A small thanks

A week from now I’ll be flying to Toronto to begin the last leg of my book tour.  (Click here for dates.)  Somehow it’s still on the bestseller list and I owe that completely to you.  And that’s why I’m doing a giveaway today.  Leave a comment and I’ll choose a few of you to win either an autographed copy of the American version, the British Version, or the audio CD (whichever you choose.)

Also, if you really want a signed and personalized copy of the book for you (or for a gift) but you can’t make it to any of the tour stops you can contact Changing Hands (480.730.0205) to buy a book and I’ll sign one for you when I’m in Arizona.  They ship all over the world.

Thanks again for all your amazing support.  I literally couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you.

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  1. Won’t be able to make it to Superman, so I will forge your signature in my own copy and pretend I’m you for a week to seal the deal.


    Charlie recently posted Superman Doesn’t Exist.

  2. And by Superman, I mean Arizona. Common misconception.

    Charlie recently posted Superman Doesn’t Exist.

  3. Congratulations on your book success!

  4. I’d love to win a hard copy! I have the kindle version and can’t wait to meet you in Denver!

  5. 5
    Paul Fisher

    Your book is easily the funniest think I have ever listened to (we have the audio book). I love it and my wife and I look forward to meeting you in Denver!

  6. Glad the book is still doing great. I read most of it outloud to my husband.

  7. I’d love to win an autographed copy, but I’d be torn between the American and British versions, seeing as how I’m Canadian…

  8. Love you and your book. Keep it up, Jenny!

  9. Oooooh, I have the American version on my Kindle, but I’d love a British version so I could giggle about the “colours” etc. :) Unicorn Success Club!

  10. 10
    Julie Carson

    Break a leg!

  11. I love your blog!

  12. And when prey tell are you coming to the UK I know a little taxidermy shop you and Victor could visit (only kidding Victor calm down) LoL

    Have a great time in Canada

    Tom Stronach recently posted Guest Blogger - Mollie Ing aged 9 on Books.

  13. Please send me one. I’m a southern gal who recently moved to Canada, and would love a bit of “home” to giggle about.

  14. 14
    Erin Wiedemer

    I check your blog everyday when I need a little life. You never fail to make me laugh and feel less alone in the world. Keep it kooky!

  15. Can you please sign a stuffed pony for me? thanks

  16. I borrowed your book from a friend and read it in one sitting – you are amazing, both as a person and an author.

  17. I’d love to win the book (American Version please)

    Fuyuko recently posted How to Maintain a Worn Out Polypropylene Webbing.

  18. Winning something from you would make any of the stupid things I have on my bucket list seem boring and trivial in comparison

  19. Yes, thanks, I would love a copy of an audio book! I’ve read your book but would love to listen to you reading it!

    Michelle Young recently posted Summertime Fun!.

  20. 20

    I look forward to your posts every day. I can’t wait to get my hands on your book! I swear I share your blog with at least one person everyday! Thanks for keeping it real :)

  21. I loved your book and loaned it to a friend!
    She read it in one night and was laughing so hard
    She was crying!!!

  22. Free book. Woo. Woo.

  23. 23
    Annadanna from Canada

    You’re wonderful.

    I would have missed this if I wasn’t on vacation watching the Olympics and playing on the twitter. It’s fate, I assume.

    Annadanna from Canada recently posted I think the glowing bird bikes were the highlight.

  24. Signing up! Audio, please. You’d be great company in the car.

  25. 25
    Kristin Ainsworth

    I love your blog. Your blog is the only one I have ever followed and it never fails to make me laugh out loud. Really enjoy your sense of humor and your candor!

  26. SIgh…..you need to come to the midwest! :)

    wonkafonka recently posted Clip this!.

  27. 27

    It’s still on the NY Times list because it’s so damn awesome. I’m in the UK and would absolutely love an audio book.

  28. I’d love a copy of your book. You rock, Jenny!

  29. Funniest book I’ve read all summer! Congratulations. Enjoy all of your success!

  30. I wish you had come to St Louis! So happy for your success!

  31. 31
    Jessica J.

    I would very much love a hard copy with a signature, as I won’t be able to make it to Toronto after all (I really should have moved closer to Toronto for all the cool stuff it gets. sigh.)

  32. 32
    JC Charbonneau

    Wish I could see you in Toronto, loved the book, love your blog! Enjoy TO. Would love the cd lol!

  33. I would love an audio CD, because when I try to read out loud from my hardcover, I’m laughing too hard for my husband to understand me.

    Slim recently posted Two from Priority Level A.

  34. Love you! Love your blog! Know I’d love the book!

  35. 35

    A friend of mine, non-blog reader, told me she picked it up and, “didn’t get it.” I told her it is imperative that she go to the blog archives, read them all and then try again. I expect that she will want a signed book in a few days (or weeks, depending on how much else she has going on).

  36. 36
    Alan Carney

    You’re welcome! I hope you’ve had half as much fun as we have. Thank you for all your amazing sharing.

  37. Good luck, and have fun and maybe you will find some good toys while in your travels.

  38. 38
    Jessi Torres

    Oh man, I’d LOVE to get a signed copy for my best friend’s birthday. I’ll have to call :)

  39. What a glorious thing it would be, since I missed you when you came to Austin :D

  40. My first experience with your blog was when a friend read it at work and was laughing so hard she couldn’t speak. It was the day beyonce came to visit Victor. Been hooked ever since! The book was awesome!! Keep it up!

  41. Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face! It’s wonderful to know there is another like minded ;)

  42. We’d love you even if you didn’t give stuff away. :)

  43. I wish I could go, but have fun! I’ve turned 3 people last week into bloggess fans. I’m off to convert some more!

  44. Would love to come and stalk you in Canada but I don’t think they could handle the both of us in the Country at the same time. Are you going to pick up a Canadian accent while you’re there, eh?

    As I already have hardcover and audiobook, I’d love the UK version – I’m jealous of their font… :)

    Kara recently posted Shoes – Hot Mess Video.

  45. Seriously, I am going to come see you in Toronto. well, maybe, if I can get the courage to take public transit down town and brave the mass of people that are going to be there. Maybe I will bring my cat.

    Tabitha recently posted 2:47am200kmawayyouwantmetodowhat?.

  46. 46
    Gerri Willis

    You’re awesome. Thanks for helping me out with the book club questions. it was a hit!

  47. THANK YOU for writing a hilarious book that I tell everyone I know that they should read!
    I would love the audio CD.

  48. Who are you?

  49. Wish I could make it to Toronto that day for the tour!!! You are hilarious, and I would love a copy of the book!!

  50. Cool! Have a great time in the frozen North.

  51. Let’s Pretend All This Really Happened!! So happy for your success, Jenny!

    Marcia McCord recently posted Saint George and the Lizard.

  52. you seriously need to do a book tour in Australia.

    we’re so hill-billy=fucked up we need some enlightenment (myself excluded of course)

    we can find allllll sorts of stuff here to keep you worried :P


  53. My daughter made a sand drawing in honor of you on our recent trip to the beach. It said “STABBY FEELING” and had a big giant knife. I will post the photo on the Facebook page. She is 8, but sneaked the book into the bathroom and read the Post-It Note Chapter. I thought her drawing was both creative and deeply disturbing.

  54. You beat me on the Pony Advertising front – but you can make it up to me with a signed book :) Yours in guerilla (or equine) marketing…Emily

  55. i live in israel, already have the audio, know it by heart. would love to have the written version for the pictures :-) have a great book tour.

  56. Have fun on the rest of your tour!

    Jordan recently posted How Some Colorful Cupcakes Came To Be.

  57. Audio, definitely…want to hear you sing to me!

  58. I just have to say that you are awesome. I dont know how but you always seem to know when I am having a rough day and you post something that makes me laugh and pulls me out of my funk. Thank you for all of the laughter you have brought into my life since I found your blog last year.

  59. 59
    Nicki White

    I’d love to win a copy!

  60. 60
    Alicia Kempf

    You are awesome. I only read four blogs ( I work three jobs and have no time for frivolity), and the #1 choice I make if I have an extra busy day is YOUR blog. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us, it means a lot to me for sure.


  61. I’d love to win an audio version, since I have the hard copy

  62. My lovely partner got your book for my birthday, but I think hearing you read it would be even more special. Hoping to see you in Seattle!

  63. I missed your Los Angeles stop because it was right before our wedding and I’d love an autographed copy of the American version!

    Mindy recently posted Monday Motivation - I Love My Life and the Ones In It..

  64. I’d love this. Checked it out from the library and laughed the whole time.

    Anna recently posted The (Anti)Makeover.

  65. Your book is made of awesome with sprinkles of awesomeness on top. And whipped cream. And cherry.
    If I get one signed, I’ll donate mine slightly (ok, not so slightly, but clean) used copy to local library for others to enjoy.

  66. 66
    Paul Burke

    I think you should come to England for a signing. We welcome eccentricity (I think you guys call it “craziness”) in all its forms! :)

  67. 67
    Angel Miller

    You are the reason that British guy (I think it was Sir Mix-a-Lot) invented the internet. It’s a fact.

  68. So wish I had been able to make it to one of your signings! Maybe next book you’ll come closer to where I live!! Would love an autographed copy of it!

  69. Good luck in Canada! And too bad you can’t make it a little further east to Montreal. :(

  70. 71
    Amy Anderson

    I LOVE your blog and even make my husband read it from time to time…especially concerning taxidermy and Nater Tater. He laughs on the inside, which manifests as shaking his head on the outside, while I am laughing so hard, I’m rolling on the floor crying. Big difference between me and him, I guess. Anyway, the book would be great because I have a feeling that he would end up reading it if I wasn’t there to show him…

  71. I am so looking forward to experiencing your awesomeness all in one package. Although, I may not be able to handle it!

  72. Would love to win a copy (: could really use some laughter in my life

  73. Would love a copy – pick me :)

  74. If I don’t win I’ll still buy a copy, but I figured this was worth a try, since winning a free book will free up the money I need to buy the bacon-flavored lip balm I have my eye on.
    – Gina from the other end of Canada than the one you’re going to

  75. When I read your blog, I am not allowed to drink any liquids, and to pee before, because I will either end up spitting all over my computer, or peeing my pants from laughter.
    So thank you for that, you’re fantastic… and I have gotten all of my blogger friends addicted to your site!

  76. awwww, bless!

    safe travels and have a great last leg (i’ll take “Last words spoken to Henry VIII for $600 please, Alec…”

  77. Honestly, thank you for writing it. It seriously has gotten me through the last few months. Every time I’m starting to feel sad, I just pick it up and re-read a little bit.
    You’re an amazing person, and we love you for absolutely everything you’ve done for us :)
    Hope you get to come to Pittsburgh one day so some fellow Lawsbians and I can meet you!! <3

    Niven recently posted Truly.

  78. I would love a copy of the British version.

  79. I am loving that this has been so successful for you! And that I have contributed to your bottom line myself! ;) Since really at the end of the day it is all about me and my way of helping! ;)
    Enjoy Canada ‘eh!

    thedoseofreality recently posted WOULD I PAY MONEY FOR THIS: Labeling Your Children.

  80. 81
    Deboorah Chessey

    I live in Idaho and your tour won’t stop here–which is a shame because we have the world’s biggest potato chip. I have te kindle version of the book, but would love a hrad copy.

  81. I read your entire book in a day, and got strange looks when I laughed out loud at my kindle when I was walking the dog. I told the people giving me the looks that the dog is funnier than you’d think. Any way, you’re book is awesome. I thought you should know that.

  82. 83
    The Other Jenny

    I already have the Kindle version and plan on buying a hard copy when you come to Minnesota- Squeeeeeeee! So excited to say thank you to you in person! Thanks for the laughs and the tears and for teaching me to be furiously happy!

  83. 84
    Jennifer James

    Love your blog, and would love an autographed copy of your book! I don’t even mind what version!

  84. Wish you were coming to Richmond, Va! Love your writing – I’ve shared Beyonce the Chicken’s adventures with everyone I know…

  85. I would love a hard copy of your book. Thanks for all you do to bring a smile to my face each day.

  86. My sister stole my copy with one of the book plates you signed. She’s not giving it back and I’m afraid that if I set her on fire it might also harm the book. It’s a quandary!

  87. I’ll take whatever version you’ve got. Have a GREAT tour!!!

  88. Break a leg!

    Michele recently posted The Week Begins.

  89. I will you were signing somewhere near the Midwest! I would certainly be there! We are kindred spirits in that I am constantly asking my husband for animals that he refuses to buy me : )

  90. A copy of your book = me, furiously happy. WEE!

  91. I think it might be time to send a copy to Belgium and bring me civlization ;-)

  92. Oh and if you should happen to choose me i would love a good old fashioned book. As great as a Kindle is nothing beats a book.

  93. I would love a copy of your book. I’ve measured up a space on my bookcase for it. And I already have room in my purse for it.

  94. 95
    Melissa Smith

    I have the kindle version of your book & I read it outloud to my husband & both of us were laughing till we cried. We both think you are fantastically hilarious! Wish I could make it to a book signing! Although…signing my Kindle could be a little awkward…

  95. Congrats on all the success! I have read the book, though if I won one I would share with friends!

  96. Thanking us for our support is a little bit like thanking us for having superior taste: the response to both should be, “DUH.”

    whiskeypants recently posted Thank You.

  97. I just want to say that I find you hilarious. After talking on Facebook about some ridiculous things I have done to my husband a friend showed me Beyonce. I have been a loyal fan ever since. To be fair, my husband hates me now because I read most of your book to him, and victor would probably hate me if he heard my imitation of him, but I think it is all worth it. And after learning about some anxiety issues I had last year, I’m also glad I’m not the only one with weird justifications for the things I do. So to sum it up, you’re awesome.

  98. 99
    Melissa Romandy

    I would love a copy of the book! I bought the audiobook and my husband and I loved it!

  99. I absolutely love your book! It made me laugh out loud. I am so glad that your book is still on the bestseller list and I’m making everyone I know read it. Thanks for writing it and I’m looking forward to anything else you publish!

    Erin C. recently posted I loves my blanket. (Taken with Instagram at Yarmouth, ME).

  100. I was so glad to see Denver made the last leg of the tour! I can’t wait to see you. You’ve helped me through the tedium and ennui of my bureaucratic job!

  101. I would love a copy! Since December I relocated from California to northern Alabama to Baton Rouge, LA, just missing you on several occasions.

