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  1. Oh NO!!! I just sent my brother a birthday card featuring a zombie! Insidious, isn’t it, how they worm their way into our everyday lives…

  2. Ok. Why is it that I never thought how easy it is to actually outrun a zombie? Interesting. The news is SO informative….thank you for sharing this, Jenny!

  3. Slow-moving… Makes you wonder how all those people in all those movies didn’t get away, doesn’t it? Maybe they are trickier than even your president believes.

  4. Yeah, I guess that was funny, but if I want a real belly laugh I prefer to watch his unedited speeches, now they’re funny. Unless of course he’s talking about sending more young people to their deaths in a foreign land, or plundering the economy to pay to it. That’s maybe not so funny.

  5. It scares me to think that some of the current candidates out there might actually make it to the white house.

    Then realize Bush won’t be there any more and I feel better. lil bit.

  6. Here I thought we were having to watch out of Killer Squids and Spiders. Now Zombies!?

    At least the Zombies are slow moving. That is good to know.

    And, note to self, never go on a White House tour looking like the dead. Ya know, not with a hangover.

  7. This attack on zombies is completely unwarranted. If we kill off the zombies, who will do the jobs that most Americans simply refuse to do? Who will eat the brains of fat and irritating sheriffs and their deputies? Who will lumber about, smacking people with severed arms? Who will push through the soils of our cemeteries, leaving behind gaping holes in the earth? Sure, we’d like to believe that eliminating zombies would open up more jobs for Americans, but the truth is Americans consider these jobs to be too menial and low paying.

    And what of the great contributions that zombies have made to society? I think it would be best to remember the words of Zeke, zombie poet who died in 1875. “Brains,” he said. “Brains.”

    Brains. That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

  8. slow moving, eh? remind me never to tour the white house … at least in the next year or so 🙂

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