Still sick.  Tomorrow I’ll be getting a CT scan to see if there something stuck in my head.  I don’t think you want me to elaborate.

 I will however (for the sake of Margaret, who said something to the effect of “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WILL YOU GET THAT CREEPY GIANT BABY OFF THE TOP OF THE PAGE!”) be leaving you this small, pathetic post. 

I am so tired that I have researched and am seriously considering making one of these:


Beautiful, isn’t it?

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  1. poor you. poor you.

    maybe you can make one of those with a giant bubble around it to keep the germs off the rest of us and then we can put pretty decals of fishies and bunnies on it for you to look at.

    just a thought.

  2. Good luck with it!

  3. You would look might fine in that.

  4. A pillow hat. That is fucking BRILLIANT.

    That giant baby, however, is goddamn creepy. Thank you for bumping it down.

  5. I love that!!! Must have one! Then you could take a nap at…. the drop of a hat.

  6. Hello, I totally want you to elaborate. Is it a q-tip? A wrench? Or maybe even…a giant squid?

    Aw Jenny. I do hope you’re better soon. Miss you.

  7. Finally! Someone has come up with a decent invention.

  8. Oh, and got rid of that stupid baby at the same time!

  9. She looks like a nun with really big hair. Like an ’80’s hair band nun.

    I sleep on my stomach… won’t this just kill me?

  10. omfg. I think that’s scarier than the creepy baby.

    You’re making my skin crawl.

    Feel better soon, dammit.

  11. Ooooh – that’s ideal for drinking til black-out drunk and you’d never get a concussion. Now to find a cure for the hangover.

  12. I totally want to wear the pillowig on my next plane flight. Although I am thinking the security people may be a bit confused, and I am not really in the mood for a cavity search.

    Good luck with the CT scan. I hope everything is ok, and you start feeling better soon! I know that sounds very fake, but I do sincerely hope you feel better soon.

  13. Oh Dude. You are killing me in several ways but I’ll limit this explanation to one method: by breaking my heart.

    I hope you feel better soon. Really. This is terrible.

    It’s where we live, hon. This town ought to be seriously classified as a Fatal Disease.

    I hope your daughter is better, at least.

    The pillowig is cracking me up!

  14. um, well if you do make one, that would clear up the “what’s on/in your head” question, at least…cheaper than a CT! but, butt-freaking ugly. your call 🙂

    feel better soon!

  15. 1. Thank you for removing creepy baby
    2. Shit – I hope you feel better soon. Good lord….I feel so bad for you.
    3. Seriously – I want to order one of those pillow head things
    4. Please….feel better soon. ok?

  16. Why does it say I posted at 8:45 am when it is clearly 3:45 am?

  17. That was totally made with mothers in mind. I could seriously use one of those. God,that’s funny!!!!!

  18. Where do you find this stuff? Take care.

  19. Portable sculpture? Walking art?? Bizarre…

    Hope everything goes well today…will you have an audience of co-workers masquerading as well-wishers?

  20. Yes, but will the pillow wig do you any good if you sleep on your stomach?!?!?!

    I hope you feel better soon. Being sick, with a toddler no less, suck serious sweaty donkey balls. I will be thinking about you and hope your scan turns out fine.

  21. That pillow would be quite handy within the CT machine. Just make sure you don’t fill it with iron fillings or anything like that.

  22. That SUCKS! Sending you lots and lots of positive thoughts! Get better! Do it for the beergaritas…they miss you!

  23. Since Melissa brought up giant squid, I thought I should mention this shirt that Hailey absolutely needs!

  24. I know it says octopus, but it’s the same family!

  25. Jenny, ditch the horrible stripes and make it in toile and people will be begging to knwo where you got it!

    Feel better, babe.

  26. uh, know, that is.

  27. If it helps – then do it.

  28. you wear that, i might have to rape you…

    i’m just sayin….

  29. I need one of those…

    Feel better. ((HUGS))

  30. Where do you find this stuff? Don’t worry about answering until you get better. Just get your pillowig on and get some rest.

  31. How’d it go, sweetie??

  32. Unfortunately my insurance company is screwing me and is requesting 48 hours to approve the CT scan. I’m at their mercy.

    Someone please contact Michael Moore.

  33. Oh girl, that sucks. I hope you feel better soon.

    Nope, not much better on the picture. How about a nice cute picture of Hailey?

  34. Aw Jenny! I really hope you can get in for the CT Scan sooner. That is crap!

    Do you need anything? I’m just a very short drive away. I can babysit…. Hailey is a doll, my kids would love her!

    Anyway, thanks for bumping the giant baby. I was scared to come here because the nightmares were back.

    Seriously, need anything. Call me, beep me, if ya wanta reach me. (okay just email)

  35. Hope you feel better soon. And you would totally ROCK that pillow/cap thing.

  36. Good luck kiddo. I’ll be thinking about you 🙂

  37. Oh sweetie, I do hope you start to feel better soon.

    As for the pillowig, I would go for a traditional tie over the bowtie. More leverage, you know.

  38. So when you pass out from exhaustion you always land on a soft pillow….nice.

  39. i would try for clever but would fail miserably

    so i’ll just say thats a funny pic and really really hope your feeling better soon.

  40. Insurance companies suck.

    I have an idea – just go to the airport and lie down thru their bag scanner thing. That’s the same thing, right??

  41. Still sick? Punkin!

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  43. 43
    Lady Penelope

    If I don’t get this for my birthday, I’m going to be very hard to live with.
    Yes. Up until now I have been easy.

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