  102. Love to win my own copy. Had to give mine back to the library. :)

  103. LOVE THE BOOK. I bought it on my kindle and I would LOVE a hard copy version to own and love.

  104. Soooo wanted to go to your signing when you were here in Boston. Sadly, those little humans who live in my house had events. :)

    I like the idea of the woman above – I’d donate mine after enjoying as well. :) As long as there are no wine slushee stains on it. Which I absolutely can not promise. :)

  105. Since I am in the UK *and* have a kindle edition of your book this might be my only chance to lay my hands on a signed paper copy! Love the book, read it in a single snotty with tears of laughter sitting. AND I just realised that it’s down to you that I never gave Castle a chance *shakesfist at Filion and his twine allergy*

  106. 107
    David Kassnoff

    Really enjoy your writing. It’s fresh, funny, and I tell others about it. Hope you have a great day!

  107. Congratulations on the success of your book!

    Cheryl recently posted Subway Shenanigans.

  108. I borrowed your book from the library and already have it back on my list of requests because I want to read it again. As a fellow social phobia-depression person, I love that you are so open about your challenges so that my challenges don’t seem quite so terrible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! (and I would LOVE a copy of your book)

  109. Congrats on your success! My wife and I love your blog. Glad you made it to Canada! Come for the people, stay for the health care. I hear you get a free chunk of tar sand if you get to Alberta. In Cape Breton they just give you a closed-down coal mine or something.

  110. You deserve to be a bestseller. You have touched so many lives and have brought so many people together. Sharing your life has helped so many people. Congrats on still being there!!

  111. I couldn’t make it to the SF signing – so I would LOVE a signed book! I have loved every second of reading this book. Your time on the list is well deserved :)

  112. I love your book. I have told my friends about how awesomely hilarious and real you are!

  113. so stoked for your success! even more impressed that you’ve actually made it to all of your book tour engagements and haven’t found yourself stuck in a bathroom! (except of course thru that poster) You’re an awesome leader of a huge band of misfits :D

  114. I love your book! It had me laughing out loud so much =D

  115. Just finished your book last night. Husband is glad I’m done, kept annoying him with my laughing while he was trying to sleep. Really funny and super entertaining book. Thanks!

  116. WOOHOO! Another chance to win the book that I really want but haven’t been able to get ahold of yet! American version if I win please :)

  117. 118
    Juli Maichle

    Wanted so badly to see you in Annapolis. Hope you ran into some of those Seals, tho.
    Congratulations! And thank you, for so very much.


  118. Unfortunately, none of your tour stops have come close enough for me to make it, but I’d love a signed book! Then I could send my unsigned copy that I bought when it came out to my best friend. I mean, I guess I could send *her* the signed copy, since we’re best friends and all, but…no, FTS, there’s a limit. The signed one is mine!

  119. I wish I could make it to the Toronto one, but sadly I can’t. I’d love to win a copy.

  120. Oh, a hardcopy I could send to a friend would be lovely! I’m so happy you are coming to Seattle!!!

  121. I’d love to win a hard copy, too. I’ve been dying to read it, and with my student loans I might be able to afford a copy in about 2047.

  122. Me!

    Veronica Mitchell recently posted Home and Hearth.

  123. 124
    Winky Popo

    My wife and I would love a copy of your book! Since I’ve been out of work, we’ve had to cut back on some stuff we want for stuff we need, but we love the site and have shared it with everyone we know.

    Thanks for helping me keep my sense of humor and my head up!

  124. I enjoyed the audio version, but would love a hard copy.

  125. I tried to make it to the San Francisco signing, but it was just too far away. I read bits of the book aloud to my boyfriend when it first came out and he still brings up his favorite parts. He had not seen me so captivated by a book in a while. You are hilarious and inspiring and wonderful. Have fun on the last leg of the tour!

  126. YAY! You deserve to have your book still at the top! It’s a fabulous book, and all the girls that I went on vacation with in May (while I was re-reading the book), went out and bought it as soon as they got back from Mexico, so they could figure out what the heck kept me roaring with laughter. Thank YOU for sharing your life with us and making this crazy anxiety-ridden, depression-prone world a little less scary. :)

    Heather recently posted Spicy Chicken and Shrimp Pasta.

  127. bummed i missed you in NY. would love to hear the audio version :)
    i hope you’ve been out of the ladies room enough to enjoy this ride!
    you deserve it

  128. I loved the book, so glad it’s still on the best seller list and I can’t wait for your next one (no pressure). I’d loooove a copy of the audio book. I’m not above bribing you with knitted wares or baked goods.

  129. 130
    Susan Warren

    Jenny your book is awesome and deserves it’s place on the bestseller list! I laughed, I cried and just generally enjoyed it as much as anything I have read in a long, long time. Your emotional honesty is truly bravery to be admired and emulated. You rock, lady!!

  130. I just finished listening to the audio version of the book and am waiting on the return of the hardback I own from a colleague who is reading it for our university book club. I’d love an additional copy to send to friends whom I keep RAVING to about how fantastic your blog/book/you-in-general are.

    You’ll do fantastic in Canada (eh). :-)

  131. Love your book. I keep recommending it to everyone!

  132. I’d love the British version, the cover is so full of whimsy! Woo! Congrats on your success, and getting to go to Canada!

    Zena Zee recently posted No One Show My Boyfriend This: Costco.

  133. What’s green and has wheels? Grass. I lied about the wheels.
    (The American version, please. I’m getting threatening notices from the library to return your book that they obtained from another library, just for me. Now I’m curious, does the British version use different swear words? I dislike when I read or hear arse…especially “your fat…” directed at mine, except from Brits. We’re in America people, we have awesome cuss-words.)
    Seriously, your book was a great read. Thank you.

  134. For your consideration… a dead animal(s).

  135. I can’t make it to any of your book signings. I has a sad.

    I would love a copy of your book. I’ve been hinting at my boyfriend to get me a copy, but he just isn’t getting it.

  136. Holy shitsnacks! I’d totally accept an autographed American version! I have the kindle version and that’s admittedly pretty hard to autograph. Though I wouldn’t put it past you to try. You are nothing if not tenacious!

  137. I loved your book so much, I put a review on iTunes for the first time! 5 stars of course. Because they didn’t have unicorns.

    Dory recently posted Dare I dream?!.

  138. Well thanks to you I am completely enamored with weird taxidermy. Have a great trip!

    Mary Anne Payne (@hellomap) recently posted Presentation is Everything.

  139. I let my mother read my copy of your book. She texted me when she was done to say she was sad that she finished it. We both loved it so much!

  140. I would love a signed copy to give to my lovely wife as a gift. We are both fans, but she would truly love a copy!!

  141. Soooooo happy that I will be seeing you in Toronto. :)

  142. I would love either the American or British version. I have yet to read your book, but I’ve heard so much about it and can’t wait! Thank you for being so awesome Jenny!
    P.S. Having your autograph on my bookshelf would make me the envy of my nerd friends!!! I think I might actually sleep with it under my pillow…

  143. Would love a signed copy!

  144. That would be amazing to have a signed book by you! I read my husband your blog especially the ones with Victor and you and he really likes Victor lol. He doesn’t get your since of humor or understand why I find you so hilarious! Thanks for being so awesome Jenny!

  145. You’re book was amazing. I read the entire thing in 2 days. Couldn’t put it down.

  146. You are so WELCOME for the support, because you are amazing and have created in me a love for metal chickens and obscure/outlandish taxidermy that I never knew was possible. Xoxo.

    Nic recently posted Wilson Cruz Responds to Prada Post; Nic Cheats on Chipotle with Lesser-Known Sandwich Shop ‘Wichcraft.

  147. I loved the audiobook so so much. I am a home visitor, and so many times I caught my clients staring at me with concerned expressions from their windows as I sat in my car staring straight ahead and laughing uncontrollably as I listened to your tales! I would love a hard copy to share with these clients :)

  148. I tried so hard to stage an impromptu road trip to see you read in Chicago but it fell through at the last minute. If you, I’m very jealous of the folks on the last leg. Congrats on the best seller list, you definitely deserve it!

  149. I would love to win a signed copy of your book, the UK version preferably.

    I’m building a time machine to warn Juanita of her impending noteriety and the thickness of the book is just what I need to raise the seat high enough for her to come back to the future and thank you.


  150. I wish you were coming to the otherside of Canada (British Columbia) I would so love the opportunity to meet you in person. I love you book and think you need to consider a sequel :-)

  151. You’ve never seen taxidermy until you go to South Dakota. I even had some at my wedding – doesn’t everyone?

    Hihankara recently posted Grumpy (Not-Really-Old) Lady.

  152. So so happy for your success! Love the book and my only complaint is it was so awesome I read it in one sitting, and I was left wanting more! :)

  153. Thanks to you many everyday used items (twine…kitchen utensils….) make me laugh as I go about my day! This makes you the AWESOMEST in my book!!!

  154. I gave my Mom her signed copy of your book for Mother’s Day. She did nothing but laugh til she cried the entire time and my Dad thought she had lost it. Mission: Accomplished.

  155. 156
    Jennifer Grosvenor

    Just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do! I loved the book – laughed so hard coffee flew out of my nose and my husband was seriously concerned. My assistant, who shares my sense of humor, gave me a Juanita birthday card. Keep up the good work!

  156. Can’t wait to see you in Toronto.

    Ashley recently posted I am NOT a workaholic.

  157. I already own your book but live to far away from any of those places to go get it signed :( Do you still have a place where we can send off for bookplates by chance?

  158. I loved reading your book. I would love to have the audio version!

  159. Your book was so funny I had a woman next to me on a plane ask me if I was ok, I was crying laughing and I think she thought I was in pain…thank you for some hysterical storytelling!

  160. I would love a signed copy! I have the kindle version (which I loved to carry around with me and read in public so I could laugh maniacally and creep out strangers) and I’ve gotten all of my officemates addicted to your blog and your book. We’ve all started following you on Facebook and everytime you post something there are shouts around to office to let everyone know to read it! Wish your tour was coming somewhere closer to me (the middle of Central PA where nothing exists except Penn State where I work) so I could see you!

  161. I’d like to come see you when you come to Portland. I guess I should read your book before then.

  162. May your book continue to be better than the bible! I’d love the audio book so that I could read it while I walk, and it would cause people to stop and ask if I’m having a seizure from the laughing :)

  163. I’ve told everyone I can about your book b/c I love it that much. Unfortunately you didn’t make it to my part of the US on tour but that’s okay! If I don’t win the copy, I might try to purchase one!

  164. I’d love to get the audio nce I’m not allowed to read my British edition while driving…

  165. OOOh I would love an audiobook! So I can laugh obnoxiously in my car as I drive ;)

  166. I’m pleased to report I already have a copy of your book, albeit, not a signed one. I am going to try and wrangle something so I can come see you in Toronto though and maybe you can sign that copy. That being said, I don’t want to take away the opportunity from anyone else to win the book so if you pick me just pass it along to the next person in line.

    Mary recently posted The end of the Queen’s reign.

  167. 168
    Barry 'Jack' Jenkins

    i’d love a hardcopy of your book. my BiFF would be so motherfucking jealous. we’re the only ones in the Yukon who quote you.

  168. I would like to update my bathroom, but I can’t find a rust-proof metal chicken and a matching shower curtain anywhere….

  169. I posted a clever little comment and it disappeared. This was obviously deliberate and now? I feel judged. By the internet. The entire internet.

    Okay. The comment wasn’t THAT clever. But it was better than this one. (If that one reappears, this comment to be rendered void and with no cash value.)

    whiskeypants recently posted Thank You.

  170. Congrats on your success! Love your blog and I can’t wait to get your book!

  171. I’m so excited to see you in San Diego in a couple of weeks! I have the kindle version, but am totally going to buy a hard copy to ensure that this book is around a thousand years from now after the robots have taken over.

  172. I’m totally going to need a new copy once my friends (who I read parts to and totally acted them out) finish reading my copy. They are all getting your Fridge magnet for x-mas! And my co-workers and I are planning a security test complete with “Notes” of our condition once the 15 minutes has past. You rock so much.

    Em recently posted Karma(l) apples and oranges.

  173. I would LOVE a copy of your book!!!! I missed you when you were in Dallas- stupid work made me stay late :(

  174. I would love, love, love a copy of the American or British books!

  175. I’m all about the audio book please!

    Dana and the Namaste Dogs recently posted A Mobility Harness for Journey.

  176. Comment comment comment free stuff yippee. I wanted to go to your book tour but you were i nSan Diego ,the closest you have come to my house butvthree hours away and I was having qdrenal insufficiency fueled depression so…I stayed at home. But if I get a giveaway from you I would find some creative way to display it…I have yet to figure out my creative ways but with hippy road kill collecting parents, me thinks my genetic predisposition to weird things are to my advantage.

    opinion8dhermit recently posted untitled.

  177. I saw your book in my favorite little bookstore yesterday… I took a pic of it and text Mr. Amazing and told him it was a sign that you would come here eventually… he might think im crazy

    Kerry :) recently posted … MIA.

  178. Congrats!! I would love a copy of your book! :D

    Megan recently posted Strawberry Hand Pies from saga of a twenty-something.

  179. I’m sadly going to miss your reading/signing in Portland since Jack White announced his tour dates first! So me and the rest of the fantastical fan girls that I was wrangling will hike up our red dresses and try and scoot on up to Seattle. Until then, and if you have free time in P-town check this place out, I think you’ll like it, like just a little bit. http://www.paxtongate.com/about.aspx. Oh, and a signed book would be pretty kick ass!

  180. I’ve been patiently waiting for my public library to get an e-book version of your tome, so I haven’t had a chance to read it yet… but I’ve heard nothing but awesomely ridiculous things about it and can’t wait to get my grubby little paws on it!

  181. Would love a free copy to share the love with friends! Happy you’re still riding high!

    Enrique Gomez recently posted The bat, the cat and all of that: The Dark Knight Rises.

  182. Yay! The chance to win your book directly from you! How very wonderful. I wish I could get the 4 hours to Toronto to see you!!

  183. We can’t wait to see you in P-Town in August. Congratulations on visiting our fair city during the three weeks of the year when it DOESN’T rain. Huzzah!

    Jen in Portlandia recently posted Baby, You Light Up My World Like Nobody Else.

  184. Wasn’t able to travel the day you were in Florida for a signing, so I’m happy to enter into the drawing. Loved the book and have done my level best to spread the love. :)

  185. 186
    Jill Tinsley

    Oooooooooooooooohhhh!!! I would so love a signed copy of your book!

  186. 187
    Avonelle Lovhaug

    You’re coming to my town! Yay!

  187. Oooh, I’d love an American version! I’m trying to be good and wait til I can buy the real book rather than the ebooks I’ve taken to lately… I want this one displayed on my bookshelf!!

