Ever catch orbs in your photos?  You know, the round glowing balls that show up from time to time?  There are two schools of thought when it comes to orbs…that they’re dust or pollen magnified by the flash, or that they are ghosts.  I fall into the first category…almost always. 

 This is an odd one though…


 I took it this weekend in New Mexico after a prayer was said remembering the dead.


No other orbs on the pictures I took immediately before or after this, or on any of the 180 other shots I took.  Odd stuff.

How about you?  Every had any weird experiences?

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  1. In all the pictures taken during my wedding rehearsal, H’s head was replaced by a glowing orb. Scary!

  2. Er, I can see a face in it. Cuh-reeeepy.

    I’m not sure if I believe in ghosts or not. I tell my kids that they’re not real, but I don’t think I believe myself when I say that.

  3. I don’t know if ghosts are real or not, and I really don’t want to find out for sure. *shivers*

  4. I see dead people.

    Okay, not really. That’s just my reflection looking back at me from the mirror first thing every morning. Worse than seeing a decayed body. For realz.

  5. Not me. But my brother claimed to have seen a ghost one night on Parris Island. And he’s about as unlikely to believe in ghosts as anyone.

  6. No, it’s not a ghost. You just happened to capture that millisecond where that woman was starting to form a thought. During this time, a temporary bubble is formed until the thought is complete. It’s a very rare thing to catch.

    As near as I can tell, she was about ready to say to herself, “You assholes. I’m over here cleaning up this mess while y’all sit over there drinking your beers expecting Grandma to clean it all up!”

  7. My daughter and I can take pictures of the same thing at the same time and she catches orbs. We’ve even traded cameras and she still catches them. Most of the pics are without using the flash so I have no idea what is going on. I’m told they are angels.

  8. Too many to leave in a mere comment box. If you catch me after the third Beergarita, I’ll tell you some tales.

  9. I’ve had too many experiences too mention. Cool picture in that “Eek, I just pissed my pants sort of way.”

  10. Usually when I find an orb on a photo, it’s directly over someone’s eye and I get a Terminator image instead of something way cool like ghosts!

  11. that’s odd…i kid you not, one night shortly after my sweet Papa unexpectedly died we had a full moon. Someone called and told us to look at the moon and tell us what we saw… we did, and what did we IMMEDIATELY see? My Papa, smiling. So, we got on the phone and called other family members. We didn’t tell them what we saw, just told them to look at the moon and tell us what they saw…and they all IMMEDIATELY saw him. creeepy huh?!

  12. You and Min today and the creepy pics….sheesh.

    I have one of my aunts house and I swear you can see a guy in the window. Freaks me out to look at it.

  13. I believe in ghosts and lived in a haunted house, which strangely enough happened BEFORE I believed in ghosts, so no one can say I was looking. Plus creepy time, at my friends wedding, a bunch of pics I took of her new husband had black shadows on his face, he died a little over a year later. Coincidence? who the hell knows, but creepy all the same.

  14. That is AWESOME!!!

    Oh! and I might be a little paranormal CRAZY! But yeah, that is an awesome photo! My goodness.

    I had a friend (who died) visit me in a dream. I had the deam analyzed and it was just as I suspected. She and I had lost touch and she came back to let me know that it was okay and that she wasn’t “dead” which was really a reassurance that there is life after death. 🙂

    We had ghosts at a building I used to work at – it was an old hotel that they turned into offices. It was CRAZY!

  15. I was never one to believe in ghosts until I lived in a house with one – so…um…I’m going with the supernatural orb kind here.

    (especially because it is above the woman with a bad wig job….I hope she isn’t your most favorite grandmother)

  16. my daughter starting seeing ghosts and talking to them at age 3 when her daddy got killed, and now she sees people getting killed and so on, docs say she is ok , just the 3rd eye that sits in the center in your forehead..and di not want her on emds, they said its a gift, any suggestions..she is never scared of the ghosts..or the way she sees people getting killed or dying..317-652-6002..OH!! she is now 11 1/2 years old…

  17. I know this post is nearly 2 years old, but I’m a new follower reading my way back. I took a picture of a ghost a couple years ago. I was wandering through an empty cemetery with my camera, taking photos of statues, architecture, and weathered civil war headstones. As I was leaving, I turned and took one last parting shot of the cemetery. Of nothing in particular. Or so I thought…

    When I got home I scrolled through the photos and decided to zoom in and look around inside that last photo I took. What I saw is what you’ll see in this series of photos. It begins with the original photo. The photos that follow are deeper and deeper zooms from within that first photo.

