With great power comes great responsibility

The Bloggess been officially open for business for less than 24 hours and already I’m mired in scandal

Quite a few people read my post about my first foray into podcasting and voted my story as the best one even though they didn’t actually listen to any of the other contenders.  It’s for this reason that I’m officially disqualifying myself from the last weekly challenge, because if you people are willing to bend the rules in my honor then I’d much rather you do it by shoplifting for me.  Seriously.  I don’t even get anything from winning the podcasting contest but I actually do need some new makeup.  So from here on out: No to “fixing” podcast contests.  Yes to shoplifting lipgloss. 

PS. I’m an “Autumn”.

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  1. See, I pulled the ‘listen for 2 seconds and get pissed when it’s not Jenny’ thing. I didn’t want to listen to the other crap…just you. So I didn’t even hear it. *blush*

    By the way, I’m also pissed that you’ve been in blog business for less than 24 hours and you have more comments on nearly every post than I regularly do.

    Dammit, woman.

  2. Laurence – Is the prize lipgloss?

    Chase – Most of these commenters are simply splinters of different personalities of mine. All with blogs. I’m very busy.

  3. I listened to your podcast (and several others that were not nearly as funny) and then voted for you!

    You deserve to win, damn it!

  4. I listened to all of them to drown out my screaming children.

    I’m so impressed by the power of your Jennyness. Oh and your voice is so cute.

  5. yaaaaay!!! it’s jenny’s “own offensively awful blog!” what could be better?

    huzzah for scandal, by the way. what’s so bad about a scandal? that’s how, for instance, more gossip mags came about. and, come on? do we really want to imagine a world without those?

  6. Say, why don’t you publish a transcript for those (other people not me) who didn’t listen to your sexy ‘cast’. Then they (not me because I listened to it) can read it without listening to all the other ‘casters’ who weren’t nearly as funny or sexy as you. Eh?

  7. Oops. I (who listened to it and didn’t read any further) didn’t know they were already published. Color me embarrassed.


  8. Yay! I am so, so happy you have your own awfully offensive blog.

    For some reason it reminds me when they broadcast that episode of Sex And The City on Australian tele where they said the “c” word. As this is your blog I won’t write it, but please know I am saying it RIGHT NOW.

    Anyway, I digress… I was listening to the radio the next day and people were complaining about how “shocking” and “distasteful” it was and then some old duck rang up to complain that there was not enough of the “c” word, she was disappointed.

    For some reason, your new blog reminds me of the belly laugh I had that day.

  9. Umm, is it wrong that even though I totally read all of your posts yesterday I had to go back and re-read that one to figure out WTF everyone was talking about? I swear I’m losing my mind if I can’t even remember things I read yesterday! Eek!

  10. Jenny,

    I insist you take the prize as regardless of the voting method that freakin’ story was great.

    By the way, I didn’t get lip gloss when I won the podcast… (shudder) Oh you evil Laurence Simon…

    My therapist says I will learn to deal with what happened, in time… maybe…

  11. After clicking on the ‘scandal’ link (3 years late of course) I was told : “404 – Page Likely Fed To A Cat. The cat likes the smell of burning HTML files.” Almost makes it worth clicking on old links to discover a gem like that.

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