    You crack me up and I get so much joy out of following you, Wil Wheaton, and Paul and Storm on twitter. The combination is a constant source of hilarity that I don’t know how I ever lived without.

  188. 189
    Melissa the Meek

    You and Wil Wheaton are among the only 5 celebrities left I respect. Thank you for being crazy, awesome yet true to yourself. ;D

  189. I really wished you were coming to Philadelphia! Loved the article about you in the Inquirer. Best of luck on your tour!

  190. 191
    Jennifer Vandale

    ooo ooo ooo ooo!!! Me please, :D

  191. Thank you for helping me find a role model with an anxiety disorder like me! You are such an inspiration–thank you for sharing your shenanigans.

    Hannah recently posted If I’m Famous, Prepare for Some Shenanigans.

  192. Thanks for the belly laughs – you’re hilarious!

  193. It’s such a best seller because if the author….and your sense if humor!!

  194. I’ve not read your book yet. I’d like to though. I’d like to read a free, signed copy of the UK version of your book even more.

    I solemnly swear that I will only lick it a little bit.

  195. I downloaded your book on to my Kindle but would love a real copy of the British Version! Then as I am reading people will understand why I am laughing out loud.

  196. Ohhh, yes please!!!

  197. Not coming through Oklahoma then? Bummer! I’d LOVE a signed copy of the book.

  198. best book I read all year! would love to have an autographed copy to have for my very very own…
    alas, cannot come to your book signings (well, better said, dammit! I can’t go to your book signings … got conflicts, you know…)…smile, cheers! gwen L

  199. You’re amazing, and the unicorns are jealous because you poop rainbows.

    Brandon recently posted It’s Official: I’m Kinda Psycho About Running.

  200. 201
    Tiffany G.

    I LOVED your book and I’m asking all of my friends to check it out and your blog, as a personal favor to me. You are so wonderfully quirky – everything you do makes me laugh.

  201. I wish I could get to Toronto to see you, but since I can’t I’ll just have to keep pushing your book at the bookstore I work at. I hope you enjoy Canada!

    Amanda recently posted in which a customer steps on my feelings.

  202. At 42 years old, its been a really long time since I almost peed myself in bed – then I read your book last week. I was laughing SO hard, but managed to get where i needed fast enough. Good thing too – My husband was only mildly annoyed to be woken from a dead/sound sleep by my laughter. I can only imagine if he woke up b/c of damp sheets (then again, I guess I could have always blamed the dog).

  203. I had to quit reading your book at night because I was laughing so hard I was keeping everyone else up (including the dogs). And I was also poking my husband with the book, asking “are you asleep??!” so I could read parts to him. He was amused by you, not so much by me.

  204. 205
    Danielle H.

    Your book was absolutely awesome (I snorted lots and read many pages of it out loud to my husband…I read almost all of your blog to him as well)! I don’t live anywhere near any of the book tour sites, but my sister lives in Denver. So I sent her all the info for that one and told her to bring her Xanax bottle as it MUST get signed! ;)

  205. 206
    Jennifer Wilkerson

    That is so awesome! I would love a copy since I haven’t picked one up yet! Hubby has a stupid rule that I have to read at least half the books in my to-read like before I go and fiendishly buy more. I usually argue that he just doesn’t understand my process.

  206. Your book is one of the few my husband has actually read. He told me he wanted to read it because I laughed so much and he wante to be in on the joke. He was not disappointed. You’re amazing, Jenny. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog last year.

  207. I would LOVE to win the audio book version. I can’t think of anything better than listening to your words! Saw you when you came to Austin … thanks for ruining my mascara!

  208. “WE NEED MORE BOOKS LIKE THIS ONE!” (words over a pic of Juanita the Weasel) or this “THE BOOK MADE ME SCREAM WITH LAUGHTER” I want an American version of the book unless you have in the British version tire spelled like tyre because that is cool how they misspell things in the UK. Forget it, do you have a Texas version and it is filled with fixin toos and y’alls because that is the version I would like to have.

    Delena recently posted Dear Diary bathing suits will not make me feel bad anymore!.

  209. I am going to try to make it to see you when you are in MN.

  210. You’re not touring anywhere near where I live; I’d love to win a copy, thanks!

  211. 212
    Courtney Smith

    Would LOVE a copy of your book! Your blog makes me laugh and helps me get through the day!

  212. Leave comment win prize?

    Hate that you didn’t get to hit Memphis on your tour, btw.

    Evan Hurst recently posted Taxpayer-Funded Christian School Denies Entry To Three Year-Old With Gay Parents.

  213. 214
    Leigh Parlier

    I would love an audio copy :) I will be buying the kindle version soon to read too, but I love listening to audiobooks at work!

  214. You’re an inspiration. I live in the middle-of-nowhere, so I won’t make it to your signings, but good luck!

    Susan recently posted Archivist.

  215. My girls and I would love to have your book. Now. You should definitely go on vacation and relax a little. You deserve it!

  216. I’m so upset that I am unable to go to Toronto to see you :( My car is kaput and I live in the country. My friend and I loved your book and are avid readers of your blog. Enjoy your time in Canada eh?!

  217. I would love to have a copy of your book. It’s been on my Amazon wishlist since April, but my lame friends & family have yet to purchase it for me!

  218. Another wish from St. Louis. I was really sad to see we didn’t make the cut. Shoot, it’s been hotter here than in Texas many days this summer. You would have felt like you were at home.

    That said, your book was the funniest I’ve read.

  219. 220
    Tiffany G.

    Let’s pretend I didn’t finish the book – so I don’t look so crazy reading parts over and over

  220. I’m glad that your book is still on the best seller list! You are funny and smart and your writing makes people feel euphoria (probably from an excess of giggles).

    Seanna Lea recently posted Moore, a sweater in a month.

  221. I was so bummed when I couldn’t make it to your Boston signing, but I would even (almost) fatally hug Copernicus for a signed American copy.

    PS I forced my bookclub to read your book for next month. I’ve heard that most of them have irreparably stained their books by laughing whilst drinking beverages.

  222. 223
    Wendi Thompson

    Thanks for continually opening up your life and all it’s wackiness to us- your crazed followers. Keep doing what you’re doing!! We’ll keep living vicariously!!

  223. Oh snap! I’m looking forward to catching your reading in the Portland-Metro area. Good times will be had by most, if not all.

  224. love love love the book and would go cray for an autographed copy!

    Lori recently posted Mommy Wars.

  225. I would love to have the audio book so I can laugh at inappropriate things in the school drop off line!

  226. I was out of town when you were in my neck of the woods and I was so sad! LOVE the book, would love an autographed copy!

  227. Thank YOU for all of the laughs! I loved your book!

    Since I have purchased my own copy already, if I won, I would love to place it in an auction that I am holding in September to earn money for my cat. He needs surgery and I’m trying to get some really neat things to auction off. Your book would be an absolutely wonderful addition!

    If you want to see pictures of my little guy, Bumblebee, or read more about the auction, here is a link: https://www.facebook.com/BumblebeeHarlanFundraiser?ref=hl

  228. Ooh! Ooh!! Pick me! Pick me!!! I’m too broke to buy a copy and your writing helps me forget how much I hate my life for little spurts of time.

    P.S. Thank you for providing me a forum to use the word “spurt.”

    Sweet Sassyfats recently posted The Rainy Day.

  229. Man, I am totally planning on being at the Portland signing to get a hard copy. So the British one or Audiobook for me! Maybe I’ll have you sign my nook. =)

  230. Jenny, you lighten life’s travails! I was thrilled to secure a copy of your timely tome from my local library to read, since I continue to be a displaced (unemployed) worker, no longer receiving benefits (yeah, you read that right). An autographed copy to grace my shelves would be over the top! I hope to hear more about the giant rooster’s travels in your sequel. THAT had me snorting non-stop in the middle of the night!

  231. Good luck to you!

  232. 233
    Deborah Tucker

    I would absolutely love to win a signed copy of your book “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened”. I am homebound, can’t travel to the bookstores. I enjoy reading your column & twitter comments.

  233. I also wish that you could have included St. Louis in your tour. Love your book.

  234. 235
    Santiago Salazar

    You know what? tell Mary Fairy godmother to take you to Colombia (she knows how to do it, plus she gives you tons of fairy dust yayyy) , honestly you’re amazing and it would be a pleasure to have you here.
    You’re Better than Madonna and cheese and coca cola.

  235. Count me in! American version
    Have fun in Toronto! :)

  236. Most fun book I’ve read in a long time. I paced myself so it would last longer.

  237. Congratulations on the success of the book! It is so very deserved as you are amazing =)

    Jen recently posted Making up for lost time...

  238. Have never been happier for someone I don’t really know before. Or more proud.
    You deserve all this success and more.

    Sarah recently posted Days 205-209.

  239. Jenny, you are awesome!! Don’t stop doing what you do. I think the world would be a happier place if more people collected oddly brilliant taxidermied animals. Sadly, I have yet to start my collection. Perhaps I can live vicariously through your book if I win a copy!!

  240. You are MY hero.

  241. Unfortunately I cannot make the Denver stop, but I’d be thrilled to win a copy of your book! Congrats on all your success :)

  242. 243
    Celina Yanez AKA Your most awesome fan EVA!!!!!!

    Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!

    We read your book in our book club and I have been doing PR for your book like a motha.
    <3 your fan

  243. Thanks for the opportunity of this give away! I hope I win. :)

  244. Congratulations! I would love to win an autographed american version of your book! Thanks for the chance to win! I love your blog and especially your conversasions with Victor. I read them to my husband and we both just crack up. I also appreciate your honesty on depression, thank you.

  245. Your book is great! Of course its still a best seller! Wish I could make it to your book signing when its out my way but I have this pesky thing called work getting in my way (*shakes fist at the unfair world*). Your blog has become apart of my morning coffee-procrastinate-starting-work-for-just-a-bit-more routine. Always brightens my day :)

  246. Would love to win a signed copy of the British version (such a neat cover)! So happy you are getting the success you’ve earned.

  247. Hilarious read. Really enjoyed it.

  248. I soooo want the audio version. Already have the kindle version. Thanks again for writing this!

    heidi recently posted What do we have here?.

  249. Your blog has made me lurve stuffed dead animals. I now seek them at every yard sale, flea market and bizarre antique market. I’d love your reg’lar ole’ English version of the book!

  250. I could use a book.

  251. Tossing my name in because while I really want to pick up a copy of your book, I’ve been looking for steady employment since I finished grad school, and it’s not going to well..
    I’m still going to try to come see you when you come to Toronto, though! Very exciting that you’re coming up here. You’ve been a wonderful inspiration on how to terrorize one’s significant other with overabundant enthusiasm for life.. and dead things, oddly enough.

  252. So happy for you that your book is doing so well! I own a hardcover version of your book, and I was lucky enough to have you sign it for me when you came to MA. (I was the awkward red head who asked if it would be ok if I gave you a hug, and you were awesome and said yes, of course.) I would love to win an audio version of your book!

  253. I loved your book, but I have misplaced my copy. So winning one would allow me to share it with a few people that I know will love it too!

  254. You rock. Laughed (and cried) my way through your book last week. I am not surprised it’s still on the Bestseller List. You are a hoot!

  255. I laughed so hard I cried on the way to Yellowstone earlier this year…then I shared the book with my 16 year old daughter so she could enjoy it just as much on the way home from Yellowstone. It would be great to be a two copy household

  256. 257
    Susan McLean

    I would love to win the British version, I borrowed it from the library but hated to give it back.

  257. Congrats on your amazing success! You are an inspiration.

  258. So I introduced you to my sister. She also manages life with depression and you’ve been a big help. She bought your book, has attended the readings and everything. She was even so nice that she loaned me (poor college student) your book so I could read it. Which I was doing, and I was half way through when I had to go to school for the day. Well, while I was being an awesome student by attending class, my dogs ate the book. Now, the only other books they ever ate were the Harry Potter books, so I figure it’s a compliment. However, it wasn’t mine – so I’d like to enter the contest so I could return something other than compost to my sister. I’d also like to say that I’m very glad to see you have such success.

  259. I haven’t laughed out loud reading a book like I did when reading yours possibly ever. I have issues with depression and autoimmune conditions also (lupus and RA) and reading your book/blog is the best medicine! I am in LA and wish I could make the trek to San Diego but it’s the week/weekend of my cousin’s wedding. If you sent me a signed copy from Phoenix I might just be an atheist who finally finds Jesus somewhere besides the kitchen!!!

  260. Oooo! PICK ME! PICK ME! Congrats on your well deserved success!! =)

    I am counting down to the San Diego stop on the “FINAL Final leg” of the tour!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!

    Shell recently posted Abracadabra.

  261. ooooh, the CD would be grand!

  262. 263
    Jennifer Fink

    Going to come see you in Edina! Sooooo excited!

  263. You inspire me to finish my own book which has sat dormant for almost 2 years now. Would love a HARD copy! Congrats on your well deserved success! (there’s nothing witty here, move along)

  264. Congrats and enjoy the (well deserved) rest after the tour!

  265. Am hoping to see you in Seattle! Can’t wait

  266. My wife read the book in the car while I was driving and was laughing almost the entire time.

    Manfre recently posted RT @Just stubbed the FUCK out of my toe. THANKS OBAMA..

  267. Oooh I’m excited you’re still on the bestseller list. I wish I could afford a copy, but we’ve been scrimping for my dental work.

    And when I say dental work I mean DENTAL WORK. I just had all my teeth removed. Well, all but two, those two were already missing. Which sounds pretty extreme, but it was the most reliable way I would get to chew food again. It’s definitely something to celebrate! I think I should get a tattoo to commemorate my liberation from dental pain, but I haven’t decided what the subject should be. Maybe a dead Cavity Creep?

    Anyway, a toast to celebrations of all kinds! (Mine is non-alcoholic, because I’ve been told pain pills and booze don’t mix. I don’t believe it, but I’m a cautious soul.)

  268. Your book is absolutely wonderful! I told my sisters it is a must-read, and I keep reading parts of it to my husband. He is enjoying it too. :)

  269. 270

    Although I own and have indeed read your book, I think it would be fun to hear it read by you, so count me in for the draw for the audio version! And congratulations on your book – it’s definitely a pant-wetter. Can’t wait to meet you in T.O.!

  270. Thanks to you introducing me to the lifestyle of Beyonces, I now get tagged in any photo of metal chickens my facebook friends can find. I seriously think there are more “photos of me” as metal chickens as there are of actually “me”. Winning!

    Molly McDonald recently posted Father’s Day Gift Certificates Still Available!.

