Giant baby

Several of you have yelled at me for not updating this blog for a week and that can only be because you don’t read my other blog and aren’t aware that I’ve been in the 8th layer of hell (the layer of blood, vomit and sore throats) for a week now. 

 Still, I feel bad for being so long absent and that’s why I’m giving all of you a picture of this enormous baby:


I don’t understand what the concept of the sculpture is exactly except that I would guess it was created by a woman moments after an unmedicated labor and delivery.  Also, it makes my episiotomy scars ache.

Poor readers…you come here for gold and I give you episiotomy reminiscings.

Forgive me…I’m ill.

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  1. oh dear gawd!

    all i can think is “ouch”

    oh the things i have to look forward to if i ever get pregnant…


  2. I kind of like it, actually. Of course, I never went through labor and even though my doctor THOUGHT he was that big, my son turned out to be pretty normal size. But I’m still not sure I’d trade my C-section in…

  3. WHOA!!!!!

    Now wait a minute, I had three unmedicated L&Ds….. but I would NEVER imagine having that thing created. Yikes!

    though I guess I did have a local for my one and only episiotomy. Hmmmm…. that one did feel a bit like a giant baby! 🙂

  4. Oh, scary, scary.

    Maybe this will help you feel a little better – I’ve given you an award at my place. 🙂

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon! That baby creeps me out. I never thought I would say this about an infant, but ewwww!

  6. Some things are just w r o n g. Gigantic, freakish baby sculptures fit into that category.

    Really, Jenny, when you hit that 8th layer of hell? You have permission to skip posting until you’re back AT LEAST to the fourth layer.

    Thank you.

  7. See THAT’s why I tore from front to back twice and constantly pee my pants!!! Please take care of yourself and forget about the rest of us until you are well again.

  8. (crossing legs) Oh hell that thing’s scary!
    Aren’t all kids born that big and then they shrink when the next person looks at them and wonders what you’re bitching about?

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