t cross-eyed.

    Dana the Biped recently posted Oh Hey, Guess What?.

  108. Please tell me someone has tracked down Alexander and he has confirmed the card was from him.
    Cause that would be spectacular!

    El Guapo recently posted An Adventure – Learning to Climb – Part The First.

  109. That is classic. I think the sweater he’s wearing really sets it off :)

    Bleu Pills recently posted Unicorns + Twitter = Kim Jong Dead.

  110. That fat cats got nuthin on FM yo!

    Abby recently posted Santa Got Lost In Translation.

  111. I think this is the original in awkward family photos

  112. Purrrr- Girl Look at that body,
    Purrrr- Girl look at that body,
    Purrrr- Girl look at that body,
    I, I work out!

  113. I wish I could unsee that second image of him with the cats. Something is not right about that image.

    Naked Girl in a Dress recently posted An Act of Kindness at Christmas.

  114. This just proves it—I’ve got to get photo shop. Merry Christmas!

    "Susan Says..." recently posted The Prodigals Return--and They want Lunch!.

  115. ROFL My cats aren’t sexy…what disappointing felines!

    Jenn @therebelchick recently posted The 5 Blogs That Have Changed My Life.

  116. Another for Team Ferris.

  117. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

    tracey - Justanothermommy recently posted How do YOU pay for Christmas?.

  118. And do you actually know this person and his cat? And if not, how do you get to receive mail like that??? ;)

  119. I wish my cat was that sexy. I don’t really have a cat, but if I did, I would want them to be super hot like yours.

    anna @ HaHas for HooHas recently posted Cell Phones Banned While Driving? What’s Next, No Breastfeeding Either??!!.

  120. Mr. Puddles and smolder in the same sentence….that’s why i love the Bloggess…

  121. Holy crap! That’s just a bunch of crazy vampire and feline business all up and sexy! Damn, if that isn’t glam then I sure as hell don’t know what is.

    Heather @ That Uncomfortable Itch recently posted I blame the Pioneer Woman.


    I’m sorry someone else found it first, but I just stumbled over this post and it made me think of you and the crazy shit you share here. Nothing like matching crocheted coffee table baboons to cure those post holiday blues, eh?

  123. Ferris Mewler as Eric Northman, Alexander Skarsgård as Bill Cosby, Sensual cat as George Takei-

    A trifecta of kickass.

    bschooled recently posted Literally Ill Humor- A Compendium of My Lamest Jokes Of 2011/Ever.

  124. My cat Gracie has been swooning for Ferris for months.

    Her swooning meter hit a new peak with this post.

    She is swooning for both Ferris and Smolder…

    It was difficult enough getting her off of my chair before- now its really a challenge!


    PB recently posted New etsy Gallery.

  125. ‘Tis smoldering…and would be scary-ing, but for the sweater…

    To inifinity and BEYOND!

    Prevail~Tattoo Girl (sending Goddess blessings, Magic, and Light flowing strongly your way)

    Tattoo Girl recently posted I See Two Bald Eagles.

  126. The eyes may be sexy smoldering but I cannot get past that sweater! Ferris does sexy and smoldering much better and is not sweaterladen.

    Shoes recently posted All I Want For Christmas.

  127. I find myself inexplicably _more_ attracted to Alexander Skarsgard..

  128. I would love for this to be real. It looks completely photoshopped but if he could be funny as well as incredibly sexy that would be awesome.

  129. Whatevs. Mewler’s pic gives full frontal. ;-)

    Rebeccah recently posted Just a Mommy Blog.

  130. LOL I found the original pic a week before Xmas and photoshoped my brother’s pic into it for his present!!!! The cat looks like his cat and we always tell him he’s going to turn into that cat guy LMAO!!!! I see someone else had the same idea :)

  131. Greetings Bloggess!!

    A fantastic picture to be sure, however a challenger has appeared at Clever By Accident! Perhaps cat sexiness is being taken too far, but in this case, I’d like to give Ferris Mewler a chance to defend his title..

    I do love your blog, in fact you have directly inspired Clever By Accident, for that and so much more: Thank You

    Nate Culley recently posted A Sexier Beast?.

  132. I don’t even know what to say. With fans like this, really, what else could you ask for from Santa? (Except the real Alexander S. holding a real cat without wearing anything of course)

    subWOW recently posted Going Home. Again..

  133. Christ, I hope no one out there actually thinks this is real.

  134. Freaking baby eaters!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can see it run run run also run by and pick me up a pizza or something, hold the glitter.

  135. I much prefer Ferris. Way more cuddly looking IMHO.

    Venom recently posted A Very Venom Christmas.

  136. OMG I heart Ferris. ‘Nuff said.

  137. I want to get on whatever Christmas Card mailing list you’re on.

    Joy Ribisi recently posted Recipe Card: Forgotten Cookies.

  138. sexy? or totally creepy?

    Miriam recently posted top ten.

  139. Jenny, I’ve never envied you your fame, your fortune, your amazing comic genius, or your personally built bathroom at BlogHer that was erected next to the dance floor, but this is just too much.

    Consider yourself properly envied by me. I wish I’d get something this funny in my email. All I get are letters from my long lost Uncles in Nigeria who keep trying to send me money.

    Chloe recently posted Thou, Oh Faithless Slattern.

  140. Excuse me while I drool in the corner

    Renee recently posted In the words of my mother: Merry Fucking Christmas.

  141. You totally need a Team Ferris shirt in your shop. And then you need to send me one, since I thought of it. XL, please. :-)

  142. i prefer Stellan Skarsgard ( I cant make that darn o over the a, sorry)

  143. BEST Christmas card ever.

    Ele recently posted Block Printed Feather Brooch II.

  144. Nothing like a good pussy shot to ring in the holidays…or as I call them..the horrordays!

    Gwen recently posted Sorry I Came On To Your Father At Your Mother's Funeral.

  145. I am experienced with the phenomenon of foreign languages sounding much, much more interesting when you don’t understanding what they are saying. Once understanding kicked in, I realized how banal the conversation was. It was a lot more fun imagining what they were saying.

    All that to say I like your version of the translation ever so much better!

    Susan recently posted Make Easy, Low-cost Math Journals.

  146. That is just FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! Thanks for brightening my day at work!!!

  147. Um.. This is shopped. Check out But one of the coolest fun shops evah.

  148. Hahahahaha! ! !

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