Blueberry lies

My friend Steve peeled a blueberry and discovered they aren’t actually blue on the inside.  I feel betrayed.


PS.  Steve may not know that he’s my friend but I listed him as an emergency contact at work so yeah, we’re pretty close.

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  1. I read this yesterday and fell in love with him. He’s mine. Actually, my friend Missy would probably fight us for him.

  2. how the hell do you peel a tiny blueberry? and that pic kinda makes me not like them anymore…

  3. Its like a kiwi inside. Hmmm…..

  4. I’ve been a huge fan of his “Steve, don’t eat it!” segment for months now. It’s not too often you’ll find someone who will eat Beggin Strips. I highly recommend it.

  5. Peel down one more layer and it’s white. And just what is that all about, I ask you?

    Using My Words

  6. Is this something that has been ejected by your Parvo-ridden body? That looks like no blueberry I’ve seen.

    And sweet-zombie-Jesus woman, I can’t believe you are still sick!! Do you even remember where you work?

  7. It’s kinda like a green eyeball.

  8. HAHAHA Only you girl. I love it!

  9. I love steve. I wonder if he would be my emergency contact. Can SAHM’s have an emergency contact?

  10. i like to freeze them…. and eat them frozen.

  11. Steve’s my kind of guy.

  12. Yes, but can he polish a turd?

  13. I think that is an alien blueberry.. I am pretty much convinced!

  14. Have you seriously never peeled a blueberry before?

    On a related note, what did you do your entire fucking childhood?

  15. 15
    Lady Penelope

    Hmpf. I thought everyone peeled grapes, tomatoes and blueberries when they were kids…who knew

  16. I believe this to actually be a squid eyeball…. and please try not to notice that I’m wading around in your 2007 postings. Avert your eyes, nothing to see here…

    Kim recently posted How I became Best Friends Forever with The Bloggess….

  17. But they TASTE blue, inside and out!

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