No intervention necessary

I’m going to the mountains until Monday.  I wish I had something more profound to say but I’m on a bunch of codiene (perscribed) and my head is all woozely so instead I’ll leave you with this:

lolcats funny cat pictures

Feel free to use my comment section for espionage or random hook-ups while I’m gone.

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  1. That’s why this country is so completely screwed-up: Lack of sufficient (ie…over-the-counter) access to codiene. I wanna feel woozely too…with or without the mountains.

  2. Fuck, I’ll get in the car, just don’t sic that cat on me.

    So where the hell are we going now that I am in your car?

  3. cat macros = best. thing. evaaaar.

    (My preference for this cat’s picture is the one that reads: “Jesus Christ! Don’t stop here! This is bat country!”)

  4. Get in!
    Sit down!
    Buckle up!
    Shut up!

    The mountains give you a feeling of euphoria. That’s why I live in them.
    I will host the Espionage Summit at my place, also known as The Asylum. (summit…get it?)
    Come on over and we’ll ride bikes first to get high, I mean get to the top.

  5. I’m all for hook in up. Who’s out there?
    I’m all for espionage. Up for mountains, codeine, whatever. I just want to be where the action is.

    (Have fun! I hope you get to feeling better.)

  6. I must lodge my protest.

    Where are the men in the comment section for me arrange a random hook-up?

  7. So, tell me more about this “random hookups” thing. Is this a free cheat on my wife thing without getting in trouble?? Sign me up.

  8. I’m with Ali…the Hunter S. Thompson reference would have been perfect here, although I do love the lion lolcat. Posted my own lolcat today, except I did it lolderby style.

  9. How old is too old for random hookups? Also, is there a certain amount of marriage years that allow for a freebie? Just curious! (hee-hee)

    Hope your trip was great!

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