  271. You really need to stop signing so many books… it is reducing the value of my “Personally signed by the author” book on EBay! Kidding!!! AS IF I WOULD EVER SELL MY PERSONALLY SIGNED BOOK!!!! I treasure it.

  272. Ooo me me me!! Thanks for writing a book that causes folk to blow coffee out their noses!!! You rock!!

  273. I’d love an autographed copy. Then I could gift my current (unsigned) copy to my mom, who I think would *love* your book.

  274. I have been stalking your website, I mean reading your website for years now. You make me laugh and make my day. I have the Kindle version of your book but id look to see the pictures in person. I mean in real copies.

    Keep being the inspiration you are :)

  275. 276
    Lynne Thomas

    Jenny, I have two grown nieces who live three thousand miles from me in the Atlanta, GA, area. I have recently learned, due to my crazed fan-rave about your upcoming tour through Seattle, that they are huge fans of you, your book, and your blog. You, Jenny Lawson, are bringing families together; forging common ground. Whatever. Anyway, I’ll see you at Costco in Shoreline.

  276. Hi Jenny, thanks for all the laughs. I don’t remember how I found your site and your twitter account, but I’m glad I did! I also love to spread the word – your posts make me smile and laugh and I always like to share a good smile and laugh. Makes for a better world, yes? So I guess you’re saving the world – good job! Keep it up! Thanks again.

  277. Will Beyonce be co-signing? All the success of your book is deserved!!

  278. I loved the book! I have passed it on to my mom, sisters, and best friend. My husband will eventually be reading it as well! I could probably get him to read it faster if I had the audio version ;) Then when he is done I can listen to it whenever I need a laugh!

  279. Can’t wait to read it- good luck!

  280. I want to be in your drawing. But I’m not very lucky, so I probably won’t get picked. My 7-year-old daughter, on the other hand, is the luckiest kid in the world who is not made out of four-leaf clovers or rabbits’ feet. Ooh. A kid made out of rabbits’ feet sounds scary. If I let her make a comment maybe I’ll win. I mean SHE’ll win. that’s what I meant. Totally.

    Jennifer recently posted Doin' it wrong professionally: Now with more credentials!.

  281. Meeeee pleeeeeease! I just recommended your book to the Fashion Editor of the Times in London if that gets me any bonus points :)

  282. You deserve it!

  283. I can’t believe that *you* are thanking *us*, when clearly it should be the other way around! Can’t wait to see you in Seattle! Thank you so much for coming.

  284. I’d be flying out to see you again, but I.ll be busy giving away a kidney…can we work on more convenient scheduling next time?!? :)

    shameless plug: recycle yourself…be an organ donor.

    It’s the lawsbian thing to do.

  285. Thanks for reminding me that my current state of low self-confidence is only temporary. You are hilarious, honest, and caring and you know what? So am I. Actually, I’m pretty fucking hilarious.

    Thanks for the inspiration to be my amazing self.

  286. 287
    William Ramsey

    I am reading the book on iPad but would love an audio version, lady you crack me up ….from the hot desert of coachella valley.

  287. Congrats on the book! Houston loves you, baby!

  288. I read the Kindle version of “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” and laughed so hard while reading in bed that my husband said it was like sleeping in a seedy motel bed with Magic Fingers. I’d love an autographed copy of the book, if only to better see the photos of creepily adorable long-deceased taxidermified animals.

    Congratulations on your success, Jenny!

  289. Congratulations! I’ve really enjoyed your book – I’ve already read it twice!

  290. 291

    I’m pretty poor right now so I’m trying to borrow your book from the library….I’m 42nd in line. Do you know how many weeks it’s gonna take for me to finally get to read it? Like two billion!! If I get chosen I’ll read it then donate it to the library so others can finally enjoy it without living there whole life on the library’s wait list!!

  291. 292
    Patti Walker

    My husband and I LOVE your book!

  292. 293
    Courtney B

    You make me laugh. And that’s one of the most important things a person can do for people in this crazy and cruel world.

  293. “Let’s Pretend” made me laugh until I almost threw up…awesome! Can’t wait to read your next book!

    Kandace recently posted Random Stuff from My Sunday.

  294. 295
    Jessica H.

    To be honest this seems like one of those wonderful bathroom reads…and I wants…AND my Birthday is on Thursday so pick me pick me ;)

    But seriously, I love the blog and force feed it too my hubby by reading out loud!

  295. 296

    Wow, that would certainly make days of uncontrollable giggles on the London Undergroud which resulted in people backing away with a look of fear in their eyes as well as the need to change my underwear on arrival at work as, during said giggle fits, a little bit of wee had come out…totally worth it!!!!!

  296. An autographed copy of your book is sure to be worth millions someday in the not too distant future…

  297. 298
    Scott Wilson

    You’re awesome; can’t wait to read the book.

  298. Whether or not you could have done this without us is moot, since you have lived this awesome life. You inspire me, you make me laugh, you make me strive to be a better woman struggling with depression and anxiety. You are a true friend to a bazillion people, even when you’re hiding in the bathroom. Thank you Jenny, for all you do.

  299. Wish you were coming closer…there’s loads of us in Nova Scotia who would love to see you.

    Good luck on the rest of your tour!

  300. Tooooooooo cool! Congratulations.

    Claire recently posted So Far, So Good.

  301. See you in a week! ;)

  302. If I am obligated to leave a witty comment. I applogize in advance, as I woke up greatly lacking wit.

    Gina P recently posted Would You Like a Side of Mold or Mildew With That?.

  303. I wish I had been able to come to one of your signings… You deserve to be on the best seller list. Have fun on the last of your tour!

  304. As a school librarian, I feel a bit guilty if I am reading materials other than books for kids or educational stuff. There is always too much new literature coming down the pipeline, and I have to try and stay on top of it. When I am not reading about teen vampires, zombies, and dystopias, I read your blogs. I would love to get your book so that A) I can recommend it to teachers, moms, and other people as twisted as I am B) I have an excuse to break away from teen vampires, zombies, and dystopias. I mean, it’s a gift, right? I can’t just NOT read it if it is a gift? :)

    Congrats on the success you’re experiencing. You’ve made so many of us laugh, feel less alone in the world, and look at life with new perspective. You’re the best! (and so is Viktor!)

  305. 306
    Kelly Brown

    Excuse me for shouting, but . . . CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN SEATTLE!!

  306. Any chance that you can come do a book tour in England? You could collect a dubious taxidermy Loch Ness Monster, take a ride in the TARDIS and visit a museum for brains! We have so much to offer!!! Plus, some very swish bathrooms for reatreating to, should the need arise.
    Yours in hope (or London, whatever),

  307. haven’t read it. new to your blog.

  308. I SO want an autographed copy to accompany my already well-worn copy with the bookplate. I LOVE You ! Everything about you! Gonna go as you on Halloween !

  309. 310
    Rebekah Thomas

    A daily dose of laughter is what everyone needs and you make me laugh more than once a day!

    Have a safe journey and don’t melt when you get to Arizona!

  310. 311

    I am so excited that you’re finally making it to Arizona! I’m making a special trip down to Phoenix for this, and I hate Phoenix. As in, hate it so much I don’t visit family down there very much. This is how awesome you are.

  311. Can’t wait to see you in Seattle. Just as an FYI — we have our Beyonce here. Knock, Knock!

  312. Just finished “Let’s Pretend…” Couldn’t stop laughing out loud! You’re amazing, thanks for sharing your story with us :)

    Chelsea recently posted My Truths.

  313. best.giveaway.ever. i would so want the british version so i could compare AND contrast with my American copy.

    Anna recently posted A few favorite must-haves for summer.

  314. I would love a copy! I borrowed my friend’s copy to read and am now desperate for one of my own to re-read!

  315. I would like to jump on this contest bandwagon. Your mind is amazingly awesome in many ways and I love reading your work. Enjoy basking in the limelight on this upcoming tour!

    SarcasticNinja recently posted Jesus: Limbo Champion.

  316. Love love loved the book! I did not want it to end! Would appreciate a hard copy of the book so that I can view all of those wonderful pictures!

  317. I think you should be thanking Hunter S. Thomcat for keeping us all wildly engaged recently.

    Chooplah recently posted 10 Things To Know About Huge Boobs.

  318. I already own a hardcover copy, but I’d love to hear you reading it. I drive around a ton for my stressful job, and I could use a midday laugh.

    Alice K recently posted Writing Vacations.

  319. Thank *you* for being so awesome. Would love to win an American version of the book.

  320. Congratulations on your success! A hard copy would be so wonderful…I keep telling my roommate (who, I think, has fallen in love with you) that he needs to read your book, but I had downloaded it because I was too impatient to wait until I could get to the bookstore. He is a slow reader and I do not want to be without my phone (which has my Kindle app) for that long.

    Ah well…if I’m not chosen to win, I will probably just buy a hard copy anyway. I tell too many people about it not to have a copy on hand for loaning to them.

  321. Love your book! I had to stop reading it in public because I would laugh out loud and people were looking at me like I was an escaped prisoner :). Best book ever!

  322. I recently e-mailed you to tell you that I am in Seattle and on your book tour list…I just didn’t know if I would be alive long enough to make it that far. Your fairy godmother Mary was sweet enough to reply to my e-mail. I’m trying really hard to make it to August, if only to meet you. I can check off one more day now.

  323. Did you know that your book is the only book I’ve EVER been able to convince my husband to read?

    That really says something about your craft.

  324. This is like Christmas in July! I would love the audio copy – the book was great!! With my new audio copy I can listen to it on my long commute to work – and laugh until I cry every morning… well maybe I shouldn’t cry because that could cause an accident.. but the audio book would make me a super happy gal! I can’t wait for you in Seattle!

  325. You happen to be on the best-seller list STILL because you are spectacularly witty and I’m not just saying that to suck up and win, but because I truly enjoyed your book.
    OK – and just a little to suck up if it will swing the odds in my favor…cuz I would so love to hear the audio version.

    Lisa Victoria recently posted life:: in pursuit of the 70’s.

  326. I was reading your book in bed. My husband was trying to sleep, and I kept laughing (potato chip on the floor, being kicked in the face.) I said to him, “Sorry, I guess I shouldn’t read this at night.” He said, “Yes, you know how I hate your joy.” True love. : )

  327. It would be a big thrill for me to wil a signed copy of your book. You have made a difference in a lot of lives….including mine.

  328. I wish I lived closer so I could get to one of your book tour events! My sis-in-law just gave me your book and I’m loving it. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful laugh out loud stories!

  329. Oooooh, I desperately want an autographed American version. Pick me… But, if you don’t I will probably order one from Changing Hands. So, I guess there is very little incentive for you to pick me. Except that it would make a much better story if I won it than if I ordered it from Arizona. And really, it’s all about having a story to tell, right?

  330. oooh! me! me! Audiobook, please! (Bought the book, read it, love it, recommend it.)

  331. I missed you in South Florida because I got sick with the plague or something horrible and the Walgreen’s pharmacist kept telling me I just had a cold, but isn’t that how the plague started? A cold between rodents?

    Anyway, I won’t be able to make it to any stops on your book tour because my cape is in the shop.

    Did I win anything yet?

    Rhana @ Dumb {Squared} recently posted Big Baby vs. Miss Kitty.

  332. There isn’t anyone I could think of that deserves it more.

    Stephanie recently posted Gabby, Jordan and How NBC Rigged the Olympics.

  333. Oh my goodness, I would LOVE this!!!! An autographed American copy would be absolutely fantastic!

  334. I am looking foward to seeing you in Seattle! My husband is from Texas, and he loves it here. Perhaps you might consider moving up here someday. As fas as I know we have no scorpions or poisonous snakes. And it’s the PNW – we embrace unique and therefore you.

    I hope you next book comes together in less than 10 years! Looking foward to reading it.

  335. Ohh. Pick me! Pick me!

  336. I have a Goodreads account, Cynthia Paschen. I will share my copy with my oldest daughter Madeline, #18 reviewer on Goodreads (USA) We will both write reviews of your book.
    Thank You!

  337. 338

    Never thank a person for having good taste… see you in Seattle….and I am passing up Lauren Jackson Bobblehead night for you and the Seattle Storm and….WAIT A JENNY LAWSON BOBBLEHEAD…SOMEONE GET ON THAT…

  338. Yay books!


  339. Not only are you not coming to the Chicagoland area, but I haven’t managed to arrange my annual trip to Ontario so I can’t see you there, either. :( (I’m still searching for the perfect “Beyonce” with which to irritate my husband… I know she’s out there… somewhere.)

  340. If you are the reader on the audio, definitely would love that, if not, the British version, already have the American version and it was wonderful.

  341. I already bought the book (and have the autographed bookplate), but would LOVE the audio book! I can’t get enough Jenny!

  342. I would love a free autographed copy… to share of course. Congrats, so well deserved.

  343. I gave my mom my copy that I bought at the airport, because I knew she’d love it. I would love a new copy!

  344. I not only loved the book, but my 18 year old daughter did and my 14 year old son keeps reading pieces out loud to me. That is why you are still on the bestseller list – you are funny and appeal to everyone!

  345. I live a mere three and a half hours from Toronto, yet I cannot make the pilgrimige. AUGH! You finally come to Canada and I’m thwarted by Toronto. If only you’d come to Ottawa…. Next tour, hopefully. As a mildly disgruntled and thwarted Canadian, I would be mollified by an audio version, as I already have the hard cover.

  346. How fun! I’d be happy with a signed US version or the audio…. my Kindle loves you already!

  347. I dreamed that I found your book at a book sale over the weekend. I was so disappointed when I realized it wasn’t so.

  348. This just happened

    Friend: You should TOTALLY read this book (holds up Lets Pretend this Never Happened)
    Me: Please, I was reading her before it was cool
    Friend: Did you just turn into a hipster right now?

    I hipstered for you. I can’t even look in the mirror. What if I have an ironic mustache?!

  349. Congrats!!! :)

  350. 351
    Christina Goss

    one of my best friends told me about your blog and book just this morning. After checking out your blog, belly laughing, and identifying with your anxiety and bathroom retreats i cant wait to read your book!!

  351. A signed copy of your book would make me happier than it’s probably legal to be in the state of Arizona. Also, it would give me something to show my cat, Barkley, because he is a super-fan of your cat, Posey, and is also my own personal psychopath on the other side of the bathroom door. Shortly after reading your book, I found myself in a similar situation caused not by laxative but by an unfortunate Mexican food episode that I’ve probably already said too much about. Anyway, I, too, was alone in my house when the bathroom door handle started jiggling. “Someone’s in here!!”, I heard myself yelling. Then the absurdity of the situation struck me and I started laughing but then Barkley succeeded in opening the door which flew open because he was standing against it and so then I started screaming.