    Do you see her? I went back a week later to try to figure out what I photographed. I photographed the grave of a woman who died in the late 1800’s. She’d just given birth to twins. One twin died the day after its birth. Next she, the mother, died. And a few days later the other twin died. All within a week. Also in the family plot were the graves of several other babies she’d lost who hadn’t lived to their first birthday. A few weeks later, I visited Oakland Cemetery in downtown Atlanta (my photo above was taken in a cemetery in an Atlanta suburb). I found another plot with the same family name as my ghost. In that plot were the graves of more children she’d given birth to – babies who also hadn’t lived to see their first birthday. She and her husband lived in Atlanta before moving out to the town where she was buried. When I look at the image of her ghost, I imagine her wandering, restless, looking for those babies buried in Atlanta, miles and miles away.

    Briana’s last blog post..null

  18. ok, again, waaaaay late…BUT! i have had some intersting things happen in my life. the creepiest one was back when i was in high school. here goes:

    i woke up one night (er, morning) it was like 3 or 4-ish, bcause i was hot. got up, turned on the fan, re-did my pony-tail in the way where you don’t pull the hair all the way through the hair-tie, so there’s a pony-loop, if you will… any who, i got back in bed, got comfy, tried to go back to sleep. i was face down, and all of the sudden, i feel something tug on my hair, and then the pony was no longer a loop. it was a regular tail. and then i heard the blinds move as if someone had smacked them. and i KNOW the fan did not make the blinds move that way, i have way super heavy black-out curtains…anywho, yea, then i couldn’t go back to sleep 😐

  19. oh, also, more recently, as in last year, my friend lost his life in a horrible car accident. i couldn’t sleep at night out of the anxiety from not knowing what happened to him…ie, if he suffered, if he was in a state of suffering, ect. so about three days after he passed, i had this dream. i dreamed that i was shopping with his sister and my phone rings and he says to me to tell his sister that he’s sorry he made us all worry, but that he had been locked up and now he was free. i really hope he’s ok, where ever he may be. and i hope that it really was him coming to me and not just some part of my subconscience trying to comfort me. *sigh*

  20. When I was a teenager, my sister died in June. The first big family dinner was at Thanksgiving. . .aunts, cousins, grandparents. With tears streaming down her face, my mother prayed for the family there and the family not able to be with us. The chandelier over the table dimmed then came back to full power. I mentally said hello to my sister. From then on, during times of sadness, I walk into pockets of air that smell like my sister, Paula. If I stand still, it surrounds me. Comforts me. Reminds me that in the hierarchy of human suffering, my problems are that that big! I stand still and absorb the calm during one of many anxiety attacks. Moving in any direction takes me out of this protective pocket. The pocket dissolves. It is better than the Xanax in my cabinets.

  21. Before I got my driver’s license the choir director/church organist at church would give me a ride home after practice. One night she and I were in the church office when her kids came in and said the organ was playing in the sanctuary. We ignored them and kept on with what we were doing. The second time they came back I said I’d go check it out. I walked into the sanctuary and heard the organ playing long notes that would periodically change. Thinking maybe (hopefully) that the organ was malfunctioning I went to get the choir director. She looked at us like we were crazy, but she came back to the sanctuary with us. She asked if we still heard it and we all said, “Yes”. She got about halfway across the sanctuary when the notes stopped. Oh, yeah, less than a year earlier the former church organist had died. We shut off the lights and got the heck out of there.

  22. I realize I’m coming really, really late to the party, but for goodness sakes, people, how can you not recognize the plans for the Death Star? R2D2 is probably somewhere under that grill.

    Ghosts. Sheesh.

  23. Sorry I’m so late, but I’ve just been introduced to this blog. Well, I’ve had experiences with ghosts. I’ve seen a roof leaking torrentially when it wasn’t even raining. I’ve also seen electrical and plumbing fixtures mysteriously turn on and off. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to drop by Long Beach and see if anything unusual is going on (big Sublime fan here).

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