Code monkey

What kind of awesomeness does it take to lip sync with choreography to a song in your pajamas and then put it on youtube?

Click for Code Monkey

I want to find this girl and make her be my best friend.

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  1. That was pretty funny.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this but it’s the same kind of thing, except that actual singer (Natalie Imbruglia) joins him onstage.

  2. Willow,

    That was great. I have never seen it before and it was made even better by Natalie Imbruglia having the class to have some fun on stage with him.

    Thanks to you and Jenny for sharing something that made me smile today.

  3. I would do that but furniture would break and walls would shake. Maybe in a year or so I can whip my head around like that without hurting myself…

  4. I love the shirt too!

    Those were both great. I had seen the guy before but having him do it with Natalie was great.

    Code Monkey chic WAS awesome!

  5. I totally had to forward that to my nerd boy son (computer science freshman) so he can watch it in his dorm room. Too bad I couldn’t find a girl to send it to him, coming from Mom may not have the full effect.

    You rock Jen.

  6. I’ve seen this before. There’s a whole set of people that spend their free time doing this exact thing and publishing it. Once I start watching them- I can’t stop!

  7. Ha!

    I saw the singer/songwriter of “Code Monkey” (Jonathan Coulton) in concert a few weeks ago. He was so funny!

    He does have one song about giant squid, so be cautious. It’s a very pretty, sad and wistful song though.

  8. no way. if you get a new best friend, it’s so gonna be me…

    so there…

    ok fine, i’ll lip sync and do choreography in my pjs…just for you

  9. I want to giver a makeover – or at least thin our her hair. However, it did bring back fond memories of choreographing dances with my cousin to Paula Abdul’s Straight up. We can totally do that when we finally meet up! LOL

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