    Anyway, in conclusion, a signed copy of your book would make for two very ecstatic Jenny Lawson & Posey super-fans in my house and would also become a cherished family heirloom as we don’t have many nice things.

  352. Im so happy for you. And proud if I can say that without sounding condescending. And also a little disturbed because I read your book and Fifty Shades at the same time and I had some very awkward dreams about you and victor….and wolf blitzer.

    Elly Lou recently posted Tootsie.

  353. I looked for your book at my local Barnes & Noble and they didn’t have it in stock! That’s how awesome it is… or must be since I haven’t read it myself yet! Hopefully soon…

  354. Thank you for including Minneapolis! I was going to stalk you across the country (or Canada if necessary) but now I do it from the comfort of my local suburbia. Yay!

  355. Alas, you’re not comin far enough east for me to even dream of meeting you! Plus silly things like kids, work, and responsibility keep me from packing a bag and going to any of your signings. Le sigh… But the work and you are awesome!!

  356. Thank YOU for all the giggles (and smirks)!

  357. I’d love an audio copy, listening to you on the excerpt was 100x funnier than the book (and the book made me nearly crack a rib laughing!), you bring such personality to it :)

    Congratulations on the bestseller list, you totally deserve it! <3

  358. 359
    Jessica H.

    Perhaps you already got this comment but I do not see it so I’m posting again….

    This seems like a great bathroom read…and a hilarious book all around so I wants. Plus my birthday is on thursday so pick me pick me!!!

    On a more serious note I’ve been sniffing around you blog for the past few months, and think it’s hilarious and wonderfully honest so thank you :)

  359. ok, I’m usually a silent follower, and I haven’t won anything since winning a Tandy TRS80 in the grade four bike rodeo (yeah, if that doesn’t age me….), but hey, can’t turn down a chance at a free (and much coveted) book! (and since my funds are very tight these days, I have’t been able to move your book from my amazon wish list to my shopping cart just yet!). Congrats on all your success!!

  360. awww man! I just knew that when I clicked on your last leg that you would make it up to Lubbock! haha good luck on your tour!

    Karen recently posted A few of my favorite things - A photo essay.

  361. YAY for the giveaway since my library has 4 copies for 105 holds and hubby lost his job a few weeks ago so any money we have has gone to stupid stuff like mortgage and food . . . and I thought about shoplifting (hey you said I could) but I just didn’t have the nerve/balls/fast shoes to do it.

  362. 363
    Monique Hart

    You are still on the NYT beause I just purhased 3 copies for you to sign in Tempe. I have 2 sisters who live out of state that want your book and me to see you and since I am afraid of them, I obey.

  363. Ooh, I told a friend about your book last night – but I won’t let her borrow my copy, because the last book I gave her was just returned. After five years. BUT if I win an autographed British copy, then she can totally have my boring ol’ American copy.

  364. I just screamed and ran into a wall. Pick me.

  365. 366
    Shannon Brummer

    I would love to win a copy of your book!!!!!!!!!!!

  366. Congratulations! I would love to win the British copy. I really love the cover!

  367. Stupid autocorrect! I obviously meant your book and you are awesome!

  368. 369
    Jessica H.

    P.S. The Jessica H. that has comment # 243 is not me…what a fun coincidence!

  369. 370
    Keely Tolbert

    It is a fantastic read – my husband and I both enjoyed it tremendously and laughed until we cried at parts. :)

    I’d love a British copy !!! I can keep our stateside copy company on our bookshelves.

  370. I’m so happy that your book is on the best seller list! I wish you were coming to Detroit, but I understand why you may want to stay away!

  371. I would love the audio to share with my mother. She’s blind. I’m deaf and have the hard copy. We find this sort of amusing when we go out together in public. The deaf leading the blind. Until we communicate then it usually ends up reversed.

  372. Oh, I’d love to win a copy of your book! I’m too cheap to buy one (budget’s tight) and the library doesn’t have one.

  373. 374
    Candace Garcia

    Congratulations, Jenny! Your book is spectacular and I recommend it to everyone I meet.

  374. I want a copy of your book! And a signed Beyonce, but I figure the book is easier to ship. ;)

  375. Ha ha I vote for Scott!

  376. Would love to win a copy of the book!

  377. I would love to win! I am hoping to be able to make it to your stop in Minnesota but I’m not sure if I can!

  378. I would love to win a copy! I’ve been recommending it to all of my friends…and I haven’t even read it yet!

  379. Would love an autographed copy of the US or British version. I was very disappointed I missed out on the nameplate.

  380. You need to get a taxidermied SOMETHING to dress like a mountie to put on your pony when you travel to Canada land! :)

  381. I borrowed your book from my friend who *is* going to see you in Toronto, and need to give it back to her. She, meanwhile, is in the throes of creative misery as she tries to think of things to give you that will make you laugh so hard you have to lie down.

    It’s a strange form of love, but a real one.

    The Mrs recently posted Lannis: Winning one battle....

  382. Your book is still on the bestseller list because it is awesome! I’d love to win a signed copy :-)

    Jessi recently posted Cheap And Easy Cooking – Eggs.

  383. Funny you thanking us…your book and blog are my Zoloft AND Xanax. No, thank YOU! And by that I don’t mean no thank you I don’t want an autographed copy, I mean…well you know what I mean…punctuation…

  384. If I wasn’t a full time mom I’d drive an hour into Toronto, stand in the cheering section and welcome you to our beloved city! Enjoy your brief trip to Canada ((Hugs))

  385. I am very disappointed that you didn’t come anywhere close to the nation’s capital. Really, most of the politicians are imported, and the natives aren’t like that at all. I promise. (And you know how we feel about promises around here!)

    You can make it up to me with a book. Because I don’t want any taxidermied animals. And I don’t look good in a dress. And I don’t have enough hair left for those curlers.

  386. I wish I could come up with something wild and witty to say to ensure I was one of the chosen ones, but I’m sorry…that’s why I read you, to avoid the work of trying to be wild and witty! (Please, STOP trying to make me do your job for you! Geeze!)
    So I’m just gonna jump up and down in my computer chair, waving my hand wildly in the air while screaming, “Me! Me! Me! Oh oh oh, pick ME!!!!!” (yeah, right up until all the jumping causes a baldder incident, which will TOTALLY be on YOUR head! Thanks a lot…)

    Chris Dean recently posted The Skeeze Ate My Post!.

  387. 388
    Emily Corbitt

    Jenny Lawson,
    Where do I begin? Thank you for your book. It makes me feel a little more sane (which is totally fucking dangerous!). Knowing that Victor has made it through all this gives me great hope for my husband. But what I am really trying to say is that I enjoyed your book so much because we have so many similarities. Well, in part. Except that your anxieties lead you to the bathroom, hanging out like the girl that is too cool for the party while I end up running to the bathroom trying to beat the shit storm my anxieties bring on and then I have people all panicked that they are going to get food poisoning and my husband has to explain not to worry, I do this all the time. Okay, maybe it doesn’t happen quite like that but if we had friends that invited us over it would. That’s why my bathroom is the safest place to be. Desperately trying to hide away from my fears of the world, or from my children and husband. And I am tired of retreading the same damn magazine that is three years old now so now you see why it is so important to have your book. As my safe room supply. And now I find myself wondering if I really want to post this rant for the world to see. Yes! Yes I do! Because if Jenny Lawson can do it, so can I! And if that ends up on a shirt, I want one of those too. Signed, “you are one badass bitch- in a good way” because that’s how you make me feel, Jenny Lawson. And I am grateful. The end. I think. (a sigh of relief that the rambling can now end) (and the obsessive checking of the inbox can begin) (someone stop me please!!!) okay, here is the real end. .

  388. Oooh me! I would love a signed copy!

    Mama Pants recently posted Rocky.

  389. You’ve given me a new appreciation for taxidermy…

    Amy recently posted Memory Techniques: Mnemonic Devices.

  390. They translated your book into British English?! How awesome! I’d love to see an Irish version, if one was done. They say “feck” instead of “fuck,” which is such a fecking hoot.

    mrtl recently posted If You Ask a Five-Year-Old for Directions.

  391. I can’t find anywhere that sells the audio book so I hope you pick me!

  392. I might have squealed a little when I saw you’re coming to Toronto. Can’t wait!

  393. Thank you for making me laugh! and cry… (but at the appropriate times)

  394. Congratulations! And get onto the next book…. I’m going to hold my breath until it comes out. Actually, I’m not because I have too much to live for. Unicorn sucess club duties and all. ;)

  395. Oh, British version, please! : ))

  396. Just finished reading your book~ it was hysterical. My sides hurt from laughing! I now use the phrase “Dear Victor” as a warning to my husband! (I read him the post it note chapter) I would LOVE to win an audio version, then I could hear your voice!

  397. I’m so happy for you, but I’m also totally unsurprised at your bestselling awesomeness. You’re a fabulous writer with a unique perspective, and you’ve written your butt off (erm…likely not literally). I hope your second proposal goes through: can’t wait to read more!

    Well. That was the extent of my sappy good will for the week. I’m sure Husband will roll his eyes at you now, since I’ve spent his quota on you. Hahahaha.

    Jess recently posted UPDATED: Um, That's MRS. Titts, Actually..

  398. I’m taking my doctoral candidacy examination in Plant Science and Biotechnology next week – after the 5 days of 8 hour exams I would love to read something that isn’t a science textbook!

  399. I would love the audio CD. And more kitten pictures would be welcomed… kittens are awesome.

  400. My whole family has read your book and it actually helped through some tough times. You may enjoy that I bought my dad his own mini-Beyonce to stick outside his office window.

    And since I’ve only borrowed a copy from my family members, I would love to have my own. Possibly the British version. So I’m that much closer to being the next Doctor’s companion.

  401. Loved your book, and got my boyfriend reading it too. I cheated and skipped to Beyonce’s chapter, and read it aloud to him. Giggles ensued. Manly giggles from him, of course.

  402. 403
    holly smith

    IWANNABOOKIWANNABOOK!!! Tell me there’s British audio….

  403. Loved your book!

  404. An American version of you book, please! I enjoy your texts so much, I started to read post entries to fill my Jenny quota!

  405. I’ve read and re-read your book, I keep finding new things to laugh at! I would love to have the audio version so I could hear it in your voice!

  406. So there is a big metal chicken outside of a restaurant in Brownwood, TX. I think of you every time I pass by it.

    Would love to have an autographed book!

  407. Would love to win this book!

  408. 409
    Lillian Markham

    Please please send me your book! Reading your blog makes my day, every time I’m on here.

  409. I don’t generally enter blog giveaways because they’re usually giving out something I will never enjoy. But having a signed copy of your book is, like, shrine-worthy. In fact, if I win a signed copy, I will erect a shrine in my house for said book and post pictures of it on my blog for you. That’s TOTALLY free advertising, which is way better than advertising you pay for. See? Win/win for both of us.

    Also, my blog has pictures of carrots with penises, so you’ll fit right in.

    Also, I’ll donate the copy of your book that I already have to the families needy children*.

    (No, not UNDERPRIVILEGED children, NEEDY children. The type that whine all the time and are never happy? Their parents need some escapism. They also should know how to traumatize their children by using dead squirrel puppets and such. Think about it: We’ll be saving families together.)

    The Maven recently posted And this is why gardening and Photoshop do not mix.

  410. Because of you, I almost purchased a five-foot tall rooster akin to the famed Beyonce while driving through Mississippi earlier this month. It would’ve looked great on my boyfriend’s front porch next to wicker one-foot tall rooster he purchased to shut me up. Thanks for that.

  411. I turned 24 yesterday. An autographed copy of the British version of your book would be the BEST birthday present!

    Taylor recently posted Toughest decision I’ve ever had to make. But, in the end,....

  412. Loved your book!

  413. Yes, methinks an audio version would be quite welcome, thank you. Enjoy your time in the great white north, eh!!

    Misty recently posted Return of the Mack.

  414. 415
    Jim Roemke

    You crack me up! Looking forward to reading your book soon.

  415. Love, love, love the book! And the blog! And your life! Thanks for sharing all of them. I greatly look forward to your Nobel Prize in Literature acceptance speech.

    … oh, wait… I think I wasn’t supposed to mention that just yet. Please disregard.

    Eric Francis, Chairman
    Nobel Academy

  416. SO glad to have found you (and Beyonce!!). You make me laugh almost daily.


  417. You rock! And Louie sends his love…

  418. I thought about driving the 10+ hours to get to Portland to get a signed book, but my sciatic nerve is acting up and I dont think a drive that long would be good for it. So I’ll settle for winning a copy of the signed book here. :)

    And congrats on all your success! The Beyonce story alone, make the book worth it’s full price, so thank you for my own little personal copy of that!

    Brandy recently posted I'm late! I'm late for a very important date!.

  419. I’d love to have a paper copy. Thanks for making me laugh out loud! I’m having to look harder and harder for books that put the “comic” part back into the “tragi-comedy” of life.

  420. Would love an autograph copy! Maybe you could add New Orleans to your tour too!

  421. Congrats on the much deserved continued success! See you in Toronto! :)

    Heather recently posted Pathway to the Past - Route 1812.

  422. 423
    Elizabeth B

    Congratulations on all your success! I would LOVE to have the audio version, please/thanks!

  423. 424
    Catherine T

    Yay! I’ve got the Nook version but would TREASURE a signed copy of your book. For real.

  424. Jenny, you are so kind. Thank you for your book, it has been a joy!

  425. Not only have both my husband and I read your book, but so have all of my colleagues at work. A couple of weeks ago, my admin walked in with a tiny squirrel stuffie, smashed into a cracker box and yelled, “Guess who I am!” The whole cubicle area laughed so hard, that our ED had to come over and tell us to quiet down. :)

    Wish I could catch you in Toronto, but I’m in Ottawa and I unfortunately can’t slip away for the 5+ hrs it takes to drive up there. Have a fantastic end of tour – you earned it!

  426. I just wanted to thank you again, your book is both hilarious, and has been a wonderful insight into my wife’s brain, which is wired much like yours, and it has really helped us to grow closer.

  427. Have fun, stay safe and don’t let the Canadians convert you. If you’re anywhere near these stops for Jenny’s tour — stop what you’re doing and GO. You’ll never regret it, and you only live once! (Even if you choose to pretend it didn’t happen at the end.)

  428. I would love to win the audio book – I need something to entertain me during the seven hour drive to Edina!



    Stacia recently posted I'm a Terrible Person.

  429. Congratulations on your book success! I loved the book and you are such an inspiration. The only thing better than reading the book would be hearing you read it!

    Michelle recently posted Best friends help you hide the body..

  430. I’m really sad because I was lamenting for months about the fact that you weren’t bringing your book tour to Toronto, and now that you are, I’m not going to be able to go. I am playing Henry Higgins in a production of Pygmalion, and I have rehearsal that night. I suppose I could call in sick, but that would totally screw everyone else in the cast because Higgins is in almost every scene. So, I’m choosing to do the right thing, but have to miss the chance to meet you as a result. Major bummer. Oh well–I’ll make sure to keep my calendar free for when the tour for your 2nd book comes to town.

    Congrats on all your success, Jenny. Thanks for all you’ve shared with us.

  431. I would DIE to win a copy! Although that would make it a bit difficult to read if I won… hmm….

    But seriously I do really really want a copy but haven’t been able to buy one since finances have been really tight here. But I love you so much and I would just about die laughing as I always do reading your blog. My husband doesn’t get it, but I don’t care. He already knows he married the crazy, he’s stuck now!

  432. I’d love to get my hands on your book!

    Jennifer Jo recently posted the quotidian (7.30.12).

  433. Do you have a British audio version? You know, you reading it with a hoity-toity fake British accent. I want that one.

  434. Cant wait to read it whether it’s a gift from you or not :)

    Me, Ed and Pea recently posted Adding trim to Ikea curtains.

  435. I *never* win anything, except Gold during sex…! Would love to win a British version – if your amazing blog posts are anything to go by, I’ll need to invest in some incontinece pants….!

  436. You make me laugh until I do this really unattractive wheeze/snort, and that’s something I value immensely. Congratulations on all of your success with your book, I hope it stays a bestseller for a long time to come!

  437. Oooh!
    Pick me, pretty please.
    I like free.
    And your blog makes me laugh, so
    I imagine your American book would
    make me laugh, too.
    Thank you.
    Also making me laugh: the time and effort I am putting into this comment, because
    1. it will never be noticed, tossed in with the hundreds of other comments
    2. I should be doing laundry, but I am not, because I am *so busy* on the computer, like it’s my job, which it isn’t, because I can’t seem to make blogging pay.
    Thank you, again. This has been a welcome break from laundry.

    Natalie, the Chickenblogger recently posted Bon Voyage!.

  438. Read your book on a friend’s recommendation. We texted back and forth while reading it! Like a text version of a book club! You’re welcome!

  439. Thanks for being you!

  440. Love the fantastic observations you make everyday! I have literally spit diet coke out of my nose!

  441. I’m so excited that you’re coming to Seattle!!!

  442. I really want a signed book, so that I can gloat continuously that I have one and none of my friends do. Please help me make my friends jealous! And I’m gonna try to get off work so I can come to your signing in Minneapolis!

  443. see you on the 7th! hope you have nice digs to stay in when in Toronto. If not, call me and I’ll gladly put up at my house!

  444. A not-so-small thank you for being awesome! Glad to hear the book is still doing well. Well-deserved!

  445. 446
    Samantha Bitner

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful and unique view on the world with us. You brighten all our days, Jenny!

  446. 447

    Jenny, you are an inspiration to more people than you know. And only a small percentage of them are anthropomorphized taxidermy projects.

  447. 448
    Chris Burrell

    I now have the Oh Canada song looping in my head! Congrats I have the Kindle Versions so a hard copy would be awesome to put on display next to my stuffed Otter :)

  448. I would love a copy to share with my bookclub! (It would really be mine, but I will share, promise.)

  449. 450

    We love you too, Jenny. See you in Denver!

  450. 451

    The first thing I did after I read your book was check out a book from my library on how to write creative non-fiction. Because you’re GODDAMNED INSPIRING.

    I’ve also picked up some of your shout-y capitalization habits.

    While reading your book, I laughed like a crazy person many times. I realized that my social anxiety doesn’t mean that I can’t have a voice. And I was encouraged to go learn something new. Point being, you’ve already given me a gift, so this isn’t even a ploy for a signed copy – it’s just to say thank you.

  451. Pick me, pick me!!

  452. My husband and I have been sharing your blog posts with each other since the first Beyonce post. I feel like I’m a little late to the game, but you’re now on my Reader feed.

    We’re coming to the event in Minnesota. Would love to have your book in my hands for you to sign.

  453. So glad you wrote the book! I’m 3/4 or so the way through, and it’s so good to read about someone else who turned not fitting in into an act of resisting the Borg. :)

  454. Signing up for an American copy, since I’m planning on buying a copy for my mom and would hate to steal hers in order to read it.

    You shouldn’t give a gift without the intention of letting the person KEEP it, after all.

  455. Take pity upon me! I’m at home with a three week old- my first. Surely I could use your book to break the monotony of midnight feedings!

  456. 457
    Donnah Moore

    Bought this book and loved it! Took my children to the water park, but found it difficult to put the book down long enough to enjoy many of the rides (No judgement here people…my children are older and they don’t want their mother, especially their mother in a bathing suit, following them around). So I just sat in my chair, obnoxiously laughing out loud, while the lady next to me (reading non-fiction) gave me the stink eye!

  457. I’m so freaking stoked that you’re coming to Minneapolis. You can bet I’ll be there!

    DK recently posted How Do They Do That?.

  458. We literally could not have done it without you, either!(since you’re the one that actually did it) Thanks a million for writing the book that we needed to read. You’re the best.

  459. 461
    Kristen Maes Beattie

    would love a copy since 3 of us were trying to share a hard copy and 3 more were stealing wifi from the neighbor to read your blog this weekend!!

  460. I tried to convince my husband we needed a giant metal chicken for the yard the other day. He wouldn’t go for it. Maybe if I had told him I was going to name it Beyonce he’d be ok with it? I don’t know. I hadn’t come up with a name yet, though. Next time, I’m not asking, I’m just going to surprise him with such things.

  461. I REALLY, REALLY would love to have an autographed copy. I bought my copy for the Nook. I had planned to come see you in Atlanta but my husband couldn’t get off work to watch the kids :(

    Stacy recently posted Xanex via YouTube.

  462. I think your blog is amazing! And so is your red dress project…and your book. Thanks so much for putting all that creativity out into the world.

  463. I want the audio version of your books so much! I’d already purchased the hardcover when I found the YouTube video of you reading the first chapter and now I MUST hear the rest. And I loaned your book to my sister, so I’m never getting that copy back.

  464. Sign my Kindle book! Sigh, ok, I want a hard copy just so I can get you to sign it!

  465. Pick me! Pick me! I will use your book to spread good and happiness and rainbows all over the world. And also a little bit of evil.

    Rachel recently posted Kitty parenting fail.

  466. As a kid, and later as a teacher, the Junie B. Jones book were my all-time favorite. I love that kid! And I for real think you are the grownup version of Junie B. Which is honestly the highest compliment I know to give anyone. Loved listening to your book and now occasionally find myself narrating my life in my head using your voice. You are one of the bravest, funniest women I know. thank you for your blog, and your book.
    A Junie B. and Bloggess fan.

  467. Would love the audio version!!!!! I have read the book and intend to pick it up often for a “pick me up” when needed!!!!!

  468. I’m not the slightest bit surprised it’s on the best seller list!! It the most refreshing book! Filled with hilarious stories and it reads like you’re sitting right here telling them. Thanks for sharing, and I know I’M looking forward to book #2!

  469. Your book is the only one that I have ever read and laughed out loud (literally) so much! I would read in bed and start cracking up and my husband was always like, WTH??? Loved it! Can’t wait until your next book!

  470. I totally need a copy. It was my birthday last week, and people completely neglected to give one to me, in spite of my Amazon wish.ist, which contained (nearly) nothing else.

  471. Would love to win a copy of your book – it’s on my reading list for the summer! :)

  472. I’m so sad you won’t be coming back to the east coast, but I wish you well on the tour anyway.

    James T recently posted Review: American Gods.

  473. 475
    Heather Thomas

    I’d love to win a signed copy……………..because I keep loaning mine out for all of my friends to read! And you know what? They love it just as much as I do. So great.

  474. I’d take any of them! Wish you were coming to Indiana!

  475. I’ve been on the damn waitlist at the library for MONTHS. Pick me!

  476. I loved your book, it made me laugh so much. Only problem was that I didn’t have any ethically taxidermied animals to read it with, so I made do with a stuffed toy Tricerotops called Trevor and Eeyor. So congratulations on the book’s success and thank you for making me feel less anxious about my own anxieties/neurosis. My next goal is to get a version of the audiobook in the UK to continue the joy!!

  477. When my boyfriend arrived home(sweden) from a 3 week business trip in canada i dragged him straight to bed and read the Ritz cracker squirrel puppet chapter to him out loud. He couldnt breath by the time i was done and now follows your blog religously. That and i vote for Scott again.

  478. My mom & I are driving 3 1/2 hours from Fargo to see you in Mpls. Don’t worry, we’ll leave the woodchippers at home.

    Kari recently posted How do you say “That’s not for eating” in Newfoundlandish?.

  479. ooooh. Pick me. Pick me.
    PS – I use the line “And that’s when I realized I no longer had the Turkey Baster.” as a short cut explanation for every scarring and embarrassing moment of my life. It’s saved me a lot of time, since I have those moments far more frequently than I should.

    Sara recently posted So, it's Monday again..

  480. Your book is the only one I think I’ve ever read that had me cry-laughing.

    So thank you.

    Jaime recently posted Homemade Friday: Pumpkin muffins, because why the hell not?.

  481. Seeing as how I have purchased the digital, audio CDs and the American hardback versions, I NEED the British version to complete my set! It also means I love you more ;-)

  482. 484
    Kristin McMurray

    I was going to try and say something witty, but really I’m just very grateful you wrote a book about owning your personality despite (or perhaps in spite) of all the obstacles to being genuine.
    <3 small talk suicides.

    pick me, pick me, pickmepickmePICKME.

  483. 485

    I too would love to win a hard copy. I bought the kindle version AND a hard copy but I gave it to my girlfriend who I believe could really benefit from your experience AND humor. A signed replacement would be A-MAZ-ING!

  484. 486

    I really want to read your book! I love your writing style here on the blog.

  485. Good luck on your book tour!! I love reading your blog.

    Marybeth Markland recently posted Wow, there was a garden in there!.

  486. Oooh. Now that I’ve read it, I’d love to hear it! Audio version please.

    Amanda recently posted Finding the Words....

  487. I would be thrilled to win a copy – I read your book at my mom’s a few weeks ago, but sadly she would not let me take it home with me. Boo.

  488. Can not wait to see you in Toronto :)

  489. I don’t have much extra time to read, but the time I do have is spent reading your blog and book!

  490. I’ve heard that the audio version has outtakes…. so an audio CD copy would be AWESOME! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  491. I’d love an autographed American version please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After all, I tell people about Juanita all the time!

  492. I am sadface because you came to North Carolina, but NOT to Raleigh, so while you were signing books for my sociology professor two and a half hours away, I was weeping disconsolately into a stuffed muskrat. Is that how you want to see taxidermied rodents treated, Jenny? Is it? As snot rags?

    I didn’t think so. You owe me. You owe the muskrats.

  493. I would really love to win the audio cd so I can hear you sing the book titles :-)

  494. A friend suggested I read your blog…simply to add a little more hysteria to my day. Now I am hooked! If only I could get my husband to quit giving me the “you really are crazy and I should have listened to my mother” look when I read a post to him. Keep up the great work!

  495. You’ve earned that spot, and then some.

    Congratulations on your success. I am so happy that’s happened for you.

    Curiosity recently posted Flummoxed.

  496. I had plans to see you in Allen, tx….however, my 11 month old had other plans! I’d love a copy of the book:)

  497. I bought the e-book and I keep putting off reading it! I know when I start it I will fly through it and then I will be done and sad. I would love a signed copy!

  498. I have only recently discovered your blog in hearing the publicity about your book but I absolutely love it.

  499. I read your book, and the only thing I can think of that would be better is hearing YOU read the book.

  500. 503
    Gail Luther

    I would LOVE a signed copy. The article about Beyonce the Chicken made me cry.

  501. I hope that it goes great!

    Or that it will at least make great fodder for your next book…

  502. I absolutely LOVE your blog! Thank you for this great opportunity! :)

  503. 506

    You were SO COOL when you came to Boston.

  504. I would LOVE to have the audio version! But I never win giveaways. :)

  505. 508
    The Witch's Kitchen

    I’m going to try to see you in Edina Minnesota soon but would love a copy of your book as well!

  506. My mom told me about your book and blog and I loved every second of it! And now, as a bookseller at Barnes & Noble in Tennessee, I can’t help gushing about it to all the customers and fellow booksellers!! Lots of your books are flying out the door here!!

  507. Oooh, I have the e-book but would LOVE a hard copy :) Laughed so hard, the husband thought I was drunk.

  508. Oh, I still haven”t gotten my copy so I’ll try :3

  509. Safe travels, and gimme an American hardback!

  510. I love your blog and book!! You are sooo amazing!

  511. I like free stuff! Since you aren’t doing a book signing in Kerrville, sadly I can’t attend the final leg. Your book is literally my life except instead of taxidermist, my dad is in a cult. See, so similar, I know, right?

  512. Yay for you! You deserve a billion weeks on the bestseller list!

  513. Oh. my. lanta! I think that I need a signed copy. I have the kindle version but it’s not like having the real deal. I would also be cool with an audio CD, mainly so I could irritate the hell out of my husband. He doesn’t think that taxidermy animal collections are as cool as I do. Clearly, he’s has no sense of humor.

    Veronica recently posted Catching Up.

  514. 517
    Adam Lipscomb

    Would a photo of me wearing collated paper while holding twine improve my chances?

  515. Ooo! I would love a copy of the book or the audio version. I bought it when it came out and I got up to the chapter about the cow-vagina before I lent/gave my copy to a friend who found out she had cancer and needed something to cheer her up during her surgery and treatments. (And she totally sympathized about the whole-gynocologist at Starbucks run-in- because she was having to get naked in front of so many doctors back in the spring time. HA!)

    Thank you, Jenny! You’re awesome.

  516. I’m so happy you’re coming to Portland! See you in the bathroom!

  517. I NEEEEEED a copy of the British version! I’m going to try to come to the Phoenix signing, so happy you’re finally coming to AZ!

  518. Peabody would LOVE for me to win the book. LOVE FOR ME TO WIN!!! :)

  519. I just had to tell you how much I am just enjoying this book. You tell a great tale in your own voice and even with anxiety dosorder and depression, you still find positive moments and humor in each situation. I truly believe its powers like these that help us get through the world as we know it today. Believe or not, I think you’re a great role model and a great humorist. Thank you for such a womderful and honest memoir! Best of luck in the future!

  520. Winning a copy of your book would make my month!

  521. I would a book with your lovely signature on it! Enjoy your trip

  522. I have kindle version and would love to have American version hard copy to give my father who is not doing so well. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Portland, OR for my own hard copy version.

  523. Good luck with the tour! Can’t wait to read your next best seller!

  524. Jenny, you’re the sweetest. Thank you for always doing great things for your fans.

    Queen of All Things Good recently posted It's Random and I'm Lazy. So Sue Me!.

  525. I’d love to read your american version…maybe i can convince the whole book club to read it too!

  526. Good luck with the tour! Can’t wait to read your next best seller!

  527. Free book? Yes please!

  528. Still wringing my hands because you don’t come to Maine….but love your stuff, so all is forgiven.

  529. Have a great trip! I own the American version, LOVED it, and if you pick me for an autographed copy, I’d like the British version, in honor of the Brits & their Summer Olympics!! Thanks.

    Kathleen recently posted While I Was Gone.

  530. I read your book on the plane, coming back from taking 50 elementary kids from Houston to Minneapolis. We passed the book around and took turns reading out loud…when the reader was laughing to hard to breathe properly, the book got passed to the next person. You are an inspiration and a modern day wonder of the world!

  531. Thought you’d appreciate the fact that when I checked out your Toronto book tour, your information was right before information about Captain Underpants.

  532. Live on an island with a medically fragile child who can only be left with her nurse and the closest you came to me was Boston which would have been fine (only 1 1/2 hr ferry ride then 3 1/2 hour car ride) if my oldest was not getting ready to graduate high school right then! *sob*sob*sob* So, I would LOVE an autographed copy of you audiobook. I already have it on my Nook, my itunes and the hardcover with my treasured autographed book plate lovingly stuck inside. But a girl can never get enough Bloggess on her life. ;)

    Joanna recently posted Rescue 911.

  533. Absolutely loved the book and am slowly, but surely exposing more people to your blog so that I can tell people things like, “Knock-knock, mother******” and have them get the joke. Thanks for being whimsical and creative and for often brutally honest in your struggles. You bring joy, laughter, and an invitation to recognize the beauty all around us.

  534. I’m entering into my last month of pregnancy and everyone tells me once the baby’s here I’ll have no time to read. So I plan to read your book to the baby because I am good at multitasking like that.

    Also – congratulations on your success! You certainly deserve it and I’m thrilled for you. Thank you for sharing your stories (and yourself) with all of us!

  535. I keep entering and hoping to win an audio copy, but thus far the stars have not aligned. I just reread the last two chapters of your book last night for fun, while I was sitting in bed wide awake instead of sleeping. I was SO excited to see that you were coming to the Pacific NW, but unfortunately, you come to Portland on a weekday and it is a 3 hour drive from where I live and I work from 8-6 M-F. Sigh. I want to be there sooooo bad. I hope the tour goes well for you! If you happen to ever find yourself in Bend, Oregon…let me know!!
    P.S. I think you’ll love Portland. They pride themselves on being ‘weird.’ It makes me happy.

  536. Jenny – I loved reading your book and share your blog with everyone. Thank you for sharing your “neuroses” with the rest of us…we’re all in this crazy world together. Congrats on staying on the bestseller list!

  537. pick me! pick me!

  538. Would love a signed copy of you book or a pony would be good too….

    Kim S recently posted On The Machine.

  539. Congrats on the tour, I have not been able to see you, which makes me sad. However, on a better note, I’ve been trolling thrift stores trying to find ethically killed/stuffed animals.
    Thanks for giving me a new hobby.

  540. Missed you when you were here in Chicago =( BUT would love to win a signed copy of your book!

    Congrats on your second round of tours!!!!

  541. I want a signed copy I want a signed copy. please.

    Karen recently posted Things (people, places) I love in 400 words….

  542. I would love to have a hard copy to go along with my kindle version!

  543. I so wish you were coming to Cleveland, OH! I would love to meet you and talk wackiness with you! I love your posts and love your book and am so happy I stumbled across your site! You make so many people feel hopeful. And that’s awesomeness.

  544. I am savoring it – any time I let my mental health get to me, or I have a rough day, or my husband just fails to appreciate my uniqueness, I boot up the nook and read a little while. I don’t want to tear through it – I rather creepily use it as my virtual Jenny friend. I’d love a hard copy to share!

  545. I heart your book and blog!!! The Double Unicorn Success Club is the only club I having willing joined in my adult life and I feel like a successful productive member seeing how I am constantly spamming my friends with pictures of Wil Wheaton. I deserve a signed book :) Don’t you think…

  546. Jenny,

    I posted this on your Facebook Page but I want to post it here as well.

    My daughter was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome and is missing her left arm from the elbow down. Some wonderful ladies at my Sister-In-Laws Church have started fundraising to buy her a prosthetic arm. Would you share the link to her Facebook Page to help get the word out? She’s a beautiful little girl but she just wants to look a little more like other girls. She doesn’t want to be stared at all the time anymore. She just wants to feel like a regular kid. It reminds me so much of your Traveling Red Dress.

    This is her Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/aislynsdreamz

    Could you please tweet or write about my beautiful little girl and get the word out? I would never dream of asking for help for myself. But for her… I’d do anything.

    Stacy recently posted Xanex via YouTube.

  547. I was sitting on my front porch reading your book one day and laughing so much tears were running down my face. Fortunately no neighbors were there to witness the lune across the street!

  548. Have a wonderful last leg of the book tour! I’m so upset that I haven’t been able to come see you on tour.

    I’d love to have a British copy!

  549. 552
    Theresa Bergeron

    I love the book; I’d love an audio copy to listen to on road trips even more!

  550. OoOOolala, I need your book so I can laugh a lot. Gracias :)

  551. 554
    Amber Kempkes

    Since you didn’t come to Nebraska on your book tour (not that I blame you), I feel you owe me a really cool Brittish version of your book. All will be forgiven and peace will be restored blah blah blah. You’re awesome btdubs.

  552. I live about 12 miles from Changing Hands and plan to be there when you visit. I’ll be the obsessive, stalker-like guy hanging out in the back . . . I will bring my copy for an autograph, but will gladly accept another to give away to some deserving soul. And since I’m local, I’ll save you (well, someone) the trouble of shipping the book.

  553. Me too! Me too! I want one – so I can show my husband why I laugh out loud in the mornings I read your blog and coffee comes out of my nose.

  554. I could definitely use some laughter. I’m pretty sure evrybody here hates me.

  555. You are awesome and you are welcome. It was great to meet you in Boston.

    Kelly and Geoff recently posted Yard Sale People.

  556. 559
    Christina Graham

    I would love to win a copy of your book!!! I love your blog, but can’t afford the book at the moment because I’m a broke grad student, and there is a wait list of 50 for the library copy!

  557. 560
    Heather Mazzeo

    I’ve been on the waiting list for your book at the library forever, but would be so thrilled to win any version of it (American preferred, but any would be awesome!).
    Congrats on all of your success with the book! :)

  558. Have a great time on tour!

  559. I love your posts! I’m still waiting to get my hands on your book so this would be the perfect opportunity…..plus this one would be extra special! It would be awesome to have a signed copy. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for this one :)

  560. My kindle version has kept me company and has been well abused. Wishing you had gotten closer to Columbus Ohio.. but I will suffer through!! I would love your autograph.. so I can add to my ” who are these ppl” autographs (You would be the first famous one)

  561. 564
    stacey scibelli

    Just when I thought all hope was lost you added Arizona to your book tour. I am feeling lucky so put me in the running for a free book. I have it on my Nook already and love, love, love! See you in Tempe!

  562. I’d love an audio-copy! I’ve read the book twice and loaned it out to people (the last one still hasn’t returned it yet) and I need a fix!

  563. Congrats to your huge success with the book. So happy to be a very small part of it!!!

  564. favorite chapter was definitely “couch etiquette”

  565. I already own the book…but I would love to have an autographed copy! I absolutely loved the book. Can’t wait for your next one!

  566. 569
    Anais Cowley

    Ahh how awesome are you? super awesome… lol

    Thanks for the giveaway and really all the funny shit you come up with. I could not get through a whole work day without it :)

    Thanks for making work less productive . hahaha

  567. I would love to win the audio version like crazy! And thank you for doing what you do :)

    Vanessa recently posted First Post! My December Glam Bag.

  568. 571
    Doug and Caitlyn

    Hoping to get to see you here in Tempe. You’re stopping in just a few miles from my house so we’re doing everything we can to come by that night and get a signed copy in person.

  569. 572
    Kristen Swift

    Congratulations on the success of this amazing book, and kicking off the last leg of the book tour. I was so upset I wasn’t able to come see you when you were in Annapolis, MD.

  570. Oooooh, pick me!! (this is always my handle on blog comments, on any blog, btw! ;))

  571. I would so love a copy of your book! I haven’t been able to get it for sad sad financial reasons, so a free one would take care of that completely!

    You should come to SLC, UT (otherwise known as SL,UT <– see what I did there? the irony? no? awwww shucks!). I know a non-zero number of people who would LURVE to come see you!

  572. Because you wear curlers with class, gift your husband with temporary exotic pets, and are always a shining light, I promise to read portions of your book to my undergraduate students each week if I can find appropriate passages. They need your wisdom!

  573. WantWantWantWantWantWantWantWantWantWantWant! (It goes to 11.) And congratulations on everything you’ve achieved! I was not able to make your one local tour stop earlier due to work, but would love something autographed by a person who’s made me actually LOL more than anyone else I can think of since discovering your blog thanks to Wil!

  574. If I bring my iPad to the Minnesota signing with a page of your book as background, will you sign it? Please??

  575. I love your blog and am looking forward to reading your book!

  576. I’m glad the book is still doing so well. It definitely deserves it. If I’m lucky enough to be randomly chosen I’d love the audio book. Enjoy the last tour!

  577. I would love a copy of your book! Congrats on your accomplishment, you’ve earned it!

  578. I have never laughed so much reading a book until I read your’s. I’ve been passing it around to everyone at work. Thank you for this book! I will soon be buying one of your beyonce’s to put in my new house. :)

  579. your book is on my ‘read this soon’ list.

  580. Thank you for showing “crazy” is okay, thankyouverymuch! Our book club read your book as last month’s selection and thought it was the perfect fun summer read. We also think Victor is a saint, made up, or in denial. Could go any of those ways, really… But, since my folks are moving into the Hill Country area now, if I ever hope to have an accidental celebrity run-in, I’ll need to frequent the odd antique shops that are everywhere, particularly if they sell dead stuffed things.

    Thanks for the gift of you and happy writing #2! (The book, that is, not… well… you know!!)

  581. Thanks to you for so many smiles!

  582. Oooooh! Pick me, pick me! I’ve been relatively good today and everything.

  583. 586
    Lily Starlight

    I just think you’re wonderful.

  584. Your book has been an inspiration for me. Thank you for being such a bad ass.

  585. Greetings! Am currently working inside of a large tent that seats over 2,000 people with a show that has 49 stallions and numerous very talented acrobats…would adore to see you in in person at some point…
    your stories are such great comic relief..thank you!

  586. I’d just die of happiness if I had an autographed British version of your book. Then come back as a zombie because I have to read it. But if I die of happiness I’d be a happy zombie! So it’s all pretty great in the end! And I’d read it every single day since it’s that kind of amazing.

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity! :)

  587. I would love to win a copy! I’ve been wanting to read it, but big car repairs meant we have no spare cash right now. :(

  588. I would LOVE your audio book! My husband got me the actual book for my birthday, and I devoured it quickly. I love reading your creations! You are just so smart, funny, and REAL, and I wish I knew you in real life so we could be friends. Brava on all you have accomplished! :)

  589. 592
    Pat Calchera

    You make me happy every time I read one of your blog entries or reread your book. Yes, I would certainly love to win a copy, so I’d be sure to not freak out when they didn’t return my other copy. I wish you safe travels and continued success! You certainly deserve it! :)

  590. The audio version would be so awesome because I can only read so much at a time. I start laughing so hard that I can’t see from the tears of laughter and have to stop. Although the British cover would be super cool to have too.

  591. Some days you save my life.

  592. Love your blog. Congrats on the success of your book. Wish your tour brought you through Detroit. :-)

  593. I adore your book, pre-ordered it and read it within a day or so, loved!! I would be in heaven to hear your voice telling the stories that made me giggle so.


  595. 598
    Patti, aka oldgoatwoman

    So sorry you won’t be coming to the Kansas City area – but I do rave about your book any chance I get. Stay strong, and thank you for the Red Dress phenomena, I just bought a red dress I am offering for others to wear.

  596. When you came through the Washington DC area, I was in the middle of projects for school and was not able to attend any of your book signings. I cried for days and days. My sister was able to see you in North Carolina and she holds that over my head when ever she gets the chance. I would love to a signed British Version to hold over HER head … or a signed American version. Which ever one you could spare for a poor starving student.

  597. I would LOVE a copy of the UK version! I already have a copy of the American version and the audio book (preordered both through Amazon) but the UK version has a GREAT cover :-)

  598. I would LOVE a copy of the British version (being Canadian, and all). I’d try to be all witty and whatnot, but I’m the 560th (or thereabouts) comment, and you’ve probaby stopped reading them at this point, so: congratulations on your book. Well deserved success.

  599. Love you and your book and the bogs, Keep us laughing Jenny!

  600. I was very sad to miss you when you came to NY, but alas, a signed copy would be great!

  601. I’d love to win a book!

  602. 605
    Isabelle F

    I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE a hard copy, have the Kindle version! The only thing I would like better would be part-shares in Hunter S. Thomcat – preferably the part-share that involves no hairballs, but beggars can’t be choosers.

  603. Congrats on the success of your book! I own the kindle version, but would love to have a signed copy! :)

  604. Our pleasure! (Audio version please)

  605. Love this book — thanks so much for writing it <3

  606. I can’t wait to see you in Seattle! WOO!

  607. I would love a copy of the audiobook!

  608. This tour must be so exciting/nerve-wracking! I went to see you in Brookline and the room was so crowded I couldn’t get in! (My sister’s fault, not mine, that we weren’t very early… but we weren’t at all late, either!)

    Anyways, congrats on all your success!

  609. 612
    Abby Broadstone

    Your book is on my reading list. I’d really REALLY love to win the book because I am pretty cheap, and the idea of a signed copy would make a dream come true (American Version please)

  610. 613

    I’d love the audio book!

  611. Would love to win the book! Your blog makes my day so often, thanks!

  612. I love your blog and cannot wait to read your book – it is on my list. I have a sister that has mental health issues, and reading your posts helps me deal with her day to day. Thank you so much! I’m sure the book will help wonders!

    Jennifer T.

  613. Ooh, I’d love to get an autographed copy for my wife – she already has it, but an autographed one would be so much better! Congrats on doing so well, but we’re not surprised, as we’re both fans.

  614. I tried reading your book in bed at night but my husband got ticked when I kept laughing out loud. Then since he was awake, I had to read parts to him. Not the best time to make new fans!

  615. A couple of my friends have read your book and laughed the entire time. I’m getting married at the end of August and would love to read over my honeymoon… either with a copy from you or I’ll go pick one up myself. Congrats on the success of your book!

  616. I just booked my hotel in Toronto! Can’t wait to met you!!!

  617. Jenny,
    You inspired me to start up my own blog months & months ago. But I gave up. How do you do it, woman?? At least I haven’t given up on reading yours!

    Gates recently posted We're gay, we have candles out the wazoo..

  618. You rock!

  619. I already nearly killed myself laughing reading your book on my Kindle, and would treasure forever an audio CD book version, so I could hear your dulcet tones telling tales of dead squirrels.

    Roberta recently posted As if we didn't have enough going on.

  620. Hoping to make it to the signing in Denver!

    Audrey recently posted The Mommy Mobile.

  621. I would love to win a copy of the book.

  622. I love reading the stories of your life and would love a copy of your book. :)

  623. loved your book and had to share it with my friends!

  624. Thank you for the chance of winning a copy of your book! If I am picked I would love to listen to the audiobook. Thanks again!

  625. Oh man, I’d love a copy of the book for my friend, she just got out of the hyperbaric chamber. She needs a pick me up!

  626. Would so love a copy!

  627. From one Texan to another… You should totally send me a copy of your book. When I first found your blog, I was reading through some posts, laughing SO HARD! My husband was all, wtf, woman? So I just told him he needed to read it too. He laughed, but I think still just thought I was nuts. Then again, probably pretty accurate.

  628. I’m so excited to see you in San Diego I keep capslocking about it to my boss.
    Who is now deathly frightened that she is going to come into work and have her office be filled with taxidermied chinchillas.

  629. Best wishes for Toronto!!!

    I live in the same province (Ontario), but I’m still 1400 km away. Boo!!!! Darn gargantuan provinces anyway!! (Texas would fit into Ontario THREE times – gah!)

  630. 633
    antoinette gonzales

    Oh my, you poor thing. Having to read through 600 + comments to give away the books! I want to buy one now, just to help ease the pain. One question….is the British version written in English and the American version written in American? English and American seem to be two totally different languages these days.

  631. I’d love to win a copy too. What more could a girl wish for the Olympics in her home town and a signed copy of your book to cherish!

    Kittie Walker recently posted Chain Letters Are Alive and Well in the Digital World.

  632. Wish I had made it to see you when you were in Maryland…damn anxiety. I attempted to talk my boyfriend into driving me to Canada and then forcing me into the signing with xanax…no luck. He also won’t buy me a pony though so what should I expect. At least I have my signed bookplate! :)

  633. Heard great things about your book! Count me in!

    Melissa A recently posted Winners of "Wife 22".

  634. I ruined the motherfucking souffle last night (true story-don’t put flax seed in a souffle-it’s more wrong than Emeril the sitcom), so an autographed book would make me feel better.

    Shellie recently posted Jobseekers-don't be an egghead about twitter.

  635. 638
    Leandra Walls

    I loaned my copy to a friend and I don’t think she will ever give it back!

  636. PLEASE come to PIttsburgh!

  637. I would love a copy!

  638. So happy you are finally making it over to the west coast!!!! Im in Seattle, hoping Ill be able to make it to one of your signings.

  639. bribary: Cod Fish Ear earrings from FOGO, Newfoundland…., one of the four corners of the world as proclaimed by the Flat Earth Society…


  640. That must be such an incredible feeling. Congrats to you!

    Emily recently posted Good news, bad news.

  641. I already have your book, but would love a signed copy. You can make it out to, “Wonderbutt’s Mom, the illustrious Mrs. Cap’n Firepants, collector of killer mattresses, maladroit medics, and fashion faux pas.”

    whatimeant2say recently posted Happy Anniversary to my Favorite Pirate.

  642. I’d love to win a copy of your book since you’re not coming to my area of Canada

  643. A recent fan – someone sent me the link to your site after I attempted to convince my husband that we needed a 12 foot metal chicken in our yard. Alas, I could not fit it in our car so we have no Beyoncé II for our neighbors to admire. Sigh.

  644. I wish you were coming to Indianapolis! Seriously – we have way more interesting stuff going on Aug 15-17 than Portland or Seattle. Just saying. Wil’s gonna be here and everything.

  645. I would love to win any of the above!

    Tonya recently posted Cous cous for a kid's lunch? Yes!.

  646. Congratulations!
    And a belated welcome to Hunter!

  647. I’d love a hard copy, read it on my Kindle – it was fabulous, except I couldn’t see the pictures very well, and I’m sure they were hilarious! If I win, I’ll get it double autographed when I see you in Denver! YAY

  648. Thank you for writing it. Please write another! I laughed so much. Also after I finished it I messaged you on twitter to let you know how much it meant to not feel like I was the only crazy person who had to go hide in the bathroom and you responded, it was really cool of you to do that. So thanks again!

    AimesSteele recently posted Advantages to being crazy #2.

  649. I would love an audio book!

  650. I would love to win any version. Though, I do feel a bit British at heart. I won’t throw any of them in the bin.

  651. I’d love an autographed hard copy. Listening to the audiobook now. Had to have it because YOU did the voice over. The DH & I wanna see the pictures. Even if I don’t win, could I get a hard copy & mail to you (w/postage for the return) for an autograph? Is that a rude thing to ask?

  652. I would love to win a copy! I saw you at BEA (Book Blogger’s Conference) and your speech had me both laughing so hard I cried and actually crying. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  653. 656
    Russ Rogers

    I started following you back when you wrote about meeting Neil Gaiman at w00tstock! I’ve been a follower and fan of Gaiman’s for decades. And I am a fan of w00tstock (Paul and Storm, Adam Savage, Wil Wheaton and most of the acts they have booked). I’m now a fan and follower of yours.

    There is a force in the universe, I like to call, “The Confluence of Awesome.” It’s like the six degrees of separation in reverse. Or maybe it’s like “The Force,” in Star Wars. This theory states that All the people you think are Awesome eventually cross paths, or you will feel a profound need to make that happen and bring them together. It’s the some force that makes people set up their friends on blind dates. So it’s not always a force for good.

    I put your book on my Amazon Wish List. http://www.amazon.com/Lets-Pretend-This-Never-Happened/dp/0399159010/ I will pick it up when I can afford it. (Either when it comes out in paperback or a used copy goes up that I can afford comes up. ) That won’t be too long.

    This is my roundabout way of saying that I think you are awesome. And I hope you get a chance to meet Laurie Anderson, Molly Lewis, Marian Call, Jules Sherred, Maria Bamford, Regina Spektor, Jackie Kashian, Mary Jo Pehl, Jade Gordon and the Fabulous Lorraine Garland soon. My guess is several of these women have crossed your path already. All are Awesome too. And to prove my theory right, whatever force governs the “Confluence of Awesome” should have you crossing paths with them sometime soon.

    Did you hear about Wil Wheaton’s birthday party? THAT was a manifestation of “The Confluence.” One you know about “The Confluence of Awesome,” you won’t be able to stop recognizing when it happens.

  654. 657
    Linda Peterson

    I bought the book, but would love the CD—I could then listen to it as I walk—love your writing!!!

  655. I’m reading your book now and absolutely LOVE it! It never fails to make me laugh out loud on every page.

  656. I’ve never commented before, but I’ve spent many (re: all) hours at work combing through your archives after reading your book. It was a much needed break in my own storm of depression. When my bipolar lows start to dip I now have a much needed outlet. Thank you for putting all of your craziness together. I’ve read it twice now and peed a little from laughing more times than I can count.

  657. 660
    Lauren Cormier

    I absolutely loved your book! I really want to get it on audio so I can hear you read it :)

  658. I’ve heard nothing but good things, so many that I fear I’ll be waiting forever for a copy from the library.

    Maya recently posted Episode 11: Winners and WWKIP Roundup.

  659. I would love to win a copy of your book. I recently graduated from college and have had a hard time finding a job. I can’t afford to buy it for myself (otherwise I would have).

    I am glad you are coming to the Portland area. I am definitely working on getting there. :)

    Eleanor recently posted Geek Culture Clash.

  660. If the British audio CD is you reading with a Cockney accent, I am in.

  661. Would love a copy! Any chance of a Colorado stop?

  662. 665
    Brian Mann

    Oh, yes. An autographed copy would make my sister pee her pants. And, as a big brother, that’s what I live for.

  663. Love this kind of book and would love an opportunity to read it!

  664. You are an inspiration in a world where the world seems to get worse every day. Bringing joy to people is the only way I know how to offset the depression that threatens to creep back in every so often and obviously that doesn’t always work. I’m a senior in college near Austin and I have no clue what I’m going to do with my life. All I want is to inspire others and make the world a bit better. You’re one of my role models and my life has been forever changed for the better because of you, your blog, your cats, and your various purchases (I even got a metal lawn peacock in honor of Beyonce; his name is Penelope).

    Have a beautiful day, I’m terribly sad to not have been able to make it to the Austin book signing but I had class and could not miss it under penalty of failing…I hope you’ll be back around soon.

    love and hugs,

  665. Just wanted to say how awesome I think your books is. Looking forward to a sequel.

  666. I would love to win a copy of your book

  667. I never thought I’d thank someone for making me pee my pants but here goes:
    Thank you for making me laugh so hard I peed my pants! :)

    Adrea recently posted Always got her head in a book….

  668. I found out about your book about a week after you visited Northern California, and I keep hearing from friends about how funny it is.

    Lynda recently posted Remembering.

  669. 672
    Elizabeth M.

    Jenny, I’d tell ya I love ya anyway, but I’d love a copy of the audio book! Having heard you read portions of it (twice now!), I can only imagine how many boxes of kleenex I’d need to wipe away the screaming tears of laughter. :p

  670. 673
    tardis girl

    come to Ohio next time!

  671. SO cool – I gave your book to a friend recovering from surgery. Luckily (for her) she waited to read it until she was pretty well recovered, ’cause some stitches surely would have exploded had she embarked on the journey earlier! Then she called her daughter over and they both fell off their chairs laughing….she said she hadn’t laughed like that in years. THAT is what it’s all about!

    Diane Donovan recently posted No Bull.

  672. won’t be able to make it out to Toronto unfortunately… would dearly love a copy :)

  673. I wish you would come to the east coast!

  674. You should come to the Orlando or Daytona area!

  675. 678
    Stephanie Ann

    I would love to win a copy of your book!! I don’t live anywhere near any of the stops so I can’t make it…

  676. Audio. I already have the pics, which makes me a selfish bitch because someone should win that doesn’t have it already.
    Selfish Bitch

    Mary recently posted Be Bright Pinot Grigio.

  677. Congrats! Would love to win the audiobook, because I didn’t *quite* asphyxiate with laughter reading the hard copy myself and I think hearing you read it would give me that one final push. :D

  678. 681
    Dana Laviano

    I really want to read your book! Just yesterday I found a taxidermist’s shop on Main Street in a nearby town (to me, not to you, although maybe you have one close by?) I was looking at a white lynx and a big stag with a t-pin in his lip and thinking of you.

  679. Jenny you’re more inspiring than a hug from a sloth. Keep up the ridiculous writing and I’ll keep reading. I adore your unique style and I’m not just saying this to get an audio tape :)

    Lisa recently posted Savory Goat Cheese Panna Cotta.

  680. You should come to the Daytona or Orlando area

    alex recently posted St. Maarten Marine Wildlife.

  681. I don’t NEED an autographed copy, but we all know there is a huge chasm between NEED and WANT. That said, I would put you on the same shelf as Kenneth Branagh and John Houseman, Lorrie Moore and John Fowles. You would be in very good company.

    Anne Dodd recently posted The Seven Dwarves of Menopause.

  682. I love your blog!

  683. I love my book, would love an audio copy though! I can’t imagine how it must be coming straight from your mouth. I laugh hard enough just reading it. :)

    LeAnnWoo recently posted Excited!.

  684. I’d love to listen to you read, it was an awesome read on an airplane. and by awesome I mean I looked like a crazy person as I laughed loudly. and by looked like a crazy person I mean it let people know how I normally am

  685. Please, please, please come to Hawaii!

  686. 689
    Leslie Ross

    I am really hoping to make it to your Portland appearance! Thanks for coming out to our side of the country. I’ve already listened to your audio book, but would love the American hard copy as well! :)

  687. I loved your book so much. Thanks for the chance to win one :-)

  688. I so want to read your book! Pick me, pick me! ?

  689. Can’t wait to read it. Pick me! And have a great time in Toronto too!

  690. I do so wish that I lived near any of the tour cities! I’d love the audio cd. I’ve already read the book but fantasize about laughing like a mad person while working out at the gym while others look on bewildered.

  691. I laugh the hardest during my daily reads of your blog. Thanks so much for sharing and making my day a lot brighter!

    Carrie recently posted Spinning is Kick A$$!.

  692. Oooh me please! I haven’t been able to get it from the library yet.

  693. 696
    Jennifer Hullhorst

    I loved your book. I was laughing so hard about the squirrel puppet that I was crying.

  694. 697
    Chris Hansen

    Pick me! Pick meeee!

  695. My boyfriend and I are both really interested in reading your book, but we haven’t gotten a chance to buy a copy yet. Our first anniversary is coming up in just under a month, and I think, “what better gift could I get him than a signed copy of this book?!”

  696. I would LOVE a copy of the audio book! I am waiting very patiently until my next month’s paycheck so I am allowed more books & can buy yours for my nook.

    You are one of the best bloggers/writers out there, and I look forward to reading along as you continue on this path. I get so excited when my RSS feed notifies me you have a new post on your site! The support you have is all because of the kind, open, and generous person you are. You encourage us all to be a little more vulnerable so that we can be open to just a bit more happiness. It’s nothing to sniff at.

  697. You have no idea how much I enjoyed your book….keep writing please:)

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